Black Magic Number Day: April 15 Marches Against Trump Tax Cuts

The Witch Covens are going to be demonstrating against Trump on April 15th.  I am not joking here, they are demonstrating AGAINST Trump tax cuts!  Yup.  They want higher taxes, I assume.  I also feel very strongly that black magic is being done against Trump on that day, too, it being a Skull and Bones High Unholy Day.  As a descendent of the originator of this noxious coven, I feel really irritated on this particular day.  Will this be the day Trump will be eliminated?  I wonder.


They are definitely going to demand Trump, not the DNC clowns, ‘release taxes’.  This sudden interest in who pays taxes which Trump proved, he paid a great deal in taxes, is a new thing for the females who hate Trump.  Why didn’t they demand Hillary do the same thing?  That is, release ALL her taxes from the last 20 years?


She didn’t, of course.  This lunacy is giving cover to the Bilderberg gang who are now utterly anxious they eliminate Trump who is screwing up their schemes, for the very first time in two decades, the EU and US are seeing non-Bilderberg people claw their way to power in some form, soon, France and others will join this revolt against the Real Rulers.


They are on full attack now.  Note how Ted Koppel who should change his name to ‘Crappo’ accuses Trump and people who are civil to him of being ‘ideology’ instead of ‘facts’: this, from FAKE NEWS, no less!


The last thing on earth Fake News wants are facts.  When these are brought up, they panic, they hate it.  I am amazed at the degree real news has vanished in the last year.  It is near epidemic levels now.  The way to see how bad it has become, just read news from all over the planet.


I know from life experience, media giants fake news and cover up real stories and mislead a great deal but the openess of the manipulations is epic at this point, the worst I have seen in my entire life.  I am very disgusted with this.


About taxes; The so-called border adjustment tax


which would punish importers while rewarding exporters in an effort to bolster US producers, is a highly controversial and, yes, complicated proposal that has already become a source of infighting within the White House itself. Retailers that stand to lose have already lobbied heavily against the mere inkling of such a plan — saying it’ll crush their profits and lead to job losses.


Oh, people running stores like WALMART will lose jobs?  But who wants the millions and millions of manufacturing jobs!  We get ‘cheap goods’ and work at ‘cheap jobs’ which…is pretty bad, no?  All nations that want to be powerful and great want the manufacturing jobs, not the Walmart jobs.


The rulers of China aren’t as stupid as our media giants or Bilderberg gang leaders.  They know from hard reality, what is good and what is bad for them.  They make mistakes and have corruption BUT IT IS ALL INTERNAL.  Not external.


We have alien powers doing this here, to us.  Our great manufacturing cities lie in ruins, gangs of criminals run riot, everything is collapsing, they are like diseased limbs everyone is running away from these horrors.  And it gets worse, not better.


Liberal CNBC: Impatience over Trump tax cuts is growing…and I suppose this is going to happen like magic as an army of people want miracles while not lifting a finger. CNBC is one of the fake news systems that is pushing as hard as possible to destroy Trump.


This article is from when Trump was in office TWO WEEKS. The whining is deafening now after two MONTHS. Hilarious and scary at the same time, no?


To be fair, President Donald Trump has been in office for less than two weeks. But he quickly leapt into action on the protectionist side of his agenda and campaign promises. The immigration and travel ban on people from seven countries announced last Friday is the strongest example. But there’s also been President Trump’s continued pressure on major CEOs to invest and hire more in the U.S. That pressure and public comments have been so consistent that if a Democrat applied that kind of pressure, conservatives would be going crazy talking about a statist takeover of American industry.


Conservatives are not happy with Trump.  His support base  isn’t rich manufacturers who moved overseas or outside the country…he support base are what used to be called ‘patriotic working stiffs’.  The people who have been hammered into the ground for the last 20 years.

I feel for them!  I know their pain, my own business has been destroyed by Free Trade!  My industry has been wrecked by illegal alien workers competing for jobs.  For me, this is very personal and I bet there are at least 50 million plus people who have similar anger and fear.  This will be a war between us and the Real Rulers who have to use various tricks to fool people into supporting their own annihilation.


Think, dear god…sexual different people, people who are females, guess what?  The Real Rulers have fooled you all into supporting Islamic people to come in and destroy your precious freedoms and loves!!!!  Wake up!!!!  Time is running out.



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2 responses to “Black Magic Number Day: April 15 Marches Against Trump Tax Cuts

  1. KHS71

    No Elaine, the want you to pay higher taxes, not them.

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