WordPress Took My Money, Didn’t Deliver Services, Impossible To Reach

My old computer died.  I bought a new one and now I have discovered, the same week I paid WordPress $99 for Premium, I cannot use my own website to do many things…I am locked out and given the ‘free service’ instead of Premium.  This is a rip off.  And they seem incapable of fixing it so far.


That isn’t the real problem here, the fact is, I cannot contact anyone!  I had an online discussion with staff last night and they were unable to do anything, being rather clueless.  So I said I would contact them in the morning.


Well, hours later, when I go to the ‘contact’ page instead of being put in contact, I get this:

OK: I am VERY unhappy.  I am quite angry at this point.  So I click on ‘get help’ and get this:

A dead blank page!  What the hell is this?  Why can’t these people have some direct way of contacting them?  This is infuriating.  I left Blogspot because they screwed up everything and did just fine with WordPress until this month.  This page worked the night before.  Now, it is a dead end.


Now, I feel like they are ripping me off.  Making me pay for services that don’t exist.  Are they doing this to save money?   I assure everyone, pissing off and giving trouble to clients is a great way to go bankrupt.


Did they lock me out because I argued with them when they didn’t understand what was going wrong?  If so, I definitely will sue them.  Either WordPress is out of commission right now or they deliberately locked me out.


I am supposing that this is a move to make it impossible for people to complain directly?  All I know is, this is most infuriating and I am going to have to make some changes here yet again.  Any suggestions?


For some bizarre reason, after several years, each site host screws me up and make it impossible to correct.  I need a better system.  This is immensely annoying.  I suspect, they grow too big and let things slide.  But the cheek of asking for money and then refusing to deliver services is an insane way to run a business.


Here is one site they run for people to discuss problems so I posted there hoping someone who is paid to run the business, might notice something is very wrong:


I then posted the proper information an hour ago and nothing happened. Dead silence.


Running businesses this way is most annoying.  The online blog hosts all save money and give away services in the hopes of making money in various ways like popping in ads, for example.  I didn’t want that so I paid directly thinking this would mean I would get full services.


Instead, I get ‘free/cheap’ services while they pocket the money and expect me to jump through hoops to get them to fix things which are due to them not doing something correctly.  It is more like pulling teeth than doing business.  I hate it greatly.  Hitherto, I didn’t have any problems with WordPress.com.


Now, having a problem that should be easy to fix…namely, they restart my Premium services I paid for…and I can’t do that, they have to do that and they seem utterly incapable of doing this very simple, I would hope, thing.


I need a site that I fully control, one that I can use without hassle from incompetent staff hired as cheap as possible to do the least work possible.  I doubt WordPress will return my money since they are refusing me their paid services.  I expect so little from people when it comes to online honesty.


It has been an hour and ‘modlink’ has not responded.  What a hell of a way to run a business.  I must say, this is most annoying.  Businesses should understand, the Customer is the Boss, not themselves.  They are servants.


It has been several hours and I still haven’t heard from any staff at this obviously threadbare run business.  So I am going to post this story.  I suppose they will complain about bad publicity but seriously, this is a really crummy way to run a business.




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20 responses to “WordPress Took My Money, Didn’t Deliver Services, Impossible To Reach

  1. Melponeme_k

    Unfortunately this is the nature of the tech business. It was created by maladjusted young men (and some women) who are by nature inclined to be hermits and do not have the proper social skills to interact with other human beings. So they built their companies with lots of interface walls so they don’t have to deal with anyone.

    I used to think that the majority of them were autistic but frankly, that is letting them cop out. They just don’t want to make an effort and since they planned for everything to be obsolescent without them, we can’t even give them the heave ho.

    You can see this attitude spreading because now children are raised by technology. No one under the age of 30 has interpersonal skills now. I remember my grandparents forcing me to learn the art of small talk. Simple things such as discussing the weather just to be friendly. Those little life lessons are lost, lost, lost.

    Have you thought about moving to a separate webhost? I’ve moved from Blogger to a self hosted site on HostGator. I think I paid, with a few extra doo-dads, about $125 for the year. It’s all under my control. The tech running the blog itself is WordPress but WordPress has nothing to do with my site except that I use their code for the blog.

  2. Now they are making in impossible to run my site. This is infuriating. Yes, I want to move now because of this incompetence.

    I have been waiting for several hours for an employee who is supposed to talk to me…nothing, of course. These clowns believe that everyone should cater to them, not the reverse. They think money falls out of the sky.

    I am supremely annoyed now.

  3. How to move blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. I wonder if that will restore my ownership of my own website that I paid for?

  4. Melponeme_k

    Yes, you will need to get a web host site for wordpress.org. Usually the companies are bundled as a hosting service and will register your new domain name as well. Usually the interface when you begin to set up your website will have an interface that will download WordPress code directly, so no need to visit WordPress again.

    However, You will need to get a refund from WordPress.com somehow since they have turned off your premium features that you paid for and don’t seem to want to reinstate them. You can put the refund toward an independent site. Do you have your confirmation of payment still handy?

  5. Petruchio

    How is this for infuriating: You get on the phone with a service or billing issue and you get a pre recording. You know the ones I’, talking about: “If you are calling about a technical issue, Press 1. If you have a problem….Press 2…” Then they re route you and you have to do the “Press 1, 2, 3 etc” AGAIN. Worst of all is if you aren’t sure which # to push, so you have to start over after the recorded messages are listed.

  6. Christian W

    @ # 6

    And then they charge you for the phone call 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Elaine, if you truly want full control over your blog, you may want to try hosting it on your own server.

    I assume you’re paying for the premium service primarily to remove ads. Needless to say, that would be a non-issue with your own server. On the other hand, there are costs incurred by self-hosting that may be comparable to or greater than those of staying with WordPress. I encourage you to look into it and do some research if the idea of total control over your blog/website appeals to you.

  8. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Yes, I am negotiating with them right now via email since they are too clownish to CALL me, the lunatics. I intend to make my site my own this is the second time someone else has screwed up everything and refused to fix it.

    The limits they have on their work are insane. By refusing adamantly to talk directly to someone, they are destroying their own business.

    These people I bet are on the West Coast. The lunatic asylum place. The place I once lived in and fled in 1970.

  9. Kim Wilson

    Hahaha We are not all lunatics on the West Coast especially in Canada.
    I love your work!
    Please never stop writing and reporting the real news.

  10. Yes, all IT companies have become significantly worse and worse with automated and outsourced OVERSEAS support
    Biggest failure in my opinion; people want to speak to someone with the SAME language/location

    All to save some bucks

    I think this is attached to how Infowars was attacked…all alternative narratives squelched…I’m still surprised you’re still running! 😉

    Elaine, best to rent a server and locate the most reliable domain/website hosting…it can be a bit of a pain to set up

    What PC did you buy?

  11. I use Apple computers. I am mulling over what systems to set up right now and appreciate all comments on this topic. Thanks in advance.

  12. Jim R

    Good luck with he self-hosting project, Elaine. It sounds like a lot of work. IT work, mostly on the server, which will probably be running some sort of Linux or other.

    Apple uses another derivative of Unix for its OS, so it should be easier than if you had a Microsoft machine, totally non-compatible with Unix…

  13. I have to explore all this, any help or advice is gratefully accepted.

  14. Lou

    I am happy with a used, cheap [$230.] Dell Latitude.
    A coder recommended Latitude as ‘they dont crash much, are work horse and cheap.’

  15. Lou

    Unfortunately this is the nature of the tech business. It was created by maladjusted young men (and some women) who are by nature inclined to be hermits and do not have the proper social skills to interact with other human beings.

    Uh, I would note that it is a bottom line issue. Money. Help call centers cost money.
    eBay, great customer service.
    Yahoo, no service, except for advertisers.
    WordPress, looks bad.

    Help desks in Philipines and India dont do a great job, imo.
    I use Frontier for connection and the help desk is in USA [Buffalo?]
    I called a few nights ago and was told my connection is good. Uh, no.

    Frontier repair trucks are often useless. Took 6 visits to do what could have been done in one.
    4 useless repairmen and 2 who each did half of the job.

  16. Tom


    I recommend medium.com , they are better than WordPress.

    16 Popular Alternatives to WordPress:

  17. Jim R

    Tom, most of your alternatives are lacking in the feature Elaine wants: control of her data! For example, one of them is a subsidiary of Google. Elaine frequently posts exhibits of how Google censors its news nowadays. Back when they were competing with Alta Vista and Dogpile and other search engines, there was no censorship … but now it has degenerated into a propaganda organ for the deep state.

    WordPress.com is pretty reasonable about censorship, but I have had it eat up some of my comments. They are definitely filtering some things, like posts with a lot of links in them… and that is why she is thinking of tackling wordpress.org.

    This second wordpress supplies the software, but leaves hosting up to the user. It’s going to be a lot more complicated, at least until it is up and running. But by hosting it herself, she will (hopefully) be the owner and master of the data.

    And it’s worth noting at this point, that anything on public-facing on the internet like this will require a certain amount of automated filtering. Otherwise it is likely to be inundated with spam and profanity..

  18. Tom


    If keeping data is the goal then I recommend steemit
    It’s based on the newest blockchain technology
    Everything is stored on the blockchain, forever
    zero censorship, for example you can find a whole lot of pizzagate article/video

    people actually earn money posting them because readers often tip the author

  19. Tom

    Straight from steemit
    NYPD Rleases Anthony Weiner Screen Shots with 15 Year Old Girl – March 22

  20. Yes, I posted those the other day, got the news from overseas. If you want up to date news, read the British paper, the Daily Mail. They have all the fun stuff.

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