We Are Being Pushed Again, Into WWIII With Russia And China

Two older cartoons I made some time ago.  Nothing has changed since Bush Jr. then Obama and now Trump.  That is, the Machine pushing us towards WWIII continues relentlessly onwards, Trump nearly toppled it but now it is back on track again.


Real news still exists at RT News which the US Bilderberg gang wants to have officially listed as ‘fake news’.  The push for war was obvious during the last ‘election.’  Hillary was salivating about launching nuclear missiles with ‘four minutes warning’.  Yes, we have four minutes to absorb the fact that we have entered WWIII.


This event is a huge event, perhaps the end of all civilization on earth.  We won’t know until the idiots running things bring this to reality and we can’t escape.  Ever wonder why all of ancient Rome was turned into utter ruins with what, ten, fifteen building remaining intact after 500 AD?


They were wrecked, systematically destroyed, in England, it was so thorough only TWO buildings survived, more or less.  Civilizations can vanish.  It is not unusual, it happens periodically.  WWIII would have the same effect.

See how relentless it all is?  Populations are marching, attacking each other, fighting in the streets.  The US is continuing to be suicidal and embracing the Tar Baby of Afghanistan, the Ruination of All Emperors.


We are not winning anything there, we are bleeding to death there.  We can’t escape.  Trump can’t pull out because all the GOP wants to bleed to death there except for maybe, Rand Paul?  I don’t know anymore.


It is also rather amusing to the entities that guard the Gates of Death, they love this sort of thing and remember fondly similar collapses of civilizations, being exceedingly ancient, they recall Ice Age events with some glee, too.


Big Brother has to both spy on us all continuously and at the same time, tell us what we are supposed to think, say and do.  At the same time, it wants us to shut up, go away, and stop being a bother, too.  The masses of people who are protesting are the tip of this Ice Berg which is the heavy masses, aka, angry males willing to fight and literally die…that move history in various directions.


The danger of lighting fires is obvious to me: when it becomes a forest fire, it can destroy everything in its path.  And cynically using this power just so one can collect a few million more dollars while doing nothing very useful, is a grave temptation for these international arsonists.


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4 responses to “We Are Being Pushed Again, Into WWIII With Russia And China

  1. Nani

    More high-tech zones in China

    The clever leadership of China continues to implement policies that makes China stronger, not weaker.

    As for WW3, there is also an overhanging danger of a war with Iran and North Korea.

    Iranian Sea Vessels Greet US Aircraft Carrier in Strait of Hormuz

    And keep in mind that Iran is an ally of Russia.

    Then you have the crazy lunatics in Pyongyang

  2. Blissex

    My personal interpretation that the constant rhetoric about inventing or bigging-up enemies has a simple motivation: that loose conglomerations like NATO, or even the UK or USA themselves, are subject to centrifugal forces, and to keep them together it is necessary to have a compelling reason like the threat of an external enemy, and if that external enemy is unwilling to show up, one has to to be invented, 1984 style.

    As our blogger wisely says, «The danger of lighting fires is obvious» though, and inventing external enemies and running propaganda campaigns at them can have unintended consequences as «when it becomes a forest fire it can destroy everything in its path».

    But all the malefactors of great wealth who play with fire have luxurious places they think safe from «forest fire» in New Zealand or South America…

  3. Jim R

    The two most toxic ideas currently held by the movers and shakers of thinktankistan:

    1. that “private property” will be better-managed than the “public commons”;
    2. that “war is good for the economy”.

    [and note that few of the thieves of the commons in (1) wish to privately finance the war in (2)]

    Both those ideas are directly 180° contradictory to reality. But power still corrupts, and America has some of the most grotesquely corrupt power centers since the late stages of the Roman Empire.

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