Nunes Admits Obama And Gang DID Spy On Trump After All!

Raw Sewer Story has this today, Dem. Rep. Shiff whining about the Nunes meeting with Trump and the admission about spying being true.  Yes, anyone exposing the obvious lies of the DNC/RNC bosses is attacked.  The media storyline remains stubbornly that the evil thing is Trump talking to…foreign leaders!  And not the DNC tools eavesdropping our President illegally.


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday at the White House, briefing him on information collected as part of the committee’s investigation into surveillance of the Trump team between Election Day and Inauguration Day.


I suspect that Nunes doesn’t want to be dragged into the traps being set.  As I said before, these traps take TIME…I have participated in a trap which my opponents tripped into in their anxiety to harm me ended up destroying all of them utterly.


The fact that a top Republican has broken ranks and told Trump some of the truth is very significant.  Naked fear is a big motivator here.  The communications of the anti-Trump conspirators is probably ongoing and will reveal it all in a matter of months.  This takes time if legality is followed.


I am certain how this will all end: many Democrats will be singing to throw each other under the bus, singing like songbirds when cornered.


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) — a top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee — released a statement Wednesday afternoon expressing “grave concerns” that “a credible investigation cannot be conducted” after the Chairman provided information to the White House.


Dear Congressman Schiff: being in California won’t save your hide, you better leave the country for a long vacation.  Of course, he won’t which will be very amusing in the coming months.


Yes, Nunes had to admit Trump was correct about being spied on, only the excuse NOW is, ‘it was sort of accidental.’ HAHAHA.  He is scared, I would suggest he read my little blog, I have a rich history in this sort of fun hard ball games.


Oh, when they played hardball with me, they actually threatened to kill me.  And then wept before the judges claiming they were innocent babies who were scared, not thugs using goons to attack people who irritated them.


These people are THUGS.  They are vicious and cruel and they hope to have President Trump MURDERED.  This naked aggression is their own undoing.  Can anyone imagine ‘We have our ways’ Senator of NY crying like a baby that he was only ‘playing games, nothing mean’?


 U.S. intelligence agencies picked up communications involving members of the Trump transition team late last year and reports of the conversations were circulated within the government, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday.


Why didn’t he admit this a couple days ago?  The media giants spent a lot of fun time lying about this and claiming Trump is stupid or delusional.  Well, they are stupid and delusional.


“I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions, the intelligence community collected information on U.S. individuals involved in the Trump transition,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) told reporters.


It was A GREAT DEAL OF TAPPING and spying.  Not one or two or ten but thousands of times they spied on the future and present President of the USA.


The eavesdropping appears to have been legal and inadvertently picked up Trump associates because they were communicating with individuals under government surveillance, Nunes suggested.


Obama is tangled up in all this, I would suggest he take golf vacations in China from now on.


The Democratic female head of the Federal Election Commission has accused President Trump of threatening democracy with his unproven allegations of voter fraud and asked him to show his evidence if he has any.  Yes, the fake news media continues with this childish propaganda.


Ellen Weintraub, a Democrat who leads the agency, sent him a scathing letter Wednesday, calling on the president to produce evidence that illegal ballots were cast in last year’s election.


“This allegation of a vast conspiracy … has deeply disturbed citizens throughout America,” the letter said. “Our democracy depends on the American people’s faith in our elections. Your voter fraud allegations run the risk of undermining that faith.”


Dear lady: we are very disturbed by you and your buddies lying, cheating, stealing, paying or protecting vicious attackers on opponents, letting in millions of illegal alien criminals, letting them vote, the list of crimes is long and growing longer by the day.


Time to arrest a lot of people, right?  Your wish for action will be coming true by summer.

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5 responses to “Nunes Admits Obama And Gang DID Spy On Trump After All!

  1. Tom

    HAHA Elaine you have to see this:
    BACKLASH: Students have figured out that WHITE JEWS are “privileged” 10X as much as “white males” are privileged.

  2. Tom

    Stolen Secret Service Laptop Contained Critical PizzaGate Evidence

  3. Lou

    #1–Tom, how did you find that?

    I have read that 1 in 2 ((( ))) in USA [I assume of a certain age]
    are millionaires.

  4. Lou

    #2–I guess the information is on many computers.

  5. emsnews

    Obama and his gang splashed ALL the top secret information ALL OVER just days before Trump ‘took over’. This was a crime to bury the trail of the criminals inside the CIA/NSA/FBI.

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