Citizens Of NATO Nations Fight Each Other And Invading Muslims, Who Will Win?

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The above pages are from Russia Today News. It has international news unlike US media which is extremely narrow in its focus. 90% of mainstream fake news is news about Trump that are poorly veiled attacks on him. It is now nonstop. The war between 50% of the country that voted for him to change things and Congress and the DNC and the Bilderberg gang who control most media, gets worse and worse.  As Democratic run cities collapse in social disorder, Congress sits on its collective ass.  The Democrats don’t mind blacks butchering each other, so they do nothing at all.


First, I visit Russian news because it lets me know exactly what is really happening in Europe and America.  They may lie about Russian news but they tell the truth about EU/US news.  This was true in the Cold War, too, back when I would read Pravda to get local news in NYC or California, for example.

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Europe is collapsing under the pressure of waves and waves of illegal aliens probing defenses, demanding entry, conquering and burning the major capital cities, attacking citizens openly and this conquest will continue until the population of Europe wakes up and fights for survival.


Russian news covers all this because they are under assault, too.  They have a strong interest in preventing a hostile Muslim takeover of Europe, they lived under the caliphate in Turkey years and years ago.  Ditto, Eastern Europe who are refusing to take in any ‘refugee’ invaders.


Smart Europeans who understand history know that the Roman Empire fell due to two forces: women ceased having enough babies (I believe, due to lead poisoning from the water pipes and cookware) and barbarians pushed relentlessly in, demanding security as they fled other tribes pushing southwards.


The climate was cooling down from the tropical Roman Warm Period so by the beginning of the Dark Ages, it was quite a great deal colder than 200 years earlier.  We have a ‘warm age’ right now and our rulers told us, this is pure evil and we are all going to die and the only way to save ourselves it to freeze to death.


And it is very cold on my mountain this last month.  There is still old snow on the ground and it will rain/snow again and I hope the snow finally melts, it is really late now.  A very cold hoarfrost is covering everything in ice as the fog has chilled overnight.


Aside from the incompetent rulers of Europe we have the equally incompetent rulers of the US.  Right now, the US media giants are blaming Trump for this mess because he didn’t create it, they did.  Congress can’t fix anything because they have divided interests.  Most owe allegiance to powerful, rich overlords many of whom rule overseas as well as here.


Cleaning this up is very difficult aside from a violent revolution.  Today’s NYT doesn’t mention a peep about the chaos in Europe and what is causing it and why importing this disaster is suicidal.  No, they are blaming Trump for not fixing everything in two months time!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.25.25 AM.png

At least the NYT agrees with me, the author of the healthcare defeat was Ryan, not Trump.  And this defeat was necessary for Trump.  It showed the GOP rank and file, following Ryan is going off the cliff.


When Ryan refused to meet with supporters of Trump and told them all, the meetings to draft a new law was closed to them, they openly revolted and Trump didn’t ‘choose sides’ but said, ‘Vote as you will.’  Basically, he let them fight it out and Ryan lost.


This proved to the rest of the GOP that Ryan has zero power.  He is finished and I am laughing at how he is still clinging to his position despite this obvious defeat.  The GOP was handed great powers and he fiddled it all away.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.28.29 AM.png

The NYT hid important news today.  I had to visit England to read London news to learn what is really going on:  radical leftists openly attacked pro-President rallies in DNC run cities.  This political violence on the left is studiously ignored by mainstream media and if Trump supporters fight back, they are blamed for the fights when it is the reverse.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.28.09 AM.png

The violent leftist rioters are using chemical warfare as well as beating up people, burning buildings, smashing into banks.  This leftist chaos is growing in DNC run states and cities, not in GOP run places.  These are thugs out of control and the DNC thinks we will all run to THEM for safety.


That is utterly insane.  Here is a DNC run city with typical news:

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.30.13 AM.png

No one was arrested and this is because it was a black run event.  Chaos happens, they all vanish into the night, rinse and repeat.  This now happens in schools, hospitals, city halls, streets, malls, fairs, whatever: gangs of violent black youth run riot and kill each other and destroy everything in their paths.


Here is a country that decided to fight back and stop invaders and others destroying it:  Hungary.

They now have huge barriers to invaders.  They won’t back down or surrender.  The EU rulers are threatening them to take down the barriers and take in a million Muslim invaders or else and they said, ‘Go to hell, Russia has our backs.’


Putin isn’t losing, we are losing.  He is expanding influence, we are paying through the nose via NATO expenses, to protect dying Europe who are letting millions of hostile people invade and we created this monster by destroying Libya’s government, Syria’s government, Egypt’s democracy, etc.


To hell with the Bilderberg gang and their servants like Ryan.  Here is a video about how it all began in Hungary and Romania.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 6.46.07 PM.png


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23 responses to “Citizens Of NATO Nations Fight Each Other And Invading Muslims, Who Will Win?

  1. Jim R

    The Russians.

    In a worldwide war, the winner is the one who can avoid being dragged into the fray.

  2. melponeme_k

    I see in the second video the invaders specifically menaced a female cop. They kept pointing at her and getting close. Of course, in the more recent video you posted their are NO female paramilitary cops.

    You see this is reality in action. The females are a weak link. They just don’t have the strength and the stamina to face up to protect citizens and back up fellow cops. Pure physical reality. Female cops are only for peaceful societies. I’m not saying women can’t be in a defensive position. But in the past, the women who could fight stayed behind to help the other women and children who couldn’t. They were last line in defense. Not first.

    Putin, state by state, is gathering up the old eastern european bloc. He’ll make headway into Scandinavia as well. He may very well win America over. Imagine that power bloc.

  3. melponeme_k


    Apparently Muslim invaders are even rioting in Japan.

  4. Claudeeyah

    Also in the news in vibrant Cincinnati, a white man gets a lesson in White Privilege and a heaping helping of cultural diversity.

  5. Ken

    It is hard not to notice that all of the “refugees” are well fed, well clothed, and do not appear to be in any form of distress (other than self imposed agitation). Also, all are military age males.

    If the eastern European countries refuse to take in any “refugees” and are joined by Russia, Britain and France, I do not see how the invasion can succeed. Isn’t the whole purpose of the EU to provide pan-European solidarity? Wouldn’t it make sense for the refugee-free parts of Europe to come to the aid of the countries who let political correctness push them to the brink of cultural destruction?

    I still am holding out hope for Europe, as a whole.

  6. Jim R

    On a totally unrelated topic, and to annoy Elaine ( it’s a sign of love, really ❤ ) I logged in to see how my Bitcoins were doing.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency markets, there are about 200 or so imitators of Bitcoin out there now.

    Unfortunately, I had left most of my account invested in Litecoin, If I had left it all in Bitcoin, it wouldn't be so bad … up around a $1000 now. I think the last time I mentioned them here, they were somewhere just over $200. So today I swapped my Litecoins for Bitcoins, at somewhat of a loss. Still, not an account I take all that seriously.

    Recently, they were up over $1300, but the Chinese government once again said they were gonna regulate them, and then there was a squabble among the software geeks who maintain Bitcoin. So it slid down to about $800 there for a few days. But now back around $1000. One of the widely followed 'alt-coins' is Dogecoin. Cute little Shiba Inu as a mascot. It started out as a sort of joke. It is trading at 0.00000029 BTC/Doge.

    And then had this thought about the nature of money. It's a matter of faith, like a religion. BTC fluctuates as its traders/users believe its future value will go up or down. Gold does the same thing. And the Dollar, which does not have the same built-in controls against inflation as BTC, fluctuates with America's standing in geopolitics. (and that's what NATO is really defending…) Some of the alt-coins, like Zcash, have put a lot of thought into their product, and may have certain features that are better than BTC. But BTC was there first, and it's the one the whole internet goes to. Lots of places trade it or accept it as payment. On the other hand, Doge was only sort of a tongue-in-cheek imitation, so its users don't really think it is worth much…

    The same process has to apply to the Pound Sterling, Euros, and Rubles, etc. It isn't merely the policies of the central bankers controlling those currencies, it is the world-wide level of belief/confidence in them that sets the rate.

  7. Christian W

    Looks like the US is trying to destroy the huge dam that regulates the Euphrates.

  8. The plan is to utterly annihilate all Muslim ‘liberal’ centers leaving only Saudi-style medieval systems that will limp along until they are broke due to population explosions plus loss of oil revenues.

    End of Islam as a super powerbroker. But then, Europe will lie in ruins and Russia will run things since they have zero intention of falling off of that particular cliff.

  9. Lou

    #5, Ken.

    Years ago, at You Tube, I saw the Somalis in Ohio, waiting to apply for low income housing.
    Fat, newer; nice cars. Cell phones.

  10. Jim R

    “Also, all are military age males.”

    And that right there, is the nugget of truth no one is allowed to say in public.

    Of course, the polygamous nature of the societies that spawn them creates a large excess of these males. Historically, the way to correct this imbalance was war: they would be cannon fodder. Now they are dindus.

    And if you think Arab women don’t have much to do with this arrangement, you got another think comin’…

  11. Lou

    Jim R–Bitcoin and other ‘currencies’—tell us more.
    I have had little interest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.
    I think that the government can take them over.

  12. Petruchio

    @#9 Lou: My experience with this type is this: if there’s a nickel in it for them, these illegals “speakee Engrish” really well. Otherwise, not so much. I’ve said this before but really irritates me the most about these illegals is their sense of Entitlement. In the countries they come from, these people could literally starve to death and THEIR government wouldn’t do a damn thing about it. Here in the US of A, they expect to be catered to. Their every whim. It is only going to get worse, imho.

  13. Jim R

    @Lou, the government can steal your dollars as well. It can confiscate your beanie babies. Or do just about anything it likes…

  14. Including killing you.

  15. Blissex

    «women ceased having enough babies (I believe, due to lead poisoning from the water pipes and cookware)»

    Lead probably had some role, including the popular sauce they used that was sweet in part because it was fermented in lead vessels and thus contained sweet lead acetate.

    But roman era women were very familiar with all sorts of fertility reducing techniques (mostly infanticide/abortion) and probably they chose to reduce their fertility instead of being poisoned into it. Most women across history have invested in the risk of pregnancy and the effort of child raising to have children as pension assets (e.g. “tiger moms”), and when (usually upper class) women can live off investments in property instead they often stop having children or have just one perhaps as a hobby.
    «Needleman and Needleman demonstrate that the decline of the Roman aristocracy can as easily be explained by the simple desire not to marry or to rear few or no children. In 18 BC and AD 9, Augustus had sought to promote marriage and encourage procreation. “And yet, marriages and the rearing of children did not become more frequent, so powerful were the attractions of a childless state” (Tacitus, Annals, III.25).»

  16. Blissex

    «Also, all are military age males.»

    That is why german (and not just german) businessmen really badly want more refugees like that.
    German businessmen of today hear the stories of their fathers and grandfather of how much profit they made how fast by squeezing hard and paying little all the young healthy desperate turkish immigrants who poured into Germany during the post-WW2 boom.
    Today’s german business just want to have the same chance of making huge profits fast from desperate syrian healthy young refugees, just like USA businessmen make huge profits from young healthy desperate mexican illegal migrants.

  17. The Turkish labor back when I lived in Germany, was for mindless jobs, NOT FACTORY jobs. Street sweeping, etc.

  18. Christian W

    They are called “Gastarbeitern” ie “guest workers” which is a rather interestning concept when you think about the implications.

  19. Blissex

    «the government can steal your dollars as well. It can confiscate your beanie babies. Or do just about anything it likes…»

    «Including killing you.»

    Anybody rich and power enough can do that, one way or another.
    And powerful people and organizations in the first world and elsewhere have always been able to make people “disappear”.

    The relatively novelty in the USA is that not only recent presidents (both republican and democratic) organize a large set of latin-american style abduction, torture and murder squads, but repeatedly boast of doing so on television because it is a vote winner.
    There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that the number of middle aged and older affluent voters who are terrified of everything will endorse anything that makes them feel even a minuscule bit safer at somebody else’s expense, because “better safe than sorry”, “you can never be too safe”.

  20. Blissex

    «The Turkish labor back when I lived in Germany, was for mindless jobs, NOT FACTORY jobs. Street sweeping, etc.»

    That too of course, but also building and dangerous and nasty factory jobs too, as there are many relatively unskilled jobs in factories too. The slightly more skilled factory jobs went perhaps to the spanish/italian immigrants.
    A german journalist with a mediterranean parent pretended to be turkish and infiltrated relatively recently the migrants job markets, and published a pretty nasty book on his experiences. In another case some journalists pretended to be businesses with a problem of having to dispose of a spill of radioactive liquid, and a contractor told them they could send a team of turks to mop it up for cheap.

    Think of the 1 million young male refugees in Germany made to work hard on constructions sites, or doing low level service jobs. Conservatively each of them can generate nearly effortless excess profits of $20,000 per year more than an european workers, that can work miracles for the bonuses of managers or the dividends of business owners. Similarly to the 1-2 million polish and romanian workers squeezed as hard a possible in England.

  21. The recent arrivals are not working at all. They are, by the way, pretty useless. Hint: many of our inner city youth are unemployable, too.

  22. Lou

    Elaine, Robotics. Workers will be mostly ‘useless eaters,’
    Depopulation. Georgia Guidestones.

  23. Lou

    Egregious example of what the Great Society produces,

    6? years back, she made national news, Then 4 years ago;

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