Trump Is Correct: CIA and FBI Heads ARE Spying On Him

Censored CIA Insider: My Sources Say Trump Was Surveilled By Deep State…and it it totally believable.  Of course, they spied on him heavily and on everyone he chose to work for himself.  This is unprecedented…wait!  This is exactly how the Spooks operate and have done so with impunity for many years now.  I was spied on by them!  I would assume a huge, juicy target like Trump was most definitely spied on.  But the media claims this is stupid.


That is, no one spied on Trump except a month ago, they all reported the opposite, here is one sample from a top mainstream fake news media giant:  The FBI did ‘monitor Trump’s server in Trump Tower’ but claim this isn’t ‘spying’. HAHAHA.  So, there was spying but it isn’t spying!


Now, the storyline is, ‘There was no spying, Trump is crazy’ which is infuriating.  Who made these claims that there was no spying?  Why, people put in charge of the CIA and FBI who are Obama appointees!


They should all be removed. They are obviously incompetent.  We have leak after leak after leak from the spy systems surrounding Trump at this point, he has no privacy nor security thanks to these organizations attacking him relentlessly.


I would hope he can hire a good crew to go over all his systems and find all the bugs and he needs better security from spyware operating outside his building but able to tap into his systems from outside in various ways.


I have a LONG history of wrangling with the CIA and FBI, being a ‘person of interest’ to both.  I assume there is spying going on and I spied on them.  Trump needs to copy this: spy on the spies.  Right now, he has to run the nation so his attention is divided but maybe he can find someone with a sense of humor and strong paranoia to vet his systems and so forth.

The British spy bosses are also lying about spying on Trump.  Everyone who has any desire to know what is Trump planning, are spying on him.  Spy equipment is a thousand times more sophisticated than the stuff used to spy on Kennedy, for example.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.29.29 AM.png

The top fake news operations like the New York Times and CNN, etc. are screaming ‘Trump should APOLOGIZE for talking about foreign and native spies!’  So, what do we know about the Germans and Brits spying on Trump?


Oh, they said they don’t do it!  Great!  HAHAHA.  And what truth serum did they get injected?  Nothing?  Oh, what a surprise…this insanity is being peddled as ‘news’.  The fact that NATO allies who attacked Trump yesterday screaming we have a duty to pay for 75% of NATO overhead costs or else…are also screaming, they are not spying on him.


They are liars.  Duh.  Obviously liars.  They lie about everything including what is going on inside Europe, itself.  They lie to their own people.  Simple crime reporting is nearly dead in Europe, for example.


They are not allowed to talk about who the criminals are and yesterday, a terrorist attacked the main airport in Paris, for example.  Dead silence from the rulers of France.  All the news is about how Le Pen said mean things about Muslim invaders!  Oh, they dropped even that, they are now glowering at her and pretending she doesn’t exist.


How on earth can Trump present ‘proof’ when he has no means of doing this?  His assessment is correct, it is obvious to me.  The average American may be fooled by all this lying by mainstream media but eventually the truth will be out.  Already, the fury aimed at the mainstream fake news is high and I am betting it will be a tsunami of rage once all the information really appears.


As I said back during the election, the Spook State, the Bilderberg gang, all of them are terrified of Trump prying the coffin lid off of their dirty work and peers inside.  They can’t let this happen.  This is literal ‘do or die’ for them and they also want to get rid of his private guards so they can kill him easier.  We shall see, this is open warfare now.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png







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10 responses to “Trump Is Correct: CIA and FBI Heads ARE Spying On Him

  1. Petruchio

    In latest news: Israel’s Defense Minister Lieberman is threatening to destroy Syria’s air defenses if Syria shoots any more missiles at Israeli jets bombing Syrian targets! I don’t know what to make of this. Issuing threats like this isn’t Israel’s style. Israel usually strikes without warning. I say, “Tee it up, Israel. Go for it. Fight your own battles for once.”

  2. Christian W

    @ Pet

    Syria fired anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli fighters bombing the Syrian Army in Palmyra the other day. This news was buried by the MSM of course. Israel came in defence of ISIS that the SAA is pushing back in the Palmyra region. Syria claims they shot down an Israeli jet but the Israelis deny this. Liebermans comment is a reaction to this development. Of course Trump is silent.

  3. Moe

    Catherine Austin Fitts comments on spying in this interview. Lots more too.

    One of her statements (paraphrasing): The Federal government has lost monopoly on force and control. It’s a lawless system.

  4. floridasandy

    OT, Hillary is ready for her close up again.

    I guess the foundation money must be slowing down.

  5. Claudeeyah

    H/p Florida Sandy…..

    Just when you think she’s gone, she’s baaack…!

  6. floridasandy

    she’s done crying, baby.

  7. Claudeeyah


    Should have been hat tip to Floridasandy! By the way, thanks!

  8. Claudeeyah

    OT: From Paul Craig Roberts’ website:

    The fact that constitutional rights no longer apply to citizens, only to non-citizens has evoked no comment from the liberal/progressive/left, from the Democratic Party, from Harvard Law School, from the American Bar Association, or from the Federalist Society. Not from anyone, and for my reward for telling the truth Harvard University Library has published a large list of “False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical ‘News’ Sources” on which is included.


    We’ve been taken over, friends.

  9. Flor

    Donald Trump owes his presidency to Alberto Canosa’


    Alberto Canosa is going to destroy all the works of the devil because the devil do not make works of charity and the truth shall set you free!!

  10. Flor, you need to stop this paste and posting. It is way too out of hand now.

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