Liberalism Is Now All About Censorship And Killing Celebrations, etc.

Google is going to ‘take responsibility’ for ‘extremist videos’ now in new censorship push.  Yes, they are going to censor everyone.  There is no escaping it anymore.  Eventually we will see more alternative sites and Google will die the same death previous meddling web hosts died.

In addition, school children should be taught how to recognize ‘fake news’ which is hilarious, have them watch CNN.  Yes, people in power are demanding that we learn what is ‘real news’.  Down the rabbit hole we go.


In a modern digital age, schools need to teach pupils how to think critically and analyse what they read on social media and news sites, according to Andreas Schleicher, the OECD’s director of education and skills.

The last thing on earth these sorts of creeps want is for children to question the adult about what is ‘real news’.  I love analyzing the news, have been doing this since age 16.


The adults never liked this and as an adult, I have noticed many adults still don’t like this.  Most people struggle with propaganda.  It is hard to resist but once it is resisted, it is easy to do it over and over again.


It has to match reality at some point!  When it fails, it collapses.


He also suggested that social media creates an “echo-chamber” in which users only hear from viewpoints similar to their own, and argued that schools have a role to play in making sure that young people have a chance to debate different views and opinions.

The biggest echo chamber on earth is the classroom.  What if the teacher pushes the wrong viewpoints?  This is where the rubber meets the road.


Liberals assume all teachers will be ‘liberals’ but inside the ‘liberal bubble’ there is a lot of internal hatred and rivals for power which causes anger and chaos.

Mr Schleicher’s comments come ahead of the annual Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, where he will put forward the OECD’s plans to test young people’s attitudes to global issues and different cultures, their analytical and critical skills and abilities to interact with others.


HAHAHA.  This meeting was held next door to one of the nastiest anti-female/anti-Christian nations on earth, Saudi Arabia!


Speaking of nasty:  Austin activists now want to eliminate St. Patricks Day because it is ‘religious.’  Yes, as they demand more freedom and so forth, these activists want to shut down absolutely everything  except for whatever goofy things they want.


All this yelping about how they want everyone to be represented, and ethnic this or that is fantastic and so forth, they want to kill off all celebrations like Christmas and such because these people are Maoists who hate Western culture and American citizens.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png





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7 responses to “Liberalism Is Now All About Censorship And Killing Celebrations, etc.

  1. Lou

    Not sure which thread this belongs in, borrowed from a Race Realist site;

    Breitbart article on it

    NYTimes turned off the comments of course.

    And it appears NY state is keeping the steady stream of Affirmative Action teacher hires dumb as dirt, by eliminating any literacy testing that would root out the good from the bad.
    The teachers union are fighting tooth and nail to cover up the majority of black hires, who possess a reading and writing level of a 4th grader. Good God, NY and CA can’t fall in the ocean fast enough!

    The same story is seen in jobs programs – they don’t work and never have worked. Jobs programs are basically education programs for those who didn’t do well in school the first time around. You take high school drop outs and send them back to high school. How likely is that to work

    You know this AA experiment has gone wrong, when half the minority NY state teachers have the literacy of a fourth grader.

    [From your West Coast racist friend].

  2. Christian W

    This is what you get when you let the Oligarchs run free. It’s not Liberalism – it’s NEOLIBERALISM.

  3. Lou

    A lot of White people seem to be getting dumber by the day as their once great country becomes more like some kind of carnival freak show.

    The “campus reform” site just had a story from a college newspaper about drinking milk. Anyone who does so is a “white supremacist” or “neo-Nazi”.
    I am not kidding you. Go to the site and read the story. That is how f—-ed up these people are becoming.

    Maybe the cell phones are burning out their brains with micro-waves.

  4. I drink milk! Sieg Heil, meine liebe kuh.

  5. Moe

    Liberal Anathema: I’ve Got Friends In Safe Spaces

  6. Petruchio

    “…they want to kill off all celebrations like Christmas and such because these people are Maoists who hate Western culture and American citizens.” Whooomp, there it is!!! Usually the people screaming out against Intolerance, Sexism, Racism, etc. have a specific Agenda. These people also tend to mask what they REALLY want by using a Smokescreen. It is the Politically Correct crowd in the US. All that is necessary to neuter these people is pushback. Confront them. Openly question them. Of course in China under the Maoists, this would get you sent to a “re-education” camp.

  7. emsnews

    My parents actually went to China after Nixon’s visit and got to meet Madame Mao and my father got in an argument with her about how he and my mom always slept in one bed, not two and she blew up. HAHAHA.

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