University Of Arizona Hires TWO ‘Diversity Vice Presidents’ To Hound Professors With PC Perfect Police

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My former University, the U of A at Tucson, Arizona, is in the news due to a 20 page book handed out to all students explaining ‘How to survive microaggressions.’ I left this school back in 1974 due to them eliminating the entire German Language Department. After being accepted by NYU University in NYC, that department, too, was eliminated.  The scandals in today’s story of the Decline and Fall of the US University Systems features the above Hispanic PC man and a woman who is identical only one ups him being female…I think. HAHAHA.


The University of Arizona couldn’t figure out if they ought to hire the man or the woman and they didn’t have a ‘other sex orientation’ person so they hired BOTH at a high salary to do the same identical job which is to propagandize the staff and students in PC perfect behaviors including not using ‘he’ or ‘she’ if students don’t want to be using normal languages.


Across the entire country, language departments were cut back severely or eliminated so by 1985, there was virtually nothing left of the very rich levels of language teaching that was boosted after WWII. I called the system ‘the CIA language feeder system’ because that is what it was.


Since I was unceremoniously dropped from my degree program, our Real Rulers decided hiring people from Europe is tons cheaper and maybe they were annoyed by interacting with me during the 1960s and decided to terminate it here in the US and instead, hire East German spies to be translators for the CIA.


HAHAHA. Yes, this is what they did. My younger brother did succeed in getting his degree in Russian Language and did work for the government but I was at war with the government and still am so deep six the German language skills stuff!


Back to the news which I got from Europe since I have nearly totally given up on US news media sources:

‘Snowflakes 101: University of Arizona distributes 20-page booklet on how to deal with microaggressions – recommending the offended say ‘OUCH’ and the offender ‘OOPS.’


Yes, there really is this book for infantile students who are very violent and noisy brats who have to figure out how to avoid triggering each other so they won’t burn down the school.


The suggested ‘oops/ouch’ approach is one of a number of possible intervention strategies professors can use in classroom scenarios that may make marginalized groups uncomfortable provided by the booklet.


The definition of a microaggression is also lined out in the booklet, which was approved by the University’s Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence Jesús Treviño, Ph.D. He was hired in May 2016 to help promote diversity and inclusion on the school’s campus.


This 20 page book which I assume was written by the ‘man’ and ‘woman’ who were hired to do this 1984-style brain washing, is for the PROFESSORS and other staff, most of whom are poorly paid part time workers as the entire University systems in the US are downgraded more and more and taken over by ‘liberals’ who are actually left wing activists seeking to overthrow society.


Yes, The University of Arizona has doubled down on diversity by hiring two top people instead of one and paying each of them more than the previous person earned. Both are Hispanic people.  I am betting both get more than $70,000 a year, too.


Meanwhile, actual professors are on starvation wages.  Mr. Travino is quite old at doing this brainwashing, the other female one is much younger and therefore, more PC due to total brainwashing since Sesame Street years.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 7.04.39 AM.png

There is no real ‘diversity’ at any US university today.  The hiring systems run by the people who captured the real power there…I remember when professors chose who to hire!  Seriously!  They actually did this, the President was often a fellow professor temporarily at the top.


No university, except in the very hardest of the hard sciences, hires anyone to the right of Madame Mao.  I once had a famous Chinese professor live with me here in the US.  When he arrived, this was within weeks of Madame Mao being arrested, he was scared of his own shadow.


Totally terrorized by the violent students who attacked all the professors during the Maoist years, he deferred to everyone and I forced all the other Chinese officials to defer to HIM.  They were not allowed to sit at the table until he sat down, for example.


It worked.  Within a few months, people became used to being polite to him and the fear began to fade.  It was all very shocking to me.  Here are the Maoist ‘microaggressions’ the U of A wants to stamp out brutally, a la Chinese Cultural Revolution-style:


Continuing to mispronounce the names of students after they have corrected you time and time again
Professor: ‘Is Jose Cuinantila here?’ Student: ‘I am here, but my name is Jesús Quintanilla.’


Good lord…my own name, back in the day, was ‘Elaine Meinel’ and no teachers knew how to say that in German!  So I would happily correct them.  ‘My…nail’ I would explain, they would say, ‘ME…nal’.  Oops!  Oh, was I not offended.  I thought it was funny.


 …despite growing up in Western new York, I still have a difficult time pronouncing long Polish family names like Trzetrzelewska, Dzieduszycki, and Kleszczynska. Even if you’re not Polish, Buffalo-area Poles will get very offended if you pronounce their names wrong.


HAHAHA…my husband’s name is ‘Supkis’ and this is only because his family’s Russian name is four times longer and virtually unpronounceable for English speakers.  So the official at the intake center in NYC back in 1896 simply changed the name to make it easier for everyone.  Today, that would be considered evil.


• Scheduling tests and project due dates on religious or cultural holidays


OK: the school will cease functioning.  The more ‘diversity’ and people from other lands, the fewer days for tests running into ‘impossible to schedule’ and many teachers don’t bother with any deadlines at this point since most ‘degrees’ are worthless, anyways.


‘It has just been pointed out to me that I scheduled the mid-term during Rosh Hashanah, but we are okay because I don’t see any Jewish students in the class.’


Poor old profs can’t even talk about whose holidays it might be!  While trying to figure out which days are OK to have tests or turn ins!  HAHAHA.


• Setting low expectations for students from particular groups or high schools ‘Oh, so Robert, you’re from Pine Ridge High School? You are going to need lots of academic help in my class!’


So, don’t offer any help???  Good lord.  Pine Ridge High was at the former employment of this useless new hire.  It is on a very poor reservation and the students graduate, barely literate. They need tons of help if they are to get anywhere.


• Calling on and validating male students and ignoring female students during class discussions


If the females or whatever sex feel marginalized, all they have to do is TALK.  I remember school really well.  I was very aggressive in demanding attention, I raised my hand a lot, I argued with everyone and enjoyed arguing, considering it to be fun.


The other females didn’t do this.  More often, they chattered with each other and ignored the males.  But then, most of my classes by age 16 were mostly male students because I wanted difficult courses.


‘Let’s call on John again. He seems to have lots of great responses to some of these problems.’


Huh?  Obviously the administrator writing this tripe has never been in a classroom even when he was going to school?


• Expressing racially charged political opinions in class assuming that people with those racial/ethnic identities do not exist in class


Um, all the professors for the last decade know, if you show any political intelligence, you will be hounded violently by screaming mobs of Red Guard aggressive adherents to the Maoist ideology and will get zero support of help from very wealthy administrators.


‘I think illegal aliens are criminals because they are breaking the law and need to be rounded up and sent back to Mexico.’


So writes this Hispanic drone who is destroying one University after another.  So, I have noticed a conspiracy on the left to pretend that illegal aliens are not ‘illegal’.  This is illegal.  We have a right to call a spade a spade here.  They are the ones lying about status and the law.


• Singling students out in class because of their backgrounds


And on top of all this, professors are not to notice who is in the classroom.


‘You’re Asian! Can you tell us what the Japanese think about our trade policies?’


Again, I can’t imagine a teacher talking like this.  Did the administrator ever go to school at all?  Grade school, even?  What a dumb question.


• Denying the experiences of students by questioning the credibility and validity of their stories


HAHAHA…teachers are not allowed to examine the stories students tell them?  Wow.  They are supposed to believe everything these young troublemakers say?  I remember being a troublemaker! What power this hands them all!


‘I’ve eaten and shopped plenty of times in that part of town and it’s nothing like you describe it. How long have you lived there and who are you hanging out with?’


The administrator hallucinates all sorts of stuff here.  Again, I cannot fathom how this would be part of a professor/student conversation.  Is this Hispanic drone claiming that a professor might chide a student talking about the dangers of being around the campus???


I remember the U of A back when I lived there, this is where I had my first street patrols due to the HIGH CRIME RATE especially rape.  My buddies and I actually had a SHOOT OUT with kidnappers…we won!


Two of my female neighbors were raped by men who tried to rape ME and I had their ID and so when my friends were brutally beaten nearly to death and one was shot four times, too, I was the one who led the hunt for the attackers who regretted that we found them.


We were at WAR by 1973.  Total warfare.  I was fighting the U of A and the city of Tucson demanding more police in our community while the University lied about the true crime rate.


• Assigning class projects that are heterosexist, sexist, racist, or promote other oppressions

‘For the class project, I want you to think about a romantic relationship that you have had with a member of the opposite sex. Think and write about your observations.’

What the hell is this lunatic administrator thinking?  Wow.  I can’t imagine a teacher saying this but then, in PC land, perhaps we have classes of infantile nature where students write about their sex lives.


WAIT!!!  HAHAHA…back in the day, to pay for school, I worked as a stripper in a club.  Ahem.  Made really good money, only did this in bursts due to going to school, a one month stint paid for the year…I had lots and lots of ‘sex’ stories to tell my professors but then, they went to the club and saw the action…HAHAHA.


We got along just fine, by the way.  But at no point did my teachers ask me to write about my wild sex life.  No way in hell.  If I write porn, I want to be PAID.  Thanks in advance.


• Not respecting students gender pronouns, especially students who use gender neutral pronouns

‘Alex, you use ‘they/them’ pronouns. No, that’s too confusing. They is plural. I’m going to use him for you.’

• Using heterosexist or sexist examples or language in class.


HAHAHA.  Madame Mao is laughing in hell.  She also wanted to erase sex and forced men and women to dress alike, I kid you not.  I wouldn’t call her a female, she was the ultimate ‘It girl’.  Oops, I used ‘girl’.  She was an insect.


‘Atoms sometimes attract each other like this male and female here. At the same time, atoms sometimes repel each other like these two males here.’

• Assigning projects that ignore differences in socioeconomic class status ‘For this class, you are required to visit four art galleries located in the downtown area. The entrance fees vary, but I am sure you can afford it.’


Poor art students.  Wait, ART IS DEAD.  Anyone is an artist and no one is an artist and graffiti is art and old art is stupid, no?  This has been true for over a century now, why are the ‘teaching art’ at the University level when there is no art?  Eh?


I recall giving a lecture about all this at the U of A to the fury of the ‘art department’ and then voila: the German department was eliminated.  What?  Cause and effect?  HAHAHA.


• Assuming that all students are from the U.S and fully understand American culture and the English language (i.e., be aware that there may be international students in the class)


‘What do you mean you have never heard of The Cosby Show? Where have you been hiding?’


Today’s students wouldn’t know what the Cosby Show ever was.  And I can’t imagine any professor saying this, either.  But then, the people they hire today seem to be rather…stupid?  Yes, quality if falling fast as PC actions destroy education.


• Discouraging students from working on projects that explore their own social identities ‘If you are Native American, I don’t want you to write your paper on Native Americans. You already know everything about that group and besides you will be biased in your writing.’


Wow.  Note how this administrator does NOT want students to expand their horizons. The entire point of going to school is to learn about more than ones’ own self.


• Asking people with invisible disabilities to identify themselves in class

‘This is the last time that I am going to ask. Anybody with a disability who needs extra help, raise your hand!’


So, telling them to ID themselves so you don’t do something that displeases them is verboten?  Again: this is pure lunacy.


• Making assumptions about students and their backgrounds:

‘You’re Latino, and you don’t speak Spanish? You should be ashamed of yourself!’

Courtesy of University of Arizona Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

Nearly all the examples given by this PC monster is stupid.  I cannot, in any situation, imagine a teacher telling a student to be ashamed of not knowing another language!  I worked for my language useless degree and this scenario is so beyond belief, I think seriously that this man writing this tripe is hallucinating.


Or more likely, LYING.  He should be fired.  This incompetent ‘book’ is riddled with terrible stuff that should lead to firing but of course, this clown will be promoted instead.

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8 responses to “University Of Arizona Hires TWO ‘Diversity Vice Presidents’ To Hound Professors With PC Perfect Police

  1. floridasandy

    what we need are school vouchers so parents can avoid this insanity, starting early.

    and to trap young students into this insanity they offer FREE (well, at least it looks free) money:

    The Federal Student Aid office exposes all the scary details through an information guide on its website. Over the course of four years, dependent undergraduate students can borrow up to $31,000 in direct loans from the government and up to $22,000 in Perkins loans from their school. They can also apply for a Parent PLUS Loan, which is based on the parent’s credit score and has no borrowing limit. If denied the PLUS, students can take out an additional $26,500 in direct loans.
    In fact, “there is no requirement for students to demonstrate financial need” to receive a direct unsubsidized loans. Did you catch that? Even students with no financial need and no proven history of responsible spending can borrow a total of $79,500—and that doesn’t include private lending options!

    of course, when they can’t get a job after attending these idiotic schools and their idiotic policies, they are still stuck with the debt and not bankruptcy dischargeable.

    how insane is that, trapping an entire generation in debt that they likely can’t repay? There would be no hope for their own homes, their own cars (explaining the rise of both Uber and Lyft), and, more importantly, STABILITY. Expect rents to rise while they are trapped in their debt load also. This is not accidental. Look at what is happening in Australia.

    many of these so-called professors are dumb as dirt and got along by playing the race/sex/country of origin card, which they continue to exploit as professors


  2. Lou

    I did not read the whole thread. Too much dumbness from power hungry liberals.

    In my small city, the JC has 9 VPs [vice prez] and is thinking of closing the computer room and turning it into a ‘Gender Equity Center.’
    One fellow told me that, ‘In the 1990s the school had a few managers, now it has 118, at a cost of 10 million dollars a year.’

    Meanwhile Google does its ‘censorship’–160 pages of rules

  3. Flor

    Maria Schneider already called the Last Tango in Paris scene rape – why did we only listen when Bernardo Bertolucci admitted it?

    While Brando and Bertolucci won award nominations and positive recognition, Schneider’s career was seriously damaged by the film. In 2007 she said in an interview that it was humiliating and felt like rape, and she struggled with depression for the rest of her life

    Maria Schneider was 58 when she died in 2011. The actress was involved in more than 50 films and television productions in her career, but she is still remembered as the girl in Last Tango in Paris. The 1972 Bernardo Bertolucci film is remembered as one of the most controversial instances in film history, predominantly because of one scandalous scene where Marlon Brando’s character uses a stick of butter as lubricant to anally rape a young woman played by Schneider.

    Recently a 2013 video surfaced in which Bertolucci discusses the scene, which has provoked outrage. In the interview, the director admits that Maria Schneider never consented to the infamous butter sequence. He reveals it was an idea he had with Brando the morning before shooting – one that Schneider wasn’t aware of, as it didn’t appear in the script. He justified his decision by saying he “wanted her reaction as a girl, not as an actress”. He does not regret that decision.

    Zion-Moloch-Luciferian-Satanic-Demonic-Diabolic-system of plundering is based on rapes, tortures, lies, propaganda’

    Zion-Moloch’Luciferian system rapes Mother Earth, her children daughters, men women and children, this is how this reptilian system functions, stealing looting raping, maiming torturing smashing and squashing souls of humanity using fake religions, fake history phony political parties’

    Reptilians rape knowledge, the truth , history, archaeology’

    Because ninety pct + of what humanity have been told are pure lies!

    We whine when we r abused raped tortured but we feel nothing when the same thing happen to others since 1492 up to 2017 !!!

    America has been raped financially, morally diplomatically since 1492 until 2017 ‘

    Six mother civilizations made possible fascist capitalism!

    Anahuac – Cem-Anahuac with the corn chilis, tomatoes
    China with the rice

    ALL THESE CIVILIZATIONS WERE RAPED by the Anunnakis to mix their DNA and make humanity extremely violent to be controlled as slaves

    Humanity have the reptilian brain just like Zion-Satanist’

    These reptilians and their allies have corrupted Earth DNA with their own and this genetic infiltration lies dormant until it is activated by the vibrational fields generated by the Illuminati secret society rituals, and others in the public eye like the carefully designed coronations and official ceremonies of many kinds, including even the UK State Opening of Parliament and certainly those of the various religions.

    Once activated, the DNA opens the body to possession by these reptilians and other beings, and this is what is happening, for example, to Freemasons in the rituals that most of them deliver parrot fashion while having no idea of their vibrational significance. This is why the Illuminati are so obsessed with knowing a person’s bloodline. They know which have the potential for this activation and possession and which do not.

  4. Flor

    Symbols of “SUN (Baal) Worship”

    AMONG THE ANCIENT nations, not only were statues of the gods and goddesses in human form made, other objects with a hidden or mystery meaning, such as obelisks, were a part of heathen Worship.

    Originally, the obelisk was associated with SUN Worship. The ancients, having rejected the knowledge of the true creator—seeing that the SUN gave life to plants and to man, looked upon the SUN as a god, the great life giver. To them, upright objects such as the obelisk also had a sexual significance. Realizing that through sexual union life was produced, the phallus was considered (along with the SUN) a symbol of life. These were beliefs represented by the obelisk.

    It has been suggested that one of the meanings of the name of the goddess Astarte (Semiramis), written as “Asht-tart,”means “the woman that made towers.” The goddess Cybele (who also has been identified with Semiramis) was known as the tower bearing goddess, the first (says Ovid) that erected towers in cities and was represented with a tower–like crown on her head, as was also Diana. In the symbolism of the Catholic church, a tower is emblematic of the virgin Mary! Does all of this somehow connect? Yes it all connects back to SUN (Baal) Worship!!

    Entire Zio-Moloch-Luciferian system is dedicated to the Phallus system of Rape plundering torturing entire humanity on earth using fake religions phony sects to pit and confront humanity one against the other one and divide people’

    The obelisk in the middle of Saint Peter Rome has radioactivity’

    People who go there to visit get sick without knowing what they r worshiping’



    Plundering , looting, stealing, torturing, disappearing entire nations civilizations countries to impose BABYLON’


  5. Flor

    Is it possible that Babylon (as with other things we have mentioned) could have been the source for religious towers?? We recall that it was while they were building the huge tower of Babel that the dispersion began. It is certainly not impossible that as men migrated to various lands they took the idea of a tower with them. Though these towers have developed into different forms in different countries, yet the towers in one form or another remain!

    Towers have long been an established part of the religion of the Chinese. The “pagoda” (linked with the word “goddess”) at Nankin. Showed to the left are three Pagodas of Dali Yannan.

    In the Hindu religion, “scattered above the large temple enclosures are great pagodas or towers…rising high above the surrounding country, everywhere they could be seen by the people, and thus their devotion to their idolatrous Worship was increased. Many of these pagodas are several hundred feet high, and are covered with sculptures representing scenes in the lives of the gods of the temple, or eminent saints.”

    Among the Muslims, though in a different form, can be seen the towers of their religion. The above picture shows the numerous towers, called minarets, at Mecca. Towers of the same style were used on the famous Church of St. Sophia at Constantinople (above left).

  6. Flor

    We humans reside in what is essentially a reptilian sphere of influence. The symbology of the reptilian overlordship is all around us.

    Phallic worship and the marginalization of the feminine principle have reduced the human race to what it is today, a thundering herd of bewildered sheep.

    The Grand Strategy of the reptilians has been to divide and conquer the human race by exploiting inherent vulnerabilities and weaknesses within us. I know this is a bitter pill to have to swallow but we must be mature enough to look the facts in the eye and not allow ourselves to be held in perpetual spiritual bondage by our own ignorance and wishful thinking. The strategy of divide and conquer manifest itself both in our personal lives and on a global macrocosmic scale.

    We have been subjected to a long-term process of genetic and soul matrix manipulation. The human life span has been artificially shortened to facilitate the recycling of our souls for purposes known only to the reptilians who see the human race as a resource.

    The dark gods of this world are well aware of the geological calendar of this planet and have prepared themselves accordingly.

    We can either choose to break out of this state of spiritual bondage and spiritual enslavement or we can be recycled once again and our descendants will have to start all over from scratch with little of no understanding of what has gone on before.

    Now more than ever we must recognize that there are trigger mechanisms programmed into us which are meant to keep us in perpetual bondage.

    Whether your particular vulnerability is

    substance abuse (especially crank or crystal meth which is the drug of choice of the dark gods)
    love obsessions et al.,

    You Will Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free


  7. Flor

    Los Hermanos Rigual (La Del Vestido Rojo)

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