The EU Conspiracy Is Collapsing, Anti-EU Right Is Rising Rapidly

Now the EU is attacking Poland for causing trouble for this conspiracy to rule Europe ruthlessly.  I read in fake news like the NYT, that the EU will force England to bend knee to the apparatchiks who run Europe on behalf of the Bildernberg billionaires who exploit the place to further their own powers which includes, no sovereignty for anyone else but themselves, open borders and keeping the populations locked at home, scared, due to violent illegal aliens allowed to run riot everywhere.  It was TOO SUCCESSFUL and now Europe is falling to pieces and citizens are in open revolt.


This happens over and over again in history.  Despots think they have total power only to fall to pieces in a flash.


 What was meant to be a closely choreographed display of unity instead took on an increasingly chaotic air as Warsaw filled what has traditionally been Britain’s role as the black sheep of the European family.


In a bombshell ultimatum the country’s prime minister said she would block any attempts to move the project forward by allowing some member states to integrate at a faster pace than others.


Things then reportedly took an ugly turn at dinner as the move led to a blazing row erupting between Poland and France which has threatened to sour the EU’s upcoming birthday celebrations.


What on earth is there to celebrate?  The EU is disintegrating after trying to suck up Eastern Europe after Russia fell. I have somewhat a memory and I recall the EU Bilderberg gang assuring the Russians, no way would they suck in all of Eastern Europe and station troops right on Russia’s interior borders…and this year, they moved to do exactly that.


We are on the verge of WWIII and I suspect the rulers of Europe are doing this because they are scared of the monster mess they have made at home, encouraging an outright invasion by foreign military age males who are now destroying Europe from within.

There are many headlines about this matter in Europe.  The BBC and London Times and other mainstream fake news operations are desperately trying to ignore the obvious.  I expected this to happen once the British people revolted and slapped the EU monster on the snout and force their ‘leaders’ to follow them and obey them, not foreign dictates.


The EU rulers have been pissed as all hell and swore, they would punish the British people for daring to say ‘No.’  One means is to charge them a humongous sum of money to depart.


A visibly furious French president Francois Hollande apparently made a threat to pull the plug on funding to the Eastern European state unless it stepped into line, prompting Warsaw to run to the press crying blackmail.


HAHAHA.  They haven’t figured out, threatening whole populations backfires badly.  They strike back!  Instead, the arrogant rulers of countries that everyone knows is itching to get rid of them, too, yell threats.  France, Spain and Italy all have people running for office who will shut down the EU scandal operation.


The idea of a two-speed Europe, which has previously been floated by Jean-Claude Juncker, was given the seal of approval by the bloc’s four big beasts of France, Germany, Italy and Spain at their own private summit earlier this week.

HAHAHA,  Everyone of these countries are sending people to negotiate who will definitely be out of power and in the trash can of history in a matter of months.  Of course, these creeps who screwed up everything are rushing to fix it so no one can undo the mess just like Obama did to Trump.


But Poland, which is by far the biggest recipient of EU structural funds, fears that it would be left behind by such a plan especially given that it has not yet adopted the euro and has taken the drastic step of refusing to sign off on the Council’s conclusions.


It is all about the issue of who controls the mint.  Here, in the US, we have zero control over the mint.  Interest rates are set by people who have murky connections and are NOT ELECTED.  We have no say.

The ruling elites have no idea of the level of rage they are generating.  Too stupid to understand that alienating the mass of the Bourgeoise, they think, like the DNC, you can have political power based on malfunctioning populations, illegal aliens and angry leftists.


But the revolution this time will be right wing nationalists.


 And today PM Beata Szydlo, who has been at loggerheads with Brussels over the re-election of Donald Tusk as EU Council chief, dropped her bombshell announcement that Warsaw is prepared to wield its veto.


That prompted Ms Szydlo to fire back with an accusation of blackmail, telling reporters: “If someone says ‘you’re not behaving properly so you won’t get the money’ – that’s unacceptable.”


She fumed: “If EU politicians think they can blackmail countries by telling them some money would be taken away from them, the EU has very bad prospects ahead.”


Everything is done via bribery.  This is what the super rich expect.  They bribe people all the time!

Note the last headlines here: Stop pushing Britain to destroy the Brexit voters.  This revolt is friendly right now and will turn very unfriendly soon.  The British disarmed their own homes hoping the super rich/super powerful wouldn’t crush them physically.


But all power, as Mao noted so geefully. grows out of the barrel of a gun.  Disarmed people can’t resist anything.  I live where nearly everyone uses guns a great deal.  Most of us have multiple guns.  The only person died here violently was a suicide and no gun was used in that, even.


Nick Clegg said nothing should happen about what Brexit will entail until the elections since he, like myself, expect realists to win, not crazy people who think they can ignore the mess that has evolved in the last five years.


But then,  Le Pen and other leaders are being put in prison, etc. by the Real Rulers who are rude, crude and nasty.  And Le Pen is a major example: they want to imprison her for saying the wrong thing, pointing out the truth about murderous Muslim males unleashed on Europe, ravaging the citizens.


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4 responses to “The EU Conspiracy Is Collapsing, Anti-EU Right Is Rising Rapidly

  1. Ken

    Elaine is not alone in living in an area with lots of guns and low crime. Michigan’s upper peninsula is the poorest part of the state, even poorer than ghettos in cities like Detroit. The UP also has very high gun ownership. Like Detroit, everyone owns firearms. Yet crime in the UP is virtually unheard of. People don’t even bother to lock their doors.

    It is not gun ownership, or even poverty, that causes high crime. It is the character of the people.

  2. tio

    Spot on, as usual.

    UK will rejoin the EU one day, suggests Jean-Claude Juncker

    “I had the impression from colleagues I talked to in the room, that quite the contrary, the Brexit issue is encouraging the others to continue. Unfortunately, not the British. I have seen in more or less all member states that the approval of European integration is having a larger adherence of the population.”

    Oh and btw Thank God the POTUS branded the BBC as fake news, the thin lipped self referencing metro shitheels really didn’t like that. 😀

  3. emsnews

    HAHAHA, good catch there! Yes, the Bilderberg gang is certain they will continue to brutally rule Europe…insane, yes.

    And yes, over the last five years, the BBC has deteriorated significantly in many ways. They are struggling, their previous ‘subtle propaganda’ has turned rather ham fisted.

  4. tio
    “On July 18 2003, I did not consider myself a shockable person; I was an experienced, sceptical journalist with, I thought, a realistic idea of how politicians, intelligence officers and civil servants behaved. But over the months and years that followed, my views, and those of most of the country, changed. To borrow the famous words of David Astor over Suez, we had not realised that our government was capable of such folly and such crookedness.”

    Snip snip BBC ..

    .. the unkindest cut of all ..

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