Pope Is The Mule: Wishing To Enslave People Into Huge Empire

Just as right wing nationalists demonstrate against the EU, the Pope goes to his balcony to deliver this message from his Bilderberg buddies:  Pope Francis the talking Mule orders Europeans to obey the Brussels unelected EU Bilderberg rulers or they will all go to hell.  Sovereignty is verboten in Europe!  They will have to keep the front and back doors open to aliens or else.

From last year, leftists and Muslims attack citizens demonstrating for sovereignty.

Across Europe, slowly but relentlessly, citizens who allowed millions and millions of illegal aliens to storm their borders and destroy their cities are rising up.  For the first years of this invasion, citizens exited their capital cities and other major cities which were being destroyed anyways by free trade, and moved to the countryside.


But now that it is crystal clear that doing this is suicidal, they are now turning and just beginning to fight back.  It may be too late.  In some countries like Germany and Sweden, the will to fight back has been so suppressed, they are helpless lambs in the grip of wolves and thus, will be dispatched.


The Pope is the Mule.  In Asimov’s Foundation series, the Mule would ‘entertain’ people and enslave their minds this way and have them all joi into his ’empire’ as mental constructs with no free will.


Here is the Mule discussing why the Empire must control all that we think, say and do:


Solidarity is “the most effective antidote to modern forms of populism,” Pope Francis told European Union leaders Friday, in a politically charged speech denouncing nationalism as a modern form of selfishness.


Yes, Freedom is Slavery.  And Solidarity stops Popularity.  What?  HAHAHA.  OK: all magic depends on tricking people, up is down and in is out and everything is widdershins…that is black magic.


So, the Mule lives in what is one of the oldest and biggest palaces on earth…and he tells us how to live in our little hovels.  Got it.

In his address to more than 20 European heads of state assembled in Rome for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome that marked the beginning of the European Economic Community (EEC), the Pope advocated a stronger, consolidated Europe against the rising tide of populist movements.


The people the Mule Pope is addressing are the Bilderberg gangsters who started an EEC trade region and then relentlessly seized more and more power until it overrode all national borders and then the result was, no one had any way of stopping invaders.  Then the EU Bilderberg gang moved in millions of hostile illegal aliens and began their program of crushing citizens’ rights.


The pontiff contrasted solidarity, which draw us “closer to our neighbors,” with populism, which is “the fruit of an egotism that hems people in and prevents them from overcoming and ‘looking beyond’ their own narrow vision.”


When the Bilderberg gang destroyed sovereignty and borders, they told EU serfs, they can move anywhere so many retired from colder northern countries to warmer southern countries.  They loved doing this, the natives of these regions, not so happy.


The EU rulers depend on this floating population to squelch any nationalism.  It will fail in the end, these outsiders will end up being driven out of all the host countries in the bitter end for this is a battle over life and death going on.  People aren’t going to say, ‘Oh well, I wil just live with this forever and be utterly miserable and have people attack me day and night!’


“There is a need to start thinking once again as Europeans,” Francis said, “so as to avert the opposite dangers of a dreary uniformity or the triumph of particularisms.”


This statement is insane.  It makes no sense.  The Mule wants total uniformity, all are the same, nationalism is evil. So where is this ‘dreary uniformity’?  Oh…ISLAM!  Everyone Muslim must dress and think and act the same.


Islam is at war with itself because various sects of Muslim belief hate each other for they all want all humans to think, dress and act the same! They get into very violent wars over this.


“Politics needs this kind of leadership, which avoids appealing to emotions to gain consent, but instead, in a spirit of solidarity and subsidiarity, devises policies that can make the Union as a whole develop harmoniously,” he added.


I believe that the Mule has been a Marxist in the past.  He is from South America, after all, and many a nation there has been wrecked totally by Marxism.


This union will only be lasting and successful if the common will of Europe “proves more powerful than the will of individual nations,” Francis said, quoting the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.


There it is in all its Marxist revolutionary ideology.  ‘The common will’ doesn’t exist.  It is what dictators embody,  the ‘will of the people’ is individual and freely participated, not some will at the top of the pyramid dictating what happens.


While recognizing that “one frequently has the sense that there is a growing ‘split’ between the citizenry and the European institutions, which are often perceived as distant and inattentive to the different sensibilities present in the Union,” Francis nonetheless continued to advocate for a strong European Union over a shift toward greater decision making at the national level.


Duh.  This is all about the dictates of a handful of very evil people who are systematically enslaving Europe, ripping it apart in each country by injecting millions and millions of angry young men who are aliens with a totally different belief systems, philosophy, religion and work ethic (none) etc.


These invaders are now making many cities dangerous and uninhabitable forcing populations into the countryside.  This is happening very much in the US, too.  The recent election was ‘are you pro-illegal alien invasion or anti-illegal invasion?’


“Today the European Union needs to recover the sense of being primarily a ‘community’ of persons and peoples, to realize that ‘the whole is greater than the part, but it is also greater than the sum of its parts,’” he said.


It is obvious the Mule is a Marxist communist.  The Bilderberg gang wanted him to take over the Vatican to preach to the People that they must be enslaved to make the Machine more powerful.  ‘Greater than the sum of its parts’ is most interesting.


The Collective Hive Mind of the Mule is a gigantic war machine.  With it, the Real Rulers plan to take over the world.  Isn’t that utterly insane?  So the Little People who are being shoved into hovels must obey the orders of the Real Rulers.  These, in turn, can hide from everyone just like the Mule in the Foundation series.


Will the European people figure this out?  Time is literally running out on them surviving.  Their cities will soon be blasted ruins like here in the US.  Every city will be Detroit!  Do you all want this?


Note the desperation of our Real Rulers over here, attacking President Trump nonstop, in total hysterics to get rid of him and his pesky popularism.  This fury is growing greater and greater.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.04.59 AM.png

The above story came in as I was writing this article.  The police are saying it is not ‘terror related’ because it is merely illegal aliens who are Muslims, shooting at each other.  Duh.  This happens all the time because Muslims hate each other if they are from different sects.


Today, leftists are marching for the Mule in London, they do this regularly, demanding Brexit be stopped so they can continue their invasion.Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 8.30.05 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png



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22 responses to “Pope Is The Mule: Wishing To Enslave People Into Huge Empire

  1. Lou

    Across USA, slowly but relentlessly, millions and millions of illegal aliens storm borders and destroy cities— [fixed that].

  2. Lou

    To underscore my point, at racist SBPDL, I found;

    Anonymous said…

    I was lucky in October, 2001 to move from Battery City ,N.Y. to a small suburb of St.Louis,Mo.
    Where i moved was 99 percent white. Quiet.

    No terrorists of any color. 16 years later the apartment complex behind me is half little Syria.

    Now it is garbage every where. The muddets come out around noon and i sometimes work from home. i hear arguments that lead to the Police being called.

    Every day these foreign people get off the bus from the airport now to the ‘j’ community center. This “community”is predominately Jewish. So am i . But i am not a pacifist liberal who wants to let the whole world in for free.

  3. Lou

    Up North—

    20 years ago in Canada, entering the Parliament buildings was as simple as offering a smile and a wave.
    Come in the visitor door, wait in the foyer for a shiny young tour guide to arrive and take the tour.
    No visible security protocol at all.
    Now, one faces a full search, scan and often a pat down, with a half hour long queue.

    [Some Sikh was caught planning on bombing the place].

  4. Tim Erickson

    Wonder how many refugees are being let into Vatican City? A little violence in the Popes back yard might wake him up to what really is going on.

  5. Jim R

    I don’t think the Pope quite makes it to the level of the Mule. He’s just not that smart. He seems to be more like reading a script. The real Mule did not need a script.

    Remember the Mule represented the end of Psychohistory. The predictions ended with him, and people were on their own after…

    This Pope is more like just the end of the Church.

    And of course the Church supports and encourages this insanity. After all, this is the same Church that has been on both sides of every war in Europe for the last 1500 years.

  6. Nani

    Russian lawmaker compares European Union to Soviet Union


    Russia’s State Duma Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said that the policies pursued by the EU had no future

    “Today, the European Union is reminiscent of the Soviet Union nearing its collapse, when not a single decision could be made without consulting with the supreme authorities, while the bureaucratic machine did not take into account any national interests. We all know what it led to,” Tolstoy said.

  7. Christian W

    Supreme friend and bestest ally of the US in action:

  8. Christian W

    Trump’s Secretary of Offense Gen. Mattis: Iraq will remain under US military occupation.


  9. floridasandy

    Trump will not be Saudi Arabia’s poodle, like Obama was. The pipeline will be up and running, and create jobs for both the US and Canada.

    The Saudi leaders better consider what kind of people they are creating with their public beheadings/beatings/stonings, etc,-because the chicken may come back to roost when the money slows down—-and it will

    The best thing the US has going is that Trump doesn’t need the money, so anything he does won’t be for the money. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that in this country before.

    Hopefully that will be a good thing.

    I do remember reading how the Catholic church cooperated with the Nazis during the rise of Nazi Germany, so their belongings wouldn’t be confiscated. The people who believe in God are good, maybe the church/mosque/temple leaders not so much sometimes.

  10. Christian W

    Trump will not be Saudi Arabia’s poodle

    Too late, he already is. Didn’t you see the meeting he had with the Saudi King Salman?

    It is Trump that is selling Saudi Arabia the weapons they need to kill the Yemeni people.

  11. melponeme_k

    The elitists, mostly black magicians, HATE mainstream religion. They destroyed mainline Protestantism by financing crazed sects that think Jesus will come back and float them into heaven. Then they installed their puppets into the vatican.

    One of the reasons that Russia makes them blow steam is because it also follows the completely separate and independent Orthodox Christianity. As long as Russia and the Orthodox Church survives, they will never gain full power.

  12. Christian W

    Putin and his supporters have a very deliberate strategy focusing on healthy marrige, jobs and families + the orthodox religion as a pillar of support for national identity, the family and the military. Also ‘normal’ sexuality is encouraged. Pretty much the complete opposite of the fare we are served here in the west.

  13. emsnews

    Trump hasn’t bowed to anyone yet. Obama did this ALL THE TIME. It was amazing and ridiculous and none of the mainstream media said a peep.

  14. Ken

    Christian @12,

    It would be ironic if Russia ends up being the salvation of Europe. All that they would have to do is be a staunch advocate of “Europe for the Europeans” and large segments of the population would welcome them with open arms.

  15. Nani

    Meanwhile in Asia, a region fraught with geopolitical tensions, i can observe an increased suspicion and even hostility towards westerners, as this article shows:

    Time to stop romanticizing white men

    I suppose the Chinese do have their reasons for having a grudge against the West.

  16. Christian W

    This isn’t about bowing, It is about sanity and human decency. Trump so far seems to be even more of butcher than Obama ramping up military operations, spending on the military and building up the military presence in Asia and the ME.

    There has been NO change in the US relationship towards Saudi Arabia after Trump became President, on the contrary things are seemingly warming up:


    Sample of the lunacy in this article: Fourth, the nature, content, and extent of U.S.-Saudi Arabia cooperation in counter-terrorism going forward has, understandably, remained high in the national strategic imperatives of both countries’ needs, concerns, and interests.


  17. Christian W

    @ 14 Ken

    That is basically Putin’s strategy and the Western elites hate him for it.

  18. Look, after Saudi Arabians attacked us on 9/11, we were told they were the best of allies. That was Bush Jr. and Cheney. Then Obama literally bowed and kow towed to them and then along comes Trump who isn’t servile nor has he given them free rein.

    He is doing business. NO ONE running for President wanted to be nasty to Israel or Saudi Arabia. Nor did I ever claim he would be this way with either.


    Trump did want better relations with Russia. I am all for this because WWIII will annihilate us. Trump is being shoved very very very hard into attacking Russia because our real rulers want this and they are not defeated at all, yet.

    Far from it. This is why we have to be vigilant and push hard against the WWIII warmongers. Can we do it?

  19. Jim R

    Where do we push? How?

  20. Flor

    Vatican Popes are the fallen Angels, wonder why he wears such a long weird hat?

    Because he has elongated head like the Paracas skulls’ they r demons, the created all the false religions, phony sects false political parties’


    Vatican Popes, Banquers like rotten Rothschild Monarchies have elongated heads’


    The Vatican is the most satanic terrorist organization on earth along with all its imperialists corporate lackeys’


    Not humanity’

    They do not do nothing for nations, they steal, loot , plunder, lie, torture, rape sacrifice humanity to Moloch’

    From Fritz Springmeiers Bloodlines of the illuminati.
    „Doris Duke of the illuminati Duke family was an heiress (at 12 years old) to the large
    tobacco fortune of the Duke family. She was the only child of American tobacco Co.
    founder James Buchanan Duke. Doris Duke, herself a member of the illuminati. Doris

    Duke had 5 houses (which have served as sites for illuminati rituals) – one in Beverly
    Hills CA (where she died), one in Hawaii (where she collected entire temples from
    occult sites around the world), one in central New Jersey, etc.. All of these five houses
    were staffed with servants..The bulk of Doris Duke‟s $1.2 billion estate went into
    foundations after she was ritually killed in a Beverly Hills by Illuminati on the `All

    Hallows (Halloween) ritual in 1993 where they cannibalized her body. To cover this
    ritual death, the news media made a lot of fan fare about the butler or her personal
    physician may have killed Dorris. The body was said to have been burned.
    The Illuminati method for killing a Grande Dame and passing her spiritual power
    on is done with reverence. At death, the last breath is inhaled by the replacement
    to transfer the power. There may be as many as 2,197 Grande Dames at such a
    coronation. The Grande Mothers (whose Systems are mistresses for Satan and
    hierarchy leaders) and the next rank, the Grande Dames, are often veiled in ritual
    and would wear robes with different colored lining. The different colors of linings
    show the different rankings. A typical Grande Mother’s vestment or robe is a
    black satin & velvet dress with a draped neckline, and ritual symbols down the
    center of the robe. After someone like Doris Duke willingly gives her life, her head
    is served on a silver platter at a banquet.



  21. Flor

    5 Reasons Vatican run by Reptilians #PaulVIAudienceHall #ThePope

    The Vatican along with its secret societies represent pure and absolute evil on earth and they mus be completely destroyed demolished with the truth’

    This Zion-Satanic system of plundering must be demolished destroyed annihilated with the truth because it is demonic diabolic satanic in extreme!!!

  22. Jim R

    Need to figure out where they go to molt and shed their skins…

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