COG: Continuity of Government In WWIII Is Impossible

The desperate left and the Bilderberg gang are now openly talking about killing Trump because the COG, ‘Continuity of Government’ requires a COUP.  Yes, a military coup.  Seriously.  I predicted this.  I knew they would fight dirty because they always fight dirty.


Way way back in my youth when I was a child inside the Secret State, we had instructions from our father who advised Eisenhower and Kennedy (and Carter) how to survive WWIII: RUN TO THE HILLS AND HIDE.  It was enabled by my father building our ranch next to the pass between Mt. Lemmon and the Rincon mountains when we weren’t living on Kitt Peak.


When Kennedy was executed in Dallas, Texas, I followed my father’s rules: if I hear one jet after another taking off from Davis Monthan AFB, I was to run for the hills as fast as possible.  So, one fine day in November, I began counting jets taking off during English class and then took off like a bullet to run for the hills for all the jets took off when Kennedy was killed.


Now, we have been on the Anvil of Destruction all my long life.  At various times, we are spared this fate but thanks to a total collapse in sanity and diplomacy, we are back in the condition of being four minutes from nuclear annihilation.


Today, the media is talking about this monstrous entity:  Continuity of Government, COG:  This is ‘what do we do in the first four minutes of WWIII?  Unfortunately, most populations should just kiss goodbye, they won’t survive.  Period.


Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of nuclear war or other catastrophic event.


COG was developed by the British government before and during World War II to counter threats, such as that of the Luftwaffe bombing during the Battle of Britain. The need for continuity-of-government plans gained new urgency with nuclear proliferation.


Countries during the Cold War and afterwards developed such plans to avoid (or minimize) confusion and disorder due to a power vacuum in the aftermath of a nuclear attack.


In the US at least, COG is no longer limited to nuclear emergencies; the Continuity of Operations Plan was activated following the September 11 attacks.


I grew up inside the inside.  They knew inside that if nuclear war happens, there will be no government anymore.  All the generals and their families were like mine: parents gave instructions to the kiddies how to run for their lives and then get to family arms stashes and then hang on for dear life (that is, kill anyone else trying to take the stash).


This queer childhood has been most interesting because I found it ridiculously easy to take over part of NYC and impose law and order on my corner of the world.  Chaos all around and Law and Order in my little neighborhood.


Now, COG is being discussed to remove Trump illegally. By pretending we are in an ’emergency’ when this is pure politics played by very violent people who want to control us via black magic and political tricks including giving the vote openly to  millions of illegal aliens and offering them welfare if they support the coup…yes, we are in a political crisis but I want to talk more about COG…namely, it will never work.


Why?  Let’s start with WWIII: once the first rocket is fired, all will be fired simultaneously.  The end of this opening will be all inside 24 hours or even 1 hour.  After that, it will be all about chaos: who will have the arms and wits to take over regions that are still habitable.


This is where ‘survivalists’ will thrive.  Knowing how to fight, hunt, kill, build, fix, midwife births, how to ‘see into the future’ and figure out strategies for pure, naked survival: none of the elites have this knowledge, will or power to do any of this.


They are helpless lambs in the slaughter.  I had to fight like a fiend for every square inch of my territory all my long life.  Literal hand to hand combat, and I had to organize with others, this conquest of territory for survival, we did this together and we were and still are, dangerous because we are ‘survivalists’.


On my mountain, I am surrounded by survivalists.  We all hunt.  We all know how to heat our homes with materials in our forests, how to fell trees, how to dig the earth, plant food, all sorts of things.  I am not as survivalist as previous years, though, due to age and being betrayed by our government.


I no longer have flocks of sheep, cattle, horses, etc. but I can engineer this again, I have all the facilities for restarting this so long as I bring in someone young enough to run things.  Only people living in the hinterlands will survive WWIII fairly intact and being in places where they won’t have to worry about nuclear birth defects, etc.


Since all the nuclear power plants will blow up, anyone within a 50 mile radius from these will be in serious trouble.  The cities: dead.  The useless cities like Detroit won’t be bombed, they were bombed by our Real Rulers who hope to survive WWIII via hiding in various estates.  Only they will be killed by their own guards.  Why guard an ass idiot when one can take all the money and power and one knows how to fight?


Obvious to me!  If I were guarding ones of these creepy rich idiots, I would dispose of them, too, and take over!  Too easy.  The people who should be scared of COG are the very rich and very powerful for that will finish them all off.


Using COG to get rid of an elected leader who has the support of the Deplorables who are all working stiff, gun owning, angry men who are often in various ‘services’ at some point in time…soldiers, that is, police, fire department staff…farmers who obviously are not in cities, people who create food…these are huge Trump supporters who hate the city people who make fun of them, who pretend they are big shots.


No, the hinterland teems with dangerous people who have to, as I did this year, face down a family of bears by barking at them like a dog!  ARF.  It did work.  I have had people threaten me with guns and even shoot at me in the past.  I consider this ‘business as usual’ and take them down.


The point is, survivalism is something a person has to earn the hard way, by actually learning how to survive using only a few or even no tools…yes, I know how to knap stones, the right stones, to make tools for cutting and stabbing, etc.  Not to mention, how to find the right mud to make pots and then make a kiln using dirt and straw…life skills that even ‘native people’ have been rapidly losing as they enter the welfare cave of death.


I watched the native tribes where I lived as a child, turn into welfare drunks, unable to do the simplest tasks.  All that fine information that I had the good luck to learn when young, is being rapidly lost.


And our Real Rulers know this.  They hate us.  They want us destroyed and if creating COG does the trick, they will do it.  This is our main danger and is why they keep egging on WWIII with Russia and China, two top nuclear powers.


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12 responses to “COG: Continuity of Government In WWIII Is Impossible

  1. tio

    The American Enterprise Institute huh, more web trawling.

  2. Barking at a bear….never thought of that but knowing how they are afraid of dogs what a great idea!
    I carry bear spray on my hikes but it’s good to have options

  3. Nani

    Russia and Iran are strengthening their relations. I believe this is the result of US behaviour towards them. Since they have a common enemy, they are stronger together. Maybe we will see the emergence of a Eurasian troika, consisting of Russia, China and Iran?

  4. Yes, barking hysterically at a bear works. But ONLY AT NIGHT. 🙂

  5. william csepely

    OT,Elaine, but
    what do you think about David Rockefeller’s death? Can only imagine what it would be like, to be him facing the Watchers! I also have been dead, at three years old, and he has no idea how reality really works!His shock must have been COSMIC!! hahaha!

  6. floridasandy

    not a lot of media coverage on that one-haha.

    or the Clinton Foundation Russian money grab.

    It’s all good. Trump will be trying to defund the sanctuary cities. I see that Texas may start arresting the mayors who defy the law. That could get interesting. Wish that they did that in Palm Beach county here in Florida with the jackass leadership they have. They are doubling down on their sanctuary status, even with this homicide rate: If they want to endanger themselves, fine-but they aren’t fenced and they don’t have the right to endanger the rest of us in Florida.

    You can’t fix stupid–but maybe you can arrest them. 🙂

  7. William, so, you went where I went? I was surprised by the concern and even an odd sort of kindness considering They are not one of us, they showed me. I was scared only because it was very dark and disturbing.

    Children are quite fearless, I think. We learn to be afraid over time, the only fear we have when little is being lost.

  8. Floridasandy: so right. My latest article is about exactly that. They want all of us to pay for them to host illegal alien invaders who are criminals! This is insanity. I want law and order. I worked hard for law and order in NYC years ago which is why the Daily News called me ‘the Housewife from Hell’.

    Now, it is all in the trash can after a few years of DNC running things with DeBlasio. The cops and medics and everyone who clean up the messes are getting very pissed off at him and his violent buddies and supporters. I see a sea change coming as the mayor bankrupts the city after it loses $50 billion plus in US Fed money.

  9. Lou

    Elaine, have you read the news about the 3 teens shot outside Tulsa?
    The driver is charged with murder.

  10. Yes, three teens wearing masks and armed with guns were shot by the homeowner’s son defending himself. The female driving the getaway car has now been charged because she enabled the attackers. I hope she rots in prison.

  11. Lou

    Tulsa, I believe one had brass knuckles and one had a knife.

    Mahoney said Peters and his father, the homeowner, were in the home at the time but were not hurt. Police said Peters went to the Sheriff’s Office and was interviewed by investigators.

    Mahoney said two of the deceased were considered armed.

    One had brass knuckles, he said. Another had a knife.

    Mahoney said the third suspect had not yet been searched by police.

    Police with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said today they’d arrested an alleged getaway driver who they identified as Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez.

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