Judge Orders Trump Let in DOUBLE Muslims and NY DNC Pol Wants Total Censorship Of Internet


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A liberal (sic) NY State Assemblyman, Weprin, wants a bill passed that will FORCE us to erase ANYTHING on the internet if someone demands the past be wiped clean!  This assault on my 1st Amendment Rights is a liberal attack on my freedoms.  How dare these Stasi tools interfere with the Internet?  So, a judge is ordering the President to bring in invaders???  This insanity from the DNC appointed judges must be stopped.  At least they are making crystal clear their treason.


In a bill aimed at securing a “right to be forgotten,” introduced by Assemblyman David I. Weprin and (as Senate Bill 4561 by state Sen. Tony Avella), liberal New York politicians would require people to remove ‘inaccurate,’ ‘irrelevant,’ ‘inadequate’ or ‘excessive’ statements about others…

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The picture above is something that upset me no end when I was a child: the dog is erasing the past and making Alice in Wonderland’s path vanish.  Erasing the past is the #1 issue in the famous book, ‘1984’.  The past was always being altered or erased!


Within 30 days of a ”request from an individual,”

“all search engines and online speakers] shall remove … content about such individual, and links or indexes to any of the same, that is ‘inaccurate’, ‘irrelevant’, ‘inadequate’ or ‘excessive,’ ”

All traces must be removed or else.  ‘Inadequate’ is an insane gage!  What on earth is that?  ‘Excessive’ is variable in the extreme.  How many is ‘excessive’.  Maybe we can erase the Kardishanian lunatics!


If something is heavily in the news, must everyone do this thoroughly?  And what if other people in these stories object?  And how on earth can we protect ourselves from people if we can’t see who they really are?


“and without replacing such removed … content with any disclaimer [or] takedown notice.”


Good lord, you are not even to note ‘Big Brother forced us to erase this’ or even leave a …. to show something was removed???


“ ‘[I]naccurate’, ‘irrelevant’, ‘inadequate’, or ‘excessive’ shall mean content,”


Who determines what is ‘accurate’ or ‘relevent’ or adequate’ much less, ‘excessive’?  Is there going to be an all-seeing judge set up to determine what we get to see or not see?  I bet everyone here knows what happens next.


“which after a significant lapse in time from its first publication,”

“is no longer material to current public debate or discourse,”

“especially when considered in light of the financial, reputational and/or demonstrable other harm that the information … is causing to the requester’s professional, financial, reputational or other interest,”


Um…HELLO!!! The mass media is hounding people online and in the media and being chased out of jobs and homes and abused heavily for tweeting the wrong PC words, for example.


We don’t need government censorship for this, we need lawsuits against the businesses and schools who do this to employees.  They should not be fired for saying something online.


And it is ONLY LIBERALS who are hounding people for being not PC, no one else is doing this.


“with the exception of content related to convicted felonies, legal matters relating to violence, or a matter that is of significant current public interest, and as to which the requester’s role with regard to the matter is central and substantial.”


Who is a ‘reporter’?  I am a reporter.  So are many citizens, anyone can be a ‘reporter’ because the definition is, someone who makes the news, writes the news, comments on events, etc.


The presumption of this DNC clown is, ‘mainstream fake news’ is the ‘news’ and the rest of us could be fined for money and put in prison if we talk about people and events and then the government says this has to be erased.


Nixon was big on erasing history, as I recall!  All communist dictators do this all the time and are huge fans of erasing the past.


Failure to comply would make the search engines or speakers liable for, at least, statutory damages of $250/day plus attorney fees.


Here is more police state commie news:  A federal District Court judge in Maryland is considering whether he should order President Donald Trump to double the annual inflow of refugees up to 100,000 per year. This is an amazing overstepping of authority.

.Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 1.48.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-17 at 1.48.05 PM.png

Yes, Erdogan is planning to INVADE EUROPE.  Openly!  He is urging them to have as many children as possible so they can shove out native citizens.  This open call for an invasion should wake up the silly German and French and Netherland and…Swedish liberal leaders who still have way too much power.

A federal District Court judge in Maryland is considering whether he should order President Donald Trump to double the annual inflow of refugees up to 100,000 per year.

Any demand by the judge that the federal government airbus an extra 50,000 migrants — including many adherents of Islam’s sharia legal system — into American neighborhoods would be an unusual intervention into government roles normally left to the elected President and Congress.

And our ‘liberal’ DNC judges are trying to force us to destroy our democracy the same exact way, ordering us to take in endless Muslims who hate our culture, our government and everything, it appears.


It gets even worse:  One of the examples cited by Google for what it now considers “upsetting-offensive” content that will be subject to flagging, de-listing and possible censorship is a website that describes the religion of Islam as “intolerant”.


Yes, Google is going to censor us even more than now and already it is nearly useless as a search engine.  It used to be most entertaining to find stuff, now it is a wider and wider wasteland.  I use it, like the mainstream media, mostly to track the collapse of freedom on the internet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 1.49.12 PM.png

And Google and Facebook will obey or else they will be hit by terrorists. We are supposed to take in thousands of potential terrorists every year so we can let them assault us and force us into being cowards.  Good lord, and people wonder why the Roman Empire collapsed!

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 1.49.44 PM.png

And here is WWIII, right on the other side of the planet.  WWIII will be lots of fun.  We will confront North Korea while being nasty to Russia and irritating China and this is a winning proposition: two of the biggest landmass/human population nations on earth both of which have nuclear weapons, we will fight them due to a crazy lunatic in North Korea?  Good lord.  Stupid.

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12 responses to “Judge Orders Trump Let in DOUBLE Muslims and NY DNC Pol Wants Total Censorship Of Internet

  1. Lou

    Erdogan is INVADing EUROPE. [fixed that] Openly! [why not? hate speech will jail us commoners]
    He is urging them to have as many children as possible so they can shove out native citizens. This open call for an invasion should wake up the silly German and French and Netherland and…Swedish liberal leaders who still have way too much power.

    iI assume you dont read Buchanan’s Best Sellers.
    Mexico President telling Mexicans to move to USA. Mexicans here have more children than those still there.
    ‘Dont Assimilate, infiltrate’ is the message. And bleed the gringos dry [$].

    Great column. A sincere ‘Thanks,’



  2. Lou

    I am not ‘up’ on 2016 birth information.

    The popular name for a male newborn is Mohamed, in some still White lands.

  3. Flor


    Daniel 11:40King James Version (KJV)

    40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

    North America is going to invade north Korea and no nation will interfere because those nations are afraid of the US’

    There will never be no WW3 ‘ Never!

  4. Flor

    Pharmaceutical Giants Caught Supplying Cartels Meth Ingredients


    The companies are accused of providing the Mexican drug kingpin Ezio Figueroa Vazquez with several tons of ephedrine, knowing that it would be used in the production of methamphetamine.

    Prosecutors have said that there are seven executives who were charged with crimes, but they have not named these executives or the companies that they represent. However, Reuters uncovered that Sterop and Andacon are two of the three companies involved in the charges.


    Babylonia control humanity using their soulless gods on earth:

    gold oil drugs demons devils diamonds, dollars ‘

    To purchase earthly lustful corrupt pleasures and impunity’

    Only losers go to prison’ While these reptoids walk free on earth’

  5. Flor

    “And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people;

    it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever” (Daniel 2:44). The Kingdom of God will thus replace the governments of this earth.Acknowledging the difficulty in understanding this part of His message, Jesus termed it a “mystery.” Speaking to His disciples, Jesus said, “To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those who are outside, all things come in parables, so that ‘Seeing they may see and not perceive, and hearing they may hear and not understand; lest they should turn, and their sins be

    The end of this reptilian empire will start with the invasion of North Korea’

    All fake corrupt leaders who serve the Iniquitous are going to be destroyed’

    Because they do not serve humanity, they sick humanity with cancer and gangrene’

    Zion-Nazis-Illuminazis-Vaticans-Monarchies-Lodges- Bankers, are a gangrene a cancer on the bodies of humanity’

    They have usurped the roles of Gold on earth’ they want to be worshiped as soulless gods and time is up for all these liars, parasites of humanity’



    Extreme poverty ignorance, illiteracy, stupidity, imbecility, lies are weapons of mass destruction!

    Because everything is measured in only one thing under this reptilian system :

    MONEY !!!!! SHEKELS !




  6. Flor

    History of Al Andalus In 711, an invading force of Muslims made up of Arabs from Damascus and Berber from North Africa defeated the Visigoth of Spain.

    History of Al Andalus In 711, an invading force of Muslims made up of Arabs from Damascus and Berber from North Africa defeated the Visigoth of Spain. This gave rise to the most brilliant civilization of early medieval Europe. By 714, the Moors were in control of all Spain, except for a narrow strip along the north coast.

    A rich and powerful caliphate (a kind of Islamic Republic) was established in Cordoba and mathematics, science, architecture and the decorative arts flourished. As time went by the Cordoba caliphate broke up into smaller kingdoms, as the Christian north regained some of the lost territories. In 1492, Ferdinand e Isabella re- conquered Spain, by defeating the last of the Islamic kingdoms: Granada.

    2 This ended over 700 years of Islamic rules in Spain. The last of the Islamic palace, the Nasrid Palace at Alhambra in Granada fell into the possession of the Catholic Monarchs.

    3 The Palace is only a part of the Alhambra, ……………………



  7. Nani

    Whether in Europe or America, the leftists seems more determined than ever in their mission to islamize the West. Because that is what will happen when we let in hundreds of thousands of muslims into our countries each and every year. The muslims will never assimilate like other migrants do.

    Even third or fourth generations of muslim immigrants won’t assimilate. Instead they will create their own parallel societies where they can continue to practise islam and sharia laws without interference from us, the “infidels”.A few muslims are secular, and are thus able to integrate better than others, but these muslims only amounts to a small minority.


    France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization

    “The realistic future for Britain is Islamic.”

    “Germany is no longer safe.”

    Be warned my American friends. Do not allow this to happen to your country!

  8. floridasandy

    look at this sad little leftist Guardian headline:

    ‘We feel very close to her’: can ‘fake feminist’ Marine Le Pen win the female vote?

    fake feminist, haha, as if the radical Islamists are pro female.

  9. Moe

    The main plaintiff in the Hawaii case blocking President Trump’s revised temporary travel ban is an imam with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


  10. Moe

    Gotta love Judge Jeanine

  11. Moe

    Derbyshire on Judge Watson

    Excerpt: Judge Watson was appointed by Barack Obama five years ago. It was frankly and openly an Affirmative-Action appointment. Obama said at the time that his appointment would “ensure that the judiciary resembles the nation it serves.”

    You know, like all those Protestants on the U.S. Supreme Court. End Excerpt

    🙂 LOL!


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