Alex Jones Must Apologize For Pizza Gate Nonsense

Interesting stuff here: Alex Jones, a person of ‘interest’ to be eliminated by the leftists, has gotten in trouble over ‘Pizza Gate’ stuff.  I recall all that hooey about the Pizza emails which is why I seldom talked about it.  Now, people who posted big stories about it are evidently being sued.

Keeping news as real as possible is very tricky.  We all live in this open sewer called ‘fake news’ and then there are many leaks and some of these leaks reveal the truth and some are questionable.  Navigating in all this is like exploring the sewers under Paris.


Actually, I learned when in Europe back in 1968, that the storm sewer systems were great places to transit under streets…ahem.  When I swam the Rhine to get out of France, it was literally an open sewer and it ruined my dress, too.


Yuck.  Well, we are in the grip of a situation where knives are out, plots are thickening, no one in DC seems to understand…HAHAHA…how our Spook State operates and NO ONE mentions the Bilderberg gang or the interlocking operations going back in time to at least 200 years ago…I remember Geronimo’s skull.


That business was very, very real.  It also didn’t make hardly any news.  People I knew in Arizona in the high levels of the political establishment got involved in Geronimo’s skull which the Skull and Bones held thanks to Bush Sr.’s father and Cheney’s father stole in Arizona from the graveyard where Geronimo was laid to rest.


The Apache tribe was pushing very hard for this to be returned.  When the Bush clan gave a skull to the Apaches, they took it to the University of Arizona and a professor who I used to hang out with, determined it was a CHILD’S SKULL.


The Apaches were very angry about all this and gave it to the Skull and Bones and asked again, for Geronimo’s skull.  It was not returned so McDonald talked to me about this and I did a ‘contact at the Gates of Death’ visit to find out more for the Tribe and learned that Geronimo was greatly enjoying his position at the S&B crypt because…THEY WERE DESTROYING THE USA.


Yes, happy times for Him!  I told the Apaches this information and they went silent.  The US media asked no questions and did no follow up stories when all things stopped suddenly.


No one talks about all this anymore.  With one exception: when bin Laden was killed by US forces, they pretended they threw his body into the ocean which made zero sense.


I wrote back then, this was because the skull was cut from the corpse and removed and if they showed up with a body and NO HEAD there would be embarrassing questions!  So they dumped it.  This was, by the way, a CRIME.


The assassination wasn’t legal, either.  The removal of the head to use for secret black magic ceremonies was certainly highly criminal.  So, what about today?


Well, with all this black magic junk practiced by many Presidents and failed candidates like Skull and Bones Kerry, people who run the very top of our government, playing GAMES with SKULLS…is disgusting and evil.


And they get away with all this.  The Pizza Gate stuff echoes this Skull and Bones depravity but it was a trap: they knew this sounded similar and now can hammer people for being fooled but they didn’t fool me.


They DO practice Black Magic.  They use some of this from my own ancestors and it is very bothersome for me.  Every time they use it, I feel it.  Well, they are using it right now.


We are nearly into the April 15th Grand Black Magic night when the idiots who join the Skull and Bones do their worst.  And I will be watching, as always, the Watchers certainly keep track of everything, they love idling about the Portal, they are quite vulture in nature.  Mmmm…dead things!


What a funny world this is!  Alex Jones is an outsider and can be sucked into these things very easily, navigating the Outer Darkness is highly dangerous and difficult.  I do not recommend this to anyone.  I have been there only because I was born to be there and it is very connected to all the times I get hit by lightning bolts: not a fun activity, I assure everyone.


We have to be honest, good and very, very careful, those of us who can ‘see’ the ‘unseen’.  Because attached to all this is Libra, the one who judges all of us and She is very scary indeed.  Do not lie in Her face!


Also, remember: what is in the news is the tip of the iceberg. Very little real news makes it to the ‘news’ and lots of fake news is used instead since this is all about controlling humans, not enlightening anyone, far from it.



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25 responses to “Alex Jones Must Apologize For Pizza Gate Nonsense

  1. Nani

    The Canadian House of Commons has passed motion M103 which singles out the criticism of Islam as a form of “Islamophobia”. Critics condemn it as an attack on free speech.

    This is already the reality in several European countries, where posting something critical of islam og migrants on Facebook or twitter can lead to criminal prosecution.

    Once again, the US with its First Amendment that guarantees free speech, stands as a beacon of light among western nations now. Never allow any one to take this away from you.

  2. floridasandy

    we are doing our best, Nani.

    Wish us luck!

  3. melponeme_k

    What they do is so naked, so gratuitous and foolhardy that even non magically inclined people can see it.

    I did a reading on the night of the Netherlands vote, early in the night with the Morgan Greer. 7 cards, Smack dab in the middle was the Devil. It scared the Bejeepers out me. I knew then, they did their little voodoo dances and would win.

    As far as Jones goes, I saw several videos where he stated there is no proof of the pizzagate and he controlled how it was discussed on his show. But even the few times he did, it will probably be used against him.

  4. KHS71

    I put this issue right down there with the Russian involvement in the election. Both are false and are being kept alive to distract the public from all the real issues.

  5. melponeme_k

    Speaking about dancing. I highly doubt our creaky old skully cretins can match the power of the Philosophical King.

    Imagine the ego it took to get up there in front of the peerage to perform physical, alchemical transformative magic right in front of them.

  6. Lou

    Alex should have discussed Podestas ‘Art’ collection and stayed with that topic.

  7. Lou

    David Brock had a heart attack and I didnt find any information online of
    Lawsuits [plural] related to pedo gate.

    I did find this,

  8. tio

    I found this interesting.

    The Deep State’s Dominant Narratives and Authority Are Crumbling

  9. emsnews

    Yes, in Africa, everything is reverting back to the way it was before the Europeans conquered it.

  10. Lou

    Africa, is reverting back to the way it was

    DNA is very powerful.
    For those who want the truth, there is a free book, ‘Negroes in Negroeland.’

    Alarming, what Blacks are really like, without YT [whitey].

  11. Jim R

    About 200 years ago, the population of Africa was kept in check by parasites and disease. Not a pretty thing to look at, but that’s the way it was.

    The people of Africa never had to struggle to find food, they could just go clobber something with a rock. And evolution selected the ones who had the best immune systems, and those who could sing, dance, and tell stories — the same sort of selection that works in many bird species. A potential mate would exhibit fitness with a show of unnecessary activity.

    People who lived in colder climates had to plan and scheme and prepare for winter — they had to be clever, and know how to make things. Had to keep going when there were not edible animal running around and the land covered with snow for months at a time. They developed calendars and astronomy to figure out when the next winter would come. And agriculture, domesticating plants and animals. Reproductive fitness was based on making it through the winter.

    Ever-so politically incorrect to say stuff like that, but s’true!

  12. Wish the PC educators would explain why when I was in grade school they took away the Lords Pray but now they are teaching the kids the Muslim religion?

  13. The kids should ask to do jihad stuff in school. Solves everything.

  14. Lou

    Jim R, as a fan of Evolutionary Psychology, I never thought of the ‘Bird Angle.’

    Check free ebook–‘Negroes in Negroland.’
    What an eye opener.

  15. Lou

    “Poodle Effect”. A timber wolf and a Toy Poodle have the same genetics. In fact, you can breed to each other, and obtain fertile offspring
    The wolf is the result of millions of years of evolutionary hammering – every weakling stamped out, every genetic mistake fatally punished.

    A Toy poodle would die within days if deprived of man’s care. It can only survive, cossetted and protected, indoors. Flaws and mistakes are allowed to survive, are even encouraged for aesthetic reasons. The result is weak, funny-looking and unable to survive in nature.

    When a society reaches the pinnacle, and starts to think itself invincible, it always enters the “poodle phase”. It becomes weaker and more deformed, but suffers no penalty.
    Then one day it meets the wolves.

  16. Lou

    I did listen to some of A Jones’s ‘apology’—his mea culpa.
    ‘Comments disabled.’

  17. Jim R

    They must have threatened him. With what, I have no idea, perhaps ‘accident’?

    “Nice show youse got dere. Be a shame if sumpin’ wuz ta happen to it.”

  18. Yes, he was threatened. The Rulers are talking about him a great deal, he is all over the news, they hate his guts and want to be rid of him. He thought this was amazing and wonderful.

    Nope. It is preparation for destroying him. They have a fantastic record for ridding themselves of people that annoy them. I don’t make any news…EVER.

    Invisible even when doing really ‘right in your face’ stuff like when I camped out in Midtown Manhattan next to the UN for a MONTH…nope…never a peep in the Fake News systems.

    But Alex is all over the news now and when will his ‘traffic accident’ happen? He and Trump are both on the same boat, you know.

  19. His Site was basically TEXT only for a few weeks across the globe…finally came back
    They put a block on his site, almost like saying it’s Spam

  20. Lou

    This is sick, be forewarned;

  21. Lou

    A new potential lead in the PizzaGate investigation has been censored by reddit, after a post titled “Art in Embassies Program Gave Podestas, Jeff Koons, Rockefellers, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Rothschilds even Alefantis access to a private shipping channel that could bypass airport security” was suddenly removed after being widely upvoted. The original post is still on voat. I suggest people share this video and archive the information before it possibly gets removed too.

    largest pedophile smut smuggling ring in history RAI Italian television reported on it for 1 night. ..the next day the reporters were forced to resign because they correctly reported that the leaders of the ring were all jewish. …English media reported them as “russian gangsters ” and the American media never reported on it .
    Canada had a similar situation that wasn’t publicized. .. I also remember a group in NY got busted selling body parts.

  22. Yes, our dear ‘dark news’ business. Much of what goes on doesn’t make the ‘news’. I am living proof of this. I am always happy when people figure out that the ‘news’ is only what our Real Rulers want everyone to know.

    Thank god for the internet where we can at least see some real news from elsewhere.

  23. Christian W

    Norwegian police recently busted a giant international pedophile ring, by far the largest such bust in Norwegian history. Disappeared out of the news cycle in no time.

    Also, Norway has invaded Syria. Norwegian Special Forces have officially invaded Syria from Jordan. How stupid, but very Norwegian elites atm. They just can’t stop kissing US/Israeli butt. Never seen such desperate subservience in my life.

  24. Lou

    You gotta check out Katy Perry’s videos “Chained to the Rhythm”, “Bon Appetit”, and “This Is How We Do”. They are all absolutely chock full of NWO symbolism, propaganda, and disgustingness.

    There is a lot of pedophilia symbolism in “This is How we Do”, there is cannabalism propaganda (it’s not even subtle at all) as well as Rothschild symbolism in the video “Bon Appetit” and there is pro-war, pro-death, pro-poverty NWO propaganda in her video “Chained to the Rhythm”.

    She sold her Soul for fame and fortune – Bon Appetite, her latest video showing her being flowered and prepped on the Pizza board being shoved in the oven. Standing in the shadows are the Elderely rich Elites licking thier chops. Art, ? no excuse, predictive programming Id say, just way overboard Satanism, argue that !!

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