EU Bilderberg Gang Wants US Citizens To Fight WWIII For Them

April, 2015:  U.S. worries about Russian missiles, fighter jets.

Sweden is getting ready for WWIII by letting in millions of angry Muslim males who now attack Swedes daily.  This news is hilarious: Sweden is ramping up its WWIII bunkers because they are…get this…scared that RUSSIA is going to invade.  We shall examine this bizarre fear because it is utterly insane as well as mindlessly stupid:


Europe’s rulers expect the US to fight WWIII for them.  We are 90% of the fighting forces there, what little the EU rulers command are very busy…fighting Muslims in Paris, Brussels and Berlin!  HAHAHA.


 Sweden spent $9 billion dollars during the Cold War to build enough nuclear bunkers to shelter 80 per cent of its people, although many have fallen into disuse while the country’s population has grown by more than a million over the last two decades.


The extra million are mostly Muslim invaders.  I simply cannot imagine them sharing these shelters with the Swedish women.  Good lord!  Everyone marches into these ‘shelters’ to run away from Russians to be beaten and raped by Muslim men!


Guess what?  No one is going into these shelters.  They will end up running to the Russian army begging them to save them from the Muslims.

MSB CIO Svante Werger called for defense installations that were in use up until the early 90s to be re-activated in order to meet “updated defense guidelines,” reports Sputnik.
Earlier this month, Sweden announced that it would re-introduce compulsory military service from 2018, eight years after it was abolished.
The new policy will affect all Swedes born after 1999 and is being revived in order to address a shortage in both “quantity” and “quality” of soldiers.


Virtually no non-Muslim males want to fight in Europe.  The fighters that do want to fight are all right wingers which the Bilderberg gang hates.  They are itching to fight and ot fight the Russians, they want to fight the Muslims and the crazy leftists who get money from Soros!


The fighting males hate the Bilderberg gang and want to rid us of the Bilderberg gangsters.  Duh.  The coming elections show the fighting males of Europe getting bigger and bigger support from women being attacked daily by Muslims.  No Russians are menacing EU women.


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.23.36 AM.png


Note from this ‘recent news’ from Bilderberg Google show how the EU leaders are itching to threaten their own people with WWIII.  They want the populations to run to them and scream, ‘Please save us from the only leader in Europe standing up against ISIS!’


HAHAHA.  Of course, on problem with propaganda is, the people churning out propaganda end up believing their own lies!  Anyone on the outside can see that Putin’s popularity in Europe is rising, not falling, due to him stopping ISIS and standing up to the Muslim radicals!


2016:  Russia is quietly testing the defenses of its Nordic neighbors with subtle provocations, alarming Western powers concerned about Moscow’s intentions in a vital but largely overlooked part of the world.


Ah, so subtle!  This is hilarious.  Now read the story with the above headline.  Guess what?  The EU leaders blame PUTIN for stupid things THEY did:


In recent months, Russian fighter jets violated the airspace of Western nations, Moscow has turned a blind eye as thousands of refugees from countries along its southern border use Russian territory to cross into Europe, and the former superpower has deployed missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to areas that pose that a direct threat to NATO countries.


See?  PUTIN let in the army of angry Muslim males!  That’s the storyline!  So why can’t the EU leaders ship these ‘Ruskie invaders’ back to where they came from?  Oh, none came from or via Russia.


However, Moscow’s belligerence toward the West has mounted during Vladimir Putin’s 16 years of leadership, demonstrated through its apparent desire to sow political dissention and destabilize its foes. While the world’s attention is focused on crises in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, U.S. officials are quietly working to secure what they see as the next potential flashpoint of dangerous tensions along Europe’s northern border.


Yes, Russians will overrun Sweden and…the women of Sweden will be throwing them flowers.  Russia is Sweden’s only hope, the Muslims are very bent on invading and taking over and make this perfectly clear.  The cops in Sweden cannot enter Muslim enclaves anymore, even when armed.


Russia’s attempts to extend its influence and to emphasize the necessity of its involvement in world affairs have only been seen as provocation by its neighbors and the West. Washington has castigated Moscow for its support of Syrian leader Bashar Assad, which the U.S. has spun in public forums as a callous endorsement of a murderous regime.


Increasingly, the population of Canada would probably surrender to Putin in a eye blink, too.  They are also now being invaded by hostile aliens:  About 48 per cent of Canadians say they want those crossing illegally from the U.S. to be deported back.


In the US, we are not free.  Radicals have taken over the DNC.  The top two people in charge of the DNC are no longer Jews but now are a la Raza racist Mexican and a black power Panther.  ‘You’ve gotta be real careful around here’: Tim Allen says Hollywood is like ‘1930s Germany’ for conservative actors as he appears on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.


The remainder of the left is becoming increasingly obnoxious:  Fareed Zakaria accuses President Trump of ‘bulls***ing’ his way to the White House after spending his ‘whole life bulls***ing’, in foul-mouthed rant on CNN.


 On CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, the foreign affairs journalist and host repeatedly said that the President excels in ‘bulls***ting’.


I grew up watching Carson’s Tonight Show.  He was always unfailing polite. Now, the people on that show are trash.


When Lemon asked him if he thinks the President ‘really believes that he was wire tapped, Zakaria responded: ‘I got into trouble in the campaign for saying something about the president that I still think is true.


‘I think the President is somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false.’


‘He has spent his whole life bulls***ting. He has succeeded by bulls***ting. He has gotten the presidency by bulls***ting.  It’s very hard to tell somebody at that point that bulls***t doesn’t work, because look at the results right?


‘But that’s what he does – he sees something, he doesn’t particularly care if it’s true or not, he just puts it out there. And then he puts something else out.


‘When pushed on it, he doesn’t take responsibility: “I wasn’t saying that, I was just quoting somebody else.”‘


The nonstop attacks on Trump are doomed to failure.  Exaggerating everything he says while at the same time hiding the truth only goes so far.  Ratings of these goofy shows are dropping.


Even the NFL is collapsing as viewers boycott it for supporting Black Lives Matter demonstrations, etc.  TV executives who are all buddies and live in two places, LA and NYC, are mindlessly alienating half of the country with fatal consequences.


It is worse: the people these clowns expect to defend them all in any war are often the ‘deplorables’ who do actual fighting.  Imagine an army of inner city gangsters!  Won’t happen.  And I know exactly zero number of country folk hunting males who love inner city criminals.  Or the people put in too office by voters who are on welfare.  It just won’t happen.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png




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10 responses to “EU Bilderberg Gang Wants US Citizens To Fight WWIII For Them

  1. Melponeme_k

    “Increasingly, the population of Canada would probably surrender to Putin in a eye blink, too. They are also now being invaded by hostile aliens: About 48 per cent of Canadians say they want those crossing illegally from the U.S. to be deported back.”

    OH CANADA! The country filled with wonderful people who can’t wait to tell me and every other American how awful America is. Well, fiddle dee dee! Let them take those illegal aliens. Fill up Canada with Jihadis galore! They can open their arms and show the religious fanatics how wonderful they are compared to the U.S. of A. They can do it like Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. They all showed us, didn’t they! So what if their cities turn into Mogadishu part two and the Jihadis blow up their ancestral monuments. Sweden doesn’t need that cute little wooden architecture. All those dutch clogs can burn in the Netherlands. What does Canada need with Totem poles? They can prove they are better than America by watching the illegal aliens burn it all to the ground.

    MAGA. Please Canada, take all the illegal aliens so MAGA can commence. Prove us all how fabulous you are in comparison.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Oh, and I don’t include Quebec in my above statement. They were alright to me. But taking into account how all those some-kind-of-wonderfuls from the rest of the country talk down Quebec, I guess they are the kind of awful that only I, an ugly American, can understand.


  3. Claudeeyah

    It is only right and fitting that Canada should be culturally enriched by the illegal aliens. It’s well past the time where they should take the moral high ground and welcome these refugees with open arms.

    C’mon, Mr. Trudeau, show us the way!

  4. Putin for Prime Minister!!!!!!

  5. Melponeme_k

    @Peter C

    LOL. YES!

    Putin will lead us all while riding TOPLESS on white horse! XD

  6. emsnews

    Oh, so you want a female to do this? Contact Madame Le Pen and ask her…! 🙂

  7. Nani

    The ongoing demonization of Russia by the West is pushing Russia further into the arms of China. This is very beneficial to China.

  8. Christian W

    Sweden is mindfucking their own population so it can join NATO. Remember the Swedish navy search for the imagined Russian sub (that I mockingly called the Nessiye Monstr)? It’s all part of the US’ war on Russia and the Middle class.

  9. Christian W

    US stooge government in Ukraine asks US for ‘Major Non-NATO Ally’ status

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