Military PC Police Issue Orders 100% Forbidding Certain Common English Words!

Obama Air Force PC Police Officer issues orders of which words are 100% forbidden to be used, ever!  This amazing story is not amazing at all.  This PC insanity started at our Universities which are 90% run by ‘liberals’ who love Hillary Clinton and her gang of Maoists.  Now, the military is being ordered around, in this case, by a female officer put up in the ranks to harass others about being ‘sexually inappropriate’ and this reminds me greatly about Madame Mao.


True story: Madame Mao believed to make men and women ‘equal’ both had to wear the same clothing!  In the middle of the Red Guard nightmare of PC actions ripping apart China, President Nixon and Kissinger came over to make deals.  The Chinese then asked for my mother and father to come which they did.


They, on the first day, got in a tiff with Madame Mao who had their twin beds bolted to the floor.  My father said, ‘We sleep in a double bed,’ and she said, ‘It is not allowed here.’  She then said, ‘Why are you complaining, NIXON DIDN’T COMPLAIN.’  My father said, ‘This is because I love my wife.’ These were Verboten Words!


Next battle was over my mother’s dresses.  Yes, she wore dresses and make up.  As did Pat Nixon who slept in the same room a week earlier and didn’t complain about the bed arrangements.  The Chinese women would sneak up to my mother and beg to touch her stuff and examine the make up, etc.  It was all so sad.  This was ‘terminal PC Police Perfect, that is, utter hell.


The PC police at universities want everyone to toe this standard set by themselves while screaming they get to be obscene, violent, dress filthy, be unkempt and ugly and so forth.  Total freedom for them and none for the rest of us.  This is now blowing up and good riddance to the Maoists who are doing this to us thanks to Obama and the DNC gang.





You People





Sounds Greek to me

Blondes have more fun

Too many chiefs, not enough Indians


They were advised to study the list and refrain from using the words outlined on the attachment.  The email read: ‘Please be cognizant that such conduct is 100 per cent zero tolerance in or outside of the work climate.


‘Let’s capitalize on our richly diverse climate, and help others seek assistance if they are struggling with compliance.’


When Fox News contact the public affairs office at the base, Lackland denied that it had banned a number of words, claiming an individual was merely ‘reminding Airmen to be respectful to others.’


Note the rhetoric of this memo writer, who was taught in college how to issue Maoist orders to the masses.  ‘…Capitalize…richly diverse…seek assistance…struggle…compliance.’  This is pure Maoist orders.  It sounds sort of nice and very menacing because the ‘assistance’ in teaching people to curb natural language and tip toe around everyone else, filled with fear, is the punishment if one is ‘caught’ using the ‘wrong words.’


We know from the news that thousands and thousands of people have lost their jobs and worse, due to writing or saying the wrong words.  Free speech is utterly and totally dead, we have zero constitutional rights now thanks to the PC police.  They are everywhere, and were put in power by the DNC and Obama and is strangling society at this point.


People are terrified of saying the ‘wrong words’.  PC minions can scream, ‘Drop dead, fuck you, we are going to kill you!’ in PC Perfect states like California and if a right wing person says to them, ‘Go to hell,’ they are tracked down and punished severely.  This insane system is on the verge of collapse and I pray that, after a while, courts will again support real free speech and this lunacy will stop.


I demonstrated for ‘free speech’ at Berkeley many years ago and this is infuriating and embarrassing to watch but then, the PC Police were born way back then and attacked me for being non-compliant way back in 1969 so this doesn’t surprise me, actually.  Below are comments from readers of the Daily Mail, I picked out some from military or retired military:


You_Dont_Say, Oklahoma, United States, 17 hours ago

This is the pussification of the U.S. military happening right in front of our eyes. Glad I retired when I did


Oldnotoutinsc, OnTheLake, United States, 13 hours ago

Absolutely agree, PC gone mad. The Armed Forces used to be Alpha males and Alpha females, they are now all pussified, coming from a retired female Navy Chief who worked on underwater mines.


Beau Diddly, Valh¿ll, United States, 15 hours ago

This is the BS that comes from the USAF’s Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) office, formally known as Social Actions. They are trained at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI). Its run by rogue civilians who indoctrinate military members and are told to go back to their respective bases and proselytize this nonsense. They are untouchable, and unaccountable. Then Public Affairs must do damage control and the cycle continues. No journalist has ever done a comprehensive investigation on the indoctrination at DEOMI, and if/when someone does, it will blow your mind.


MarkSchreiber, Montgomery, United States, 9 hours ago


I sure am glad I am retired. I remember that the Air Force tackled race relations in the seventies. The Air Force left all this behind years ago. However, in the late nineties, something changed and we began getting new troops that had the impression that they could question their supervisors. Not just orders they didn’t like, but it seemed like everything what challenged. To make matters worse, the Air Force installed offices to handle these complaints. It became a bureaucratic nightmare. Some days I still miss the Air Force, but stories like this tempers those thoughts. USAF E-8 Retired.


sunshine_and_puppies, Orlando, United States, 15 hours ago

Well thank goodness brunettes and red heads can still have fun.


jebbop, Streamwood, United States, 13 hours ago

Excuse me! Red Head? I know of no one whose head is red. If you are trying to marginalize a grouping of people by slurring them and their hair color, then I’m triggered and will join 2 marches and call in sick to work for an entire week, while sobbing uncontrollably in a fetal position whilst clutching a gender-inspecific teddy/tammy bear!


theevieempire, Bouncing the grid, United States, 5 hours ago

Quite a few years back the army began giving out stress cards in basic to the privates, essentially the could whip these out if they felt too stressed. Drill sergeants weren’t allowed to curse or point using one finger either. Just utter insanity. It wasn’t just the USAF. USA E-7 Retired.


trebla, Lakes entrance, Australia, 11 hours ago

We have this lunacy taking place in the Australian forces too. it is now reaching into our schools and polluting the minds ofour young with politically correct garbage.


Ricktus Erectus, Seattle, United States, 14 hours ago

Absolutely pathetic. Political Correctness has turned our armed forces into a bunch of gutless girl scouts.


jebbop, Streamwood, United States, 13 hours ago

You can’t say “girl”.


We are heading into an era where this stops.  It has reached levels of insanity and causing a backlash.  About Trump: he has 100% the support of these retired and present military staff, not the top brass but the people who actually do all the real work.  These people are pissed as hell at the PC Police and their rules.


That is, they are on the verge of a real revolt.  They hate Obama’s rules, they hate the way the system works and they will be highly dangerous to anyone insisting on running the USA like Mao China.  I hate it, too.  It is awful, a nightmare.  We must stop this stupidity.


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  1. Lou

    You Tube–X 22 report. He mentioned this. Id prefer if they arrest military rapists.

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