More and More Call For Obama To Be Investigated For Illegally Spying on Trump

PROOF Obama Wiretapping on Trump, Evidence by Mark Levin & CIA Analyst Larry Johnson…Everyone on the right is calling for Watergate-style hearings about how the FBI flooded all ‘spook’ agencies with electronic information about Trump and his circle back last October.  They did this deliberately to stop Trump who was rising in the polls during October.


Newt Gingrich talks about Obamagate and how Obama is in deep legal trouble now.  Yes., using our various agencies like the CIA and NSA to spy on Presidential candidates is one of many reasons we should not have these organizations.  This is exactly what Nixon did, too.

Trump Has Had Enough/Hell to Pay on Monday.

Here’s the former U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who urges liberals nationwide to take to the streets in protest against Trump – even if it results in blood and death!  Inciting riots fits her modus operandi in the past when she had power and the cities saw endless riots and destruction.

Obama needs to go to jail.


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14 responses to “More and More Call For Obama To Be Investigated For Illegally Spying on Trump

  1. ziff

    lynch , What rights are being taken away ?

  2. Lou

    Off topic, Elaine, I d like your opinion on this > Predictive Programming,

    I saw a You Tube of Bush on 9-11. The book he reads at the school is ‘Goat [something]’ —Goat = Satan.
    BUT here is the clincher. The teacher says a few words…
    the words includes—Planes hit steel. I kid you not.

  3. Jim R

    “My Pet Goat”.

  4. Mewswithaview

    Chicago’s Valerie Jarrett reflects on 8 years in Obama’s White House –

    One minor point from the story is that her daughter is employed by CNN the fake news organisation. Anyway Valerie Jarrett is a Chicago lawyer and has been a senior advisor to president Obama throughout his reign and speculation that likely is the channel between the then president, the spy organisations and the people who needed to know in the Democrat party e,g, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

  5. JimmyJ

    Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland warns against Russian disinformation, after she and her family have been cast as less than flattering light (rabidly anti Russian). It’s no secret the political power of western Ukrainian influence in Canada, so we’ll see if this is a setup for pro Russian media censorship.

  6. emsnews

    Trump is unable to put people in place due to Congress being corrupt. They are nearly all owned by powerful, rich, influential people. I call them ‘the Bilderberg gang’ because these same entities hold utterly private meetings to plot how they will rule Europe and the US and Canada every year, surrounded by military protectors who won’t let people even see what vehicles are used to reach these private meetings.

    If the left was sane, they would be attacking these meetings which they did in the past. Now, they are tools of the Bilderberg gang which is quite a switch.

  7. floridasandy

    of course, they speid. Comey’s history:

    Comey co-authored a legal memo modifying the Bush administration’s domestic spying program that authorized the wiretapping of millions of Americans without a search warrant. It was fine for the administration to directly violate a law passed by Congress, the memo reasoned, because as commander in chief after “a foreign attack on the United States,” the president has “inherent constitutional authority” that “Congress cannot curtail.” This inventive rationale not only allowed the program to proceed, it helped protect its architects and implementers from prosecution. Who could blame the intelligence community for doing something the top administration lawyers had assured them was legal?
    Obama has consistently frustrated civil liberties advocates by following his own aggressive surveillance activities, based on an expansive view of executive power. Back in 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder came under fire after the Justice Department secretly seized the phone records of Associated Press reporters who, the administration maintained, had disclosed classified information in a story. (huffington post)

    The left desiret f”freebies” so they are easily used.

    Trump needs to flat out fire Comey. I know he wants to unite, but this is getting rridiculous.. You have an openly hostile head of the FBI, who has been proven to be completely useless in his leadership capacity (Hillary, etc.)

    The media is still in cover up mode, which s really tragic for freedom for Americans. People are already disgusted with their laziness and lying, and this isn’t helping them.

  8. floridasandy

    I also see Mccain is being his usual jackass self demanding that Trump “back up his claim”. He even knows about the spying programs and has the balls to say that????

    Mccain has such a big mouth for such a small man, although in fairness Graham is smaller, , and needed an extra box to stand on.

  9. emsnews

    At the bottom of all this is the real snake pit: the right to bribe Congress and Presidents. When Reagan ran off to Japan to collect his bribe, I was furious. I warned everyone that if this is allowed, everyone in government will go looking for lucrative bribes and note how our country is now being systematically looted by people we elect.

  10. Petruchio

    Here’s an example of the media “spin” on this wiretapping, “Towergate” story: (This was carried on MSN). The report, allegedly on the wiretapping story, starts out like this: “Without any evidence, Donald Trump is claiming that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump’s phone calls….” Well, the media gets right to it, don’t they? The very first three words of this “news” article, the MSM gives you its opinion–disguised as fact. I am just throwing this “report” out there as being one more example of why more and more people are realizing that the MSM are Fake News purveyors. Not that any more is needed.

  11. emsnews

    It is all over for the Democrats whining about Trump: Wikileaks just released a ton of CIA garbage and I can’t wait to pick through it.

  12. Moe

    From LewRockwell: this just about covers it all.

    “What we have here on our hands is an American Spring uprising, an insurgent regime change operation taking place right here in our own country currently bent on overthrowing America’s existing “democratically elected” government.”

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