Mainstream News Lies About ‘Speaking Fee’ Bribes: Excuse DNC Clowns While Attacking GOP Clowns

The US media is “losing its mind” over a totally common and transparent practice, RT’s head of communications has said, commenting on disclosed details of Michael Flynn’s paid appearance at a conference in Moscow which was never a secret in the first place.


This latest hysteria aimed at Trump’s people or Republicans is full of hypocrisy from top to bottom.  First, RT News complains that they are being picked on and this is correct.  Of course, the fake news system run by the major media won’t explain to people, that this corruption in government is from top to bottom and involves both parties and furthermore, was made ‘legal’ by Ronald Reagan running off to Japan the week he left office to collect his $2 million ‘speaking fees.’


“This isn’t just a standard practice, this is a standard practice that is entirely transparent. It’s commonplace not just in the United States, but in Washington, DC, in particular,” Anna Belkina, said, adding there are scores of agencies in the US that specialize in connecting public figures with events such as the international conference hosted by RT in Moscow in December 2015.


Absolutely correct.  These stupid speaking fees cover has grown into major business.  There are professionals who flog their clients seeking bribes openly.  This is such a gigantic part of our government now, it infects absolutely everyone.


Famous people who have influence get huge speaking fees though no one, even after years of inflation, has beaten Ronald Reagan’s Japan bribe.  I wanted Reagan arrested upon his return and warned that this was a terrible precedent.


Instead, the media giants and both parties celebrated his bribery and that swung the door wide open to the mess we see today.


The email exchange and attached documents, obtained by the House Oversight Committee and shared with the US media, include details of RT’s negotiations with Flynn’s speakers bureau — Leading Authorities— over the fee for his appearance.


“The agency we reached out to specifically and very publically specialized in connecting Washington DC public figures and civil servants, officials with opportunities like that,” Belkina explained.


See how naked this all is?


“Obviously it is a bit disconcerting, because from an RT perspective, there was an expectation of privacy, expectation of confidentiality involved in these kind of exchanges and negotiations,” she said. “The label ‘confidential’ is still actually preserved on those emails that are there and yet they are public, there are names of our employees that are published… So, of course we will be looking into this situation in greater detail.”


So, everyone in this bribery business ‘expects confidentiality’!  Duh!  All these things are done in the dark but not under the table.  It has been legalized by our politicians all of whom expect to collect massive amounts of money this way.


Then there is the ‘book publish’ scheme that gives Sanders and the Obamas and everyone tons of money to ‘write’ books that are ghost written.  These are a form of bribery, too.


Churchill, for example, wrote history books but these were real and he did write them, himself and they are intelligent books.  What we see the Obamas and others writing is pure idle junk books designed to suck up money.


The hypocrisy from the left never ceases to amaze me.  From the leftists online back in 2005, praising this form of prostitution so long as the Clintons do the sucking:

I have been asked by some Kossacks with whom I have been conversing to explain why the admittedly very large public speaking fees Hillary has received after leaving the State Department are not indisputable proof that she has been corrupted, on the theory that the only possible reason anybody would pay her fees that large must be to improperly influence her decisions as President. I have decided to put my analysis in this new diary, so that many more of you can be given the opportunity, if you so choose, to jump down my throat. My diary will be a calm, rational, invective-free, respectful, and hopefully amusing series of arguments, and I hope that any comments follow in the same vein; but I will not hold my breath.


This entire venture is designed to excuse her collecting money via the ‘speaking fees’ bribery system:


Let me begin by asking you to write down your immediate best estimate, without doing any investigation, on how much you think each of the following persons earns for an average hour-long public speaking engagement. Or at least rank them in order of amount. Later in this diary I will give you the answers (with links to public information listing the fees):
It of course lists the 3 engagements with Goldman Sachs and the engagements with various other financial institutions and for profit corporations, including Deutsch Bank, Verizon Communications, the Boston Consulting Group, GE, and various others. The fee Hillary received from each of these institutions was basically $225,000 for an hour-long presentation, by now a familiar number to us all.

There are also listed speeches given to the following, among others, each of whom also paid her around $225,000 (some a little more, some a little less) for a one hour speech:

American Camping Association (J-1 Visa Program)

eBay Inc.

Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women

Massachusetts Conference for Women

Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed)

Commercial Real Estate Women Network

Cardiovascular Research Foundation


Biotechnology Industry Organization

Innovation Arts and Entertainment

United Fresh Produce Association

International Deli-Dairy-Bakery Association

Let’s Talk Entertainment

National Council for Behavior

California Medical Association

World Affairs Council

Academic Partnerships

Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies

Association of Corporate Counsel – Southern California

A&E Television Networks

National Automobile Dealers Association

U.S. Green Building Council

CB Richard Ellis, Inc.

Mediacorp Canada, Inc.

National Association of Realtors

Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

Beth El Synagogue

National Association of Convenience Stores

Long Island Association

American Society of Travel Agents, Inc.

American Society for Clinical Pathology

National Association of Chain Drug Stores

Global Business Travel Association

American Jewish University

Economic Club of Grand Rapids

Society for Human Resource Management

Gap, Inc.

National Multi Housing Council

That’s right, each of these organizations paid Hillary about the same fee (and some more) than that which Goldman Sachs paid her for a measly 3 out of the total of 91 speeches she gave. Are they all trying to bribe her, to corrupt her once she is back in office? What is the Massachusetts Conference for Women bribing her to do? The United Jewish Fund? A & E Television networks? Any other of the organizations listed above, each of which thought it was a good move to get Hillary to come speak to them at the whopping fee of around $225,000 per hour long speech? She must have made a secret pact with the devil with each of them, right?


It is sad watching a fake liberal justify this bribery.  Hillary is a terrible speaker.  Her husband is significantly better that she.  In reality, there are entertaining sports heroes and other entities who really do bring in a crowd, etc.


But very few are political power people and why do they demand this sort of loot to chat privately with groups?  Eh?  I have warned most strenuously about this matter.


Trump is a very engaging speaker.  He knows how to play a crowd.  He is a professional entertainer JUST LIKE REAGAN.  Both come from the same culture.  Hillary, on the other hand, is a dead fish.  She is about as entertaining as having root canal work done without antiseptics.


I would pay to have her shut up.  The entire broohaha over Flynn’s money or anyone’s money is nonsense because it is one-sided.  Either one is totally against this and I certainly am, or one is OK with all this which is the position of the leftists who think they don’t have to obey any rules at all while the rest of us have to watch our step or we will be smashed by the fake news media outlaws who run the major networks and newspapers.


All of which are losing respect and audiences as times goes by and people figure out the scams going on.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png


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12 responses to “Mainstream News Lies About ‘Speaking Fee’ Bribes: Excuse DNC Clowns While Attacking GOP Clowns

  1. ziff

    A bit OT , was listening to Jordan peterson saying how much poverty has been reduced around the world somewhere. This might be the big plan for globalization , what was spoken of in the 80’s to make the developing world richer at the expense of the developed world. But what is odd is that no such claims are ever made in MSM.

  2. Flor



    Reptilians are an ancient extraterrestrial species that originate from another universe. Because of the junction of two universes, they also ended up in ours. The God of our universe calls this “a mistake in hindsight” in his conversations with former journalist and psychic Suzanne Ward (1), because he had not been able to foresee how much havoc this race would cause in his universe. For many people the notion that God can make mistakes might be difficult to grasp, but as has been said, the entire idea behind the Creation was to experience. This means that God and the Creator don’t always know beforehand how things will develop

    Full-blooded reptilians have a scaly skin and walk upright, just like humans. They look like humans in their physical build as well, with the largest difference being that they lay eggs. The negative reptilians that live on Earth form the top of the pyramid-shaped power structure the illuminati use to rule our planet, and therefore they pull all the strings. A former human slave of theirs, Arizona Wilder (3), said that on Earth there are various places where their eggs are kept and hatched, for example, in French and Belgian castles which are the property of powerful illuminati families such as the Rothschilds.

    Because negative reptilians have completely finished their development, they only have one thing left to do: pass their time. And they do this by causing misery everywhere in the universe. The wars between humans and reptilians that lasted for thousands of years are legendary.

    Everywhere where reptilians manage to conquer a human people, the consequences are incalculable: they eat humans, make slaves out of them and abuse and torture them in all possible manners.

    They prefer children. Even sexually, because reptilians are creatures with a large focus on sex. The energy a child in terror radiates is seen as a delicacy for the negative reptilians. Reptilians live in both the third and the fourth dimension. They can switch back and forth between these, but often need help for this, for example from an earthly master that summons them.

    As a child, researcher and psychic Stewart Swerdlow was used for experiments in the black ops circuit, where he learned about reptilians. According to him, reptilians can easily shift shapes to humans because humans carry reptilian genes.

    Because the reptilian is their true nature, it’s not always easy for them to remain in their human form. Especially when anger or excitement are involved it requires great effort for them to keep control and you can sometimes see the first phase of transformation shine through via their eyes or skin. Their eyes get elongated pupils and their skin becomes green and scaly.

    Because the reptilian is their true nature, it’s not always easy for them to remain in their human form. Especially when anger or excitement are involved it requires great effort for them to keep control and you can sometimes see the first phase of transformation shine through via their eyes or skin. Their eyes get elongated pupils and their skin becomes green and scaly.

  3. Flor


    Because the reptilian is their true nature, it’s not always easy for them to remain in their human form. Especially when anger or excitement are involved it requires great effort for them to keep control and you can sometimes see the first phase of transformation shine through via their eyes or skin. Their eyes get elongated pupils and their skin becomes green and scaly.

    Justien Bieber and Miley Syrus are Hilary{s satanic children, they have slit pupils’

  4. ziff

    how do you feel about amphibians ?

  5. Moe

    Hmm, I dunno.. maybe Flor is on to something. One has to admit that the reptilian theory DOES explain a lot of things. Cold-blooded (figuratively, at least), archaic (i.e., anachronistic), primeval, single-minded, merciless, vainglorious.

    It’s difficult for me though to envision reptiles (at least of Earth origin, class Reptilia) as evil (in spite of Jurassic Park movies 🙂 ) but no difficulty is found in envisioning the ruling classes as evil, or as Flor might write, EVIL. Perchance the word does require capitalization…

  6. Moe

    Seeing as how the thread has already been hijacked (:)), I though I’d drop in this remotely related link to the DNC ‘reptilian’ activities of the past election. Oh yah, also related to the, you know, Russian Hacker theory.

    Brazile Blames Russia (Personal observation: what a f*cking retard).

  7. Moe

    Russian Insider is becoming quite tongue-in-cheek in its headlining these days. Humor is great, but given the political/military hazards presenting themselves today, I’d rather not die laughing.

    Today’s sarcastic headlines:

    Putin Prepares For Invasion of Europe With Massive Cuts to Military Spending

    Israeli Media Blames Putin For Syria’s Decision to Defend Itself Against Israeli Airstrikes

    US Says Russia’s Condemnation of Damascus Bomb Attacks Unfair to Suicide Bombers

    Zakharova Tells Journalist It’s Dangerous to Sit Near Creepy Guy From CNN

    Turkey Begs Russia For S-400 Systems, Promises Not to Give Them to NATO

    Irrefutable Proof That Donald Trump Reads Kremlin Mouthpiece ‘Russia Insider’

    Haaretz: Putin Forgot to Tell Assad That It’s Anti-Semitic to Attack IDF Jets Bombing Syria

    Netanyahu Makes Airtight Legal Case For Illegally Bombing Syria

    Trump Reminisces With Merkel About Obama Wiretaps

    Israeli Media Blames Putin For Syria’s Decision to Defend Itself Against Israeli Airstrikes

    Facts Are Irrelevant. The Information War Against Russia Must Continue

    Zakharova Asks Latvia to Kindly Remove Its Nazis From Russia’s Front Lawn

    Russia Responsible For US Airstrike That Murdered 50 Syrians, According to Very Reliable Sources

    NATO Think Tank ‘Begrudgingly’ Admits That It’s Okay With Al-Qaeda

    It’s Official: Moscow Gives up Trying to Convince US That Suicide Bombings Are Bad

    CNN Circles the Drain, Gets Beat by RT in New York Festival Nominations

    Doe-Eyed Cub Reporter Crushed After Marine Le Pen Tells Her Santa Claus Isn’t Real

    When Will Russia ‘Return’ Crimea? Never. So Please Stop Asking

    Turkey Seeks Kebab-For-Weapons Deal With Russia

  8. Moe

    Fred Reed on American Aristocracy

    Excerpt: “The Cavalier society of Tidewater was perhaps the high point of American civilization. The people were extraordinarily literate, steeped in the thought of the Enlightenment, imbued with a profound and kindly Christianity. From them came the Washingtons, Jeffersons, Madisons, the Lees and Custises. It is hard to imagine any modern politician, or his ghost writer, writing either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, the latter being the framework, enduring until perhaps 1960, of an entire nation. The Virginians did.”

    Reed has never struck me as elitist, though he reminisces here about his aristocratic predecessors. As one commentator disparagingly opined, Fred is the end of his line, i.e., a civilized American.

  9. There were several strands of genetics of the Founding Fathers and Mothers. My family was of two strands: the French Protestants and the Norman invaders who fell out with the Crown and ended up over here and were very anti-Crown due to this so we lived always on the frontiers and yes, the pirate Huguenot strand and the anti-crown one became this huge complex of relatives, many marriages in close proximity to each other (niece/uncle for example) some inbreeding….

    Well, we are now utterly swamped with newcomers and…in my own family, we all married into the newcomers and hello! That is wonderful. New blood and all that enrich one’s experiences.

  10. Moe

    A bit of levity to assuage the fear. Jimmy Dore show.

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