Anonymous Traitors Inside Spook World Release More Lies To Fake Media Operations: ‘Mockingbird’ Continues

Hearings from last September as Rep. Gowdy grills FBI head Comey about Hillary emails.  This has been ongoing for months now, the DNC bringing up false information in order to overthrow Trump while hiding raw facts about DNC crimes which infest the entire organization.  Today’s stupid news is, ‘ANONYMOUS government officials’ are now accusing Trump of ordering election ‘hacks’.  This is insanity but at the same time, classic ‘Red Scare’ smears that has me hallucinating I am back in 1957 again.  Eisenhower was helpless to stop the terror of the Red Scare witch hunt until finally, McCarthy crossed this invisible line…


All this reminds me of the CIA ‘Mockingbird’ operation. Yes, it was very real.  Of course, there is no ‘proof’ that the CIA and the New York Times and Washington Post colluded…wait!  HAHAHA.  The clue is, who founded the Bilderberg gang and why are all its internal meetings totally secret?  And who founded the CIA and why did both start at the same time, too?


Operation Mockingbird was allegedly a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that, beginning in the early 1950s, attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes, and funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.


I can assure everyone, that the CIA and NSA did do all this.  I was there, dead center of the student movements of the 1960’s and knew absolutely everyone, totally, completely. Luring young people into spying on each other is easy as can be.


One example comes to mind: I suspected someone was spying on our committee so at a meeting, I deliberately left a ‘important’ paper on the table and pretended to forget it.  The only person in the room aside from me was my suspect.  He stole the document to copy it and I warned everyone else, you don’t expose these people or they send another to spy.


Most citizens have absolutely no idea how the spy vs spy world operates and this is, surprise, deliberate.  Keeping this information away from the children of spies is problematic, usually, they are also recruited which is why we have ‘family dynasties’ inside the spook operations.


According to writer Deborah Davis, Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and oversaw the operations of front groups. CIA support of front groups was exposed after a 1967 Ramparts magazine article revealed that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA. Congressional investigations and reports in the 1970s also revealed Agency connections with journalists and civic groups.


Yes, they did fund student organizations just like all the operations attacking Trump are funded, too.


Right now, there is open, total warfare between a President who desires to reform the CIA/NSA/FBI operations which are right now run by a cabal of traitors who want open borders and chaos at home.  Here is today’s headlines from the Daily Mail in London since our news, conspiring with these coup members, is attacking Trump nonstop:  Now anonymous government officials accuse Trump aides of giving Russians the ‘thumbs up’ for election hacks: New claim in growing feud over Obama administration ‘snooping’ on Donald.


At NO POINT in time has the DNC/fake news Bilderberg gang/treason warmongers given the slightest proof of anything.  And if they do produce ‘proof’ it will be ILLEGAL.  What they are doing is ‘throwing crap to see if it sticks.’


That is, telling stories with zero proof and blasting it everywhere in the hopes of raising up the voters to attack Trump for them.  That is, play everyone for fools.  The DNC voters in the cities are falling for this for they want their gravy train to run forever and ever.  What debts?  Who cares!  Party, dudes!


The bitter dispute over President Trump’s claims he was wire-tapped by the Obama administration and counter-accusations that his aides colluded with Russia during the election took another twist on Wednesday night.


A CNN report said the FBI believes President Donald Trump’s associates were in communication with suspected Russian operatives possibly to coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.


Who are these ‘FBI’ people?  Oh, Obama’s appointees and hires!  And how unprofessional is this, to reveal this ‘information’ illegally???  The cows writing for the news media know, even they know, this destroys any court cases that might come out of this!  So why are they doing it?


The answer is obvious: this is an open coup attempt.


The cable news network quotes anonymous US government officials as saying that the bureau has information that suggests links between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, though the sources stress that the evidence unearthed so far is ‘not conclusive.’


This now borders on insanity.  So, they have ‘proof’ but it is ‘not conclusive’.  HAHAHA.  Arrest these anonymous ‘agents’.  Time for Comey to go to jail.  Then he might sing.  This resembles Watergate more and more with the DNC aping Nixon’s gang.


The fact that the claims are being made on CNN is only likely to intensify the president’s conflict with the network he has called ‘fake news’ and lead to further accusations that it is acting as the opposition to Trump.


And they come against the background of a bitter and now nakedly partisan dispute on the House Intelligence Committee over interactions with Russia which boiled over on Wednesday afternoon into an ugly public dispute between the Republican chair and the Democratic ranking member.


I suspect the DNC is having a nervous breakdown.  They know deep in their dark hearts, they broke many laws in the last few years and some of these have to do with treason so they have to dirty the waters as much as possible.  They are so stupid, they don’t understand that killing Trump won’t work, either.


The backlash from that will be horrific and I bet, swift, for citizens are increasingly fed up with all this.  For a short while, they may be confused but if the President is killed by terrorists (all it takes is flying a plane into the White House while he is there) the DNC will be wiped out entirely.


Now on to England which was run by Bilderberg terrorists who let in thousands of violent Muslim males and told them to run riot:

London terror attacker was British-born jihadist who was investigated by MI5 ‘some years ago’ over links to ‘violent extremism’ as police arrest eight possible associates in raids in London and Birmingham.


Yes, the terrorist attack was done by a guy who lived in the terror compound in Birmingham.  I have posted videos in the past of people trying to penetrate into that alien city inside a city and they are immediately followed and harassed and even attacked by the Muslim patrols there and the dead terrorist was one of these attackers.


The ‘lone wolf’ jihadist, described by witnesses as ‘Asian and in his forties’, has not been named by police while investigations continue into any possible associates.


They know exactly who he is, people in Britain are speculating they have videos of this same clown harassing people in Birmingham, trying to chase out British subjects of the Queen.


But, giving a statement in the Commons today, Prime Minister Theresa May said the man was a British citizen who was known to the police and security services and had been investigated some years ago over violent extremism.


Like ALL the others, he wasn’t ‘unknown’ he was very much ‘seen’ and IGNORED.


Mrs May said he was a ‘peripheral’ figure, adding: ‘He was not part of the current intelligence picture’. She told MPs there was ‘no prior intelligence’ of his intent.


What was he supposed to do?  Ring up the constables and tell them he was going to murder people?  These terrorists are not stupid.  They know all the tactics for fooling the government and victims they plan to murder.


Nonetheless, officials will be braced for questions over what they knew about the assailant and decisions taken when he first appeared on the radar.


Mrs May’s statement came after armed police arrested eight people and raided six properties in London and Birmingham, where three people were detained in a flat thought to gave been lived in by the killer.


Lots of action and nothing useful.  This is called ‘closing the barn doors after the horses bolt.’


In a statement from Downing Street, the Prime Minister said: ‘Any attempt to defeat those values through violence and terror is doomed to failure.


So far, it is a roaring success.  ISIS boasts about this and laughs.


‘(Thursday) morning, Parliament will meet as normal. We will come together as normal.

‘And Londoners – and others from around the world who have come here to visit this great city – will get up and go about their day as normal.


‘They will board their trains, they will leave their hotels, they will walk these streets, they will live their lives.


‘And we will all move forward together, never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.’


So, ignore the obvious dangers, go about doing ‘normal’ stuff…right.  We are at war here.  You don’t tell people to ‘ignore the danger’ when they are obviously very much in danger!  This is time to issue alerts.


If the rulers of Europe and the US want endless wars with endless Muslim males then they should say so.  And explain why without lying.  None of them mention Israel and the Jewish experiment in Nazi ethnic cleansing.


None of them mention Saudi Arabia which openly demands we all surrender to Allah’s armies.  Our ‘allies’!  Great.  No conversation about the choices being made by our rulers and why this is suicidal.


No discussion about obvious plans to impose Sharia law on all of us.  Our ‘liberals’ have embraced Sharia laws recently!  The screaming harridans from hell that rip a man’s face off if he looks at their armpits, are all purring like pussies when wearing burka US flags on their heads.


Meanwhile, our Rulers are plotting to start WWIII with Russia and China, two huge nuclear powers that can wipe us all out in a matter of minutes.  That is the real crime here.

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15 responses to “Anonymous Traitors Inside Spook World Release More Lies To Fake Media Operations: ‘Mockingbird’ Continues

  1. Claudeeyah

    So, ignore the obvious dangers, go about doing ‘normal’ stuff…right. We are at war here. You don’t tell people to ‘ignore the danger’ when they are obviously very much in danger! This is time to issue alerts.


    This is clearly May’s pathetic attempt to evoke the UK World War 2, “stiff upper lip, carry on, mates”, meme that Brits were given by Churchill. Only then, there really was an outside threat. This current threat is one that was welcomed with open arms and is continually given aid and comfort.

    I had my first “enlightenment” that this entire terrorist operation was a gigantic hoax manufactured by our own government back in 2001, when Bush the Younger climbed atop the rubble in Manhattan and told us citizens to……..go shopping! I remember thinking at the time, WTF?! Needless to say, these past sixteen years have been quite an awakening for me. Thanks for all you do here, Elaine. We owe you a debt of gratitude. I’ll also be placing some $ into your tip jar via Paypal.

  2. Christian W

    I was at the doctors waiting room recently here on Norway. The radio was on on the background. The news came up and had a bit about an American reporter saying how hard it was to work with Trump but the DC reporters were doing their best despite the circumstances.

    This was a little masterpiece of manipulation. The media painted themselves as victims and unfairly treated, Trump as a heavy handed buffoon behaving inappropriately.

    At the same time there was a TV screen showing the news feed with Russia and Syria as the bad guys.

    All this in Norwegian as part of the pro US NATO “Bilderberg” propaganda. People don’t even notice. much less question, how they are being manipulated. This propaganda is ubiquitous and non-stop.

    This is an example of how pervasive the CIA system is.

  3. Claudeeyah

    @Christian W.,

    This month I terminated the cable tv service in our home. Completely disgusted with the rot that comes out as “news”, not to mention the unending vulgarity and constant denigration of whites (white males in particular). So those bitches are no longer on my payroll to the tune of $140.00 each and every month. Guess they don’t want or need white crackas like me, seeing as how my extermination is this (((group’s))) ultimate goal. And they may well yet succeed, but not without plenty of pain, bloodshed, and money lost on their end. I kinda think the money lost hurts those (((folks))) the worst. 🙂

  4. Jim R

    In other news, Wikileaks has just released its second installment of Vault 7,

    Apparently Apple has been collaborating with the CIA. Not a surprise if you’ve paid attention…

  5. Lou

    EMS mentioned that Bezos and Zuck are ‘in’ with government.
    In 500 words or less, what is V7 and what is in it?

  6. Jim R

    V7 is the documentation for a yuuuge collection of malicious software tools. (Supposedly the tools themselves showed up on the darkweb for sale a couple years ago.)
    The documentation is important because it tells you what all that weird software does, and how they run it. Wikileaks has not released the executable code.

  7. Yes, Wikileaks is showing the depths of all this spying. And that is scratching the surface. Look, I grew up inside that system and did successful spying/manipulating events/doing stuff that poked the President in the eyeball…and I had little trouble doing this.

    We have been SURROUNDED by this goofy business since WWII. It began back then! It tripped up a bit in 1974 but after they got rid of Jimmy Carter who was a friend of my father, very much…after that, it rebuilt itself when Bush Sr. became VP and working president after the assassination attempt by a Bush family friend…who never went to prison was in a HOSPITAL and now is OUT in the streets again….good lord.

  8. Nani

    This “let’s blame everything on Russia” tactic has reached hysteric levels. It makes America appear like a stupid country, or as Putin put it; “a banana republic”. Many European politicians and media people blames everything on Russia too.

    They seem incapable of understanding that it is they themselves who are the problem. I have no sympathy with these people. They are traitors of the worst kind, and when the day of reckoning comes, they should get the most severe punishments.

  9. Christian W

    Microsoft (Windows) too I am sure has always been part of the spying. There is a reason the US government always has been anti-Linux and open source approaches and bullying for the secret codes.

  10. Christian W

    They seem incapable of understanding that it is they themselves who are the problem.

    They know everything. Blaming Russia is just a red herring to distract from their crimes and misrule.

  11. Jim R

    Christian, Linux is no longer a guarantee against malicious software attacks. They have ‘tools’ for that, too.

  12. Maddie's Mom

    We also terminated cable tv this month. Absolutely worthless.
    Hubby bought an antenna and set up free tv. Ha! There isn’t a lot to watch (25 channels, including locals) but there wasn’t much to watch on cable either and he finally tired of channel surfing every evening..we can put $112/mo to better use.
    Americans are so stupid. smh…

  13. emsnews

    Wikileaks had yet another release today, this one about how Apple let someone in the CIA/NSA design a device to put on the computer which then SPIES on ALL the electronic equipment! Isn’t that loverly?

  14. Claudeeyah

    @Maddie’s Mom,

    Same here! I could give two figs about tv in general, but it’s March Madness Time and it existed before I existed (in our relationship), so we have the robo sticks (sic?). As for me, I am happily rid of the parasitic garbage the (((rulers))) toss at us as entertainment. Cheers to you and your family, Maddie’s Mom!!!

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