Two Adult Illegal Aliens Under Obama, Enter 9th Grade And Rape 14 Year Old Girl In School

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So, two illegal aliens came into the US and were allowed to enroll in a high school with zero proof of age or anything, just let in…and then raped a 14 year old female student….These criminals were let into the country under Obama like a million others.  That man in the picture doesn’t look like a 14 year old student, by the way.  He has scars and a broken nose from fighting as an adult.


This news story isn’t news in most of the fake mainstream news media.  At Google, it shows up in alternative media because I used the word ‘illegal’ in my search.  Note that the headlines below avoid using the word ‘illegal’ except for the Gateway Pundit who like me, refuses to use other words to describe obvious illegal aliens.

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The Washington Post explains they are ‘immigration status’ because any words that reveal the illegality of illegal aliens is studiously avoided.


WARNING TO ALL CITIZENS: these people running us off the cliff want to destroy the concept of ‘citizenship.’  The DNC supporters are OK with this because they imagine it gives them great powers.   But any women’s right females better wake up: the vast bulk of illegal aliens hate women’s rights.  They plan to destroy women’s rights once they gain power.


I will note now that Hillary and her female friends won’t say a peep about adult illegal aliens fraudulently going to school with our children and raping them.  In Germany, no one is allowed to talk about this issue, either.


The fake ‘we will only bring children fleeing war’ scam is another cover for letting obvious adults pretend to be ‘juveniles’ so they can commit crimes.  We saw that with the planeloads of ‘children’ and the horror of families who listened to Obama and let them into their homes.

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Trump continues to harass the fake news media giants for lying about his taxes and covering up their shame when it came out that he paid more in taxes than they.


Trump’s triumph over the Bilderberg EU scam was pretty much kept out of the news here, too.  I am very happy Trump is sticking to his guns about ‘free trade’ which has ravaged the US working class mercilessly.

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3 responses to “Two Adult Illegal Aliens Under Obama, Enter 9th Grade And Rape 14 Year Old Girl In School

  1. Melponeme_k

    This is outrageous and disgusting. The family should sue the government, La Raza, ACLU, Obama, the 9th circuit court that is obstructing proper immigration reform.

  2. Lou

    I found this—-

    Clarifying the First Law

    John Savage at Brave New World Watch has put together a collection of my various formulations of Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society.

    •“The worse any designated minority or alien group behaves in a liberal society, the bigger become the lies of Political Correctness in covering up for that group.”

    •“The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior.” .

    •“Once the equality of all human groups is accepted as a given, any facts that make a minority or foreign group seem worse than the majority native group must be either covered up or blamed on the majority.”

    •“The more illegitimate and dangerous you are, the easier it is for you [to immigrate to the West], and the more legitimate and productive you are, the harder it is for you.”

    •“When a society, acting with the purpose of eliminating all historic forms of exclusion and discrimination, including, ultimately, its own historic and ethnocultural identity as a society, admits large numbers of people into it who do not fit into it, either because of lower abilities or incompatible cultural/religious adhesions, the fact that they do not fit, when it is finally recognized, can only be blamed on the society itself.

    •To blame the lack of fit on the newcomers would be to revive the very discrimination that their admission was meant to overcome. As long as the host society accepts the principle of non-discriminatory inclusion as the very basis of its own moral legitimacy, it must keep admitting more and more unassimilables, whose lack of ability to function in or identify with the society becomes more and more troublesome, a problem that, in accord with Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society, must be blamed more and more on the racism of the society. Thus the more the society undoes itself in the name of indiscriminately including and favoring unassimilably diverse peoples, the more racist and guilty it becomes in its own eyes, leading to more and more minority preferences, speech codes, anti-hate laws, official lies, and the multicultural dismantling of the majority culture.”

    •“The WORSE a designated minority group behaves, the MORE we must blame ourselves for it.”

    •“The more racial problems are created by liberal race policies, the more racist whites are.”

    •“Given the inverted standards introduced into race relations by the belief in equality, the less deserving a nonwhite actually is, the more deserving he thinks he is.”

    •Here’s the First Law expressed well in its three main variations:

    1. The worse a designated minority or non-Western group behave, the more they are praised and their sins covered up.

    2. The worse a designated minority or non-Western group behave, the more racist it becomes to speak the truth about their behavior.

    3. The worse a designated minority or non-Western group behave, the more their behavior must be blamed on white racism.”

    4. The worse the behavior of minorities and non-Westerners, the more the behavior must be covered up or excused, and the more racist a white is for noticing it and thinking about it.

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