Has Been Eliminated Except On You Tube

Here are two You Tube videos of this particular person.  Rense runs a website which I do use that is simply links to international and national stories some of which are not reliable but many are quite reliable, it takes some discernment to see what is real and what is crazy.  But now it has been probably hacked or taken down deliberately by NWO people.  I don’t know yet. doesn’t exist anymore, only on You Tube…for now.  I don’t know if freelance hackers hit the site or the CIA or carelessness of some sort but it always alarms me when any ‘alternative’ site suddenly vanishes.


So I looked into You Tube to see if he is still alive.  He posted a broadcast yesterday:


There are a lot of us that the owners of media platforms want to silence and since computer organization presidents have come out against Trump, I am not surprised to see them all attacking anyone and everyone in all possible ways.’s Bezos beast got $600 million from the CIA to help him coordinate his propaganda/spying/controlling populations, for example.  The people running You Tube have been demonetizing people posting videos that are not PC Perfect, for example.


The rising leftist censorship/demonetizing/eliminating business has not stopped after the left was wiped out in the last election.  They have accelerated their attacks on citizens.  I think they will brazenly double down which is why an ‘alternative web’ is in the works.


I am certain, since Rense is still on You Tube, he didn’t terminate his own website, himself.  Nor would I expect him to not keep up payments, something I did this month to keep my own website under my own total control…or almost total control.


I do not like seeing anyone’s work vanish like this.  It irritates and scares me greatly.  I have been banned by mainstream media years ago and this is my main outlet now.  The censorship thing by LIBERALS has been mushrooming over the last 8 years, they are now used to being thugs and stopping people from discussing anything especially, making fun of liberal stuff.


These are not good times but highly dangerous times.  In Europe and the USA, the Bilderberg gang is losing ground rapidly.  Angry, scared voters are turning against them!  And for very good survival reasons, too.  Who will prevail?  We shall see, it has to be ‘whoever fights the hardest.’



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10 responses to “ Has Been Eliminated Except On You Tube

  1. Lou

    Thanks. I go to –or went to–Jeffs site from time to time.

    He is/was a news aggregator with lots on Fukushima.

  2. Petruchio

    I have visited Jeff Rense sites as well. I find his info good. It is a sign of their desperation that they have to bring the likes of Jeff Rense down. This is a sure sign that they are losing the battle.

  3. Petruchio

    In other news/ A terrorist bombing in Damascus.

  4. nclaughlin

    I look at Rense too. It used to be a strange mixture of UFO-logy, anti-Zionism, and weird science. It still is. But now, alternative new stories that you can’t find in the mainstream media are featured, so Rense is now very valuable.

  5. Jim R

    In other other news / big demonstrations in Romania. Only in the Spanish version of —
    Are there some agitators in the crowd? And whose might they be?

  6. Lou



  7. emsnews

    So, they got back. Good.

  8. Lou

    Far as Breitbart goes, I believe he was murdered. And the coroner was, as well.


  9. Moe

    Sorry to rain on the Rense parade, but I stopped reading Rense over a decade ago. He was obviously deeply wierded out and that would have been flag enough. Examine his photo history.

    Now readers are free to acquire information from any source they desire. i tend to seek rational, balanced individuals, not always a fruitful undertaking. IMO, Rense has never fit that profile.

    If you knew nothing else about him but only listened to his audio broadcasts, you’d swear he’s completely normal: his voice is mesmerizing. Shows ya how easy we’re suckered.

    Without going in to further detail about him, I only need to bring attention to one thing: he’s been married nine times. Nine (9!) times.

  10. Lou

    Only 9? Sounds like he outdid Liz.

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