NATO Populations Told To ‘Be Brave, Keep Working, Suck It Up’ After Every Terror Attack

The latest terrorist attack in London has many people scared but then, this is called ‘bringing the war home’ or ‘an invasion’. That is, simultaneously NATO and Israel and Saudi Arabia are ripping apart and destroying much more liberal Muslim dictatorships than Saudi Arabia which is a vicious dictatorship that is rivaled only by North Korea’s nasty rulers. The video above discusses the futility of instructions given to populations of NATO countries that caused all these wars sending millions of angry Muslim males into NATO nations where they turn around and attack us all at home.


The way this insane multi-war religious mess is being run is obvious to me: imagine WWI and WWII and our governments telling us it is OK for Japan or Germany, say, to have their supporters in our own countries, continuously attacking and killing thousands of us openly.


Telling us all to bring in MORE hostile fighters? Telling us, Japanese male soldiers have a right to move to California and blow us all up or run us over deliberately? And then move in more Japanese males to do even more attacks?


How about telling us, ‘Of course, German nationals who were born in the US and England should be allowed to run riot and kill us!’ And then demand more German men be brought it to continue attacking us from within. And these men would scream ‘Heil Hitler!’ while murdering citizens in the capital, right next to Parliament while these screaming Nazis try to break in so they can kill representatives in Parliament?


How insane is all this! Either we are at war with Islam or we are not at war. If so, we must withdraw all military from all Muslim nations. If we are at war, is it a religious war?


The Muslims, themselves, believe this is totally a multi-facet religious wars. Islam is not uniform at all. Various factions of this religion are at war with each other off and on just like Christians who fought some of the most violent wars with each other for over 1,000 years.


Just recently, bombings and terror attacks in the British Isles were fueled by Catholics of Ireland demanding Britain withdraw from Northern Ireland. How was this fixed?


Countries suffering from terror attacks has shot upwards since 9/11:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 7.04.55 AM.png

Obviously, we ended up in serious trouble after Saudis attacked us on 9/11: their involvement was concealed by Bush/Cheney and our media giants all of whom are Zionists who then redirected public fury against a totally innocent bystander, Iraq.


The illegal invasion remains as one of the major war crimes since the Vietnam War.  The criminals were never brought to trial, nay, they gained more power thanks to this crime and this crime has spawned the monster we battle today as it is what caused ISIS to grow out of thin air, thanks to our illicit attack on Saddam.


In the West, ‘lone wolf’ attacks account for 70% of all terrorist deaths since 2006. The majority of these incidents were attributed to a mixture of right wing extremists, nationalists, anti-government elements and other times of political extremism, rather than Islamic fundamentalism…Previous research has already indicated 26 fighters have left Ireland to join Syrian rebels.


Note how this article and graph I am using is talking about how terrorism has other participants.  Yes, note how the overthrow of an elected leader in Ukraine led to continuous wars there.  NATO wanted to expand despite promising Russia NATO would never, ever expand.


This fight will continue until NATO finishes collapsing for it will collapse.  The US public is tiring of all this. All we get is more terror attacks and bigger bills to pay for everything while the EU refuses to pay even a pittance of the overhead costs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 7.09.18 AM.png

Many Americans voted for Trump because he said he would secure our borders.  Clinton demanded we import more Muslim men to terrorize us.  This simple item is what is propelling EU voters to go to the far right.  They want to be protected, not attacked at home.


Of course, if we go off spreading wars, we will be attacked at home and NATO is demanding wars not just with much of the more liberal Muslim leaders (almost none are left!) but also WAR WITH NUCLEAR RUSSIA.


This suicidal push by our rulers baffles me.  Don’t they understand, they will be annihilated in this war?  They won’t be in their bunkers on distant islands, etc.  They will be in London, New York City,  LA, Paris, Berlin when it hits.  They get bored, sitting in their vast estates in various hidey holes.  They can’t help but go out to show off.


Stupid people.  I deliberately moved to my distant mountain up here where it is often cold and unpleasant.  It is also very safe!  These clowns are too stupid to follow their own instructions.  Good lord, are they dumb.  And the Muslim men are also hunting them down, too.  They are ‘fair game’ with lots of loot to steal.  Duh.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png


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6 responses to “NATO Populations Told To ‘Be Brave, Keep Working, Suck It Up’ After Every Terror Attack

  1. tio
    “The man who served as former president George W Bush’s most senior ethics lawyer has suggested that the FBI is “uncovering evidence of treason” by far right US news websites over their links with Russia.”
    Приди тихо и никто не пострадает .. HA!
    “In short, Washington is doing everything in its power to prevent Russia and Europe from merging into the world’s biggest free trade zone that will be the center of global growth and prosperity for the next century.

    This is why the US State Department joined with the CIA to topple the elected government of Ukraine in 2014. Washington hoped that by annexing a vital landbridge between the EU and Asia, US powerbrokers could control critical pipeline corridors that are drawing the two continents closer together into an alliance that will exclude the United States.

    It’s a matter of life and death.”

    I’m going into the garden to do you know what.

  2. floridasandy

    Europe is breaking up, not merging with anybody. Those people need to get a clue. The rest of the EU is now threatening Britain to try and make them comply “before it’s too late”. France may choose to leave the EU also. Le Pen will be under a lot of heat before the election.

    our own leaders Clinton, Bush, and Obama, were equally clueless. Ann Coulter had a good paragraph today:

    After nearly 1 million Rwandans were murdered by other Rwandans in 1994, our government asked itself: Why not bring more of this fascinating Rwandan culture to America? Ten thousand of them poured in. So far, nearly 400 have been convicted in the United States of lying on visa applications about their role in the genocide.

    They are not interested in making America stronger, DUH! They want us to be weaker-to level the playing field I guess or because they were paid to do so. Remember, Clinton was president then and Hillary said they had no money when they left the White House. WikiLeaks has been a treasure trove of information on money changing hands.

  3. Nani

    Telling people that they have to get used to live with terrorism is total lunacy. We are being told this every day now here in Europe by our media and our politicians. This is making people very, very angry.

    ‘Murderer!’ Mourners boo French PM Manuel Valls over his failure to prevent terror attacks

    Read more:
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  4. We are in graver danger now than right before 9/11. And the desperadoes in our Congress and CIA, etc. are freaking out and will attack us again and again until people figure out what ‘treason’ means.

  5. Lou

    Fla Andy, Africans are also into Voodoo and cannibalism. Africans. Not just they who dwell in Africa.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5 Lou: Used to work at a Fortune 500 Corp. People from all backgrounds worked there. One of my ‘co-workers’ was from Haiti. She kept an actual VooDoo doll on her desk. It had the stick pins and everything. The doll itself was marked so you could attack your enemies most vulnerable points. You know, if you wanted to cause your enemy a little foot pain ya jab the Voo Doo doll in the foot. If a major problem for your enemy is desired, you stab them in the heart. And so on. And so on. This sounds like something the Bush clan would be in to.

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