How Did Wikileaks Get Their Information?

Wikileaks Vault 7 shows that Trump is blessed by someone who is watching and releasing vital information about how the CIA/NSA operates.  This interview is interesting to me because it comes somewhat close to how the Spook World operates when there is a power struggle.  There is 100% a power struggle going on, an outright coup on the part of the Bilderberg gangsters and people resisting this and supporting Trump, not the GOP.  This war is curious to me for it shows the fact that the CIA/NSA is not a monolith as we see from whistleblowers leaving or leaking.


The DNC/left has been furious with leaks of Obama information while they celebrated leaks about Bush Jr. information.  They still haven’t grasped how both Bushes are very friendly with both Obamas and both Clintons.  Why is that?  Clintons defeated Bush Sr. and Obama defeated the GOP.


Yet they are all best of buddies!  Hmmm…and all of them hate Trump.  So, we can see clearly that Trump isn’t Skull and Bones nor Bilderberg gang!  He is outside the CIA/NSA, too but has significant support in the military.


Note that the military saw a top general thrown out the window by the Bush/Clinton/Obama gang recently when they attacked Flynn for talking to Russia when they all conspired with Russians in the past.


There is a war on.  The military is at war against the spooks and when Obama was leaving office, one of his last acts was to have the CIA/NSA share all inside information with ALL 16 organizations that need ‘secret information’ and THIS GAVE THE INSIDERS A CHANCE.


See?  These people who are part of the MILITARY spook spy operations are most likely pro-Trump!  And someone there or more than someone has leaked deliberately the CIA/NSA spook operations and give these to Wikileaks.


The Deep State thought…STUPIDLY…that spreading the information would mean ‘no fingerprints of OURS’ on data that smears Trump and Putin.  But it BACKFIRED.  They left open information that shows their own fingerprints as to how they made FAKE RUSSIAN HACKING and FAKE RUSSIAN COMMUNICATIONS and on top of that, revealed hidden actions to destroy Trump!


So…we need an outside organization to hold huge hearings about this and get to the bottom of how these spook operations really work, who works for them, how they mishandled information WHEN THEY RELEASED EVERYTHING TO ALL OTHER ORGANIZATIONS.


I am happy they released it to the Pentagon spook operations…listen to Lionel in the above video.  He, like myself, was once inside the Spook System.  My childhood memories are filled with fun spook operations and my own operations and how the media giants are in collusion in hiding events as well as lying about events.


The tip of the spear, so to speak, for me began in the last days of WWII when my father opened the dark, hideous vaults of the Nazi Rocket Program in Germany.  Why on earth was this top secret many years later?  It was because Nazis were given new names and IDs so they could work for the spook state here in the US to make nuclear missiles for WWIII.  Ding!


Forget all the ‘Nazis are evil’.  Nazis were actually ‘USEFUL.’


Now: Russia is being recast as ‘the Soviet Union/Nazis’ by the Real Rulers and their Spook buddies and to make this ‘real’ required issuing secret stuff showing Trump’s supporters ‘conspiring’ with the evil Russians and to do this, they had to rewrite spook stuff to make it look like a crime and coverup was going on when the crime was actually what Obama/Clinton/Bush families were engineering with their buddies in the CIA/NSA.


To cement all this, they needed to have ‘proof’ and since there was no real ‘proof’ they made up this ‘proof’.  Thus, the need to spy on Trump so they could plant some ‘proof’ electronically.


This is the mirror of the Nixon White House where he and his gang spied on, and stole stuff and rigged fake information, etc. while committing war crimes on top of it all.


I believe the leakers are in the Pentagon.  Some citizens who are angry about all this filthy trickery is releasing massive amounts of data to Wikileaks to sink the Bismark that is trying to smash into Trump and sink him, instead, this ship will sink!


When the spy data was spread to all 16 agencies it caused another headache for Obama and Clintons: they can’t find out who leaked this junk!!!!  There are TOO MANY AGENTS who had access suddenly!!!  HAHAHA.  I am going to laugh to death.


Whew.  It is just beginning to become interesting.  The left has now turned against Wikileaks which is OK with me, they are all creeps, anyways, at this point.  Their ideology has blinded them to the idea, ‘If you gain power via evil, you become a demon.’












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7 responses to “How Did Wikileaks Get Their Information?

  1. Moe

    We’re gonna need more popcorn…

  2. Lou

    OT–Elaine, I was listening to California AM [which I rarely do] and this
    situation is sooooo typical of what Jewish Leftists foist on the rest of us.
    I am not sure if this city is 50 miles or 300 miles from you, but its upstate from you;

    Saranac snowshoe visa denial – Wikipedia
    While in Saranac Lake Hussain was arrested and charged with … According to the Saranac Lake Village Police, Hussain is accused of engaging in a …
    [Search domain]

    Indian snowshoe racer arrested in Saranac Lake for alleged …
    Barrett says because of the limited communications he’s had with Hussain he hasn’t been able to … Indian snowshoe racer arrested in Saranac Lake for alleged …
    [Search domain]

    Indian athlete who overcame travel ban arrested on sexual …
    The “fairy tale” was shattered Wednesday when Hussain, 24, was arrested and charged with … During their time in Saranac Lake, Hussein and his coach were honored …
    [Search domain]

    Shapiro and Chuck Schumer. The mayor had 7th graders write letters on Husseins behalf.

  3. emsnews

    Um, I wish you read my blog.

    I talked about this guy already. He was let in after the sex assault issues were known. I said the women whining about sex criminals should be mad at the DNC and Obama and the media for hacking to us all to bring this criminal over here.

  4. ziff

    way OT , this seems like a GREAT! idea ,, sharing the road with experimental cars with no controls and a veggie as passenger.

  5. emsnews

    I wonder if robot cars can get involved in road rage events? 🙂

  6. Christian W

    Big Brother can have a lot of fun with robot cars…

  7. emsnews

    The end result of too many robots… 🙂

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