New York Times Blames Black Crime On Black Parents Being Strict!

The liberals at the New York Times is constantly trying to figure out what ails the black community of NYC.  The total collapse in marriages, the high crime, destruction of schools, chaos has to be blamed on someone.  So they poke around until they can blame…slavery.  Yes, that destroyed the families and caused crime!  This obviously ignores the reality that black marriage/family rates mirrored the white rate until the Civil Rights Act when Uncle Sam became Big Daddy and everything fell apart.


Black children are also more at risk of being assaulted, seriously injured or killed by a parent than by a police officer, a neighborhood watchman or an irritated racist who hates rap music.


I picked this particular paragraph to illustrate how insane black professors who are let into the middle class/education class via our warped school systems.  I used to live in the slums.  I saw first hand how black children were raised by welfare mothers.


First: these children are assaulted and even killed by…black men who are not their fathers who live briefly with their welfare mothers!  Yes, strangers let into the home for a free ride and free sex.


The second most dangerous person is…street thugs, other children, siblings and of course, welfare mommy.  Not because anyone is ‘disciplining’ them to behave.  They strike at them when the children are irritating which is quite different.


Stacey Patton (@DrStaceyPatton) is an assistant professor of multimedia journalism at Morgan State University and the author of the forthcoming “Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America,” from which this essay was adapted.


This sheltered person wants even less discipline.  She thinks, if all those welfare moms and their in and out male sleeping buddies would just not hit the kiddies, the children will be well behaved.


What is worse about this stupid article in the fake news queen, the NYT, is the statement that black children are being harmed by ‘irritated racists’.  Who?  What?  Where is this happening?


No mention of the many black gangs running rampant attacking people all over America.  These are gangs of underage kiddies who are extremely violent and dangerous.  We fear them, not ‘irritated racists’.  And many of these black gangs are very racist and talk racism while assailing their helpless victims.


My black, middle-class adoptive mother often grumbled these words as she prepared to whup me for getting dirty, mouthing off, rolling my eyes, telling lies or any number of other childhood misbehaviors…By the time I was 12, I was in the state foster care system: case #KC114343… It is a common one, unfortunately. My adoptive mother, and generations of black parents like her, honestly believed that whupping children was a pillar of responsible black parenting.


This teacher had a crummy childhood and the State saved her from her abuser who wasn’t even her own mother and this woman’s boyfriends.  She is a classic case of the ‘parentless child’ which we see in particular in black neighborhoods.


But if whupping children kept black people out of prison or safe from abusive cops, there would be no mass incarceration or police brutality. If beatings were a prerequisite for success, black people would be ruling the world.


This is called ‘jumping to conclusions’.  This ‘professor’ got her position via black privilege.  Universities are very anxious to hire black staff because it looks good.  The black teachers then teach all sorts of stuff that makes things worse but who cares?


It is all about the numbers, showing ‘we have black staff’.  Anyone who tells the truth about black inner city life is forbidden to set foot on many campuses and radicalized students taught by teachers like this one, will riot if anyone dares tell the truth in these ‘education ghettoes.’


It is a European idea that children are “born in sin” and should have the devil beaten out of them with a “rod of correction.” That brutality cascaded across other cultures through slavery, colonialism and religious indoctrination.


So everything lands in the lap of ‘slavery caused this.’  It wipes out 100+ years of history, jumping over all the 20th century.  Yes, slavery caused this!  Right!  And it is therefore, unfixable since blacks are too stupid to stop behaving like slaves??? Is this what this black female is saying????  How racist.


It should not be surprising, then, that black American slaves, who endured the trauma of their own beatings, inherited their oppressors’ violence and, for centuries, passed down these parenting beliefs. This is one of the saddest untold stories in American history — the way in which the victims of racist oppression and violence have hurt the bodies of their own children in an effort to protect them from a hostile society.


Black children are nearly totally out of control now.  They attack each other, neighbors, weak people, adults, the elderly, other ethnic groups, they steal, sell drugs, rap about being criminals, they resist arrest, break all possible laws and make dangerous, nasty neighbors and are systematically destroying our dying former industrial cities!


The hostility has been from THEM not outsiders.  People flee them, people go to great lengths to avoid being anywhere near them.  This is not ‘racism’ it is ‘naked fear’.  And each generation is more violent than the mothers who bore them in the past.


And each generation has no real fathers anymore, either.  This is a missing key element.


Between 2006 and 2015, more than 3,600 black children were killed as a result of maltreatment, according to the Administration for Children and Families. That’s an average of 360 children a year, three times higher than for other racial and ethnic groups. Many social workers and district attorneys I have talked to say it is not malicious parents intentionally hurting their kids who end up with convictions for child abuse or homicide; it is those who started spanking and escalated as the child got bigger.


Good lord.  These ‘social workers’ obviously are ideologically driven.  Do black mothers (fathers are nearly totally unattached by the time the kids reach age 12) beat their teenage sons????  Good lord.  These semi-orphans whose daddy is the State beat each other, their siblings, their mothers, their neighbors, their teachers, they fight the cops, too, for that matter.


The utter chaos that these fatherless children are creating is systematically destroying the black community.  Sons raised with no fathers end up doing the same as their missing fathers.  Each year for 50 years, this got worse and worse and is now nearly terminally bad, that is, outside of the elites at the very top who are black like Obama, marriage no longer exists.


The professor should be asking, ‘Why was I raised by a violent person who wasn’t my family?’  Not, ‘Black families have more discipline than white families.’  Because they don’t have this, they have violence in the home but that is due to the violence all over the place by everyone including rather small children who do some terrible things sometimes including killing other children or even adults.


This social chaos is destructive.  And won’t stop due to ‘let’s be gentle’ rules, right now, black schools have near zero control of the students who fight with the teachers and staff and even cops…when I was young, no cops worked inside schools!


Acting as if this new social situation is normal is crazy.  And blaming events from over 150 years ago is insane.  And the NYT staff and owners would rather commit suicide than send their precious kiddies to any schools run by and dominated by black staff and students.


Their children won’t survive.  And they know it.  And they know exactly who is being the most violent.  And it isn’t the teachers.


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28 responses to “New York Times Blames Black Crime On Black Parents Being Strict!

  1. Jim R

    What you really have going is the Idiocracy dynamic.

    It used to affect royal families and such … they’d have all the children they wanted, and it didn’t matter if they were stupid or had horrific hereditary diseases, they would always ‘make it’ in the Darwinian sense. They’d live to have more children who would pass on the stupidity, psychopathy, and hemophilia. As long as they could manage to breathe, eat, and have sex.

    Well, that describes just about all of humanity by now.

    And most of this violent antisocial behavior is from hereditary personality traits. Not -merely- human nature, but some of the -worst- of human nature.

    Only strict discipline and education can overcome these worst-of traits. If they do not receive that education, then primate behavior dominates.

  2. Lou

    WRT the title of the thread, who cares what the NYT claims?

    Anti White Jews. See the blog, ‘Crimes of the Times’ for more insights.

    And Blacks are not raised by married people, usually. NYT wont post that fact.

  3. ziff

    so how did the civil rights act cause this ?

  4. emsnews

    The oddest thing happened: the successful blacks left the ‘ghettoes’ where they kept order and ran things and ended up like Obama. The vast majority moved from elsewhere on earth (immigrants) or from the Deep South into the north to get welfare and got trapped in dying industrial cities.

    To get welfare, you can’t be married. So marriage died. Then the men all became footloose and hang out at momma’s house instead and then they ended up not running families.

  5. Ken

    In answer to Ziff’s question @3, I also personally noticed another factor associated with the Civil Rights Act that undermined the black community. In addition to the reasons cited by Elaine.

    The whole cult of “victimhood” arose at the time of the Civil Rights Act. Blacks were told that they were oppressed, and should hate whites. Usually for transgressions that occurred long ago. As “victims” Blacks could not be expected to achieve at the same level as other groups. They had a built-in excuse for underachieving and general bad behavior.

    As a result, Blacks developed bad attitudes. Also, the more they complained that they were victims, the more goodies were bestowed upon them. This in turn gave rise to a very strange phenomenon. At the very time when Blacks were becoming most free, and receiving long delayed civil rights, they became the most resentful and bitter! Instead of saying “free at last” they reveled in their victimhood, and their communities spiraled out of control.

    I was raised in an all black neighborhood in Detroit. My brothers and I “integrated” our neighborhood. Many of my Black friends were raised by their grandmothers (mothers were either in jail or strung out on drugs), and I talked with these grandmothers frequently. Every last one of them was in shock at the deterioration of the Black community. Every last one of them said that things were worse at that time than they were during Jim Crow and open discrimination. And yet, blacks were more free then than they were during Jim Crow and open discrimination.

    The Civil Rights Act itself did not cause these problems. But the accompanying “liberal” agenda (sorry Elaine) undermined the Black community. Both by the welfare system discussed by Elaine, and also by promoting a culture of victimhood.

  6. Claudeeyah


    True nuff, Ken. Might I add in addition to your wise words, being a member of the “just wait till your father gets home” generation, we kids knew there would be hell to pay if dad ever got an earful from mom about our misdeeds. Her poisonous words would invariably be much worse than our sins, and she’d have plenty of time to work on her story.

    I’d rather suffer the scourge of mom’s wrath than have to think about how pissed off dad would be, coming home from a long day at the office, to be met with the news of the mayhem and hell I was causing at his home. There were a few times I didn’t think one of my brothers would survive his beatings.

    Now, the black “family” during the Civil Rites (sic) era, saw dad not in the picture. Mom’s threats amounted to nothing, because she could beat you until her hand was sore, and by the time you were eight or nine, your ass was made out of leather. Sure, mom could smack you upside the head or across the face, but once you got out of her reach, a good “F*ck you!” was all you needed to say to her as you high tailed it out of the house.

    Such was not the case with dad. You knew he’d be there, waiting up for you, to even the score. You knew and he knew that he didn’t even mind taking the day off work if it meant settling the score between you and him. Such knowledge was enough to keep your ass in line. Mom would eventually forgive and forget. Dad would make sure he took payment out on your hide if for no other reason than to reinforce in your pea-sized brain that he was always and forever the “boss” in “his home”.

    In welfare land, aka, the land of plenty, daddy was Uncle Sam. The check was in the mail, the rent was paid, the food on the table on the first of each month. And it didn’t matter how much you misbehaved. Mom could be bought off with a bottle of booze, a pack of cigarettes, and a good roll between the sheets. Cheap rent for the negro who needed a place to rest his weary head and all the sex he could handle meant there was many a suitor for mom. Her kids were a manageable annoyance. And if mom didn’t want to put out that night, there was always her five year old little girl. You get the picture.

  7. emsnews

    I am old enough to remember how schools ran in the South before the Civil Rights Act. The staff, the teachers would BEAT US if we disobeyed, create chaos, say stupid things, whatever. Now, how were we traumatized?

    I grew up fighting for fun. We had ‘the Desert Wars’ when I was in grade school and while in grade school, I had to go to the hospital due to injuries from this war and I got my revenge later, too.

    All our stuff had to be concealed from adults. Now, it is open in the slums. The kids fight in grade school…and I have seen this first hand in NYC…very violently openly in front of teachers and principals.

    They fight all the way until they drop out of high school or go to prison. It is utterly out of control and any adult who fights instead of ‘let’s restrain the screaming, flailing, violent children’ is fired or put in jail including the police so no one intervenes until they reach the magic age when they can be taken down violently or killed.

    This ridiculous situation will continue until people wake up and realize how children’s brains really work. You don’t need force against weak, helpless children but you need it badly against active, troublesome, wild students and I was pretty wild when young…!

  8. Henry

    It amazes me how much the ideas on child discipline have changed. I was a child in the 1950s and 1960s. I remember going to the supermarket on a Saturday. The place was packed and all the mothers had their children in tow. Inevitably some child misbehaved. The mother would proceed to smack the hell out of them in front of everyone. Everyone walked by ignoring what was happening. No one would ever think to intervene. My god, today they would call a swat team and social services would take the child away from the parent!

  9. Seraphim

    Had the disappearance of the ‘father figure’ anything to do with the rise of feminism?

  10. Claudeeyah


    Yes, Henry, the family is no longer considered the basic unit of society. That model included mom, dad, and child(ren) as its heart. Such a unit placed a great deal of importance in furthering the nurturing of children. It involved grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, etc. in making sure things went well in the community. The local law enforcement usually kept a lid on things like the town drunk getting violent with his Missus, and some petty embezzlement schemes.

    The State has now taken hold of the family unit and considers itself front and center as to what and who should rule society. Madelyn Albright’s response that “it was worth it to see half a million Iraqi children die” due to our senseless and unjust war, is most telling. People, to these monsters, are expendable – to be used and abused at their will.

    Most people don’t seem to understand the not-so-subtle way the State has usurped parental control from parents. I genuinely do not advocate hitting children, as it simply seems to affirm a culture of violence as a means to an end. And there have been parents who are much too violent toward petty indiscretions of their offspring. Nevertheless, the ability of parents to determine what best suits their offspring, including the very schools they attend, has further and further been usurped by the State. Again, the beginning of this trend began with the Civil Rites (sic) Act. For whatever benefit it provided, it opened the gateways of hell to to the (((folks))) who have tirelessly labored for a New World Order for nigh on sixty years.

  11. hblinken

    Each year for 50 years, this got worse and worse and is now nearly terminally bad, that is, outside of the elites at the very top who are black like Obama, marriage no longer exists.

    Obama was abandoned by his black Kenyan father, he was brought up mainly by his white grandparents and his Indonesian stepfather.

  12. tio

    It is a new world. People do what they are paid to do.
    “Some opponents of welfare argue that it affects work incentives. They also argue that the taxes levied can also affect work incentives.”

    May I humbly submit that the (((NYT))) can go fuck itself?

  13. Christian W

    Or maybe the kids that had the snot smacked out of them as kids grew up with the conviction that having the snot smacked out of you as a kid is not good parenting…

  14. Petruchio

    “There were a few times I didn’t think one of my brothers would survive his beatings.” Gratuitous violence is never effective. It just makes the kid resentful and lusting for vengeance. If s/he doesn’t lash out at his abuser, he will take it out on his kids. And the cycle starts all over. Spare the rod and spoil the child. True. This is why the Public School system came out so strongly against corporal punishment. Without Parental discipline to restrain the kids’ natural tendencies to disobey and general laziness, the schools can easily become training grounds for whatever the Social Planners have in mind for Society as a whole.
    I am still a little shocked at the brainwashing going on on the Boob Tube. The message is repeated over and over. The imagery is of the happily married Black couple smiling as they tolerate the existence of their white friend or white married couple. On the TV, the blacks are always the sensible ones–and always Middle Class. I mean, REALLY??!! Blacks, in reality have a much lower educational level than other ethnic groups. Blacks have an 82% out of wedlock birth rate. Blacks are at the bottom of income levels. Personally it gets quite annoying to see this constant bombardment of false imagery. And of course, if you criticize, you are a racist homophobe, which is a natural outcome for a “Don’t ever discipline children!!” Society.

  15. Lou

    Blacks, in reality have a much lower educational level than other ethnic groups.–what matters is IQ. Blacks have low IQ. That is why they often do not like school.

    Blacks that do graduate college usually have an easy major [and dont take
    Calculus. heck, as a child my IQ was 125 and in college I could not relate to physics and calc].

    Id guess EMS had a 130+ IQ, when young.

  16. Lou

    The imagery is of the happily married Black couple IN THEIR MANSION smiling as they tolerate / CONDESCEND to the existence of their white friend or white married couple.

    I found,
    Why is it that black “achievement” is often portrayed as being tempered by White repression?
    If we are to believe the message so often expressed for decades now, that Whites have restricted blacks through denial of substantial opportunities, then does it not follow that where blacks are free of this stifling influence, their accomplishments must abound?

    Then we must ask: Where is the African space program? Where are the automobiles produced in Africa or Haiti?
    The great agricultural advancements in Congo and Liberia? Where are the ground-breaking black scientists in the motherland creating cures of which the world may benefit? And where are the great architectural and civil engineering triumphs?
    Instead, black achievement, actual or fabricated, must constantly be exemplified, not only proving how accomplished they are as a group, but needing to be coupled with the omnipresent struggle against those who wish to deny their true abilities.
    I could stomach the Hollywood and MSM portrayals – everyone needs to feel a sense of ethnic pride. But having to swallow this rubbish while at the same time being force-fed the notion that they collectively possess great character is too much. Our crime rates, disintegrating cities, dysfunctional schools, and fruitle$$ efforts to improve their lot, tell a completely different story – the true hidden figures.
    But, of course, the fault again lies with Whites.
    Something smells in the basement when one group must be raised up through the denigration of another group.

  17. Lou

    To get welfare, you can’t be married.

    This was true pre LBJ, yes?
    So why were most Black mothers married, pre 1970?

  18. Petruchio

    And do you notice how deeply RACIST this all is? White People are supposed to feel guilty about Whites discriminating against Blacks based on skin color, but ALL of the minorities feel entitled to something based on their skin color!!

  19. Melponeme_k


    This minority NEVER got anything based on skin color. My name is not Native so I was never singled out for anything. I was never tribe affiliated (which requires a blood quorum/purity test) and so never received benefits. I didn’t want those benefits. Anything I’ve ever done has been done without affirmative action. And I’m glad of it. There is nothing more important to a person than true pride of accomplishment.

    I had a background in classical voice and considered Opera. But the BS involved with it and the arts in general put me off. Not to mention you had to win the genetic/nepotism lotto. I could have made a spectacle of myself, cried racism and taken a place in the weaponized culture that is currently destroying us. But I didn’t, the mere thought of it made me sick. Meanwhile when I go to the opera now, it never fails to amaze me that the stage is filled with singers whose voices don’t project past the orchestra. The days of singers like Birgit Nilsson and Maria Callas are OVER.

    Our culture supports mediocrity by design.

  20. Wow! In college, I was in the orchestra pit and was part of the Opera club! We even had a member write his own real opera, ‘The Blue Angel’ and it was gloriously beautiful and we loved performing it and then were hit with a violation of copyright.

    Rats. This was over 45 years ago….learned that lesson.

    I had a boyfriend who was the first black Olympic sabre fighter and he was fantastic. He then found out he was gay…OK, I didn’t do that to him…now runs a fencing club in Manhattan and is a great teacher.

    We all had stuff happen to us back then. It was a glorious time and a total mess. Now, it is a total mess. Yikes.

  21. Melponeme, I wish I could have transported you back in the past to hear Bridget Niellson sing back in the 1960s. What a voice! Even in the upper rafters, you could hear her clearly.

  22. Petruchio

    @#19 Melponeme_k: You’re right; what the White Man did to the Native American was and is a disgrace. We should be ashamed of how we treated Native Americans. I was referring to the current crop of immigrants. They come to this country–many of them illegally–not just expecting, but DEMANDING to be taken care of . The fact that they have never been taxpayers OR that there are others in this country who have needs never seems to concern these illegal aliens. And the fact that the Political Whore Class (PWC) allows and even encourages this to happen is what angers me the most. This is all done, of course, to drive and keep wages down.

  23. Flor


    Citizens are preparing to march on Washington on March 25. They are there to speak up for the future of thousands of children that the criminal cabal has commoditized for their wars, their pleasures, their control over others, and their pathetic ideas of obtaining immortality. We are protesting law enforcement, Congress, and the judiciary for not arresting and indicting these heinous criminals.
    The AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA has prepared a compendium of articles to provide protestors with the deep and thorough intelligence they need to protest in a productive way. As we see more intelligence in the field, we will update this compendium–so check back regularly for updates.
    Unlike the George Soros’ activists groups who haven’t a clue why they are protesting (except for the memes and slogans provided to them once they are hired to protest), the people who will be protesting on March 25 will be able to give details galore. Please be an engaged citizen and send this report to all you can, especially to your congressional representatives and elected officials. Let them know that the people mean business!
    March 10, 2016 – The mainstream


  24. Flor

    Published on Apr 8, 2016
    Amschel Mayor James Rothschild (1955 – 1996) is depicted here as making the comments when it was John Todd who gave the interview with a Magazine called Progress For All as follows:

    The following is from the magazine Progress for all January 1991, an interview regarding the clarification of the Pyramid and the shining eye on the back of the US One Dollar Bill: “The seal of the pyramid was created by the Rothschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. The Rothschild family is the head of the organization in which I entered in Colorado. All the Occult Brotherhoods are part of it. It is a Lucifer Organization to install his reign in the whole world. The eye on the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer. Supposedly the Rothschilds have personal dealings with the Devil. I have personally been in his villa and have experienced it. And I know it is true”. Source – John Todd – (“ex Masonic Council of Thirteen”)
    News & Politics


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