Trump Is Right: Obama Has Rogue NSA/CIA Agents Spying On Him

The Russian news services have the real story of the Trump being spied on by the spooks working for the Bilderberg gang.  They are pulling every possible trick, ruse, noxious craziness to get rid of Trump because blowing him up or murdering him in some other way is very difficult.  This CIA agent seems honest to me for he talks about things in a realistic way.  That is, ‘spying’ doesn’t merely mean wire taps, there are OTHER MEANS including planting listening devices all over the place…like Nixon!


The agent says things I agree with such as, the Bilderberg gang convinced themselves that Hillary had this 98% chance of winning the election and freaked out when she lost.  Every day, they howl louder and louder and have unleashed violent gangs on innocent US citizens going about their own business.


They have forced the police in various cities to stand down when Trump supporters are openly attacked and harassed and they let criminal actions happen that delay people going to work or doing business.



NOTE A DAY LATER: This video was removed and put under ‘private’.  HAHAHA. It is all about the CIA/NSA spying on Trump.  *cough*cough*.


I do believe that Trump was being spied on…after all, the government spied on me!  Yes, they did.  And I forced their hand by feeding them fake information and then going ‘aha!’ when this was ‘leaked’ to the press.  Very simple.


Trump was too innocent to pull such a trick so only now has he realized he has been ‘had’ and is now furious that no one protected him but seriously, I figured out how to trap agents of the FBI and CIA when still a teenager!


I did have an advantage: I grew up inside the System, Trump is a total outsider.  He is used to telling people what to do, I am used to working hard to force people to do the right thing.


The insane story line that Trump took money from Russia is insane.  On the other hand, Hillary and Bill took millions from foreign despots!  And I wrote about this endlessly and one of the people who gave money was the odious dictators of Saudi Arabia, the only country on earth worse than Saudi Arabia’s despotic rule is North Korea!


The NSA had its powers grossly expanded towards the end of the election so they could use the NSA to spy on Trump.  I have mentioned this in the past, too.  Now, a number of experts are saying the obvious, too.

And…here is Geraldo Rivera…he and I had a very odd relationship many years ago, way, way back and when I moved to NYC, he also moved there…hahaha…no, I didn’t date him, a girlfriend of mine dated him…


Trump is in a classic trap: he doesn’t control the Spooks and there is knives out dark warfare raging in the Spook world and agents of the Bilderberg gang are trying every trick in the book.  Everything is being ‘leaked’ around Trump and he can’t believe it is happening to him but this is due to naïvety.


Trump is now hiding out at his alternative site in Florida because it is probably sort of safe though I should warn him, he is near the Bush secret state hideout at Jupiter Island.


The Bushes run Florida, Trump!  They are your enemies.


Geraldo mentions how Obama convinced Trump he is very nice and giving up nicely, I didn’t see that in their body language when they met.  Obama actually was plotting against Trump.  Now, Trump is finally aware of how he was played like a fiddle.


He won’t like this, he likes to think he is very smart.  But he has NEVER fought the Real Rulers openly before now.  They are furious with him, he is screwing up their plans to use ‘global warming’ to force everyone into peasant status while they consume fossil fuels like pigs, for example.


Note how the new Pope, brought in by a inside coup, a man who never ever mentioned ‘global warming’ before this, suddenly, after meeting all the Top People in the gang, suddenly is converted to two things: telling Europeans and Americans to cease having children because we will roast to death and…telling Muslims they are just fine and should move to Europe!


I know more than one Catholic who is very confused and now, increasingly angry and suspicious about the new Pope.

Trump has the papertrail evidence! Obama, Brennan involved so far. Bugging Trump Campaign – YouTube:  This spying on Trump inside his own home ‘is bigger than Watergate.’  I bet the entire White House is bugged.


No surprise: Nixon did this!  The modern bugs are much more sophisticated.  Trump doesn’t know all the details of these systems.  He is learning fast, though.

Obama Knew About Wiretapping Trump – Newt Gingrich | Fox News – Duration: 5:02. Red Pill 131,430 viewsNew

Wikileaks White House Leaks OBAMA Spied Wiretapped Donald Trump Family – YouTube: Trump talks to a reporter about the secret tapping scheme set up by Obama and his buddies.  Obama claims ‘nobody is listening to your phone calls…’HAHAHA.




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9 responses to “Trump Is Right: Obama Has Rogue NSA/CIA Agents Spying On Him

  1. emsnews

    From the link above:

    As early as 1999, the National Security Agency issued a warning that records of US government telephone calls were ending up in foreign hands – Israel’s, in particular. In 2002, assistant US Attorney General Robert F. Diegelman issued an eyes only memo on the matter to the chief information technology (IT) officers at the Department of Justice…

    Diegelman’s memo was a reiteration, with overtones of reprimand, of a new IT policy instituted a year earlier, in July 2001, in an internal Justice order titled “2640.2D Information Technology Security.” Order 2640.2D stated that “Foreign Nationals shall not be authorized to access or assist in the development, operation, management or maintenance of Department IT systems.”

    This might not seem much to blink at in the post-9/11 intel and security overhaul. Yet 2640.2D was issued a full two months before the Sept. 11 attacks. What group or groups of foreign nationals had close access to IT systems at the Department of Justice? Israelis, according to officials in law enforcement. One former Justice Department computer crimes prosecutor tells me, speaking on background, “I’ve heard that the Israelis can listen in to our calls.”….

    These collection activities are primarily directed at obtaining information on military systems and advanced computing applications that can be used in Israel’s sizable armaments industry.” A key Israeli method, warns the FBI report, is computer intrusion…

    According to former CIA officer Giraldi and other US intelligence sources, software manufactured and maintained by Verint, Inc. handles most of American law enforcement’s wiretaps. Says Giraldi: “Phone calls are intercepted, recorded, and transmitted to US investigators by Verint, which claims that it has to be ‘hands on’ with its equipment to maintain the system.” Giraldi also notes Verint is reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its R&D costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. According to Giraldi, the extent of the use of Verint technology “is considered classified,” but sources have spoken out and told Giraldi they are worried about the security of Verint wiretap systems. The key concern, says Giraldi, is the issue of a “trojan” embedded in the software.


    And this is another reason why the Deep State spooks can’t let an outsider gain control of these systems. This is exactly why I said, Trump will be killed. If they can dispose of him through various tricky means using media lies and CIA/NSA ‘leaks’ then they will be happy again so long as another Bilderberg gangster is put in charge.

    The previous four elections, only one outsider, Dean, made any headway. The Rand family has floundered and are total outsiders right now, so the Real Rulers aren’t worried about them, much.

    But the issue of ‘who is popular with voters’ continues to freak out our rulers. They know most of the citizens don’t approve of Bilderberg schemes, namely, those which we can detect like the open border situation.

  2. Jim R

    It’s why they are so terrified of allowing Sessions to take office.

    Arrests will begin the next day, if he does.

  3. emsnews

    Good catches, both of you. 🙂

  4. Lou

    I read that Jarrett is living with Obama, or at his house in Dupont Circle area of DC.
    Obama is not living in Hawaii????

  5. Lou

    Arrests will begin the next day–of Senators? Congress?

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