Turkey Fighting NATO Now, Putin Is Winning International Game of Thrones

I have nearly totally given up on US mainstream media to inform me about nearly anything.  It is odd, I have never been so annoyed with our media in the past and in the past, they annoyed me.  But now, it is constant insanity.  So, today’s news comes from London and Moscow, at least they have some reality of sorts.  Spicer, for example, is in the London Daily Mail, at a press conference, no less, talking about the ‘deep state’.  Meanwhile, Turkey is now openly agitating against NATO in Europe while Putin laughs inside the Kremlin.  He is gaining real ground here.


That certainly was not talked about in the mainstream news, much, was it?  If they do talk about it, they say Bannon is insane to talk about the ‘deep state’.  They won’t talk about the Wikileaks Vault 7, either!  What, the CIA is spying on absolutely everyone, all the time?  Eh?  Not news for the mainstream clowns.


Are there Democrats and some Republicans working under the radar to destroy Trump?  It is painfully obvious!  They are actually, rather loud about doing this.  We have proof, the CIA, for example, openly discussed lying to Trump about vital information so they could keep all of Obama’s deep state spying.  This is real news and thus, hidden from the US public.

So, Trump said he would stop the trade deficit as much as humanly possible.  It is literal life and death for our nation to do something about the trade deficit.  I have been discussing why this is vital for many years.  ‘Pro-trade Wall Street’ people are also running the government because they have vast powers and Trump has to persuade all the corporations that moved factories overseas such as Apple and car makers, to move back to the US.

They would rather not.  He can’t dictate to them but he can impose a 30% tariff on their imports.  Will the GOP, that gets tons of money from rich people who offshore jobs, to impose this tariff?  We shall see.  The NYT and WP won’t even discuss the trade deficit.


It doesn’t make the news much at all…it has nearly disappeared as a topic of interest.


This is from English news, too.  Our rulers want WWIII.  They will get WWIII.  It is easy to start WWIII.  And Russia and China together probably will annihilate our fancy stuff for fighting WWIII in minutes.  This is stupid, the only way to stop this is diplomacy.  The one thing the GOP and DNC hate is diplomacy.  NATO is supposed to stop Russia in Europe and it is…falling to ruins, fast.

All of the above news is from RT news in Russia.  Thanks for the news!  The Muslims in Europe are not integrating very well, if at all.  There are now frantic attempts at imposing some sort of restriction on aliens who are Muslims and they are actively fighting this in Germany, France, the Low Lands, Denmark, Sweden, even Switzerland.


The Muslim invasion has reached such great size, they are now openly and violently seizing power whenever possible as well as conducting violent terrorist attacks which is why the Democrats and some Republicans who are judges or Congress people or Governors want to import millions of Muslims here.


The second in command of the DNC is Muslim now.  I hope the Jews who fund the DNC watch their wallets.


Erdogan is opening contesting power with the rest of NATO.  The US, both GOP and DNC, are saying nothing about all this in public. Turkey Travel Warning – Travel State – US Department of State made this announcement right when Trump took over the White House.  This was due to the assassinations going on there.


Turkey warns US on battle against Isis in Raqqa just this week.  It wasn’t the top news story, though.


Mr Yildirim’s warning came as the US confirmed the deployment of 400 additional troops to Syria to work with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a grouping dominated by Kurdish militia and Washington’s preferred partner in the fight against the jihadis in the war-torn nation.


Colonel John Dorrian, spokesman for the international coalition against Isis, told the Financial Times the deployment was to “provide flexible, all-weather fire support” for the SDF.

This place is the definition of ‘quagmire’.  Why we are challenging Turkey as well as Russia here, is insanity but not for Zionists.  They want Syria destroyed.  The problem is, both Turkey and Russia control the Black Sea.  This is a strategic alliance developing right in the heart of NATO.


It is historic in nature.  And it was caused by the CIA coup attempt in Turkey that failed miserably.  This is where the blame lies, but then, our entire system is run by foreign hostile powers that have goals that endanger US citizens and might cause WWIII.


We can see the fury of the Deep State as it attacks our President when he tries to alter even the smallest details of this destructive, and poorly operational system. We created this mess also with the utterly illegal invasion of Iraq by Bush Jr, the very good friend of the Clintons and the Obamas.


This gang wanted an illegal war and unleashed a tsunami if terror and destruction which plagues Europe and the Middle East to this day.  They are all war criminals. Arrest them.


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11 responses to “Turkey Fighting NATO Now, Putin Is Winning International Game of Thrones

  1. Christian W

    This is where the blame lies, but then, our entire system is run by foreign hostile powers that have goals that endanger US citizens and might cause WWIII.

    No. You need to take responsibility for your own elites. It is the US ELITES that are running these things. The UK/EU elites, the GCC, Israel are all hangers on. The GCC and Israel were CREATED by these elites.

    The current pervasions are a direct consequence of deliberate, long term policies laid down pre and post-WWII.

    The CIA is the US upper class and upper middle class, all Yale, Harvard etc. Ditto the FED (ie the New York Banker’s club, with honorary EU members).

    The Pentagon is the playground of the US middle and working classes.

    Look past the surface noise and it’s all one system.

  2. Nani


    Scapegoating the Americans for all of our ills won’t help solve our problems.
    Some of the major problems that Europe is grappling with now, such as illegal mass migration and poor economic policies, was created by our very own elites who are guided by people like Soros

    Obama was also a follower of Soros, but Trump is not. The Americans voted for change because they were fed up with Obama’s treacherous policies. We as Europeans also have a choice to make; do we want things to continue as they are, or do we want real change? I know what i want.

  3. Jim R

    So, if NATO has a meeting to invoke ‘Article 5’ or whatever, do they come to the aid of Turkey or the Netherlands?

    And, when will Syria start using all that air-defense stuff the Russians brought in? You know the Syrians could set up a ‘no fly’ zone already… Washington was saying they wanted Syria to have a ‘no fly’ zone, so why not.

  4. Christian W

    @ 2

    Soros is 100% a product of the FED/BIS/London City/Wall Street system. He is just another oligarch benefiting from the insider “free market” system.

    It is correct that Soros controls a very large part of EU politicians. But these politicans are already controlled by the post-WWII system set up by the US and European elites. A few decades ago there was still the possibility of some degree of national independence, but that was all smashed up when the neoliberal economics were “introduced”.

    I am saying that the US and EU systems are one and the same at elite level at this point. If Europe wants to go it’s own way, it will have to throw over the post-WWII anti-Russian (anti-Soviet) US based system.

    Now obviousy the best option is to reform the entire system, but that is impossible as long as the basic underpinning of the US/EU system is banking fraud (Wall Street, the City) and the military industrial systems (the Pentagon etc) enriching the insiders (like Soros and the EU establishment).

    Reform is impossible without destroying the basics for the wealth extraction systems of the elites. That is why the elites, in both the US and EU, would rather see their countries burn in uprisings than start serious reforms.

    However, the option the elites are going for, in all nations, is to use the nationalistic far right as protection for the elites. The far right thrives on “enermy” figures and that is what we are seeing now. The far right is willing gun fodder and death squad material and have always been happy to “serve” the elites.

  5. Mr Bill

    Hmm, is it Peter Grose – member, council on foreign affairs, editor foreign affairs magazine 1984 – 1993?

  6. Mr Bill


    council on foreign relations (CFR), not affairs.

  7. Lou

    TIO—What was Dulles about? U.N.? Zionist?

  8. Jim R

    Tacitus, Elaine and I and some others such as PCR, did not think he would make it to the inauguration.

    Now it is a war on many levels, and the outcome is far from clear.

    But yes, it does look like product placement.

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