ANTIFA Rioters Were Created By Marxist Professors

ANTIFA rioters attack citizens.

Grassroots young people given money by fascists to riot against Trump.

Infowars uncovers that the people giving money to bail out  violent ANTIFA rioters has professors on the list.  ‘Social justice programs’ are taught in colleges.  Professors give credit to ‘hands on experience’ in doing all sorts of fun things like joining ANTIFA.

The professors teaching leftist tactics and actions are of my own generation, the radicals of the sixties morphed into ‘teachers’ and they now are creating this out of control monster.


I must warn them all, I and my parents got to see, first hand, the results in Communist China where Madame Mao and her gangs rose up inside the university systems and destroyed China nearly utterly.


The border wars between the USSR and China vanished when the students rose up and took apart the communist leadership systems there.  Chaos ensued.  When Nixon went to China, the one thing Chou Enlai wanted was for my father to come to China and teach some astronomy classes in Beijing and talk to the Chinese scientists and arrange for them to come to the USA.


They came and stayed with me.  And I worked hard to undo their Maoist training and they went home and a second revolution happened against the communists.  I am still very proud of these brave Chinese scholars and leaders who dared to fight the despots!  They were all amazingly brave.


The riots on our campuses is due to liberalism sliding off the cliff who rule the roost there and are aping the Madame Mao methodology of indoctrination and riling up the students to attack authorities and anyone who isn’t ‘for the Cause’.


This mess is obvious to me, I was once  upon a time, a rebel student only I turned on them all at Berkeley when I wrote an editorial about the assassination of this nice young police officer right next to our commune.  I was literally driven out of town by the radicals who threatened to kill me and I was so pissed off, I transferred out.


I know first hand, how these tactics work and watching professors being paid to subvert our youth and drive them into Maoist tactics and violent revolt is disgusting.  This is NOT ‘liberalism’.  I am a liberal.


I have a transgendered child who is a wonderful adult and I dislike the right wing which has sexual problems that freak them all out instead of live and let live.  I dislike the Muslims because they would kill my child for this or abuse her.  I have another daughter whose child is half-Chinese and I love the Chinese people just like I love Americans here, too.


I am for freedom of speech but not for indoctrination.  The State and parents pay over a trillion dollars for our children to go to school and the schools are now turning out malfunctioning adults who are angry, frustrated and evil.


The entire school system has to change from top to bottom, I have been saying this all my long life.  Why on earth are we producing at great cost, lots of ‘graduates’ who have NO FUNCTION AT ALL.  The education is a waste of time, literally.


Take lawyers now: it is way over the top, too many graduates and less and less work, wages are dropping at the bottom and only the elite selective schools have graduates who make money and these go to Wall Street and the government for jobs.  They infest the CIA and other systems, for example.


They belong to the same clubs and same secret societies like the Skull and Bones and they know each other via these few schools and they are attacking the citizens today, trying to foist on us, criminals like Clinton, knowing full well she is a criminal.


They are assisting even today, Obama’s coup attempts from within, they are all interconnected heavily yet our schools pour onto the streets and army of legal graduates with no possible way of making money except illegally???


I quit the school systems when they eliminated the German language full departments.  These were feeder systems into the CIA spy systems, too, by the way, and I was an insider who was fighting inside the systems, a nasty business.  I gave it all a shove when I had to make money for my growing family.


Our schools are dying.  The students have taken over with the assistance of the professors and the administrators of these schools are in cahoots because these poor, stupid students are PAYING them to be indoctrinated!  And they are slaves who can’t escape this gigantic debt equal to buying a house and will start off life with useless degrees, deep in debt and useless to the rulers and they will freak out and riot and run wild and will be put down violently by whoever ends up in power, the DNC will be just as cruel as the RNC when the time comes.


This destruction of the school systems is disgusting.  Innercity black children have zero adult control on their behavior and all other races are fleeing the schools there because they are out of control, violent, horrible places.


The black community, under Obama, saw a total collapse of the school systems due to no discipline.  The collapse of the family is now near 100% in the black cities.  They are in social and economic chaos.


I remember when children behaved in school…our school officials were violent, defy them and you were physically beaten up!  Well, that works.  When I train dangerous animals, I used force.  There is the whip and the carrot.  Rewards when things go right, punishment when things go wrong.


Student debt shot through the roof under Obama.  It literally doubled.  And the students are hurt, angry and lashing out, they loved Sanders because he wanted to dump this mountain of debt on the taxpayers.  While still keeping the schools in the hands of these insane liberal radicals who hate our country!


No, I wanted the schools to stop.  They are not teaching anything useful.  They are hell holes designed to destroy our children, not educate them so they can survive successfully. Everyone does NOT need to go to college.  It is an odd place, it doesn’t teach ‘thinking’ anyways, it teaches ‘ideology’ and leftists took over and are teaching dangerous ideology and young people, facing a lifetime of poor job prospects due to ILLEGAL ALIENS coming in…are falling for this alluring future where they imitate Cuba or Venezuela or communist China.






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  1. Petruchio

    “Take lawyers now: it is way over the top, too many graduates and less and less work,…” There it is. The problem in a nutshell. I’ve told this story before about the family friend whose son got a BA Degree and then went to and graduated from Law School. He passed his Bar Exam. After some extensive job searching, he found a job: driving a City Bus for the local Transit Company. Nothing wring with driving a city bus, but….do you really need a four year degree AND a Law Degree first? No, so what’s the point? The point is that Higher Ed is a SCAM and the students are the Marks who are getting taken for every penny they have or can borrow. And of course, this was done by design. Solution? Reform. Systematic reform. The start? Slash University taxpayer funding to zero. ZEEROOO. Yes, Elaine, I KNOW that the University chiefs are gouging the students with ever rising tuition. I know how bad the Student Loan debt situation is. But two things. Number One: no more taxpayer funds for new University Parking lots, no tax money for remodeling projects, no NOTHING. If the University commissars want a new parking lot, they’re gonna have to pay for it out of their own pockets. No more slouching to the Legislature and giving the taxpayer a “wish list” for things the University wants. No more taxpayer playing Santa Claus. AND, number Two: the Universities must start paying TAXES!! Property taxes. NO more free rides courtesy of the taxpayers. Universities get no special tax treatment. The deadbeat freeloaders running our University systems won’t last months.

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