Mainstream Media And DNC Want Full Censorship Of All Internet Communications


Here is the smug face of a Canadian ‘professor’ who wrote this article about how news has to be censored heavily and online media controlled to stop Russians from communicating with anyone and censor the push against globalism and the Bilderberg gang.  Yes, there is a tremendous political and propaganda surge to enslave us all.  The latest scheme is to have all news talk online pass through a filter run by the government that will decide what is real news and what is fake news.  Back to the USSR, you don’t know how lucky you are.

The Beatles, back in the late 1960’s, made fun of all this with their song, ‘Back in the USSR.’ Singing like the Beach Boys, it was a hilarious song back then.  Well, here we are, more than half a century later and this song is now quite ironic considering there are nearly no commies in Russia and Russia is now a capitalist society…and our Real Rulers who decapitalized England and the US, destroying our industrial base, are now claiming the capitalists in Russia are evil and they, the ones who removed our manufacturing to communist China, are the patriotic heroes.


These destroyers managed to wreck their home bases and drive them into bankruptcy.  Scared of being exposed, they now want to censor everything online so only supporters of the Bilderberg gang policies can post anything here.  This plot to destroy the entire internet to protect their rule is running alongside driving us all into WWIII which will physically destroy much life on earth.


“Federal investigators are examining whether far-right news sites played any role last year in a Russian cyber operation that dramatically widened the reach of news stories – some fictional – that favored Donald Trump’s presidential bid, two people familiar with the inquiry say.”


“Operatives for Russia appear to have strategically timed the computer commands, known as ‘bots,’ to blitz social media with links to the pro-Trump stories at times when the billionaire businessman was on the defensive in his race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, these sources said.”


“As for the bots, they carried links not only to news stories but also to Democratic emails posted on WikiLeaks, especially those hacked from Podesta and made public in October, said Philip Howard, a professor at the Oxford University Internet Institute who has researched the bot attacks.”


Good lord.  These clowns are so stupid.  Hillary had 90% of the US media working for her.  She even had the gall to do two things because she is very lazy: not campaign at all after the convention and…have the media call for no elections because Trump was doomed to lose, he supposedly had only a 1.7% chance of winning according to the ‘polls’ run by the Bilderberg gang.


This gaslighting of the election was a total, roaring failure.  Since Trump had near zero support in the mainstream media, people wanting ‘change’ went online to find out what was really going on.  Soon, events showed clearly that the mainstream media was lying about nearly everything and people revolted and voted against the Bilderberg choice for President.


This revolt has utterly infuriated our rulers.  They have now unleashed a small army of far left wing radicals whose main job is to terrorize any citizens doing anything patriotic or supporting the elected President.  This push is backfiring because the pro-Trump people are now able to fight back without being put in prison.


Nearly no leftist rioters in states run by Democrats, are punished or arrested even when they attack Berkeley students and try to burn down the school!  These violent gangs have been allowed to run riot and terrorize citizens.


The amazing thing here is, who in their right mind would think that this is a great way to gain power? Every leftist attack by masked young people who hide their faces, is turning people against the leftists!  The other prong on the Bilderberg fork is to bring in millions and millions of illegal aliens and promise them all sorts of goodies if they attack and destroy citizens who then lose their jobs and become poorer.


Social media bots endanger democracy, warns Oxford’s internet research chief…What’s the propaganda link between Brexit and the US Presidential race – and what role did Russia play?


This article is in a major university-run ‘magazine’ that operates out of Oxford, England.  It is an amazing piece calling for censorship of citizen to citizen chat.  Not public chat, PRIVATE chat a la East Germany under the communists.


A form of mass propaganda more insidious than anything used in the 20th century is being used to manipulate global politics, according to the latest research. The culprit is social media and the lax regulation that allows voters to be bombarded with politically slanted misinformation — fake news.


The stupid ‘fake news’ story continues.  All the operatives bellowing about ‘fake news’ never talk about the real fake news at all.  They all presume that their ‘news’ is real when it is certainly not real.  It is pure propaganda and the levels it has reached, its detachment from reality, is now nearly total.


‘Ruling elites have often used propaganda to sustain their power, but this latest wave is different,’ says Professor Philip Howard, Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute and a Fellow of Balliol College. ‘Targeted messaging over social media is deeply personalised compared to the messaging that “all communists are evil” that used to be distributed by mass films. It’s much more difficult to source who’s generating the content. Users think the messaging may be coming from their family and friends; it’s about particular issues the programmer knows you care about. And it appears to be pretty effective.’


This lunatic is claiming that ‘bots’ are being inserted into citizens’ postings and are fake and UNWANTED by the owner of the Facebook pages, etc.  This is an outright lie.  I never heard anyone complain about ‘bots’ taking over their posts.  I did hear a lot about censorship which erased or locked down postings!


‘Bots’ or ‘cyborgs’ — automated social media accounts which churn out propaganda — were first developed by marketing companies selling products through spam, but are now also used by political groups.


This ‘professor’ who seems to be a charlatan, is claiming that people posting political stuff at their own web sites are victims of ‘spam’.  Ahem:  NO.  He gives zero proof of this, of course.


Professor Howard’s analysis of how ‘bots’ helped win a vote for Brexit and the election of US President Donald Trump made news in 2016. Brexit and Trump supporters seemingly had bots tweeting in much higher volume than campaigners for Remain or Hilary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton and the Remain people were unpopular.  Even voters for both were indifferent until the results came in.  Then they went ballistic.  Oh no!  How dare everyone vote differently!  Now they are on the warpath, determined to force everyone to obey their desires.  Attacking everyone else as ‘bots’ and ‘fake news’ and ‘cheaters’ is their only tool to stop citizens from doing what they voted to do.


Professor Howard (above) and his team have found it difficult to link such ‘bot’ accounts directly to politicians, but they have drawn lines to campaign managers as well as ‘ordinary’ citizens who call themselves ‘patriotic programmers’ — political spammers who pre-write propaganda and release it through thousands of automated tweets, day and night, or every six seconds for an hour. Fake news doesn’t get far without being ‘pushed around’ by these bots, Professor Howard observes. For example, if spammers want to persuade you that Hilary Clinton is corrupt and should go to jail, they write accusations with links to fake news stories — claims that have not been fact-checked — and get bots to spread the message.


I wasn’t spammed even once during the election.  I did spend it writing heavily about ‘fake news’ aka, the mainstream media which lied about nearly everything during the election.


This form of political marketing is increasingly sophisticated. A few years ago, if you wanted to make yourself look very popular on social media, you would buy followers: £200–300 would buy you between a thousand and two thousand followers from a company in Singapore. If you had a bit more money you could pay for bots, automated accounts, to say things for you — you’d type the content yourself and over time the bots would release your messages. But these days, Howard says, you can rent hundreds or even thousands of ‘shadow profiles’.


Good lord, this guy writes as if he is a high school kid trying to explain the internet.  The ‘bots’ this juvenile child is writing about are the stupid obvious spam we all hate.  People recognize spam really fast.  It is easy.  Obviously, this idiot can’t so he assumes the rest of us can’t tell spam apart from real stuff.


Why are political conservatives winning the propaganda war? The Oxford Internet Institute team’s research has found that the conservative bots campaigned ‘more negatively’, for example by using messages about immigrants taking jobs. ‘Negative campaigning goes much further with computational propaganda,’ says Howard — in other words, on social media negative messages grab people more effectively than positive ones. Meanwhile, he believes, ‘Conservative groups tend to be more aggressive and creative in applying new technologies to target voters, and more willing to violate privacy norms to get messaging across.’ They are, in other words, more likely to play dirty with spam emails and calls, direct mail campaigns, push polling (where the question pushes the voter towards a given response) and, now, social media messaging.


The above entire paragraph is astonishing and disgusting.  It piles lies upon lies.  So, talking about immigrants stealing jobs is ‘propaganda’????  What the hell?  And when did anyone ‘violate privacy norms’ except for the CIA, NSA, etc.  These violations are huge and now being used to harass Trump and get rid of him and get rid of us.


They spied on us!  This terrible man who is teaching students obvious lies at his university, claims that we did ‘push polling’ which is the exact opposite of what happened.  The US mainstream media and the older polling operations all claimed in unison that Trump had zero chance of winning.  They lied and lied all the way up until actual voting happened.


Only a tiny handful of pollsters got things right which proved to us all, our contention that the polls were biased was proved to be correct.  That is, pollsters mainly polled DNC cities with high concentrations of pro-Hillary voters.  The entire non-city countryside voted against Hillary.


The solution must lie in preventing the spread of misinformation during elections, Professor Howard thinks. Outrageous lies could one day be punishable in court. The German government is proposing a €500,000 fine for Facebook for every time is fails to take down junk news. ‘That would make Facebook move fairly quickly to stop it,’ says Howard.


Howard is evil.  I say, we should deport him to his home base.  Where is that?  How about Germany that attacks any citizens discussing online, what is going on in Germany!


But in the first instance, Professor Howard says, we need governments to organise juries of randomly sampled citizens representing the diversity of society to meet with experts, thoroughly evaluate both sides of an argument and then produce a public document outlining the facts. ‘Voters can still ignore or disagree with the document, but this would be one of the few ways of improving referendum outcomes.’


HAHAHA…letting us choose who to listen to is going to be verboten!  We are to listen to ‘random citizens of various types’ and of course, to get this, they have to choose people who have various identifying marks as to who they support, right?  And don’t choose citizens living outside of the DNC run cities!  Nope.  Not them, they are the Deplorables.


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32 responses to “Mainstream Media And DNC Want Full Censorship Of All Internet Communications

  1. Melponeme_k

    Well, what do you know, a CANADIAN telling us how awful we all are and we should just let everyone censor us in America.

    Why am I not surprised?

    This man needs to go back to his own country and give the shirt off his back to all the illegal aliens just invited into that country.

  2. Lou

    Despite polls showing that 71% of Canadians would not have voted for the measure, Canada’s Parliament, with the strong backing of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, passed a motion this week 201 to 91 that critics say singles out Islam for special protection.

    Tabled by Muslim liberal MP Iqra Khalid, M-103 urges the federal government to “condemn Islamophobia” and to “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.”

    The term “Islamophobia” is nowhere defined in the motion.

  3. tio

    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the brainwashed, social media addicted, Brexit fifth column.


    Immediately after granny pops her teeth in she logs into her server rack to check her twitface status and to see if Vladimir Vladimirovich has face-friended her back. After that she checks her HFT algos, P2P uploads, zombie army status and current NATO cracks. If all is well she takes her ticker pills with a cup of tea and some toast whilst deciding whether to use the launch keycodes she acquired last week.

  4. Christian W

    @ tio

    So you are saying that it is the old cranky geriatrics that vote NIMBY? :p

  5. tio

    “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” – Oscar Wilde

  6. Jim R

    Those older people can remember a time before the Euro, and before the EU. And they can remember that the country was better-off then…

    It’s the same thing that makes the border-enforcers and wall-builders popular everywhere now. In the Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, everywhere. The old people remember when some unelected dweeb in Brussels could not reach out and screw up life in their country.

    In the USA, the wall-builder is popular because of the phantasm of invading Mexicans … and avoids talking about the real problem, of corporate/military/industrial/bureaucratic dominance. It is more insidious here in the US because the unelected dweebs are inside the country.

  7. Christian W

    But it’s not necessarily dweebs from Brussels that screw up up life in the UK. The UK elites do a spectacular job of that themselves. The UK is the only nation in the world that has a (supposedly) growing economy but where the majority is actually sliding backwards. Yes, there is definitely a problem with excess immigration, but that has been encouraged and set up by the UK elites in the first place. The verboten subject in the UK, and the real problem, is the UK is basically a money laundering system for the elites where the Queen’s subjects are treated abysmally unless relatively wealthy. The easy way out is to blame the “furriners” and wave the Union Jack.

  8. Melponeme_k


    The graph you linked was interesting. But I find it questionable that they would smash in Generation Xers pushing 50 into a group with a bunch of 25 year olds. That doesn’t seem on the level to me.

  9. tio

    My initial assertion is that the ‘smug face Canadian professor’ is a fool or a disingenuous weasel (probably both) if he thinks fake news spam bots had play in that particular demographic.

    @JimR Yup, we were sold a bill of goods.
    @ChristianW Yup, what you say has merit.

    Essentially it was a choice, for or against democracy. I had no illusions that Brexit would mean going backwards into the old class system, but the alternative was worse. At least there is the possibility of hope now.

  10. tio

    That is, of course, just my humble opinion.

  11. ziff

    a bit OT ; looks like trump will be made lame duck by stonewalling his proposals. ?

  12. tio

    @Mel, is this better?

  13. Melponeme_k


    Much better. It shows the different between the age groups that had no computers and other devices while growing up and the ones that did.

  14. The young still have to learn life’s harsh lessons. Protected by the Bank of Mom and Dad, they can be silly. But later on, they realize they are vulnerable to many dangers and they become much more cautious. Us old koots are troublemakers.

  15. JimmyJ

    @Melponeme_k: I’m sorry you despise all Canadians so vehemently, but it’s stereotypical what you perceive us to be, same as the US stereotype many canucks believe. Sure we have lots of smug elitists but what is the US currently splitting in two from but your own smug elitists. Glass houses and all that.

    There are plenty of canucks who know and respect US expats living here, or who have relatives and friends in the US. My own kids’ maternal grandfather immigrated from Minnesota through Sask to BC early in 1900s. And there are lots of canucks who respect what Trump is attempting. Sadly most of them live where I spent most of my working life in rural Canada, certainly not in Vancouver where I live now.

    Canada is politically enthralled by neocon policy as much as the US and it’s due to subterfuge as much as in the US. And we imported lots of WWII fascists same as the US and still follow some of their bs, in our case re the Ukraine nazis vs Russians.

    Both US and Canada have weird mixes of intolerable fascism and marxism throughout their political systems. But at 33 million people our dysfunction isnt going to blow up the entire planet.

  16. floridasandy

    What other age group would vote for the very people who want to force them to buy a product they may not want or may not need? What other age group would vote for more debt servitude, and less freedom?

    I think the advantage of being older (maybe the only advantage) is actually remembering a time when life was simpler, jobs were easier to find, you didn’t need a college degree or debt to find a job, there was overtime, and people generally did treat each other a little kinder.

    Of course, it’s not really too late to get that back-and then maybe everybody can remember that time.

  17. Melponeme_k


    I don’t doubt there are nice Canadians. I just never met one of them. LOL

    All of the ones I’ve run into had that same smarmy, holier than thou smile seen on the photo of that “professor”.

    This from a people who never threw off the yoke or royalty and live like chattel. NO, these people aren’t going to tell us how to live. When they have a revolution, then they can claim equality with us.

  18. Floridasandy

    There are lots of nice Canadians. We got a lot down here in. Florida during the winter months and they contribute a lot to our economy. I will admit that no country likes another country telling them how they should behave. Every country should work on their own problems

  19. You don’t mean to tell us, Florida Sandy, that you live in…Florida! 🙂

  20. melponeme_k


    I don’t presume and never did on telling Canadians, French, British, Australians, Russians or any other country under the sun how to live their mutherf***in lives or how to vote or how to tell them how their country should be. NEVER. NOT ONCE, in my almost 50 years of live.

    But some assholes have continually come up to me, particularly from Canada, and told me my country was shit.

    Sorry. It’s long past the time of being polite. I don’t need to be anymore. When Canada benefitted from FREE TRADE at my country’s expense. I need to listen to the Queen’s peasants on how my country should act? NO. Let them enjoy the myriad of illegal aliens they just invited in. They can live our reality now. Lets see how “enlightened” they really are now. They can show us. Just like Germany. How is that working out? Hmmm? Sweden?

  21. tio

    But … but … Mel! We love you. There are currently 53 members of the commonwealth, we’d love to make it 54!

  22. Melponeme_k



    Commonwealth. LOL. Membership counts Nigeria and Pakistan. What august members in this group of the Queen. Y’all should be proud the Queen thinks you peasants are equal to Guyana. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!

  23. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, the CIA’s website states that slave trafficking in Men, Women and Children is one of Guyana’s biggest moneymakers.

    Any statements by the Queen on that? NOPE. Didn’t think so.

  24. tio

    Her Britannic Majesty’s Government has the following to say:

    Aww c’mon, we have tea and cakes. Anyway, If you change your mind you know the address:

    Buck House

  25. Babs Buck House sounds like a brothel. 🙂

  26. tio

    That’s because you have a naughty, naughty mind. You’d fit right in 😀

  27. Melponeme_k

    Brothel, Hmmm? Well it has red carpets, dusty chandeliers, tasseled furniture topped off with portraits of slightly inbred ancestors. So yeah, could be. And all paid for by OPM! It’s good to be Queen.

  28. And the present inhabitants have less right to be there than say, my own family…we were at the Battle of Hastings, they were not. But like them, I am also half German so maybe I should move in anyways….hahaha.

    PS: the Normans were nasty nasty vicious rapist lunatics. And my family certainly was this, too.

  29. Lou

    How Google controls flow of information,

  30. You Tube and Google and others are now openly conspiring to steal content, censor and prevent anyone from disputing their storylines.

  31. Petruchio

    @#31 Elaine: You forgot to mention Facebook. They will block you for periods of time if you post comments, articles, etc. that are too hostile to Israel, to name just one subject that will get you blocked.

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