EU Wants WWIII With Nuclear Russia, NYC Democrats Want Race Riots

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Here in the US we live in this strange bubble.  We have a media and Congress howling for WWIII while at the same time, is at war with a fairly elected President the voters chose despite cheating by the DNC.  Time to look at the world news and then what is going on in the Hillary cities that voted heavily for more crime and chaos.  These voters, many illegal voters, hate law and order and want chaos and that we get in spades in our major cities thanks to the DNC pandering to criminals.


First, the WWIII news from Europe who want us to fight it for them while they sit back and go on vacations and so forth.  Americans were forced into fighting WWI and WWII in Europe due to Germany using subs to sink our ships illegally.


So, we have a troop buildup right on Russia’s front doorstep.  This proves Putin right when he said that NATO promises not to do this was dishonest.  The EU cannot win WWIII.  The EU, which has been decimated repeatedly after picking a fight with Russia for the last 200 years, is thinking they can do this yet again.


It is beyond suicidal, it is plain stupid especially since the EU is being invaded by hostile aliens who are attacking the EU nonstop now, note the two stories above from RT News.  One about EU desires for WWIII and the terror attacks that are relentless and none of which comes from Russia.


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This news from the Daily Mail of London is amusing.  The fright queens of the DNC engineered a boycott of any stores carrying Trump’s daughters clothing and boasted that they forced her out and thus, punished her business are now furious that she is highly popular with pro-Trump shoppers.


Just last month, the dragons of fashion were boasting that they would bankrupt her and now they are whining that she is popular.  Suing her in California demanding she not sell there is insane, insulting and hilarious.  Poo on them all.


And the young men making fun of the Wall Street Bull/little girl statue business continues.  The left loves to make fun of people but can’t take a joke.


I live in NY.  I used to live in NYC.  When living there, I was called ‘The Housewife from Hell’ by the Daily News because I did a tremendous amount of crime fighting and succeeded in stopping a number of corrupt DNC politicians.


NYC is falling apart at the seams with skyrocketing crime after the election of a DNC clown as mayor there.  Here is the latest ugly story:  Arroyo and her partner were responding to a call when they were alerted that a man was riding on the back of their vehicle. Arroyo stopped the car to get the man off, and that’s when Gonzalez stole the vehicle and drove over her – killing the EMT.


 On February 26, Bronx Criminal Court Judge David Kirschner, who has only been on the bench since June, went against prosecutors’ wishes and allowed Gonzalez free without bail for resisting arrest.


The criminal has a record that unscrolled, would run a mile.  He was in and out of police custody nearly nonstop.  It gets worse:


Cops were reportedly arresting Gonzalez for robbery when he started kicking in the back of a police van and relentlessly insulting the surrounding officers.


‘Suck my d–k while you suck on a dirty p—y, you dirty bitch!’ Gonzalez shouted in the video of the incident obtained by the New York Post.


‘I broke this window! I did it! What! Take me to the hospital!’


He knew how to play the victim game.  Lots of criminals do this.  They bully everyone, are boastful and vicious and when secured, they whine and squeal like pigs, every little thing hurts them like they are babies.


When holding someone down, I would scold them for being childish and tell them to man up.  Cops aren’t allowed to do this anymore, they have to handle these dangerous infants with very limited means.


Police sources who spoke with the Post thought it was highly unusual that the rookie judge refused to set bail for Gonzalez, who has a criminal history of 31 arrests and six stays in the psychiatric ward.


So, he was crazy as well as very violent so…let them loose.


In addition to the resisting arrest incident, there were also charges pending against Gonzalez for a June 2016 attack against a worker at the homeless shelter where he lived. Another Bronx judge, Laurence Busching, also let him out free of bail while he waited for that case.


When I was crime fighting in Brooklyn, I also was running a political committee and we voted to put in judges that would be law and order so we could get convictions.  So we ended up running Judge Becker and he and I had tons of fun, in court.


He was reliable.  He used the laws to their intended effect.  ‘Liberal’ DNC judges want to pander to the voters in their districts so they elect people who will let loose criminals.


Twenty one of his previous arrests are sealed, but the 10 that aren’t include charges of robbery, assault, criminal mischief, criminal possession of marijuana, public lewdness, graffiti and sale of marijuana.


He reportedly lives in an affordable housing apartment opened in 2015 by Volunteers of America for chronically homeless people.


Whenever liberals wanted to put up public housing, we fought this tooth and nail for obvious reasons: they are hell holes filled with criminals!  Even if the moms there are nice, their children were not nice.


The world leaders know the US is committing suicide, they also know that the EU is also committing suicide.  It is only a matter of time when both will collapse.  The witch hunt against the Red October is dumb.


How very stupid it all is, I am not being menaced by Russians, I am menaced by DNC lunatics who let the dogs out!  They are the ones unleashing terror, horror, crime and chaos on us.  Upstate NY, we are all heavily armed and hunters so we are accustomed to nailing whatever we hunt.


And the DNC troops are welfare lay abouts who hate whitey and want to loot their own cities!  All we have to do is sit tight and watch the cities burn to the ground!  How stupid is this?  I helped save NYC once, I won’t do it again. Someone else with brains has to do this.  Any volunteers?


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6 responses to “EU Wants WWIII With Nuclear Russia, NYC Democrats Want Race Riots

  1. Petruchio

    “Here in the US we live in this strange bubble. ” This is what happens when a country lets a bunch of ultra, ultra spoiled rotten rich kids have power. And if they aren’t ALREADY rich kids then, like the Clintons, whore themselves to the highest bidder so they CAN become rich. (BTW: remember when Mrs. Clinton said how she was almost BROKE after leaving the White House?)

  2. floridasandy

    clinton tried the populist angle but gave that up quickly, especially since she was competing with Bernie in the primary.

    if they can’t get a war started with Russia, maybe North Korea will do!

    Don’t democrats who are anti war see the disconnect between their party and their actions?

  3. ziff

    watching ‘ross kemp’ on mexico , drug gangs and murder anyone gone wild, , i think they need to get serious and just kill them all , or set the population on them like Duerte in the phillipines , otherwise it just goes on and on .

  4. emsnews

    Like I keep saying, Democratic run cities are going to go up in flames. I cannot figure out why they are so suicidal but then, I had to flee NYC too.

  5. Lou

    I thought Portland already was one.

    I found this last night and welcome any comments one it,

    Case #12-cv-04269-jbl-rml, Libor Scandal ring a bell? Did you know the man who pin pointed the missing $ exact location is James’s Holmes father (Dr. Robert Holmes) of the Batman theater shootings?

    Did you know Kevin Krim, the online editor for CNBC who reported about the Libor scandal had his kids murdered the night the article aired online and then was removed?

    Or did you know that Adam Lanza’s father is Peter Lanza, the tax director for GE (General Electric), in which the CEO is Obama’s advisor.

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