Cong. Trey Gowdy Grills FBI Comey About Illegal Leaks To Media That Undermine Trump

Watch this entire video, it is half an hour of classic prosecutorial grilling by a fine-tuned lawyer, in this case, Congressman Gowdy, of the FBI head, Comey, who has screwed up everything including himself in the DNC attempt at a coup.  Watch how carefully Gowdy lays out the perimeters of ‘what is legal and what is illegal’.  It is a fine demonstration how one should grill guilty agents.


After defining ‘what is illegal’ Gowdy lists all the people who are involved in this case and their legal positions and what they are allowed to do under the law and then goes on to define what is illegal and what the punishment for this is: ten years in prison.


This is a warning to Comey to be careful because he, himself, is in line to be charged.  People were freaking out over these hearings thinking they would be aimed at Trump. Instead, they showed increasingly that Trump has done nothing wrong in any way, shape or form but the Democrats left in positions during this transition DID do illegal stuff, very illegal and nefarious stuff against Trump.


When the Watergate hearings happened, I was pregnant with my first child and was injured while saber fighting at the University and was stuck in bed.  So I watched the entire thing unfold and it was a great education into how to do an investigation.


The messes were political, that is, Nixon didn’t go to prison, his appointed replacement, Ford, pardoned him and I was furious for it should have gone to trial.  This present case that is unfolding and there is lots of illegality in the transition in government that is totally evil, Comey and Gowdy discuss ‘lack of precedent’ because it is part of this problem: legal rules were chucked out the window back in 1974 and this was totally wrong to pardon someone BEFORE any trial at all.


This whole matter is very much like Watergate: people wanting power broke many laws and corrupted the government like Nixon did, to engineer an election victory which Nixon did win illicitly but in Hillary’s case, was a disaster for her incompetent fellow criminals.


The DNC still imagines this is all about Trump being in trouble for possibly talking to Putin (he didn’t) and the idea that he won via ‘Commies cheating’ is a fantasy but the crimes by FISA and the CIA and NSA are very real and the many leaks especially the ones about Flynn that brought him down…are all ILLEGAL.


This is the trap that will decimate the DNC ranks once this is all done.  When I took down a handful of DNC clowns in NYC it as due to them conspiring to destroy me because I annoyed them and when Koch gave me my own extra police, the head of the City Council took these cops away, secretly and this led to a series of events whereby the DNC top people tried to muscle me while Giuliani listened to these encounters and recorded them.


The end result was multiple arrests all on the same day.  It shattered the DNC power in the City for a while and led to Guiliani’s rise to the top as mayor.  In this case, the DNC leadership will be shattered if this goes all the way to Obama and I am betting, it will for he made it clear, he wanted to stop Trump AFTER the election and the spying on the White House and all of Trump’s homes and all of Trump’s associates will lead to prison time for the Democrats and officials working in the CIA/FBI/NSA playing illegal games will lead to a clean up of all these organizations.


I have warned the DNC gang about the Bilderberg problem: conspiring in secret leads to crimes that leads to punishments.  Accustomed to operating conspiracies totally concealed leads to hubris, that is.


This is increasingly fascinating.  I see these hearings not hurting Trump but protecting him.  We must trust Rep. Gowdy’s ability to ferret out the truth about all this mess created by Obama, the Clintons and the DNC leadership.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png





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19 responses to “Cong. Trey Gowdy Grills FBI Comey About Illegal Leaks To Media That Undermine Trump

  1. Claudeeyah

    There’s nothing quite like the look of a cornered rat. Hope Comey and company get everything and more they have coming to them.

  2. Petruchio

    Compare Comey’s performance now with his performance with Loretta Lynch. FBI Director Comey is a disgrace; a pathetic excuse for a top Law Enforcement officer. Isn’t it amazing how, right at the beginning, Comey KNOWS that there was no wiretapping of Trump by Obama? Maybe Trump should have fired Comey as FBI Director right off the bat. But then the Fake News Media would have gone after Trump for firing Comey. But so what? Not many people believe the MSM as it is. If Trump plays this right, he should have all the ‘probable cause’ to rid himself of James Comey.

  3. Floridasandy

    It is interesting that Comey would say they are still investigating the Russian connection, but he knows there was no wiretapping of Trump, even though this just recently came to light

    Comey has zero character and no spine – bad qualities to head anything.

  4. Jim R

    The end result was multiple arrests all on the same day. It shattered the DNC power …

    Thing is, they’re gonna need a bigger posse. In your case, it was just a handful of criminals, but in DC they got whole big shiny metal-window buildings full of ’em. Must be 10 or 20 thousand. They’ve been importing cocaine and heroin for decades, and since they won’t tell the congress critters who was responsible, they’re all guilty by association, even the mail clerks…

  5. tio

    *Sniff* .. yup, our spooks have essentially no oversight at all. This, like the shitty of London is how the ‘game’ is played.

  6. emsnews

    The spooks are the arms of the Bilderberg gang. I keep saying, I grew up inside that upside down secret world.

    Knives are out! The real problem is, our mainstream media is the Bilderberg gang and they hate Trump because he isn’t one of ‘them’ and he wants to change things and they don’t.

    This is why the news is still all about how Trump is friendly with capitalist Russia! Huh? They depend on the ‘Red Guard Russia’ propaganda hauled out of the cellar and blasted all over the place to trigger ancient propaganda training.

  7. Nani

    America has its fair share of stupid leftists as well. Just listen to the arguments of this idiot who compares federal immigration authorities to nazis!

    Good lord!

  8. Lou

    ‘Nazi’ is a word that has been overused and misused.
    Like some other terms, its purpose is to shame the person it is aimed at.

  9. Petruchio

    I think Trey Gowdy is just another Stage Actor of the Political Whore Class (PWC). I have watched Trey Gowdy videos. I know who he is. I can remember watching him tear into Wall Street bankers in YouTube videos. I have watched videos of Gowdy ripping in to FBI Director James Comey over Loretta Lynch. How do ya like those reforms to Wall Street? He really nailed Loretta Lynch–too bad there were NO substantive results in either case. Gowdy is merely playing the Good Guy in this charade called Politics in Washington D.C.. He’s a Safety Valve designed to give the masses the False Idea that they have some reason to hope that things will change for the better in Washington D.C.. Meanwhile, it is business as usual in D.C..The PWC aint gonna change; the folks running things are getting too rich.

  10. I remember the LBJ/Nixon years! I was VERY politically active. Did everything bear fruit all at once?

    NO. Nixon swept into office a second time after the Watergate business was shown to be happening. He claimed he had nothing to do with it all. HE LIED.

    It takes time for things to happen. Remember just two years ago? Obama was ‘untouchable’ the media propped him up nonstop. Anyone mentioning anything was called ‘a racist’.

    Knives were out, anyone daring to even tell pollsters what they thought, were in great fear of being harassed, losing their jobs, etc. Now, people talk openly about arresting Obama. A gigantic sea change.

  11. Frederick N. Chase

    It appears that the video is 2 copies of essentially the same (classic) material.

    What is said at 14 min 37 sec and at 36 min 46 sec is the same.

  12. Petruchio

    @312 Elaine: I hope you are right, Elaine.

  13. Jim R

    This interesting story just in ..

    Trey Gowdy again. Maybe something will come of it, after 23 years.

  14. emsnews

    Sometimes it takes years for justice to lift her sword and strike.

  15. Jim R

    So far, I have only seen that one story — without confirmation, it could be wishful thinking, and take more years.

    But things are happening faster and faster now. Like an avalanche.

  16. The mainstream media won’t tell anyone the real news which is why we call them ‘fake news’. 🙂 Eventually, doing this will bite them hard in the rear.

  17. Jim R

    I no longer consider statements from CNN, NBC, PBS, etc. to be anything but noise. They ‘confirm’ their fake stories with the same story from another outlet. It isn’t working so well now, fewer and fewer people believe them.

    Confirmation of the story above might come from one of the the overseas news agencies we follow such as RT, or an alt-news site like Breitbart.

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