Rachel Maddow Freaks Out, Trump Pays $38 Million In Taxes Unlike Most DNC Clowns

Rachel Maddow Releases Trump’s Tax Returns in Biggest Over-Hyped Live TV Epic Fail in History.


The New York Times Slime Machine went into full gear, the person ‘revealing’ this tax return was…a retired employee of the New York Slime itself!  HAHAHA.  Here is their own version of events:  With a single tweet on Tuesday, Ms. Maddow, the MSNBC anchor, set the political world ablaze, announcing at 7:36 p.m. that she was poised to reveal previously unseen tax records from President Trump on her 9 p.m. program. (“Seriously,” Ms. Maddow added.)


In the need-it-this-instant world of online news, 84 minutes struck some journalists as an awfully long time to wait. The White House took advantage, releasing a pre-emptive statement that detailed Mr. Trump’s tax figures from 2005 before MSNBC had a chance to air its own report. The Daily Beast and other news outlets ran items as well.


No, the White House had great fun releasing the real taxes showing that Trump paid more in taxes, a higher rate, that is, then ALL the DNC clown car show people and even Sanders paid a lower percentage.


$38+million dollars, Trump paid.  I bet everyone, the Wall Street Geniuses paid less.  Soros, nearly nothing, himself.


Ms. Maddow, who is enjoying the biggest viewership of her show’s nine-year run, did not appear to mind. She opened her program on Tuesday as she usually does: with a deliberately paced, fact-heavy monologue, in this case reviewing Mr. Trump’s past refusal to release his taxes to catch up viewers on why this new revelation mattered.


What is showed us is, Trump has a lot of TV experience.  He knows all the knives are out and knows how to stab back.  This was supremely timed.  He made fools of everyone.


Will Maddow show HER taxes?  HAHAHA.  Anyone in Hollywood?  Can’t wait to see how creative their own tax dodges are.


The journalist who obtained the records, David Cay Johnston, a former tax reporter for The New York Times, said that the documents arrived “over the transom” in his mailbox. Mr. Johnston even speculated on-air that Mr. Trump had sent the documents himself.


Fake News Headquarters, CNN: ‘MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow teed up a major scoop about President Donald Trump’s taxes on Tuesday night — only to end up disappointing many in the political-media establishment with a report that was widely characterized as overhyped.’


It wasn’t merely ‘overhyped’. It was stupid. It showed that when Trump had money profits, he paid taxes on it.


Hillary released only her 2015 returns which is why Trump only released this, too. The mainstream media lying machine is howling, ‘Why didn’t Trump release all his returns from his entire life? Most of Hill and Bill’s money was from bribes and they paid the same rate Trump paid.


53 Million Euro Fine For ‘Fake News’, AKA Telling The Truth in the dying EU. The Bilderberg gangsters who run things there are furious that citizens get information. Note how the information is always hidden and at the same time, people who the Bilderberg gang want destroyed like Trump, has no privacy and no rights.


The above is about TV ‘comedian’ Colbert, who makes fun of the fact that the CIA and NSA are spying on us via all our appliances. He thinks this is ‘fake news’ when it is straight from Wikileak’s Vault 7 leaks.


That is, the CIA etc. are working on putting chips in all appliances so they can be turned into Big Brother spy machines. Colbert is pretending Trump is insane, talking about all this.


The mainstream media has gone out of its way to play stuid on the Vault 7 information. Pretending to be morons can be useful except when one is pretending to be SMART.


How stupid is this? Of course, the CIA will work to turn all our appliances into spy devices! This is part of their systems research since I was a child.


Way back when I was very young, they wanted to have spy devices that would ape ‘a fly on the wall.’ A great place to spy is via electronic equipment which is nearly every appliance today.


BTY, I get a great deal of real news from RT News. US senator wants to probe RT as a ‘foreign agent’… What’s next, public executions?

A bill introduced by US senator Jeanne Shaheen that seeks to grant the Justice Department powers to investigate RT’s “funding sources and foreign connections” is yet another example of McCarthyism-style persecution of dissenting voices, RT’s editor-in-chief has said.


“At such pace they’ll soon start shooting our journalists at the squares. Greetings to Senator McCarthy from Senator Shaheen,” RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said, drawing parallels with an old school Cold War witch-hunt straight from the 1950s…


The proposed amendment to the Foreign Agents Registration Act dubbed the “Foreign Agents Registration Modernization and Enforcement Act,” is touted as a response to alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. The bill would provide the Justice Department with additional powers to demand organizations to disclose their suspected foreign connections and the sources of its funding.


Yes, they are attacking RT News because it isn’t a propaganda machine supporting fake liberals.


10,000+ arsenal of weapons intended for terrorists seized by Europol: weapons to be used to terrorize Europe and destroy it for Muslim radicals. This won’t make the news at all in the US, I am betting.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png




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4 responses to “Rachel Maddow Freaks Out, Trump Pays $38 Million In Taxes Unlike Most DNC Clowns

  1. LOL and this one guy even said ‘Trump leaked it, when it favours him’

    I thought the Russians did it…

  2. Moe

    Coulter (briefly referencing Rachel Mad-Cow):

    “But today, Democrats (and two especially showboating Republicans) are horrified that Trump wants to get along with Russia. Tonight, the threatening evil of Vladimir Putin will be the top issue on Rachel Maddow’s show, assuming she still has a show. (Maybe she can get a copy of Putin’s tax returns!).”

    And: “The left’s hysteria about Russia isn’t just an attempt to delegitimize Trump. It’s the usual Christophobic fifth column rooting for the Islamization of the West.”


  3. Moe

    From Liberty Writers:

    Van Jones said it best:

    “Here’s the reality. If all we tonight is that Donald Trump paid $38 million to America’s government, that’s a good night for Donald Trump. I’m sorry. I was really hoping and praying that it would show that not only did he pay no taxes but he charged the government and got money back, but there’s nothing I could get excited about here.”

  4. Moe

    More Mad-Cow ridicule

    I’m beginning to think the libtards really are going nuts.

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