ANTIFA Plans To Wear Burkas When Attacking Citizens

ANTIFA rioters discuss new tactics: dress up in Muslim women’s veils so if they fight Trump supporters, they can claim they are being sexually harassed.  This is only a proposal but many readers of this news hope they do try this tactic.


I hope they do this.  It will make a great video.  And do take BB guns.  This gives the police the right to shoot even in DNC run cities.  Except maybe Baltimore, Chicago, etc. those places, cops don’t shoot back anymore, they run.  Why fight when the cops are punished?


Here is a comment I understand…do not show off guns when rioting.

Martin stalion • 14 minutes ago
Read the segment of this idiot above closely. Buy a BB gun and spray paint it black ? It has been proven time and time again, if you present a BB gun, it is NOT required that the person you point it at or present it too has to hesitate and determine IF it is a BB gun. Come my way with your BB gun children, your next stop will be the morgue.

Guest • 17 minutes ago
If Patriots dress as Muzzies with fake beards then they can legally beat their hijab wearing women to a pulp.


The far left has been deliberately allowed to run riot for a year now and the plan to use them to intimidate Trump voters failed.  Instead of stopping this disorder, the DNC has decided to let it run onwards hoping Trump will be blamed for local disorders orchestrated by the DNC itself!


This is suicidal.  The backlash is still building.  And with media giants tearing away at Trump while DNC rioters attack citizens illegally in the streets, the next person running the US will be a much nastier person than Trump.  They will be someone who will annihilate the left, physically.


This historical force won’t end with a leftist revolution but the reverse since the people who want law and order also are heavily armed and waiting for someone to greenlight the crushing of leftist cities that host riots and criminals and illegal aliens.


This is why the DNC/illegal alien/inner city welfare troika is doomed to failure.  If it succeeds, the US will cease to exist because it will be bankrupt and overrun by criminals.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png


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28 responses to “ANTIFA Plans To Wear Burkas When Attacking Citizens

  1. floridasandy

    The far left will eventually self destruct with all their stupid ideas. I see their was violence at a pro Trump rally in California. (God bless the good ones still left in California-that’s an uphill battle). An anti Trump male fascist pepper sprayed a woman-SO CLASSY.

    They attack the very people they are pretending to represent. It’s pretty much over for their dumb asses.

  2. floridasandy

    All the Trump supporters would have to do is wear niqabs (?) too and confuse these idiots.

  3. melponeme_k

    Video about Muslim majority Xinjiang in China. The journalist was attempting to make the Chinese look bad. Instead, they reveal just what it takes to keep Muslim extremism under control both through police paramilitary techniques and culture war.

  4. Christian W

    @ # 3

    Yeah, and the CIA is there fueling the Muslim extremism as much as it can. There are thousands of these Uyghurs jihadis fighting in Syria for Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Turkish Army (NATO).

  5. melponeme_k

    @ Christian

    The CIA is not American any longer. It is a rogue agency that works for the elitists. They are not only supporting and funding Xinjiang but also the extremists in the U.S.A., Western Europe and in the Middle East. The C.I.A has been out of control since its inception in WWII. Elaine says as much.

    When are you going to understand that countries are being totally run over by people with no affiliation with any country and act as their own law? Simply because they have enough money to influence. Do you consider George Soros a citizen of any nation? Does he act like it? There are many more like him working in the shadows.

  6. Christian W

    Exactly. But the root of their power is the FED and the Pentagon.

  7. Christian W

    Trump is increasing the budget of the Pentagon even more. Trump is not stopping them, he is making them grow stronger.

  8. Christian W

    These shady elites grew out of the post-WWII anti-Soviet world order. The Petrodollar system made them powerful beyond anything seen before on this planet.

  9. Christian W

    Take away the Pentagon and the FED and what is left for them?

  10. melponeme_k

    Trump cannot make moves against the Pentagon, FED and CIA without proof. This isn’t the same world as when President Jackson strong armed the Judiciary. The elites have total control over the media. Yes, the alternate media is making headway but the elite media still reaches a majority and fills their ears with lies. They are just waiting for Trump to make any heavy moves so that they can start the next stage of their coup.

    That is why Trump does what he can by stealth. He just gave Paul Ryan enough rope to hang himself. He is now defanged if not deposed.

    As far as military funding, I am of the opinion that Trump will start to move more troops into the border region. That needs money. Especially since citizen volunteer paramilitary groups (like they have in Eastern Europe) will not be allowed to patrol the borders.

    The man is not even 100 days in office, he is isolated with a small group of loyalists. Fighting back takes time.

  11. Rand Paul is openly disputing with Ryan for leadership and I think he is going to win and I saw an interview where Trump said he wasn’t angry with Paul for refusing to cooperate with Ryan.

    So…I would say that there is open revolt in the GOP and Ryan is ‘NWO/Bilderberg’ and losing badly. I know that Rand Paul isn’t NWO.

  12. Christian W

    The infighting is about to become vicious. Remember it was FBI director Comey who just a few days before the election released information that was detrimental to the Hillary campaign. At the time he was accused of being partial to Trump:

    “The Domestic Conspiracy That Gave Trump The Election Is In Plain Sight”

    If Trump is serious about surviving his Presidency as an independent official for the US rather than the Deep State, now is the time to make significant moves against his adversaries.

  13. Christian W

    That is assuming he is/strives to be, an independent official, which is a rather huge leap of blind faith…

  14. Christian W

    Resent actual moves by Trump that belies any notion that he is trying to restrict the Pentagon:

    – Increase in the budget, not cuts
    – THAAD in North Korea
    – Military build up on the borders to Russia
    – Stepping up the bombing campaign in Mosul (note the media silence and compare to the wailing over Aleppos which was far less bloody in terms of civilan casualties)
    – further illegal military build up and invasion of Syria
    – increased bombing campaigns in Yemen
    – more arms sales to Saudi Arabia, even despite it’s well documented war of aggression against Yemen, a war the US is deeply involved in.
    – more Navy forces to the South China sea
    – suddenly bussom buddies with Saudi Arabia, despite sharp anti-Saudi rethoric during the election campaign.

    Other notable decisions:

    – pick a Deep State Hawk as ambassador to Russia
    – pick a sleazy pro-illegal settlement blazing Zionist as US ambassador(!) to Israel. Trump supports Illegal Aliens as long as they are Zionists.
    – pick a Hawk as secretary of Offense for the War Department
    – pick Goldman Sachs to run the finances

    Sorry but I see NO EVIDENCE Trump is serious about changing anything that matters about the corrupt US/elite system. He wants to micro manage some aspects of it, and he is clearly stepping on some toes, but that is about as far as it goes. Systemic overhaul? Nope.

  15. Christian W

    It’s good to be a war criminal in the US:

  16. Christian W

    Is Trump going to throw Wolfowitz et al in jail? I don’t think so, rather looks like he wants to join the club right? Except they don’t want him as member…

  17. tio

    “The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.”

    “Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”

    – Niccolò Machiavelli

  18. Nani

    Islam is like a wild horse that must be held tightly by the reins, otherwise it will run amok.. Countries like Russia and China understands this, and are therefore capable of keeping a lid on their muslim minorities.

    In the West, this is portrayed as evil; “Look how evil Russia and China are in their treatment of those poor muslims.” “We must not follow their example. Instead we must allow the muslims to do whatever they want to do, and give in to all their demands, just to prove to ourselves and the world how good and tolerant we are in comparison to evil regimes like Russia and China.”

    As the famous and brave Ayaan Hirsi Ali says, this submissiveness is perceived as weakness by the muslims.

  19. nclaughlin

    Rand Paul is a Senator, Ryan is a Congressman, so they are not in direct conflict. So who is going to replace Ryan? I suspect nobody wants that job!

  20. Christian W

    The US and Saudi Arabia are united at the hip. The Saudi kings are not Muslims, but use Wahhabism (and terrorism) as a political tool. There was not a single “Muslim terrorist” suicide bombing in Iraq until President George W. Bush blessed Iraq with democracy and freedom by invading in 2003. Shortly after the Saudis unleashed their suicide bomb squads to start the civil war. The UK played their part too. The SAS got caught with bombs once.

  21. Christian W

    The “Bilderbergs” are not aliens or foreigners, they are our own Western elites.

  22. Yes, the Bilderberg gang is a Brit/German/US elite construct build on this foundation of SECRET SOCIETIES with very murky ties to all sorts of crap.

    A very strong black magic bond, there, it irritates the hell out of me for when they use these ‘powers’ this is bothersome to me. I feel it in a great degree right now, we are very close to a major black magic moment: April 15th.

    The Skull and Bones will be doing their usual black magic that night. Since one of my own ancestors created the black magic, I can feel it whenever anyone opens that Portal to the Outer Darkness…I know they want to kill Trump very badly.

    They are calling all the Demonic to do this…using Geronimo and bin Laden’s skulls. I am stunned at the hubris here because no one stops this nauseating business. Nor the Bohemian Grove black magic, either. Or any of the Dark Arts…

  23. Flor

    The destruction of Alexandria Library and 911 are false flags to enslave humanity using fake religions false sects fake rulers using the Hegelian Dialectic: DIVIDE & CONQUER!

    Zion-Satanists have completely destroyed Euro America, they r raping the Middle East and Euro America at the same time, plundering stealing torturing lying confronting tribes from the East to the West’

    Because Zion-Satanists are detestable cowards liars, they r very, very afraid of Euro-Americans, BECAUSE IF EURO-AMERICA REBELS AGAINST THEM WHERE THESE SATANIC LIARS WILL MOVE?

    So instead the slaves unite and turn against the Vatican, against monarchies bankers slaves are killing one another confronting one another instead united and fight back the OPPRESSORS!



    Paper seems such an ordinary product today, but it has been fundemental to modern civilisation. 1,100 years ago people were manufacturing paper in Baghdad in Muslim Civilisation.

    It is believed that the secrets of Chinese paper making were passed on to the people of Baghdad around the year 751.

    Very quickly, the art of paper-making was refined and transformed into mass production by the mills of Baghdad. Some of the techniques employed in Baghdad included the use of linen as a substitute for thr bark of the mulberry which the Chinese used. This involved a more refined and improved method of production.

    This development facilitated the build of many paper mills in Baghdad from where the industry spread to Damascus which became the major source of supply of paper to Europe; and various other places around the world.

    After the industry flourished in Iraq, Syria and Palestine, it spread west. The first paper mill in Africa was built in Egypt around 850; then a paper mill was built in Morocco from where it reached Spain in 950. In 1293 the first paper mill in Bologna was set up. The first use of paper in England did not come until 1309, then Germany in the late stages of the 14th century. ……….

  24. Flor


    Amazing snapshots from Khiva (formally known as Khawarizm) in Uzbekistan. The birth place of the famous mathematician Al-Khawarizmi (780 – 850 CE). A prosperous centre of learning during the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation, it was also a key city on the Silk Road like Bukhara and Samarkand.

    Central Asia was a world centre of learning for centuries, and Khiva was no exception. Abū ‘Abdallāh Muḥammad ibn Mūsā Al-Khwārizm, a Persian scholar born around 780, is sometimes called the “grandfather of computer science” and is credited with popularising the use of the decimal point. In fact, the word “algebra” comes from his algebraic mathematical treatise, called Hisab al-Jabr w’al-muqabala (The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing). His legacy can be seen in the statue erected outside the West Gate.

    With a history stretching back more than 2,000 years, the Uzbekistani city of Khiva is a World Heritage Site packed full with the remains of palaces, mosques and mausoleums from the city’s Silk Road heyday. Surrounded by the Kyzylkum and Karakum deserts, the bustling oasis was the last stop for caravans on their way to Iran, carrying everything from paper, porcelain and spices to slaves, horses and fruit. Not only is history on display all around, but modern buildings have been harmoniously integrated, creating an urban composition that showcases Islamic architecture at its finest…

    Fascist authoritarian dictatorial czarist absolutist capitalist system have destroyed all Mother Civilizations turning human beings into useless beings just like Zion-Satanists/

    Zion_Satanists are useless con cheaters frauds criminaliars, beastliars and the have transferred all their Karma to humanity selling fake images of success while worshiping Satan, father & master of lies!!

  25. Flor

    Nezahualcoyotl was the king of Texcoco in the Aztec Empire for most of the 15th century, before the Spanish ever arrived in Mexico. His name means “Hungry Coyote,” and sometimes you’ll see him credited that way. (And it’s pronounced “nets-ah-wall-COY-oht”). He’s remembered for his conquests, his semi-monotheistic religion and renunciation of human sacrifice, his poetry, and his engineering innovations. However, some scholars maintain that his legendary status was purposefully invented by priests and native converts after the Spanish conquest.

    This, in short, was the story of Nezahualcoyotl’s life: He was born the prince of the city of Texcoco in 1402, during complex political times. Aztec cities were often at war with each other, and while there may have been a ritualistic component to it, contemporary sources take it extremely seriously. (Texcocans in particular are more properly called the Acolhua, but they’re part of the overall Aztec region and culture). Texcoco was conquered by another city when Nezahualcoyotl was young. He saw his father killed, but he escaped and went on the run, traveling around Mesoamerica for several years. He was popular with the people and had many influential friends, who eventually won him the right to live openly (if limitedly) in Tenochtitlan, and finally to move back to Texcoco since he hadn’t made any trouble. He then proceeded to reconquer Texcoco and rule it for 40 years.

    Texcotzingo was so impressive that Montezuma I insisted on having another enormous garden built for himself at Huaxtepec to keep up appearances. (Horticulture was a passion of the Aztec upper classes. Sometimes they demanded tribute in the form of rare plants, and there were laws against lower classes cultivating certain plants. It’s believed Europe got the idea for botanical gardens and zoos from the Aztecs). Apparently there’s an entire plant indigenous to Mexico called Nezahualcoyotlia gracilis, but its preferred name is Cranichis gracilis. I couldn’t find much more historical information on it.

    Even while he was carrying out these conquests and restructurings, Nezahualcoyotl was building his renown as an architect and engineer. He had actually started designing a royal family’s pleasure palace and the dike for Lake Texcoco while under house arrest in Tenochtitlan as a young man.

    Zion-Satanists are outright destroyers’ The have destroyed the most advanced civilizations on earth in order to build Babylonia empire of addictions on earth worshiping soulless gods on earth:

    Gold oil drugs demons devils diamonds dollars to purchase deadly corrupt earthly pleasures and foremost impunity!

    These Babylonian soulless gods have killed the souls of humanity the sleeping warrior inside of every human being’

    While whining complaining pointing fingers about other tribes who were completely destroyed from the root yanked and trashed to build fake nations with fake rulers who think they r gods on earth’

  26. Flor


    The professional who is specialized in the collection of all drugs, choosing the very best of each simple or compound, and in the preparation of good remedies from them following the most accurate methods and techniques as recommended by experts in the healing arts.” — Abu al-Rayan al-Biruni, c. 1045 CE

    Al-Biruni’s definition of the pharmacist could have been written today. Along the road from sympathetic magic and shamanism to scientific method, much trailblazing was carried out over a few centuries by scholars, alchemists, physicians and polymaths of the Muslim Middle East, and their rules, procedures and expectations are, to a great extent, practiced almost universally today.

    “By mid-century, the rise of Islam brought with it a new thirst for knowledge. This openness to discovery began the saving and, eventually, the expansion of much of what the classical world had lost. Nowhere was this truer than in the field of health, where medical practitioners took guidance from several hadiths (hah-DEETH), or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, such as this related by Bukhari: “God never inflicts a disease unless He makes a cure for it.” Similarly, Abu Darda narrated that the Prophet said, “God has sent down the disease and the cure, and He has appointed a cure for every disease, so treat yourselves medically.” Such words placed the responsibility for discovering cures squarely on the medical practitioner.

  27. emsnews

    Flor, I want you in the future to simply give a link and a short take on the stuff you are bringing here. Otherwise, I will erase it all. It is WAY too long, too many and you are not writing it, only transposing it. This is your last warning.

  28. Lou

    Did anyone mention–In DC, the Palestinian woman who helped organize the celebrated Womans March on Washington is being immediately deported because she is a convicted terrorist who has spent time in prison, which she failed to disclose.

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