My Computer Went Totally Kaput…Rats

Dear Friends and Wonderful Supporters: I got up this morning and turned on the computer which turned itself off again.  It was like an annoying child refusing to listen to mommy.  Then I called my computer fixer-upper and he said it sounded like the hard drive drove too hard and crashed off the mountain!  So I am using this small laptop which is annoying because, to do my work, I need a big, big screen not a tiny screen.


So…I want to warn everyone that I am rather restricted now, nothing fancy going on here, I might be able to yap a bit about things but all the fun stuff is kaput until the blizzard passes us…we are already in this deep freeze which was supposed to be impossible according to the theology of Global Warming.  Below zero this morning, I wonder if my computer got pissed off about how cold it was and ran off.


So many exciting things going on and I am falling flat on my face.  This blizzard, by the way, is due to dump more than two feet of snow on my little mountain range, maybe a lot more if it gains energy from the Atlantic Ocean which can backfeed snow on our mountain.


In the past, we have had over four feet in a blizzard so everyone here is hunkering down, hoarding food, making sure there is enough firewood and battening down the hatches.  Whoopee.  More heat waves…not.


For some reason, ‘realism’ hasn’t set in despite loud banging on our collective front door.  For example, we are now being told by the mainstream media, illegal aliens are nice people and we should be ashamed of pushing them back out.


And Trump is a monster, of course.  And Muslims are friendly, not hostile.  And our illegal wars against Muslims are really legal even if they aren’t.  And there is no blow-back and if there is, it isn’t because…they are really confused about their propaganda at this point.


Can’t make up their minds.  Are we at war with Islam?  Or are they going to be colonizing the West and this is good?  Or are blacks, who are burning down cities again today, scared of us or are they scary as all hell?  Who is going to fix things?  Are things OK and don’t need fixes?


And above all, how can we roast to death if we are freezing our asses off?  Reminds me of a song…twang that banjo: ‘Oh, Suzannah! Don’t your cry for me…’

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png


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10 responses to “My Computer Went Totally Kaput…Rats

  1. Jim R

    Sometimes little laptops or netbooks have a video output you can send to the big monitor. The most common type currently is called ‘HDMI’.

    All you need is the right cable.

    You can also usually hook up an external keyboard and mouse, through a USB port.

  2. Otherwise could be Power Supply if no lights/nothing from power button

  3. It is fixable but we are getting this blizzard which will make life impossible for the next several days. I am using this little lap top but it is an annoyance to use. Too small a screen.

  4. jim e

    “Cause I come from Alabama…” I have built one fire this winter and have only run the heat when my son comes over on first and third weekends because he refuses to wear a coat.
    On the back of your laptop look for the DVI or VGA options if there is no HDMI…

  5. We are buried in snow now and it is still snowing and will snow off and on for another WEEK and Spring is supposed to be happening and it isn’t at all. I live where glaciers once ruled repeatedly so we are very sensitive to ‘terrible cold’ conditions. It shouldn’t be below zero in mid-March.

  6. Lou

    Spring starts next week. And the east coast is having winter weather.

  7. emsnews

    Nearly three feet of snow on my mountain! We are buried. And it won’t be above freezing for nearly another week!!! YIKES. This spring is nearly as cold as in 1992 when we had that volcanic eruption that made it bitter cold and very snowy.

  8. Lou

    Was there much vog in the air the last few months? Is that the cause of this very cold winter-spring?

  9. Petruchio

    Elaine: your computer went kaput? I think the Russians did it. They crashed your computer. Don’t you read the news? Beware, Elaine. Those nasty Russkies are everywhere.

  10. Either that or the stupid gremlins. I have trouble with these guys. Lightning bolts have killed three of my previous computers. There was no lightning so it was something else.

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