Now They Are Claiming CIA Hack Was No Big Deal And CIA Doesn’t Spy On Trump or Citizens!

The mainstream news which we call ‘fake news’ is roaring along trying desperately to demonize Wikileaks and at the same time, like during the Podesta hacking, telling people ‘there is nothing here to see.’  The exposure of the depth of CIA spying on citizens is profound and obviously a Constitutional issue and should be discussed in Congress and investigated by Congress as a danger to the citizens of the US but I bet they will only focus on ‘who leaked the truth’. BTW, the NYT claims ‘Trump claimed he already possessed’ evidence of being hacked and whines, ‘he has shown no proof’ which is a lie, he simply said he was hacked and yes, he was, by the CIA which is spying on him.


The two men on the Fox TV below shows both are liars.  Claiming the Obama people would not spy on everyone using the CIA is unsubstantiated.  The Obama team had a million reasons to spy on various key Americans so they could smear them using the fake news feeds, etc.  There is zero proof that Obama and his gang didn’t spy on Americans illegally.

Rule of thumb: if someone can easily spy nonstop on people, they will.  The temptations are far too great.  The CIA has always operated against Americans who gave difficulties to the Real Rulers.  It isn’t even the President, it is our Real Rulers and the big people in California and the West Coast are all working for controlling the government via the White House which allows them to control the CIA, etc.


These big computer systems operators and businesses want desperately for a DNC plant in the White House and they hold meetings mainly overseas so they can conspire as to how to do this, and they were all in a huge, huge snit when Trump won without spreading bribes everywhere…how can anyone forget how much money, double what Trump got, Hillary got via secret fund raising?


Every single reporter and news media boss that are whining about Trump, stood aside and pretended to see nothing when Hillary did weird stuff.  When she met with the super rich, the mainstream media covered their eyes and ears and didn’t say a peep.  I only know about it via the alternative, real news systems online.


No one in the media talks about their censorship for obvious reasons.  Now, we citizens have hard proof that our danger doesn’t come from Russia (talk about stupid!) but from within.  Anyone with a brain can see that the temptation for Presidents to use the CIA to spy on citizens!

The above is from the British London Daily Mail.  Trump doesn’t have a position about this because he has to first figure out what it means, how it operates, why it was leaked and how this impacts on him.  I don’t advise him, but he does watch Alex Jones who has been struggling like crazy to figure out what is going on.  It takes time.  I grew up in this spy system so it doesn’t shock me at all, I have assumed since I was 17 years old, that the CIA spied on me and I spied on them.

We have proof about Trump being spied on for there is daily news about what is going on behind closed doors.  Trump hasn’t figured out my system for dealing with this problem because he is accustomed to having privacy which is why he was continuously stunned at how things ‘leaked’ and thought people around him, not the CIA, was talking to the media.


I had iron hard proof that wire tapper people collude with the media when I had a friend call me when I was at Berkeley, and I told him (I received $300 the day before and deposited it) that Chairman Mao sent me $300 to do things in the US that would embarrass Nixon.  It was headline news the very next day and I got to go to the FBI to complain about my phone service.


The follow-up story was never made by reporters who refused to talk to me but the newspaper did withdraw the story in embarrassment.  See how they operated way back in 1969?  And Nixon was only just into the White House, the spies watching me were from the LBJ years.  They spied on me ever since I was deported from Germany and got into the US illegally due to being a tricky kid.


People always totally underestimate how much the spy system meddles in politics!  True, the total clumsiness of Nixon’s secret teamwork is no more, this is only because they have much better tools for screwing around with everyone secretly!  Below is the Washington Post:

Note how the WP claims falsely, this will ’cause immediate damage to CIA efforts to gather intelligence overseas!’


Next, they claim that Trump no longer loves Wikileaks now that they showed him exactly how the CIA is spying on HIM!  Eh?  What???  His ‘uncharacteristic quiet’ is him thinking about what this all means.  The CIA let him know openly that they were planning to keep things secret from him and give him false information deliberately.


I waited for him to fire everyone but he didn’t.  Not yet, he doesn’t have the inside power…yet.  But who will give him this power?  The answer is obvious: the People of the United States, that is, citizens!


When I defied Bush Sr. and the entire Chinese leadership during the student uprising back then, I could do this because I had inside support at the UN and I had CNN and above all, and to my greatest pleasure, I had the American citizens behind me and it worked: we won.


How simple is this!  Right now, Trump doesn’t have California and NY and a few cities behind him but he has a huge hunk of the US public and the public increasingly doesn’t trust the news anymore from the fake news feed systems.  Especially CNN which was utterly trashed after they got rid of Ted Turner.


Let’s look at the Washington Post’s editorial page:  HAHAHAHA…

Amazing…note that they now want the Federal Reserve should ‘give Wall Street a SHOCK’ that is, cause the markets to crash and burn!  HAHAHA.  I hope all the guys making money since Trump won, wake up and look at this.  Many of us said, before the election, that Yellen and her gangster buddies would crash the markets deliberately.


They dare not do this without first getting public support from the corrupt fake news systems so they are hard at work, preparing us for this.


The rest of the editorials totally avoid the Wikileaks business.  They are saying that Wikileaks is evil, treasonous, and stupid.  Ever since the organization released junk the Democrats wanted buried and dead, they are now evil.  Liberals who are now talking like right wing McCarthyites, are calling us to avoid Wikileaks and to destroy Wikileaks.

I saw an ad a minute ago for ‘Google Home Controller’ which you can talk to and it does what you and your local CIA agent says.  Isn’t that wonderful?  And Google’s owner who claims his motto is ‘do no evil’ is…evil.  This is a perfect spy device.

Google and other California/West Coast electronics operations all love to tell us, ‘No one is spying on you all’ but look, they want desperately to know what you are doing.  Originally, online, I had to hunt things.  Today, when I google something for some reason, suddenly all the sites I visit are flooded with ads for the exact same thing I googled.


This is now a service for me.  It is a service for Google to make money.  When I google anything now, I get maybe three or four items I am seeking the rest are junk Google wants to feed me.  They know what I am doing and where I am going online.


This spying on our computers is so insidious, people think this is normal now.  I have been online since the invention of the internet thanks to my father’s work inside the government and I worked for Texas Instruments at a research site.  We used the internet way back when it was created by…the CIA!  Yes, them.


Google is a spy operation.  The Bilderberg gang wants desperately to spy on us.  They do this as much as humanly possible.  They are very, very much involved in controlling humans.  Note all the changes these clowns made in the internet systems this year.  Open attacks on websites that are not supporting Clintons, for example, have been rife.


Recently, You Tube installed this ‘bell system’ whereby watchers much click on this little bell of all things, to tell Google they are visiting web sites!  Then Google can see who is watching what and why…?  It is for control of You Tube.


You Tube keeps a record of what we watch there, too.  We see it obviously because sites we visited in the deep past keep popping up as ‘up next’ as other similar sites are suggested over time.  This is spying, everyone!

Confusing people about where cyber attacks are coming from…this is a ‘fake news’ tactic the CIA uses so they can tell the President that everything comes out of Russia, not the CIA.  This is double dirty stuff. They blame everything on Putin these days and say they have ‘proof’ but revealing this ‘proof’ is impossible because then the evil Russkies can continue hacking…HAHAHA.  Right.


Krauthammer is a ruling elite tool.  He is worried that if citizens know who is spying on them and how, this will be bad for citizens who should be kept in the dark and be open to spying.  Typical insider.  HE wants to know what WE do but WE are not allowed to spy on HIM and his fellow Bilderberg gangsters who adore ‘secrecy’ because they are conspiring to rule us illegally.


These clowns all want to shut down the President from talking to capitalists like Putin!  There is no communist Russia!  They all yap this way in order to trigger Red Scare insanity so they can get away with crimes at home.  These evil people have to keep Trump locked down and scared.  What I find funny is , Krauthammer saying, ‘This is going nowhere,’ and claims Trump is ‘covering up’ and claims ‘There is no wiretaps’ because there aren’t, they are spying electronically in other ways!


What is so funny is, the mainstream news which screamed at these Wikileaks like the previous Podesta files, are now toiling hard and harder to pretend, ‘Oh, this is nothing, no problems, we see nothing at all’ in pure ‘monkey no see’ mode.


HAHAHA…then they yell that ‘we must come to the bottom of this!’ and other statements that show they are scared to death at these revelations.  Partisan leftists who are too stupid to see that the Bilderberg gang is spying on THEM and wants them all dead, clutch at this hoping to bring down Trump no matter how dirty.


When we learned Nixon was spying on everyone around him, we thought this was very funny and this helped take him down as he covered up other crimes.  Remember Rosemary Woods ‘accidentally’ erasing the key minutes when transcribing the tapes?  HAHAHA.  Desperation.


In this case, Trump is being heavily spied on, it is obvious to me.  And the mainstream media is out to destroy him so they make ridiculous claims that no one is spying on Trump which is a blatant, obvious lie.  Good lord, if the CIA spied on me, why wouldn’t they spy on Trump who said he is going to change their operations?  Eh?  Good lord, it is so obvious.





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7 responses to “Now They Are Claiming CIA Hack Was No Big Deal And CIA Doesn’t Spy On Trump or Citizens!

  1. Henry

    Krauthammer, what an evil little creep he is. Someone once said that he looks like he just swallowed a urinal cake! LOL!

  2. Claudeeyah

    Krauthammer is a member of the Tribe. He and his ilk have had their thumbs in this pie for a very, very, very long time.

  3. Shawntoh

    “…. And do not spy…. ….on each other….”

    –from The Holy Quran, AL-Hujurat 49;12.


    You forgot to remind all Muslims to practice this passage from the Holy Quran, too!

    Look it up, folks, if you don’t believe me.

    Btw, this is NOT an endorsement of any religion either. Use or practice any religion at your own risk!


  4. Moe

    Tucker Takes It To The Twits in presentation to firefighters

    Quote: “Every Prius on my street has an Obama sticker on it.” LOL

  5. Jim R

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