NYC Mayor DeBlaiso Illegally Orders Schools To Not Cooperate With ICE Fed Agents


DNC NYC Mayor DeBlasio orders police in out of control NYC schools not cooperate with ICE agents due to violent illegal alien students!  The mayors of illegal ‘sanctuary cities’ that give illegal aliens the same rights including the vote so they can flood into cities and take over, are demanding the US government allow them to continue this program of chasing out citizens and replacing these with non taxpaying illegal aliens who obey the DNC leaders so they can continue this invasion.


In NYC which is in the state where I live, these aliens are causing crime, riots and destroying our schools which taxpayers have to fund.  The City Council in NYC is now run by the daughter of illegal aliens and she is all on board of doing this invasion as much as possible and foolishly thinks, she can refuse to listen to the Feds when they warn her, this actions means no more funds from US taxpayers.


Federal aid from all US taxpayers that flows to the school sewer in NYC is over $3 billion and rising.  And the arrogant people who took over the city and who love illegal aliens and think schools should never punish rioters, have to make up for this loss by taxing us citizens living in NY state, I am betting.  And this is infuriating!


The schools in my district have zero police.  Hell, we don’t have any police of any sort, only sheriffs who show up on occasion.  Like the other day, the sheriff showed up because a wolf was run over on the highway.  I saw it.  It was quite big.  Time to break out the guns.  Oh, we are all armed, too.


The astonishing level of entitlement of these illegal aliens doesn’t astonish me, liberals have used these people to gain powers for totally different reasons, thinking that people emigrating from cultures that hate gays and Jews will love both once they gain total power.   It used to be, only Italians or Jews would run the City Council and Mayor’s office now, they are being shoved aside.  Too late to figure out how they stabbed themselves in the chest, they continue with ruinous programs that is destroying the city from within.


De Blasio issued a mayor directive, which was sent around by senior NYPD figures on Tuesday, telling officers not to let ICE agents onto school ground unless they have a ‘valid warrant’, the New York Post reports.


The order states ‘non-local law enforcement officers will not be permitted to proceed’ beyond the reception desk at schools in New York City.


I would suggest, anyone wanting to enter these DNC hell holes should be heavily armed, have on armor and have a bullet proof vehicle.  This goes for teachers, too.  I know the schools very well.  I founded ‘Save Our Schools’ way back in 1984.  I had to give up when my daughter was attacked in the classroom as was her teacher (!!!) and I had to run inside and save them from fellow students who were rioting.


I had a huge fight with Mayor Koch over all this and then stormed out of the city and moved to a place which was safer until…it happened again, 8 years later, too!  Same problem: black students from wrecked homes attack fellow students nonstop and make learning impossible.


The move was apparently met with some push-back from NYPD brass, with one source telling the newspaper it was a ‘ridiculous’ plan.  ‘We work with law enforcement. That’s our job… we’re supposed to work together,’ the cop insider said.



So, the mayor whose support base is out of control students’ mothers (they have no fathers), illegal aliens allowed to vote, wants to have no more Federal money.


Map showing how spending on schools, particularly ghetto schools that can’t teach anyone, much of anything, has nearly doubled in one decade:

The worse the schools do, the more money they get.  Well, since most sane parents now send their children to private schools, all of the remainder are going under rapidly and costing taxpayers a fortune.


Hillary’s other support base outside of Manhattan is California where they also penalize schools that are doing well by cutting funds and handing it to schools being actively destroyed by black and Hispanic students.


The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.  In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.  The racial formula was a condition imposed by court decisions dealing with desegregation in the 1970s.


School integration has been a total disaster.  It led directly to the death of more than one manufacturing city as white families fled from illegal aliens and black students raised by mothers on welfare.  The unending catastrophe continues.  Today, virtually no black children have connection with their genetic fathers.  Half of Hispanic children are in the same sinking boat.


This has caused chaos in communities at all levels with schools being the leading edge of destruction.  It is obvious the liberal solutions to ‘racism’ isn’t working at all.  People are terrified of living next door to large black populations because they are highly dangerous people.


A video made several days ago by a student in NYC shows a total riot raging in his high school as gangs battle each other openly:  This is now ‘normal’ in DNC run schools.  And they want all of us to pay for these obvious failures.  I would suggest the move to eliminate punishment in schools is another reason for this collapse.


When I went to school as a kid, if you defied the staff, you were hit and hit hard with things that were one step away from baseball bats!  You paid a steep price for irritating anyone in the staff!  The Dean of Boys was particularly violent.  But then, we were rowdy kids, too.


Our parents hit us with various objects, too!  I know my parents would hit us a great deal.  We learned to take blows and frankly, this is how ‘fighting for one’s country’ starts: you can’t be a shy, helpless kid, most girls didn’t fight back then and if they did, they fought dirty, namely hair pulling which always irritated me because I fought like a boy, not a girl.  That was true of all of us rancher girls who dealt with large mammals.


Students at Richmond Hill High School in New York were caught on a student’s cell phone busting out in a full-on brawl in what appears to be just inside the doors of the school on March 10.


The crowd of students randomly punching and flailing at each other appears to be a gang initiation, reported the New York Daily News.


Good lord, they are not doing gang initiations at a DNC run school.  Talk about insane.


Police also responded to a call at the school that day after two girls hit another girl in the face.  No one was reportedly injured in the large melee, but school safety agents said students gave the video to agents because they were scared.


What were they scared of?  Oh, the gang fight would end up in the streets with the attackers being armed with guns.  Another thing the GOP mayors stopped and the DNC mayor allows!


‘This was a full-scale riot,’ safety agents union president Greg Floyd told PIX 11. ‘Our school safety agents were outnumbered.’


He claimed that city mayor Bill de Blasio is intimidating safety agents into not reporting fights to their union, and to give warnings instead of make arrests, even when knives are confiscated.


He claims the mayor wants violent incidents like this one not to come to light to keep up the pretense that crime is going down and students are safe in schools.


This is true of all DNC run cities.  In Baltimore, the black woman mayor there demanded the cops stop arresting black people so arrests have been cut by 70% and crime is shooting upwards.  A number of organizations that did events in the city are now cancelling due to riots downtown, attacking attendees.


‘This is a cover-up because this is an election year for him, and he’s told the parents that schools are safe,’ he said.  ‘The de Blasio school violence cover-up isn’t working,’ he told New York Daily News. ‘Students are afraid of the gangs, guns, knives. They came to us because no one at City Hall is listening.’


See?  I guessed this before reading this.  I have a long history of dealing with NYC gangs trying to take over schools which is why we had ‘Save Our Schools’ and the DNC hated this organization and it collapsed when I was forced to flee the crime-riddled schools there.


A spokesman for de Blasio denied there was a cover-up.  ‘No truth to it. No evidence behind it. No idea where the suggestion comes from,’ said Eric Phillips.  Asked whether fights like this were the norm, a student told Pix 11: ‘Not every day, but sometimes.’


There should be never any mass riots like this.  They happen every week in NYC.  They happen every day somewhere in the US now and every single one of these riots are at DNC run schools in sanctuary cities, for the most part.  The DNC denies their sanctuary cities are also high crime.


I watched a news video the other day which I didn’t save, where the black DNC boss was smugly saying, ‘We have lowered the crime rate in our cities we run,’ when what they really did was not respond to calls for help, in come cities, if you are robbed, the cops never show up and businesses have given up, reporting crimes.  Yes, this makes statistics look good and destroys cities.


I remember the black out riots in NYC.  No one was arrested, the thugs burned down huge swaths of the city including my neighborhood and the mayor said, he was happy that no one (outside of the two rioters shot by my friends) and no one was arrested.  I blew up.  This began my nonstop fight with the DNC clowns running the city which ended with 5 of them being arrested and one committing suicide.  They just can’t learn.


I don’t live there anymore but I am in the same state.  I will urge all my neighbors to not support NYC and its illegal alien population.  Make the mayor pay for all his mistakes, not us.


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8 responses to “NYC Mayor DeBlaiso Illegally Orders Schools To Not Cooperate With ICE Fed Agents

  1. Lou

    What percent of NYC population is Non White?
    What percent ‘wetbacks?’
    What percent of NYC is immigrants?

  2. Lou

    In Baltimore, the black woman mayor there demanded the cops stop arresting black people so arrests have been cut by 70% and crime is shooting upwards.

    –That is just ‘Black Logic’–disparate impact.

  3. Petruchio

    Hey Lou: This is also how “Crime Fighting Initiatives” work as well. A Big City Mayor–like Baltimore’s–will announce measures to combat Crime. All they REALLY do in these ‘Crime Fighting Initiatives’ is, once a certain number of murders or robberies occur they simply STOP COUNTING THEM!! And Voila!! You have yourself a successful Crime Fighting Initiative. Pretty neat, huh?

  4. ziff

    where does the money end up ?

  5. floridasandy


    The 3 wealthiest counties in the US are all outside of Washington DC.

    Big transfer of wealth, and huge disparity between the rich and the poor.

    There’s your big government for you!

  6. floridasandy

    have been following the corrupt diblasio for awhile now:

    He goes where the money is, that’s for sure. Even Hillary distanced herself from him, and that’s saying a lot.

  7. Lou

    Lots of Mexicans in NYC,

    Ambrose Kane blog,

    Mexicans in California have become so emboldened by their majority status that they now speak openly about the demise of Whites in the Golden State. They even got it down to an exact year, apparently!

    This is how the Mexicans, whether legal and illegal, reward Whites for the kindness that has been shown to them. Never forget that the vast majority of Mexicans have no intention of making America great. No, they just want to make America Mexico. They left their shit-hole shanty existence in Mexico so they could arrive and turn our nation into another version of Mexico with its skyrocketing levels of crime, poverty, squalor, gang culture, and violent cartels.

    We have enough problems in the U.S. The last thing we need are more poorly educated, low-skilled, and raging alcoholic peasants.

    Wake up America and see what they are trying to do to us!

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