WordPress Seems Utterly Incapable Of Running This Site So I Am Looking For A New Home

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Here is a review of my previous hissy fit when Blogspot couldn’t operate properly.  Transitions are a pain in the ass but also a growing event and I hope this next change will make things better, stronger and more under my vicious dictatorial control.  These events are rippling across the entire internet as liberals turned into McCarthy-style monsters, attacking everyone for disagreeing with their loony ideology.  Remember, back in 2006, we were ruled by the Bush gang.


Blogger has been limping along for quite a while. They promised us, the last big crash, all was well and they had new systems.


Well, these systems failed hugely in the last three days leaving my news service in tatters, fouling up the postings and in general, making life impossible. So I decided to move over to “pay for” service which means I can communicate with someone when something happens. Blogger didn’t even have the decency to inform us what was going on when the system crashed this last three times.


I am sorry about forcing regular readers to change URLs and do all the annoying updating but I hope this is the last time this news service has to pack the bags and move. There will be some instability here until I and my progeny rearrange the cyber furniture to fit my particular style and needs so in advance, I’m sorry for any inconvenience or difficulties.


Since this site isn’t free like Blogger, I have added a “Tip Jar” for anyone interested in making donations. Everyone on line is looking for this. My overhead is under $25 a month, the time I spend posting and doing art is a whole different subject. My ability to produce swift artwork has vastly improved while posting this news service during the last year. Anyone interested in commissioning cartoons can contact me at emeinel@taconic.net.


I hope this will be a much better blog when I am done. I have some ideas as to how to build it. And any suggestions, criticisms, wittisisms or whateversisms readers want to inflict on me, go right ahead and unload on me!


Just don’t mistake me for a quail! Heh!


Well, so much for ‘paying for a better service.’  Service at WordPress.com stinks.  Simple communication is nearly impossible with them.  This is a bad sign of anti-social behaviors.  No wonder things aren’t working correctly, the people in charge are asocial and difficult.


What is funny is, they write ‘we are fun people who are nice’ when my own interface with them is more like grilling surly teenagers who don’t want to tell you what happened to the car last night that looks like it is totaled.


This childish form of communication while pretending to be sweet, kindly people is highly infuriating.  I want to spank them and order them to redesign the business so it is functional for normal humans, hell’s bells, I have been talking to computers since childhood and instead of getting smarter and smarter, it gets dumber.


Open my blog systems, WordPress people.  Open it now…damn, now I have to blow it open with explosives…



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5 responses to “WordPress Seems Utterly Incapable Of Running This Site So I Am Looking For A New Home

  1. Moe

    Hate to say it but I saw this coming, even briefly commented a few weeks ago in a previous post. As someone else has said, if you want total contort you have to host your own server and blogging software. An alternative might be a server in Iceland.

    If you really want to go full bore independent, you’re gonna need help. Jim Stone (a pseudonym) knows how to do this but not sure how to contact him. Send him a message in his message window and maybe he can help.

    Don’t be scared off by his message. I’ve been in personal contact with him since early 2012 (much less lately since contact is difficult to maintain) but I do trust this guy.

    Here’s his IP:

  2. Tom

    What happened to the 10 or more replies here?
    I suggested https://steemit.com/

    It’s based on the newest blockchain technology.
    Zero censorship and your article will stay on the blockchain forever. Readers will also tip you for your articles too.

    If they can’t take down pizzagate blogs, you know it’ll be safe:

  3. Tom

    Sex Code Words And Clinton Connection Exposed!:

  4. Tom

    Using blockchain technology means everyone running the network has a complete copy of every one’s articles.

    They can’t change any of your content because every piece of data is base on a digital finger print of the previous data (a cryptographic hash), everything is stored as an unchangeable chain.

    They also can’t remove your articles unless they remove everyone else’s harddrive.

    It is the same technology Bitcoin is using. Blockchain is the future.

  5. Tom

    An author wrote this political article and made $61.34 in just 8 hours, more importantly, the community is very active and there are lots of replies. Elaine doesn’t need the money but I think it’d be great if more people can read the wisdom of Elaine, here is that article:

    UK PM Triggers Article 50 to Leave the EU – Why I’m Positive About It

    Learn more about Steemit here:

    Steemit, A New Way To Share Cool Posts Online & Earn Money!

    Steemit.com is the online community that pays you to have better conversations on just about anything. It is where people (both users/non-users of Steemit) get rewarded for the content they share at the platform which can be anything -a blog, article, photos, videos, jokes, comments, memes, ideas.

    The earlier you up-vote great posts and interesting comments, the more Steemit rewards you. In other words, the more number of likes and comments you get, the more money you will earn. Rewards are paid as Steem Dollars, which are virtual tokens worth about one U.S. dollar. Not just that. You’re also rewarded with Steem Power, a token that boosts your voting influence and ability to earn even more rewards.

    Steemit’s digital currency is open to the public and fully transparent, so everyone can ensure it stays secure, reliable and safe for the community.

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