Former Madoff Hedge Fund Buddy Throws Self Off Skyscraper In Manhattan

Hedge Fund ‘Billionaire’ threw himself off a 23 story building in Manhattan because of financial problems.  Yes, this is the price people pay when they play money games with no morals.  They are filled with despair when the game is screwed up and often, commit crimes or commit suicide.  The mentality that makes these people leads to their demise because they often have to cheat to get super rich or at least, do ugly things to innocent bystanders.



 Murphy, who had a law degree from Harvard, a master’s degree in business administration from MIT’s Sloan School and a bachelor’s degree from Columbia, spent nearly 20 years in Europe as an investor for Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse.


He made a triumphant arrival in the city in 2007, paying $33 million for the Upper East Side mansion. He bought it from Seagram heir Matthew Bronfman, who gutted it after buying it in 1994, for $3 million, from the Foundation for Depression and Manic Depression.

Bronfman is into his third divorce and still works for the Rothschilds.


Interesting that these crazy guys now own the building which was for manic depressives.  Sounds like they wanted their own facility for their own problems!  But forgot the goal was to find sanity, not increase their insanity.


In 2010, Mark Madoff, the 46-year-old son of the disgraced financier, committed suicide in Matthew’s previous  SoHo apartment.


Seems that the Devil That Is Death is a frequent visitor.


Two years earlier, Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, founder of a firm that lost $1.4 billion to Madoff’s scheme, killed himself in his Manhattan office.


Yes, quite a list, a big crew of people who knocked on Death’s front door due to losing money that was illicit in the first place.  All were buddies of the present candidate to this particular hell.


Murphy began work at Fairfield Greenwich Group, a high-stakes hedge fund that did heavy business with Madoff. When Madoff’s Ponzi scheme imploded a year later, FGG was out some $7 billion of its clients’ money — and Murphy was out of a job. He and other Fairfield Greenwich partners were listed as defendants in an $80 million lawsuit brought by distraught investors.
Murphy immediately tried to unload his ritzy property, which has eight bedrooms and 11 fireplaces, for $37 million.


He eventually found work with Paulson & Co., but listed his mega-mansion again last year, this time asking $49.5 million for the 11,000-square-foot abode.


Good riddance to bad trash.  Note how this fraud was hired right off by yet another investor group.  A real winner.


Speaking of winners, the DNC is freaking out nonstop and want to destroy Trump no matter how they do it.  Right now, the plan is to paint him as a Russian agent and blame Hillary’s crappy election attempts as treason.  This is pure evil, of course, and donning the robes of McCarthy to do this is insane, suicidal and stupid:  As the US government crashes and burns, they all want to blame Trump and not themselves: Democrats demand Nunes stand down while they all chase after the ‘Russia ran our elections’ fake story.


Meanwhile, NATO continues to collapse internally:

Since understandably paranoid Russians view all this NATO nonsense as highly dangerous and it certainly is especially after Hillary chortled over nuking Russia with only four minutes warning…we are on the road to WWIII.  And in this suicidal war, Russia must shoot first because there is no time to wait for the obvious incoming sneak attack from the US.


This is logical and is why DIPLOMACY must happen and the DNC is totally against diplomacy and so is a big faction of the Bilderberg run GOP so Trump is outnumbered by these suicidal lunatics who think we can win WWIII when history says, no, that won’t work out.


Will citizens of the US wake up?  Of course, the DNC is also saying there is no illegal alien invasion and if there is, they are all wonderful people who we need to keep wages down, etc.  Wait!  This is also an invasion and these people wave foreign flags and scream for death to Americans!  Why on earth are we letting them all in?  Senseless.  Meanwhile, the fix for our problems seems to be WWIII and I wonder, is the goal to have Russia nuke all our major cities that are filled with illegal aliens and welfare families and thus, get rid of them all?


A stupid solution but then, these people strike me as being very stupid.





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13 responses to “Former Madoff Hedge Fund Buddy Throws Self Off Skyscraper In Manhattan

  1. Melponeme_k

    I don’t think these types are offing themselves because of what they did to the little people or even one another. What kills them is having to endure lower expectations in living circumstances. It kills them to have less women, less money, less jewelry, less cars, boats and houses. They can’t take it. This is what happens when life becomes only about material things.

  2. Jim R

    A building for manic depressives!

    Does it have diving boards installed at every window? (inquiring minds want to know : )

  3. floridasandy

    maybe a couple actually feel guilty when they lose millions of other people’s money..

    He paid the ultimate price.

    OT, Trump may defund the sanctuary cities somewhat-some good news. We should never reward bad behavior, and we have had some leaders more than willing to do it. Go Trump!

  4. Lou

    So many Microbiologists, Wall Street Money guys and others have been suicided.

    Case #12-cv-04269-jbl-rml, Libor Scandal ring a bell? Did you know the man who pin pointed the missing $ exact location is James’s Holmes father (Dr. Robert Holmes) of the Batman theater shootings?

    Did you know Kevin Krim, the online editor for CNBC who reported about the Libor scandal had his kids murdered the night the article aired online and then was removed?

    Or did you know that Adam Lanza’s father is Peter Lanza, the tax director for GE (General Electric), in which the CEO is Obama’s advisor.

  5. They are all crazy, that explains a lot. Mindless and cruel and easily frustrated. Bad people to hang around, in other words.

  6. Moe

    @ Floridasandy

    “He paid the ultimate price.” Only if we are solely material, i.e., corporeal, and do not survive physical death. And if we are solely material it doesn’t matter, nothing does. And morals and ethics are merely a means for social lubrication.

    I can’t prove it either way but do have an inclination.

  7. Petruchio

    It isn’t exactly depressing mews to find out that some Hedge Fund a##hole decides to turn kamikaze and Swan dive to the street. Like Jim R says, let’s put diving boards on the roofs of these high rises.

  8. Petruchio

    “Will citizens of the US wake up? Of course, the DNC is also saying there is no illegal alien invasion and if there is, they are all wonderful people who we need to keep wages down, etc. Wait! This is also an invasion and these people wave foreign flags and scream for death to Americans! Why on earth are we letting them all in? Senseless.” No not really senseless, it’s part of a plan. I think it is in part the desire of the Real Rulers to create as much turmoil and animosity within the General Society so the ‘masses’ will be fighting so much amongst themselves that they won’t have the ability to organize and fight the REAL problem: The Real Rulers. The second part of it is the Democrat leadership, including the DNC, fully realize that since the Democrat Party betrayed or ‘sold out’ their traditional Labor/Working Class base they need a new constituency. So the Rulers import their voting base. The Democrats are now going to pay for betraying their Traditional voting base when Billy Boy Clinton sneered, “Where they gonna go?” Both the GOP and the Democrat Party are dying; maybe they know it, maybe they don’t.

  9. Melponeme_k

    Our elites can’t even conceive of the people getting angry enough to go full guillotine. They are so deluded. Every day is Fantasy Island to them with Rourke and Tattoo welcoming them off their private planes.

    Meanwhile the guillotine American style won’t look so dramatic as the old French version. Instead, we’ll all be dressed in commemorative T-Shirts, beer hats, eating fried chicken and the band will be playing “Dueling Banjos”. LOL

  10. Claudeeyah

    Sure hope that a@@hole didn’t damage the sidewalk when he hit it.

  11. He hit another rich person’s balcony. Splat.

  12. Moe

    Lets see now. You’re a bankster and of all the money you manage to steal, you don’t salt enough away for an emergency. I mean, how hard can that be? And these ‘tards imagine themselves to be the rulers of the Earth?

    Dumb f**k.

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