Fox Radio Reporter Assaults Gateway Pundit Reporter, Calling Him ‘Fascist, Nazi’


The new kids on the White House Press Corpse chambers are being openly attacked by the Old Guard, today it was the Gateway Pundit reporter assaulted by Fox radio reporter, Jon Decker.  This attack was witnessed by many reporters who suddenly were incapable of correctly reporting what happened.  They focused mainly on, ‘What if it is true that the Gateway Pundit reporter is a racist?’ instead of listening to what happened.  The mainstream media has no intention of changing or growing up or being fair or, heaven help us, HONEST.  But they never were in the past!  I know this first hand.


Lucian Wintrich sent this report:

“This man accosted me. He pushed me in the back room and then grabbed my arm. He started screaming to the entire press room that I’m a Nazi and The Gateway Pundit is a white supremacist publication.”


Yes, this really happened.  It won’t make the news, either.  All reporters either saw it happen or heard about it within the hour.  And it will not exist except for online people picking through the mess we live in today.  I once camped out in front of the UN for a MONTH and not one reporter mentioned this in the mainstream news, for example.


The censorship of reality is an ongoing drama.  Way back when the internet wasn’t totally censored, I used to write daily articles at the New York Times huge website they had.  Then we had the Bush/Kerry election.  Within a month, right after I went to DC with a petition to change how we register and count votes and spoke on NPR there, the entire website where I wrote news was eliminated by the NYT.


They have shut down many interesting people and now the web is very splintered and I am just one small facet of it all.  Oh well!  The thing is, these monsters are so freaked out that someone from the outside might end up inside, they are willing to physically attack them right inside the White House!


Apparently, if you do not belong to the liberal mainstream press you are considered a Nazi and white supremacist?  Lucian then sent this photo saying Decker is now sitting and smiling at him in in the press room.


At least one other reporter saw the incident.

@lucianwintrich I did see the second one in the briefing room.

— Andrew Feinberg (@agfhome) March 10, 2017

Jon Decker is a board member of the White House Press room… His colleagues describe him as “one of the friendliest people in the White House press room.”  It will be interesting to see how many of the liberal reporters rally around Decker.  Lucian Wintrich is a gay conservative.

The mainstream media fake news people hate conservative gays.  The only people they hate more are conservative blacks. The uttermost people liberals hate are black gay conservative males.  Open racism/sexism is showered along with violence, on these individuals who dare to break the iron grip the DNC has on the black community.


Will Trump kick out the reporters attacking or cheering on the attacker in this assault?  If I were Trump, I would  invite Mr. Wintrich to the White House for a private interview.  How about it?


More news about this assault:  According to Politico the liberal reporters in the room cheered the assault!


The Washington Post and conservative(?) Daily Caller accused The Gateway Pundit of being a conspiracy website.  We aren’t the ones running a Russian conspiracy on the front page for four months straight.


Yes, who is the New McCarthy now?  Why, the crazy ‘mainstream media giants’!  They are the ones giving me nightmares about the McCarthy scare which laid its awful hand on a good friend of my father and the babysitter who cared for me, that is, the Chinese rocket scientist who fled the US with his wife and little girl when McCarthy demanded he be arrested.


My father didn’t see him again until the Chinese invited him to China after the famous Nixon visit!


The Washington Times called the confrontation a “clash.”  Lucian Wintrich posted his account of the confrontation and assault earlier today.


Obviously, it is necessary to inform the media that when a person is accosted and abused in the White House press room this is not a “clash.” A clash involves two people and assigns no blame. The Gateway Pundit reporter Lucian Wintrich was trying to get into the bathroom when he was accosted and then verbally assaulted in front of other far left reporters.


Yes, this is always done by liars like in the media, when someone is attacked and the media wants them beaten up, they claim it was a ‘clash’.  This is very much Nazi-style news!  The victim is blamed for what happens.  Or no one is blamed when a bully or a gang attacks someone smaller and weaker.


Across the board, the angry leftists and Big State Bilderberg gangsters are muscling corporations to ban ads to Gateway Pundit and other right wing online news services.  Yes, this is an ongoing fight.  The Trump voters are boycotting liberal businesses which attack them or supported Hillary or people who did nasty things to conservatives. This really bites, too.  Well, everyone is going to boycott everyone else at this rate.  But the liberals have zero real power so they are left with being nasty instead.


Move.on claims their campaign called “Sleeping Giants” has led more than 1,000 companies to stop advertising on the


The campaign called “Sleeping Giants” led more than 1,000 companies to stop advertising on the white nationalist website Virtually every major corporation worldwide has blocked their ads from appearing on Breitbart, but one glaring exception remains: Amazon.


The Gateway Pundit was also notified this week that far left activists are targeting our advertising income. We have already noticed the effect of this targeting that started after the November election.


Economic warfare is a double edged sword and ‘liberal’ operations will learn the hard way, elephants don’t forget.  I am in awe at this push for self-destruction.  It will be interesting to watch, I am puzzled as to why businesses want to commit financial suicide but then, humans are known to be rather poor learners.


BTW, I have zero advertisements here because I don’t want anyone to have power over me.  I know from harsh, lifelong experience, what this means.  I want to be free, not rich.  You don’t take wealth to the other side of the Doors of Death, all you can take is your own soul and selling your soul is very expensive there, people don’t learn until it is too late.


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15 responses to “Fox Radio Reporter Assaults Gateway Pundit Reporter, Calling Him ‘Fascist, Nazi’

  1. Lou

    White house press corpse!!!

    And the spelling, Is ‘corpse’ intentional?

  2. emsnews

    Yup…dead as doornails to me.

  3. melponeme_k

    All the little winners of the genetic pool and nepotism lotto are watching their golden parachute glamour jobs blow holes. It’s driving them insane. Hence the scenes in public. They are all a bunch of Norma Desmonds in Sunset Boulevard.

    Down below, they are waiting for the White House Press Corps. ACTION!


  4. Lou

    Illegal to own a $1000 bill.
    Cashless society?

  5. Tom W Harris

    Don’t worry, Lou. You can always exchange it for 50 Tubmans.

  6. Floridasandy

    Who the hell is he to try to block access to other people? Get over yourself, decker . (No caps)

    Good comment about Norma Desmonds!

  7. KHS71

    I wonder if Jon Decker is also gay. Maybe knowing that Lucian is gay, it is just too much for him to understand that there are gay conservatives. Sounds like bigotry to me.

  8. Petruchio

    @#4 Lou: It’s a coincidence, but I just so happened to recently ask the folks at my Bank about $1000 bills. I don’t know how the subject came up, but I was told that they do not make $1000 bills anymore. (Petruchio certainly doesn’t withdraw thousands of dollars at a time, just as an FYI).

  9. Jon Decker is upset because they can no longer throw up softball questions to Josh Ernest. Also being Friday Decker was probably half in the bag after visiting his favorite Georgetown bar for lunch.

  10. “You don’t take wealth to the other side of the Doors of Death, all you can take is your own soul and selling your soul is very expensive there, people don’t learn until it is too late.”

    {selling your soul is very expensive there}

    I’m interested in delving into this more…what do you see Elaine? I love your insights to this, as I’m normally not superstitious at all. I’d like to think I can believe in other-worldly things as there is so much hidden or yet to be found by us.

  11. emsnews

    Ever hear the term, ‘Your life flashed before your eyes?’ That is the Watchers checking up on your incoming data.

  12. Moe

    “Your life flashed before your eyes.”

    I had this happen once, but it was in a dream. I awoke, and that state of awareness stayed with me for several minutes.

    It was revealing and extraordinary. All events of my life were experienced simultaneously and non-consecutively,

  13. Lou

    ‘Your life flashed before your eyes?’ That is a Christian thing.
    And a Tibetan Buddhist thing. Bardos.

  14. You can find out the easy way: get nearly killed.

    It works just fine. I had it happen when I was only 5 years old. I didn’t have much of a life to flash and what happened was, the Watchers were surprised to see me and I had a most interesting discussion about all this with all of them.

    Everything was also upside down/inside out/mirror image and very weirdly tactile. Especially Pegasus, who is a lightning bolt.

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