Fake News Giant, NYT Attacks RT News And Makes Utterly False Claims

Above is a sample of how RT New reports reality.


Yesterday’s news: REVEALED: Russia is now suspected of giving WikiLeaks documents about CIA hacking which US officials say contain ‘authentic information’  Then there is today’s news, the NYT does have as a small aside on their front page this story which tells a truth for once:  the  CIA quietly admits that it was an insider and not ‘Russian spies’ that leaked their secrets about spying on allies, French elections and US citizens.  This disgusting propaganda push to demonize Russia and excuse US Deep State crimes continues simultaneously.


Proof is obvious: the big, big story for the NYT and all the US mainstream fake news is, Russia’s RT Network: Is It More BBC or K.G.B.?  Yes, one of the very few news systems online which tell the truth, more or less, is being attacked.  Any news service which is real is being attacked nonstop by the fake news media people who should all be arrested for fraud.


At the interview, RT News London bureau chief, Nikolay A. Bogachikhin, jokes, “We overlook MI5 and we’re near MI6,” Britain’s domestic and foreign intelligence agencies.


Mr. Bogachikhin was poking fun at the charge from Western governments, American and European, that RT is an agent of Kremlin policy and a tool directly used by President Vladimir V. Putin to undermine Western democracies — meddling in the recent American presidential election and, European security officials say, trying to do the same in the Netherlands, France and Germany, all of which vote later this year.


So….reporting the news is ‘meddling’????  HAHAHA.  Indeed, we just learned that several years ago, the CIA and NSA both meddled in France’s elections!  Oh, that news was barely mentioned by the fake news creeps in the US.


Well, I wrote about it and I haven’t forgotten it, either.  It is certainly rich for the NYT to claim Russia meddled in France and Germany when the US actually did do this and it was revealed by Wikileaks which the NYT and other fake news media are claiming, is now a Russian operation.


But the West is not laughing. Even as Russia insists that RT is just another global network like the BBC or France 24, albeit one offering “alternative views” to the Western-dominated news media, many Western countries regard RT as the slickly produced heart of a broad, often covert disinformation campaign designed to sow doubt about democratic institutions and destabilize the West.


Good gods, how insane!  I have listened to short wave radio broadcasts of ‘Radio Bulgaria’ during the late 1950s-1970 and discovered they were a treasure trove of actual real information that made the Kremlin and DC both very angry sometimes.  I adored this station because I could feed real news to my father who discovered I was giving him real information, not ‘propaganda’.


Western attention focused on RT when the Obama administration and United States intelligence agencies judged with “high confidence” in January that Mr. Putin had ordered a campaign to “undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process,” discredit Hillary Clinton through the hacking of Democratic Party internal emails and provide support for Donald J. Trump, who as a candidate said he wanted to improve relations with Russia.


This ‘high confidence’ had zero proof.  Over and over again, both Putin and Trump demand this ‘proof’ be shown and the CIA and FBI refuse.  So there is no proof.  This stupid allegation continues to be parroted by the fake news people endlessly in between them whining that Trump won’t be nice to them.


Watching RT can be a dizzying experience. Hard news and top-notch graphics mix with interviews from all sorts of people: well known and obscure, left and right. They include favorites like Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and Noam Chomsky, the liberal critic of Western policies; odd voices like the actress Pamela Anderson; and cranks who think Washington is the source of all evil in the world.


So, the fake news people doing propaganda for the NYT get ‘dizzy’ while watching my favorite TV news?  HAHAHAHA…it must be hard to see the real world instead of the fake world they peddle!  And how dare RT News have ‘all sorts of people’ there!  I have been censored heavily by the mainstream news all my long life.


The NYT censors many people.  Except when they attack someone.  Recently, the fake news people have been attacking Alex Jones nonstop.  His audience grows greater and greater and I am very jealous of him for commanding their attack attention.  He sometimes complains about it but gee whiz, this is a great blessing!


But if there is any unifying character to RT, it is a deep skepticism of Western and American narratives of the world and a fundamental defensiveness about Russia and Mr. Putin.


Because…nearly everything they say are lies.  Or half truths.  Or their explanations about events deliberately deceives people.  At least RT News isn’t trying to destroy Putin unlike our fake news people who obviously want Trump destroyed, even dead.


Michael McFaul, a Stanford professor who was the United States ambassador to Russia during the Obama years, said that RT should not be lightly dismissed. “There is a demand in certain countries for this alternative view, an appetite, and we arrogant Americans shouldn’t just think that no one cares.”


HAHAHA.  For some odd reason, people want real news.


But there is a considerably darker view, too. For critics, RT and Sputnik are simply tools of a sophisticated Russian propaganda machine, created by the Kremlin to push its foreign policy, defend its aggression in Ukraine and undermine confidence in democracy, NATO and the world as we have known it.


Did it occur to the NYT that the dictator of Ukraine got there via a coup?  And that he is very dangerous?  And is bankrupting the country?  And is trying to start WWIII?  Hello! This is what happens when someone wants to lie about stuff and walk blindly into catastrophe.


Antiwar.com is another organization online that is being attacked by the fake news people and the CIA because they carry real news:  FBI Comey contradicts Trump and claims, “There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America, there is no place outside of judicial reach.”  The problem is obvious: the secret courts rubber stamp all spying and it is illegal for the NSA and CIA to spy on US citizens, especially the President.


That interesting snipped doesn’t bother the NYT or the entire DNC operation to rule the US despotically.  The DNC lost nearly all their power with only the Bilderberg gang ‘news’ operations left to push issues and attack anyone who wants to stop all this meddling in our affairs.


At least Comey is telling the truth.  No one is safe from government spying.  Odd, how this same organization allows millions of illegal aliens to come into the US and commit various crimes that would send citizens to prison.  None of our ‘security systems’ seem operational when it comes to illegal aliens.


It doesn’t matter whom we elect, warmongers using the military to patrol the entire planet on behalf of the Bilderberg gang continues unabated.


The House of Representatives today voted 371-48, with massive majorities in both parties, in favor of another $578 billion military spending bill to cover the remainder of fiscal year 2017. The bill now moves on to the Senate, where it again is expected to easily pass.


We patrol the entire planet…uselessly…while millions of criminals and people demanding the disbanding of the US as a country, enter and commit crimes easily and continuously.  Why aren’t we focused on that?


It is obvious that the US media and the DNC howl with rage whenever Trump talks about patrolling OUR borders and they demand he patrol the entire planet earth.  And look at Congress: they are voting for more planetary patrols while our borders are useless.


The exact meaning of the figures is a little difficult to understand this time around, because Congress had already passed a military spending bill for fiscal year 2017 back in December, which was $611 billion. That bill was only ever intended to be a fraction of what was to be spent, aiming to give way to a second “emergency” bill before April, which is today’s bill, which would cover the rest of the year. That said, there is a lot of overlap between the two and the overall budget is not just a matter of adding the two together.


So, no one can make sense?  How about reforming Congress?  Oh, they don’t want to?  No surprise, both parties are up to their necks in overseas conspiracies and plots to use the US taxpayers as the donkeys of the Bilderberg global domination plans.


Talking about Trump, Congress and illegal aliens:  Illegal border crossings actually dropped after Trump said he would stop it. The NYT along with all the US mainstream fake news media howled at Trump for even talking about stopping the army of illegal aliens.  Now, some of them have to admit, it works.


‘Threats’ to Jewish centers are still big, big news at the NYT which wisely decided to drop the fake story about graveyards being attacked. Of course, the NYT won’t discuss who did this, a Muslim believer.  Why does the NYT want more alien Muslims and converts to run wild here?  Eh?  They hate them in Israel.  They want giant walls in Israel to lock the Muslims out.  I wish they didn’t have to lie about everything while whining about everything.


War-ravaged South Sudan has hiked work permit fees 100-fold for foreign aid workers to $10,000, officials said, despite suffering from famine.


$2,000 for “blue collar” employees and $1,000 for “casual workers” from March 1, the labour ministry said in a decree.


Edmund Yakani, executive director of the local charity Community Empowerment for Progress Organizations (CEPO), said the move aimed to reduce the number of humanitarian workers.


Why are we saving anyone there?  No one appreciates this.  It is also useless.  And the population multiplies in Africa especially in Muslim or tribal areas, nonstop now and unlike first world countries, is seeing too many children and the only fix is to export people or kill each other.  Generally, it is both.


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11 responses to “Fake News Giant, NYT Attacks RT News And Makes Utterly False Claims

  1. Nani

    Its the same over here. The mainstream media is claiming the moral high ground while lecturing us about “fake news”, a concept that they invented to delegitimize anyone who dares to tell the truth. Yes, these bilderbergers are very nasty creeps who feeds us with non stop propaganda and lies day in and day out. They are traitors.

    Here is one of their masters, a crook that should have been arrested a long time ago.

    ‘Day Without a Woman’ supporters got $246M from Soros

    Soros also funded the riots earlier this year. He is also one of the main proponents of illegal mass migration into western countries. No wonder Hillary Clinton went along so well with this creep.

    Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world

    Very revealing indeed!

  2. Petruchio

    Latest news: US Marines–with artillery guns–sent to Northern Syria. Purportedly to attack ISIS. These Marines of course, are in addition to the Spec Ops people already in Syria. The warmongers are not going to give up on their War with Russia fantasy.

  3. Jim R

    You can tell whether a news item comes from the CIA or not by how they treat the source. If the FBI launches an immediate dragnet to identify the source, it probably really happened. But if the story reads “officials have said” or “anonymous sources revealed” and then they don’t go looking for the source, it’s fake news.


    ELAINE: Correct, you said it perfectly! 🙂

  4. Moe

    I have a philosophical question today for our readership that is related to the blatantly dishonest reporting outed in this article, its prevalence in general, and its potency.

    For most of my life I had a tendency to believe what I read or heard from ‘official’ sources, though I am now guarded by virtue of worldliness. Why is this? How would one be able to approach life without guile but also without gullibility, and with reasonable expectation of extrapolation, how could most individuals function similarly?

    What is it in my (and extrapolating, our) worldview that would make me, (us) so unsuspecting of potential for duplicity from authority figures? Why am I (we) so trusting and heedless of how this works against my (our) interests?

    What is wrong with me (us)?

    Well, I may have had an epiphany while reading ‘The Internet Of Money’, a summation of video presentations by Andreas M. Antonopolous on crytocurrencies.

    Excerpt Chapter 3.2: Negative Outcomes By Design Not Intent

    “One of the things that interests me as a computer scientist working in distributed (editor’s note: non-hierarchical) systems is the architecture of systems. The architecture of systems is what ultimately produces the outcomes.”

    “I’ve worked with a lot of bankers. They’re nice people. They try to feed their family, pay their mortgage, keep a steady job. Among them, there are a few sociopaths who inevitably rise to the highest positions of power because sociopathy is an advantage in hierarchical systems. But most of the problems with the traditional concentration of power in money has nothing to do with the people being evil. It has to do with the fact that these institutions – through their shape, through their architecture – produce outcomes that are not good. They produce outcomes that are not egalitarian. They produce outcomes that are restrictive. They start to express nativism, nationalism, tribalism, class structure, and all of these things make the world a smaller place.”

    Wow! “…sociopaths…rise to the highest positions of power because sociopathy is an advantage in hierarchical systems.” impart a few moments to this concept. How many times have we espoused our wonderment that sociopaths/psychopaths invariably seem to reach the highest echelons of power in business, government, and religion, indeed, in all hierarchies?

    As important is the observation that they do this because of system structure. In non-hierarchical systems, there is no ‘top’ to rise to, and socio/psychopaths would be limited in effect since they could only affect their immediate environs.

    Now the social/political/business world is hierarchically organized and indeed we perceive the universe to be so arranged. But is this universal application merely a case of projection of our hierarchical worldview? Or could it be that the universe is hierarchical but without the conceptual inclusion of superiority/inferiority that we infer from social constructs?

    Antonopolous’ observation that hierarchical systems lend themselves to manipulation for benefit of the few does not preclude the possibility that it is only our perception of ascribed value for one’s place within the system that enables gaming of that system.

    And so I’ve come full circle and answered my initial question. The concepts of ‘inferior’ and ‘superior’ apply only to ability and endowment, not social position. If one perceives oneself to be equal to and not inferior to parties higher in the hierarchy, unwarranted credence is not automatically afforded one’s ‘superior’.

    Two alternatives present themselves. Either we develop flatter, non-hierarchical social systems or we achieve a social/cultural evolutionary leap in consciousness where egalitarianism and equality is felt, understood and ingrained, regardless of one’s position within the hierarchy, and indeed, independent of social position. Interestingly, this sense of equality would be necessarily be equally expressed under both hierarchical and non-hierarchical systems. It would merely be more obvious, easier and natural under a non-hierarchical system.

    I would propose that developments within the past few centuries are progressing to this end, some examples being enfranchisement, woman’s suffrage and democracy, and the latter initiative to institute a One-World (hierarchical) government is contra-evolutionary and ultimately doomed to failure.

  5. Melponeme_k

    “How many times have we espoused our wonderment that sociopaths/psychopaths invariably seem to reach the highest echelons of power in business, government, and religion, indeed, in all hierarchies?”

    There is no wonder here about this outcome. Sociopaths see more of reality than the rest of us. They have no emotions clouding their judgement. They also have no imagination, no ability to love nor do they possess a sense of harmony or beauty. They are the ultimate materialists. Some are evil. Some know they are “broken” and must strive to be on the same page as the rest of humanity.

    I suspect sociopathy developed in us because we were such war like creatures. Our society is constantly in turf wars and we needed people who could fight and fight well. That was the sociopath. Now they are throwbacks. When they rise to positions of power today, they don’t bring us glory. They only bring us f****** plans like globalization.

  6. Jim R

    Humans develop the sociopathy trait in the same way dogs have personality traits characteristic of a breed. Shepherds herd, retrievers retrieve, pointers point, and terriers terrorize. We have selected them for those traits.

    Large organizations, whether they be capitalist or monarchist, or religious or some other ‘ist’, select for sociopaths.

    For millenia, organizations have been run by people who did not mind working their workers to death. Frequently they were organized around slavery. Remember Henry VIII, what an awful jerk he was? Chopping the heads off his wives… well, he was selected to be that way.

    It hasn’t always been due to war. Ancient Egypt managed to percolate along for several thousand years, not on war but on bureaucracy. Still, they selected the jerks to run the place. Eventually, of course, they become an inbred idiocracy of jerks, and then the place collapses.

  7. melponeme_k


    Ancient Egypt almost certainly practiced WAR.


    War is the fallen part of our nature. Our close relatives, Chimpanzees, practice war. Although Goodall and the rest tried their best to play that way down.

  8. Jim R

    Well, of course. But as empires go, the Egyptians had one of the longest lasting, most stable ones.

  9. Jim R

    But what I said still goes — it isn’t so much war that selects for sociopaths, it is bureaucracy.

    The occasional scuffle with the neighbor tribe is a characteristic of life. Even among bunny rabbits. Remember Watership Down?

  10. Jim R

    Hey, speaking of fake news — this just in from The Duran:

    Apparently the NYT has gone full-1984-retard, and changes stories already in its archive.

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