Alexa Computer Talks To Humans Except If You Want To Discuss CIA Spying

During the last few days, people who just bought ‘Alexa’ computer machines that ‘talk’ to people, discovered when they asked about the CIA, the computer would turn off!  Of course, Alexa is owned by Bezos who owns the Washington Post and who got $600 million from the same CIA to develop stuff…like Alexa.  Remember: everything done with Alexa’s help, helps the CIA.  What a fine spy device and the people who buy it cooperate with being spied on!  HAHAHA.  Great.

The machine has been altered to talk about the CIA only to inform people, the CIA ‘exists’.  It won’t tell you about where the data is going.  I am baffled as to why anyone would invite this OBVIOUS BUG into their private homes especially now that we know that computers, etc. are used to spy on people even when turned off, ahem.


I remember when Apple said, ‘Do no evil.’  Or any of these people.  My firsthand experiences with IBM and Texas Instruments goes back to my childhood and the CIA machines back in the 1950s and I worked for a subsidiary of TI many years ago doing prototype computer boards for various tasks that were used as templates.


People are so very trusting, aren’t they?  They really think, ‘No one wants to know what I am doing’ except for the CIA, IRS, major media giants, massive corporations, assorted overseas spies like in China, and so forth, that is, nearly every creep on earth including deranged children seeking to annoy adults, etc.  Too many people to count in this now-interconnected world.


I remember when we had to go to universities and computer design businesses to tap into the very early internet.  You had to know how to use the data systems, too.  Screens were tiny, black with green letters, for example.  Anyone here remember computer cards?  One common story was someone leaving a building with these unsecured by two rubber bands only to have the wind mess them all up and it was hard to reorganize them in the correct order.  Ah, the good old days!


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10 responses to “Alexa Computer Talks To Humans Except If You Want To Discuss CIA Spying

  1. tio

    Anyone here remember computer cards? .. Guilty.

  2. Jim R

    “… only to have the wind mess them all up ”

    You have to put sequence numbers in columns 73 thru 80. And leave about five or ten numbers between each of your initial cards, so you can edit the program by inserting new cards.

    Then if you drop the deck, you can just run it thru the 083 and get them in order again 🙂

  3. Lou

    What does it say about AIPAC? I think of it as CIA PAC.

  4. JimmyJ

    @Jim R: Thanks for the headsup about the sorter.

    At the mine where I worked in the 1970s that used computers requiring cards, we didn’t have a sorter. The engineering programs were massive too. A few years later Sun 2 Workstations came along for engineering work, but accounting still used cards for a few years longer. During the cumbersome transition from punchcards to the Suns a junior engineer put all the daily pit operations on a Lotus spreadsheet running on a 286 PC. I watched him wrestle with the spiderweb of logic that was writing operations programming on a spreadsheet, but happily didn’t have to use it. Smart guy but lousy tool for that job.

    Here is a great video of the IBM 083 sorter running several sorting demos: “IBM 083 card sorter up and running!”

  5. emsnews

    Endless mishaps with those damn cards…how about coffee spills? Simply misplacing them when distracted? It was a nightmare for programmers.

    Computer scientists who created the Johnniac Rand computer systems way back when I was a child…note the huge keyboard with rows and rows of keys, this is where I tossed our kitty cat when a child…

  6. Henry

    “Do not bend ,fold or mutilate”. At one time computer cards used to accompany bills from utility companies, etc. with this message. I always used to poke a few holes in them just out of spite. LOL!

  7. tio

    1981 I was in high-school (?) I scribbled my machinations onto coding forms which were sent to the local university, one week later I would get the transcribed cards back with a readout of the (usually failed) execution. Anyway at some point ten Z80 units appeared, in perspex, hex keypads and a four digit LED readout, now that was living. Weirdly we did have a Commodore PET which lived in a room of its own, alas this was off limits to sticky fingered tykes like us.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, I remember the Commodore PET units. 🙂

  9. SurfBoy

    when i was in high school computer science class we had the luxury of 1 TRS-80 which we programed in BASIC to simulate flying in the corridor in the Death Star. good times!

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