Young Reporter Sent To Sweden Is Attacked By Thugs, Then Attacked By Mainstream Fake News Muggers

This Infowars interview of a young British reporter went to Sweden to check out Muslim violence there and was forced to leave after violent Muslims went after him and the police demanded he leave before he is killed.


As the young reporter tried to film walking through a Muslim Swedish neighborhood, Muslim males immediately pulled out masks…like Hillary supporters who do the same thing…and began following him, menacing him.

The police rushed in and ordered him to leave. The fake news mainstream media attacked our President nonstop after he mentioned riots in Sweden. Since I read foreign news daily, I get real news from all over the place. So I have been highly aware of these nonstop riots in Sweden.


Everyone this reporter interviewed inside Sweden were terrified of being identified and thus, punished for talking about Muslim invaders in a negative way.


All of the people interviewed had to be totally blurred and who wore hoods, etc. The fear is tremendous in ‘free Sweden.’Even a ‘clinical psychologist’ was terrified of being discovered, talking about politics on TV.


Even people in Germany as well, are visited by the ‘hate speech’ police if they post anything online against the Muslim invasion of Europe. This is a DICATORSHIP run by LIBERALS!


Think our darling liberals won’t do this to us, here? They are already demonstrating against free speech! I am furious about this. I fought hard for free speech and these new Mc Carthyites in the DNC and the fake liberal left sound and act like far right wing fascists.


Here is a typical example of ‘liberal media’ lying about Sweden Muslim crimes: Vox claims ‘Trump’s invention of a Swedish terrorist attack was funny. But it likely comes from a dark place.’


The only problem is that nothing happened the prior night in Sweden. The Swedish daily Aftonbladet quickly compiled a list of noteworthy things that happened on Friday; They included a drunken-driving arrest and “some technical problems” during 87-year-old crooner Owe Thörnqvist’s rehearsal prior to the Melodifestivalen song competition.


The reaction was swift and confused. @Sweden, a national Twitter account run by a different Swedish citizen each week, denied that anything happened. Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt tweeted, “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?” Ikea and Abba jokes flew fast and furious using the hashtag #SwedenIncident:


This blatant denial of what is going on in Europe is carried by ALL the ‘liberal’ media both mainstream and smaller media.  The liberals are in total, complete denial of the danger that these Muslims present.  If someone reads only liberal media and I know people who do this, they imagine the Muslims are friends and allies and not extremely dangerous enemies.


That is, they collectively hate ‘liberalism’ with a passion.  I have had deep interactions with the black Muslim community in Newark, NJ, in order to pull some of them out of the madness.  That is, make them much more really ‘liberal’.


The attacks on Trump over this very important issue continues daily.  The idea that when he spoke about Muslim terror, they had to confine his comments to ‘the previous 12 hours in order to mock him and then the Muslims in turn, within 12 more hours, rioted and burned even more of Swedish properties and terrorized even more Swedes!


This activity earned dead silence in the ‘liberal’ media.  I am thoroughly astonished.  Something very odd is going on.  The Clintons collected many millions from the most dangerous Muslims on earth, the Saudi Royals and other radicals.  So did the Cheneys and Bushes: they are all owned by radical, violent Muslim dictators.


We cannot have our Congress and our Presidents owned via bribes, by dangerous foreign radical religious nuts who are very violent and who have attacked us in the past.


Now, the Jews are allowing their ownership of the DNC to be colluded by these Saudis and others, why is that?  Well, the Saudis and others have a deal with the Jews about Israel: the Jews get to abuse the Palestinians to their heart’s content, steal everything, be totally obnoxious, build huge walls, etc.


The Saudis will support this activity because they know if they take over the US government and Europe, they can do as they please and wipe out the Jews.  This suicidal Jewish move is insane and stupid but no one listens to my warnings.


The EU is suicidal and furious that member states are seeing their home populations freak out and decide to go as right wing as possible before it is too late.  As it stands, there are going to be very violent actions in Europe in the next ten years because this will be open warfare.


The Muslim radicals are already openly at war with European Christians and have shown that they are utterly ruthless about this war and will fight to the death as we see in the Middle East and other places.


Anyone who imagines this will not erupt in warfare is crazy.  Only people who have no idea what is going on are in charge of our ‘media’ for the most part so there will be no warnings about the looming danger.


I will never, ever forget the race riots in NYC back in the 1977 blackout.  The black racists ran through the neighborhoods, looting, burning, beating up victims and we had zero police who were under orders to let the riots rage.


So they raged during the entire night and then, after Mayor Beame announced nothing bad happened!!!!…the riots then ran on and on and on for months!  It was a total nightmare and soon afterwards, I helped start our first Brooklyn foot patrol squad and we cracked down on this criminal activity hard.


THEN the police joined in!  And were ticked off at the mayor for creating chaos.  Well, Sweden is now where Brooklyn was in 1977.  The people there have to form patrols and do open battle, even be very violent.


There is no ‘nice’ way to fight thugs!  NONE.  Trust me on this.  Thugs are very hard to intimidate but citizens can do this but only if the government backs them and this is why I was so politically active in NYC including taking down the DNC leadership there and sending some of them to prison with the help of the Federal Prosecutor who later became mayor.


These DNC thugs sent a detective from Queens to threaten my life!  This is how desperate they were to coddle criminals and keep the enterprise of looting the voters, going.  The thugs were their political base and still are.


We saw this clearly in the election.  Black and Hispanic thugs were allowed to physically assault and intimidate citizens who went to Trump rallies and the fake liberal media giants all lied about this and pretended that Trump voters were violent, not DNC tools who are the real criminals here.


Eventually, all this will collapse in a huge, stinking mess.  The Democrats have been desperate to disarm Republican voters so they can be pushed around like in Sweden and Germany.  But that has hit a brick wall, only white men in DNC run cities are disarmed.  Black criminals and others are very heavily armed, of course.


And this decade will be ‘law and order’ decade like previous plunges off of cliffs.  When I was the ‘Housewife from Hell’ in NYC, crime was utterly rampant and my own tiny corner of Brooklyn was utterly safe.  And they hated my guts for doing this!  That is, the political leaders on the left.  They absolutely hated me, greatly and were happy that I was forced to leave the City when I couldn’t send my children to violent, out of control schools there.


And that is the other issue: schools in black and Hispanic neighborhoods are impossible to use, waste taxpayer dollars, are utterly dysfunctional, violent, useless and vandalized.  That is, they are literal hell holes where the students are defiant and beat up each other and the staff.


Even lion tamers with guns, whips and chairs can’t stop these violent students who are also violent in the streets and a major source of crime problems to the point, no one is safe, anywhere.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png







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17 responses to “Young Reporter Sent To Sweden Is Attacked By Thugs, Then Attacked By Mainstream Fake News Muggers

  1. Melponeme_k

    Today on my commute to work, there was a person playing a muslim sermon on one of their devices. It was so loud, you could here it throughout the whole bus. But no one said a thing for fear of being on the 6 o’clock news, being labeled a racist, hounded by SJWs and fired from their job.

    I said I once worked for a Bush supported non-profit that created programs for public schools. They sent “advisors” to the worst school districts, took notes, took reformation ideas from teachers in the trenches then totally ignored reality and the teachers to create their own Special snowflake programs. It was all about trying to turn teachers into quasi-parents. LOL. I’m sorry, but judging by the videos posted by the thugs themselves on their youtube channels, they are far past the coddling, parental figure stage. At least these “Advisors” got to travel the country.

  2. Ken

    Elaine’s assessment of predominately black schools is spot on. I do not know about Hispanic students and schools.

    When I was enrolled in the Detroit public schools many years ago, they were a hell hole. In middle school, called junior high school back then, every teacher was REQUIRED to have a minimum of a brown belt in at least one martial art. Every teacher was male except for the girls gym teacher. And she was a very tough “butch” lesbian.

    Fights and stabbings were a daily occurance. The teachers spent so much of their time maintaining order that they had little time to teach the children who wanted to learn.

    Many years later a close friend of my wife was hired as a substitute teacher in the Detroit school district. I warned her beforehand that she was heading into a culture completely unlike anything else she had experienced in America. Being a liberal Jew she didn’t believe me. She had “drunk the koolaid” of liberalism and believed that inner city blacks were just like suburban white children, but with less money. Two weeks after she started her position I ran into her again. She said I was completely right. She had never imagined that such uncivilized behavior could be tolerated in America. She only lasted a couple of months, even though she really needed the job.

    Just another liberal mugged by reality.

  3. Rob

    From what I read, the ‘reporter’ is not reporting. He seeks to get responses by getting into situations like Michael Moore and ‘live streaming’ the event.

    It was commented on over at Zerohedge:

    “Update to my comment on Pool. He was paid 1700 British pounds by Watson of Infowars to go to Sweden. Pool is not a real journalist but a videographer, who did stories on OWS and Ferguson, Missouri.”

  4. Melponeme_k


    He was paid to visit Sweden to verify stories about Muslim rampaging and to verify if Trump was talking out of his hat. This was a job of a journalist. Or is it journalism only if you are paid by the elites to cook up crap of lies?

    On his job, he verified the no go zones existed and that they were dangerous. This also backed up a story by a British female journalist who was attacked along with her camera crew in a no-go zone.

    He also verified that citizens were terrified to speak out for fear of being hunted down by the media (illegally it seems) and blasted across the national news as racists.

    Michael Moore is not a journalist. If he ever was at one point, he has long since given up the name when he decided to call for mass insurrection against a lawfully elected head of state.

  5. So, since the young man was PAID TO REPORT A STORY he is what? Oh, professional!!! And I have done reporting all my long life, my very first newspaper job was at the Berkeley Barb doing cartoons way back in 1969.

    Who is a ‘reporter’ anyway? UM…EVERYONE can be one. There are good reporters who are honest and crappy reporters who work for the NYT and Washington Post and ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.

  6. ‘Reporting’ is very close to ‘street walking whores’. Anyone can do it, you just have to go into the streets and interact with humans and see stuff and talk right. I know of no system of deciding ‘who is a reporter’ otherwise I would have sued these bastards years and years ago for lying about the real news, lying about ME, lying about my father, lying about my friends, lying about wars, lying about social collapse, lying about nearly darn everything including the effing weather.

    I would be a trillionaire.

  7. Melponeme_k

    This story was in the news this morning but then slid off the headlines rather quickly.

    Weapons seized in Spain. Many feared they were destined for terrorist sleeper cells in Europe.

  8. emsnews

    We think alike. I just published this story which I got from RUSSIAN news since our news systems here suck.

  9. Christian W

    You gotta laugh, don’t you.

  10. Lou

    Thanks, Mel. I am not surprised [as in ‘it is only a matter of time].

  11. Rob

    Well everyone missed the point. A reporter usually does not “become the story”. They report to story. This guy goes in with a camera and crew, first talks to the police then enters the hood. I imagine it would be the same reaction in Harlem, Chicago, etc. It would not be a friendly welcome. It would be a great experiment in fact. Retrace the exact same approach in those cities. Next he could report on the dangers of trains by setting his crew on some track:

  12. Christian W

    @ 14 Rob

    Yeah, remember the woman who walked down the streets and drew unwanted sexual attention from men? She used the same technique.

  13. Christian W

    As for the ‘hoods’ in Sweden. That is the main point, there didn’t use to be such ‘hoods’ in Sweden. There are some now. The drug dealers in the hoods work for the Swedish biker gangs. As in the US there simply is no way to find gainful employment for kids who have zero education, doesn’t speak the language, and have grown up (from life experiences) to have complete distrust in the government and authorities. So they start to deal drugs as a means to get money. Of course they don’t want attention.

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