Hot War In Syria, EU Bilderberg Gang Orders EU Countries To Take In Millions More Muslim Males

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As Israel, the US and EU all go into the Middle East to destroy Syria and provoke Russia and Turkey, we have NATO disintegrating rapidly due to the war in Syria plus the mass invasion of Europe by Muslims from mainly Africa as well as the Middle East, which is destroying Europe and driving the people there into the arms of nationalists who hate the EU bureaucrats who have destroyed Europe.  Our fast fading liberals support this invasion of Europe and want it here, too.


The European Union’s immigration commissioner says the bloc has the “tools, the means, and the power” to force EU member states to accept Islamic migrants.  Yes, this was snarled yesterday and beleaguered citizens of the European Union who have little direct say in anything going on in their home states.


Sovereignty has been strangled by the Bilderberg gang and for some bizarre reason, this gang of lunatics think the fix for the low birthrate of Europe is to bring in foreign invaders who hate European cultures, religions and languages.


Dimitris Avramopoulos, Greece’s commissioner for the EU’s “Common Immigration and Asylum Policy,” made the comments during a visit to Poland, which refuses to accept economic migrants into their country.
“If we don’t have tangible efforts by September… the Commission will not hesitate to make use of its power,” he warned.


This clown is pissed off because Greece has been stuck with these invaders and instead of sending them all back to Africa, he wants them to move further inland and destroy neighboring countries instead.


“The Commission might start infraction procedures and we will certainly consider that,” said European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans last month, adding that “peer pressure” would eventually convince countries to adopt the policy.


‘Peer pressure’ is nice talk for ‘we will punish you economically if you dare defy the orders of the Bilderberg gang.’


The Commission, the unelected executive arm of the EU, has even threatened to fine member states €250,000 for every migrant they refuse to settle in order to “fairly and equally” distribute thousands of migrants across the continent.


Anyone with half a brain should have seen this coming.  What lured Eastern European states into the EU was promises of money to bring them up to date and to form an illicit front to oppose Russia.


So goodies were handed out like candy on Halloween and now the foolish children who thought this would go on forever are now finding out that they took candy from a rapist.


The EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini announced last month that the bloc had no intention of sealing the borders to reduce the flow of migrants.
“Let me be totally clear from the very beginning: Europe does not and will not close its doors,” she said.“I believe Europeans should understand that we need migration for our economies and our welfare systems, with the current demographic trend we have to be sustainable.”


So, the plan is to have male Muslims work!  Yes, they are going to replace citizens with foreign labor.  If they announced they were going to import 10 million Chinese to do this, at least it would work in that the Chinese are very vigilant workers.


They work very hard indeed!  Islamic males, on the other hand, prefer to be non-working in that having slaves is much more fun for them all.  This is what killed the work ethic in the Deep South 150 years ago.


This laziness still infected the Deep South when I lived there years ago.  Many people in the South took advantage of the LBJ rules to move north and get on welfare in the big cities which are now abandoned to non-working populations who systematically are destroying whatever is left.


The EU’s cities are being colonized the exact same way and for the same reasons: these people are looking to get on welfare and goof off.  The number of millions of Muslim males who invaded Germany in the last two years, who are working is less than one thousand.


Last night, once again, Several Swedish police were attacked by a large gang of “youths” who went on a rampage armed with rocks and fireworks in the city of Trollhattan over the weekend.  The insane left made huge howls of laughter when Trump talked about this last month.


They still are clinging to the false news that there are no Muslim riots in Europe.


An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, told the paper: “They attacked police and the guards inside the area, in Kronogården. It was preceded by two powerful explosions. I thought ‘this is no firecracker, these are some bombs that have gone off’. Those were real f***ing bangs, two around twenty minutes apart.”


So, now they are throwing bombs.  The liberals keep saying and our mainstream media refuses to report this news, that there is no violence in Sweden and there are no ‘no go zones’ either.


Swedish citizens have zero civil rights.  If they are caught talking openly about this violent invasion, they are punished.  This is why the person being interviewed begged to be ‘anonymous.’

Police officer Goran Carlbom said the incident began shortly after 7 pm. Police received a call that a gang of youths were causing trouble in the area. “There was a call regarding young people who fired rockets. Then it escalated to the shooting at a bus shelter,” Carlbom said.
Police struggled to get the situation under control, with the riot continuing for three hours until after 10 pm. So far, none of the youths involved in the incident has been caught or arrested, and no one has been reported as being injured.


The police in Sweden have been rendered useless.  So, they were in a pitched battle for THREE HOURS and arrested…nobody?  This is insane.  Perhaps the police of Sweden can hire me, for a million dollars, to fix this situation.


Of course, my methods are rather crude: you go after even litter bugs, enforce all laws heavily.  We have had fine mayors here in New York City who followed my rules, Giuliani knew this from knowing me back when he was a prosecutor.  It worked.  Crime dropped like a rock when he applied this methodology.


The other side of the coin is: never retreat, never step back and don’t stop even if they howl at you.  That is, you have to stand your ground.  Draw lines in the sand and take down anyone who crosses these.  It really does work.


Our schools are being systematically destroyed by liberals who believe that having Maoist gangs intimidating teachers and staff rioting against invited speakers is the way to go.  The school systems are collapsing internally with even cops now afraid to go into black schools to stop the unending violence going on there these days.


Here is an article by super liberals whining about Muslim riots, pretending Trump is evil for even mentioning this:  Pro-Trump Media Push Myth Of Muslim “No-Go Zones” In Sweden
Research ››› February 22, 2017 6:44 PM EST ››› ALEX KAPLAN


Malmö, Sweden Police Spokesman: “No-Go Zones” Are “A Questions That Appears Every Now And Then,” But “It Has Never Been True.” According to Malmö police spokesperson Lars Förstell, the myth of “no-go zones” in Sweden “has never been true.” While Förstell acknowledged that violent crime is a problem, he noted that there is “nothing special about right now,” and that “there is no evidence” that the violent crime “has to do with refugees.”


The police can’t take control because their leaders believe there is nothing to control.  If I were in Sweden, I would be going after this idiot and I would drag him physically into the Muslim no-go-zone and force him to walk all night with me…HAHAHA.  I did this in NYC.


I was told by liberals, I had no right to safety or sanity in my home and the only solution was to put bars on the windows and be very scared of going out at night.


Instead, I took over the joint and drove out the gangs.  It pissed them off.  The NYC media giants refused to report any of my exploits for fear others would copy me.  Only the Daily News ran one article.  Meanwhile, the battles raged and I won.


The delusional leftists are all rioting at public events in cities that are run by Democrats.  This foolish action is driving more and more people away from the Democratic party whose platform is ‘more illegal aliens and more Muslims.’ For the first time in the Trump era, Democrats had found their voice. “You’re going to find us unified in a way you’ve never seen before,” Connolly told me recently. as he boasted about this violent childish behavior.


Democrats on Capitol Hill are the front-line soldiers in the fight against President Trump and his chaotic administration. Relegated to the minority in both chambers, House and Senate Democrats have almost no legal or procedural power – they can’t subpoena documents or control what gets a floor vote. Under a rule change they made several years ago, Democrats can no longer filibuster most presidential appointees. (Supreme Court nominees still need 60 votes for passage, but it’s likely Senate Republicans will invoke the “nuclear option” and change that to a simple majority vote.)


As they squared up to the reality of a President Trump, House and Senate Democrats struck a wary if open stance toward the new president. Perhaps, they said, he would turn out to be a dealmaker, even an ally of Democrats in Congress on trade or infrastructure. Party leaders urged cooperation with the new president. “You won blue-collar voters, President-elect Trump, because you happened to support a lot of Democratic issues,” soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said on Fox News in late November. “Don’t break your promise to the blue-collar voter. Work with us.”


Schumer is insane.  He represents me against my will.  He got into office via illegal aliens voting in my state thanks to the DNC bosses who hate citizens here.  Trump attracted blue collar workers because they are being savaged by DNC policies.


The DNC wants to shove their children into dangerous schools where black students run riot, the DNC is removing blue collar jobs via importing workers and exporting these jobs to other countries via free trade.


The blue collar workers might be forced to cease supporting Trump and will, instead, now go to someone on the far right in desperation.  They voted for Obama who shafted them all in the last two years of his reign.  The DNC still misunderstands all this.


And in Europe, the run to the right is rapidly going to be a stampede and there, citizens will end up probably killing the Bilderberg gangsters who are unelected rulers there.  I smell the scent of revolt.  It is tickling my nose, I know Europe, I was there the last time this happened.

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20 responses to “Hot War In Syria, EU Bilderberg Gang Orders EU Countries To Take In Millions More Muslim Males

  1. Nani

    This site tracks and monitors crimes committed by migrants in Sweden. Just scroll down the page to see all the crimes committed every day around the country.

    Sweden used to be one of the most secure, peaceful and serene countries in the world. Now it is a crime ridden hell hole thanks to several years of mass immigration from dysfunctional islamic countries.

  2. Ken

    All of the chaos is a result of good intentions gone bad. It’s hard to even know where to begin.

    The advent of birth control has cut the western birth rate, opening us up to a demographic time bomb. All with the good intentions of making every child “wanted.” It also “liberated” women, which in turn overturned all cultural traditions for the family unit and morality.

    Around the same time western nations provided medicine and food to dysfunctional people around the world. This prevented natural controls on population, and created another demographic time bomb. Eventually, populations grew to 7 billion people. Too many to support in their native lands, so they are forced to invade the very countries which helped to create this problem.

    Welfare programs were also adopted around this time in western nations, which guaranteed a comfortable lifestyle just for being human. The work ethic for large segments of the population was undermined. With “idle hands being the devil’s workshop,” former centers of industry and commerce became hell holes.

    All of this was done with the best of intentions. And old school liberals were behind it all (sorry Elaine).

  3. Melponeme_k


    Liberalism didn’t cause these problems. Socialism for the Rich-Globalism twisting these programs via the Bilderbergs/Tri-lateral Commission did.

    Birth Control – People were desperately using any form of birth control to limit the size of their families long before the pill. Not every country was Ireland, the Catholic South American countries or Islamic hellholes.

    Suffragettes/Feminism (the non globalist toxic variety) led to a more prosperous and happier culture. Until it was turned into male hatred via the CIA’s Gloria Steinem stealth co-opting. Believe me, no one wants to be around women confined to the home and allowed to fester in misery/taking it out on the kids.

    Medicine/food to the Third World – This was done to prevent pandemics from threatening the first world. However no one took into account that these countries are third world due to their religions/culture and have no compunctions toward birth control.

    Welfare was for citizens only. The globalists extended it to illegal aliens. Hence the problem we have now. Welfare, when limited and controlled, does a world of good for citizens trying to get back on their feet. It turns necrotic when people are allowed to turn it into a life time handout or helps non-citizens. Unless you think London of Dickens’ time (no welfare etc) was a panacea.

  4. Jim R

    Regarding that Syria story in the top left panel: I read a different story yesterday, approximately the opposite — Syrian air defenses had downed an Israeli warplane somewhere near the Golan, and the Russians were informing Bibi that the air defense actions would continue.

    There was no story of the downed Israeli warplane in the western news, of course.

  5. Ken


    All good points. As I said at the beginning of my note, everything was done with the best of intentions.

  6. Melponeme_k


    No, your note stated that it was the fault of liberals. It was not. ALL liberal policies were co-opted and weaponized by the Bilderberg elites.

    In fact the “liberal’ groups have nary a real liberal member. They are all Marxist/Maoist/ Frankfurt school extremists.

    The real liberals are now called FAR RIGHT Conservatives. Someone like Alex Jones would have been a main line liberal back in the day. But things are so far in the crazy zone, he is called a far right conservative.

  7. Lou

    I blame the Jews [TWMNBN].

    Sweden is now 20% ‘foreigners.’

  8. Lou

    Via SBPDL,

    Race mixing—-
    A few months back, for some bizarre reason, I caught an old movie, called NEW ORLEANS, made in 1947. The first scene I caught was a nice looking, young White woman sitting in a “Jazz Club”, obviously in New Orleans, talking to the White owner, while watching and enjoying a Jazz Band where the main Black character was Louis Armstrong.

    Ah, my RACE BS DETECTOR lit up and I had a few hunches and theories that immediately popped into my head, thus I sat down to watch, study and look for what I would imagine to be the real reason for the movie…yep…..

    This movie is 70 years old. I could sense and see a pattern. I kept getting a gut level feeling that I was being sold a very soft bill of goods. I was being sold Extremely Soft Porn and a beginners course in Race Mixing 101. I could see the real intent of the movie….to glorify Black musicians, make it hip and cool for young White girl/women to go out, ON THEIR OWN, and hang out at negro clubs…..So, I did some research and…guess what? Just read these names:

    Producer: Jules Levy
    Associate Producer: Herbert J. Biberman
    Director: Arthur Lubin
    Associate Director: Maurie Suess
    Screen Play: Elliot Paul & Irving Hyland
    Music Director: Nat W. Finston

    You will notice that the young White woman is cute, BLONDE, totally White… light skinned (((woman))) to play the role of a negro-jazz-loving hip girl? Huh? No, it has to be a totally Nordic White woman who gets brainwashed.

  9. Melponeme_k


    Lou, you are reaching here. Jazz had been extremely popular since black musicians started to syncopate in the honkytonk bars of the Midwest and South. No propaganda was needed to force people, of any color, to listen.

    Although when Jazz went up its own ahole with experimentation that turned into noise in the 60s/70s, I would believe they would need propaganda for listeners.

    What the true tragedy of the history is was that Black musicians were once at the forefront of popular music creativity and innovation. THIS was proof of their potential (music is pure mathematics, the sacred numbers that celebrates God) not sports. It was destroyed. ALL of it. Music of any genre unless it is Thug Life Rap does not attract black students. That is a tragedy of immense proportions. I remember back when I was in grade school, a Kid in my class was a wonderful pianist. Dedicated and obsessed. He would sneak into the auditorium to play the scruffy school piano. Everything from Bach to Joplin to that weepy hit song “Feelings” that everyone inexplicably liked. Kids would gather to listen to him. I wonder, are there any more kids around like him who could ignore the anti-culture propaganda?

  10. The destruction of the black culture is nearly complete now, how very sad it is, I hung out in the ‘hood for years and years and knew many musicians, etc. I did my own performances, we all had ‘real jobs’ and at night, we did ‘entertainment jobs’ and it was immense fun.

    When Michael Jackson went to our subway station to make a video glorifying graffiti and crime and all the thugs went there to imitate him and then we would arrest these stupid idiots there…I was furious with Jackson who lived in California and hid out on his estate where he did child abuse.

    That was the ugly beginning of some terrible social disasters.

  11. Petruchio

    Not only is Black Culture’s destruction “nearly complete”, but a entirely FALSE narrative has emerged about Blacks in the Media. Blacks now have flooded the Media in the US. You see it in TV commercials. In TV series. In Daytime Television. In movies. The narrative is always the same. Blacks love their kids and dote on them–even though 82% of blacks kids are born to single Mothers. Blacks are the Supreme superheroes in TV and movies. They cannot be defeated, even though they have to battle with a lot of stupid, fat, lazy WHITE PEOPLE. This being the image despite the fact that a HUGE percentage of Blacks have much lower IQ levels and education levels. I could go on….

  12. Lou

    Blacks didnt flood the media, Pet.
    TWMNBN put their Black pets there.

  13. Lou

    Mel, I am fine with Jazz and well behaved people.
    It was the race mixing agenda that is noteworthy.
    See #14, here.

  14. Melponeme_k


    I don’t see what you have described as race mixing. But I could see it as propaganda in telling young women to be adventurously foolhardy. Hence now we have deluded young women thinking they can get drunk anywhere and no one will bother them.

    In the 40s and 50s all the elites and music fans hung out at swing clubs and jazz clubs. It was considered happening. Now how many fans actually knew that many of the musicians they enjoyed were heroin addicts, I don’t know. It destroyed a lot of good musicians.

  15. emsnews

    A HUGE number of white dudes and chicks were strung out. I was deep in that society and I was not a druggie, myself. I worked at the Free Clinic and got to see all these sometimes quite famous people nod out or pass out or freak out.

  16. Petruchio

    @#14 Lou: Hey Lou, I have to come right out and admit it; what the hell does TWMNBN mean?

  17. Kenogami

    “what the hell does TWMNBN mean?”

    I have often the same problem, not knowing what some strange names or acronyms mean in the Anglo world. Fortunately, Internet gives you all information you need about the craziest things.

    TWMNBN = They who must not be named.

  18. Petruchio

    #19 Kenogami: Thanks for the help. I saw TWMNBN and thought, “Well I have NO clue what this means! LOL I guess I will have to ROTF and LMAO over learning this info!

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