Bezo’s Washington Post Is Whining That Obama Executive Orders Are Being Dumped

The über liberal NWO Bilderberg Washington Post is whining that the GOP Congress, President and half Supreme Court isn’t going to preserve all of Obama’s executive orders.  Oh my!  What a shock!  Elections have consequences.  Obama did all his various actions without Congress for the last several years and now it can be undone with a stroke of a pen.  Of course.  And the WP owner wants this to not happen which is why Bezos is pushing the ‘Trump is a Commie Ruskie’ storyline as if this is 1955.


I can understand why a bunch of lunatics living along the West Coast are terrified about falling into the ocean.  They were screeching about this all my long life and when I lived right on the coast, too, everyone thought we were going to die so I moved out.


Obviously, I was sane and they are crazy.  Why on earth do they build on literally shaking ground where geology is very hyperactive?  With volcanoes, no less!  And yet they whine and whine about how we are doomed.


I want to pass a law that says, ‘Anyone who thinks we are doomed because natural forces like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. happen, they should be forced to move to KANSAS.  I once lived in Kansas.  Yes, we have tornadoes there but building a tornado shelter is pretty easy.


The West Coast’s natural dangers are huge.  There were no native societies there, for example.  In Arizona and New Mexico, the tribes built entire cities.  Not one city was built in California or any West Coast region.  The natives there lived a very primitive lifestyle, barely any different from the Ice Ages.


Obama and his gang imposed some very nasty rules on the rest of us.  I burn coal, for example, to stay alive in very cold winters.  This last month, for example, the temperature rarely went above freezing and fell below 0F more than once, the ground is finally melting and the snow pack is finally disappearing and it is nearly April.


We are not roasting to death out here, far from it.  Even California has had yet another cold wave bash through yet again, it is snowing in Arizona and New Mexico!  That is just amazing to me, I grew up out there.  Wow.


Polls show people are not all that worried about global warming and even the global warmists dare not use that term anymore, they have retreated into the vague ‘climate change’ which is silly since the climate changes a lot over time going from one Ice Age to another.


Obama and his gang should have lived with the results of elections instead of trying to tie down everything via fiat from one man.  Again: on his very last days, this creep closed down all coal mines!  This was infuriating.  This is what a dictator does, not an honest politician.


All dictators excuse their actions claiming they know better than the people and history shows very clearly, this is a big, fat lie.  Uniformly, dictators screw up everything over time and are amazingly cruel.


Liberals think they are gods who are always right.  This is why they act so puzzled when many citizens get very angry after liberals let millions of illegal aliens living in DNC run places, the right to vote.  Liberals think, ‘Hey, this gives us more power,’ without thinking ‘Geeze, this is exactly how the Roman Empire was destroyed!’


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7 responses to “Bezo’s Washington Post Is Whining That Obama Executive Orders Are Being Dumped

  1. DM

    ‘Geeze, this is exactly how the Roman Empire was destroyed!’

    Well, you can’t fix stupid, and stupid seems to be a prerequisite in today’s America. You must have the most dysfunctional education system on the planet.

    So, how does a ‘stupid’ like this guy get to be a ‘top US general'[the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe], and since when does what a general ‘personally believe[s]’ get to drive political policy. That’s way above his pay grade.

    Top US general in Europe urges arming Ukraine

    Washington must do more to deter “Russian aggression,” including sending lethal weapons to the government in Ukraine and engage in information warfare across the board, the top US commander in Europe told lawmakers.
    “I personally believe that we need to consider lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine,” General Curtis M. Scaparrotti, head of the US European Command (EUCOM) told the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

    “I haven’t discussed that specific issue with most of our partners,” Scaparrotti admitted when he was asked about the NATO allies’ opinion on arming Kiev. The general is also the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR).

  2. DM

    Oh, I forgot to add that the ‘arming Ukraine’ article quoted above is from the fake news site RT. It may not be headlined in the newspaper of record.

  3. Nani

    Central and Eastern European countries rejects EU refugee quota scheme.,Poland-will-not-yield-to-%E2%80%98blackmail%E2%80%99-over-refugees-PM

    Quote: ““The Visegrad group, including Poland, will never agree to blackmail and will not agree to such terms being dictated to them,” the Polish Prime Minister said


  4. The RT news people track everything in Eastern Europe. Our media pretends it doesn’t exist most of the time.

  5. Lou

    Our media pretends it doesn’t exist most of the time.
    It is not Kardashian, Super Bowl, Etc.

  6. Jim R

    “Kardashian” is actually an Armenian name. But not very many people know that … I don’t watch them, maybe they don’t know it.

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