Leftists Riot Constantly In Portland Oregon Town Hall Meetings


A typical Portland, Oregon town hall meeting riot from last October.  They are doing this every meeting now as the leftists try to impose their rule via attacking citizens and slightly less leftist representatives who win elections.  These radicals are now doubly pissed off that the US voters didn’t go totally leftist.  They also have an agenda which is strangely very similar to the Bilderberg gang’s agenda.  The movement of the left towards the ruling elite’s desires is due to them being coddled and funded by rich internationalists like Soros.


Mayor Ted Wheeler arranged for nearly everyone to be barred from the building and had security officers stationed near the dais to help eject anyone who might act unruly.  It is nearly as bad here in my own state of NY which has been invaded by illegal aliens who are coddled and funded while our taxes go up and up.  The entire state I live in voted against the Democrats in the last three elections but the DNC run cities all opt for internationalism, destruction of US jobs thanks to ‘free trade’ and other issues which make us all much poorer.


My little village has been ravaged by free trade and only in the last two years, has begun to recover from the loss of jobs and population, many abandoned businesses and houses and above all, farms, out here.  One used to see herds of sheep and cattle out here all over the place back in 1993.  Today, there are nearly none.


In an effort to allay protesters’ fury, Mayor Wheeler started hosting biweekly forums during which Portland residents can air concerns about city action and inaction.


HAHAHA.  The stupid mayor decided to double down and give even more days the idle left can attack him and whine about everything.  Why doesn’t he hold daily meetings so they can assault him nonstop?  This would make them all very happy, they have nothing better to do with their energy and time.


The mayor avoided removing and arresting protesters because he saw it as an escalating step and last resort, Cox said.


HAHAHA….as a parent many years ago, coddling toddlers throwing temper tantrums means putting them on the naughty step, not inviting them into the kitchen to scream.


That strategy did not work.


Understatment of the century.


Few people — mainly city employees and a handful of journalists — were let into the Portland Building for much of the afternoon.


Dozens of protesters chanted outside the building doors. Many objected to being shut out. Activists wearing hats with black panther pins formed a line in front of the security official barring entrance.


The Panthers did this to stop employees going to ‘meetings’.  I hope they shut down the entire city.  Then they can riot and burn it down.  And then the survivors there can complain about how Trump did this to them.  Then, all the DNC cities can copy this and burn down.  I worked very hard to stop NYC from burning down many years ago, at great risk to my own life.


Now, it is a political cesspool again. So if they burn it down, have fun, guys.  Just remember: we in the hinterlands don’t want you all coming here and trying this.


“They’re not letting us in so you can’t get in either,” they told people who tried to enter the building.


Activists Mimi German and Joe Walsh, who arrived early to the meeting, disrupted the meeting with yelling and protests. The mayor warned each of them that they would be ejected if they continued. When they persisted, a security official handed each of them a notice directing them to leave immediately.


Walsh tore his notice in half, threw it toward the dais and stormed out. German left with a security escort. Neither was arrested.


So, no one was arrested.  Way back in 1977, Mayor Beame of NYC boasted about not arresting anyone when my minority neighbors ran riot and destroyed, looted and assaulted everyone, leaving the city in places a smoldering ruin.  Now, they are repeating the exact same mistakes thinking that pandering to the rioters is supposed to stop them.  Reality is, it encourages worse behavior.


Michael Moore blasts Donald Trump on Twitter saying he will cause the extinction of the human race after nullifying former President Obama’s commitments to curb carbon dioxide pollution.  It is COLD here on my mountain.  We still have snow on the ground.  It is nearly April.  We are under a weather watch for another BLIZZARD.  Where is this ‘global warming’?


If it is global, then it has to be the planet, not LA and Palm Beach.  If warm places are slightly warmer and northern places like mine are freezing then this is not ‘global warming’.  When places on earth that were covered with a mile of ice a mere 30,000 years ago are freezing cold and it is no longer ‘winter’ but ‘spring’ this is a warning sign about global cooling, not warming.


On Tuesday Trump signed an executive order nullifying former President Obama’s commitments to curb carbon dioxide pollution, reported the New York Times.


He also directed the Environmental Protection Agency to start rolling back Obama’s Clean Power Act, which would have closed hundreds of coal-fired power plants, frozen construction of new plants and concentrated on replacing them with wind and solar farms, reported the outlet.


He has called environmental regulations ‘job killing.’


The global warmists proved their case via doctoring climate data to make it look as if it is hotter now than during the much warmer Minoan and Roman Warm Periods, even the Medieval Warm Period was warmer than today.  If they want to yap about global warming, they need much better proof.


CO2 goes up when it warms up and goes down when it cools down.  This cycle was flipped upside down years ago by a bunch of scientists who conspired to do this, pretending that CO2 goes up before it warms.  CO2 which humans have added has saved us from the Little Ice Age which could have turned into the Bigger Ice Age.  The fact is, Ice Ages start and end suddenly and the only means for this sort of cyclic behavior lies in the activities of the sun and where we are relative to all other celestial bodies in our galaxy.


Then there is this story which illustrates why so many of us real feminists (not the recent spoiled generation who have no idea of what dangers lie ahead) fear Muslims and don’t want them to dominate us:  A Moroccan businesswoman has been sentenced to two years behind bars after her ambassador to Austria former husband accused her of cheating on him.


Hind El-Achchabi, 38, president of luxury charter airline Dalia Air, was handed a prison term after Kuwaiti diplomat Sadiq M. Marafi made criminal allegations against her.


She is now behind bars in the city of Sale, just north of Moroccan capital Rabat.


El-Achchabi and Marafi separated in September 2014, yet according to media reports she did not want to accept official divorce papers.  Her alleged lover after 2014, a Moroccan entrepreneur named Mohsin Karim Bennani, was sentenced to seven months’ imprisonment for adultery.


So, her fat rich husband wanted to divorce her and she wouldn’t let him so he had her arrested and imprisoned! Wow.  I warn all fake leftists: this is your future, you dingbats.  Talk about INSANE.  I am freaking out over this, how dangerous is it to have Muslims pretending to be your allies while you all demand even more ‘rights’?


The betrayal is obvious, this is the reality: in the future, if millions of Muslims invade Europe and the US, all the leftists will end up DEAD.  They want to kill you all. Wake up.  But then, the left is busy self-destructing.



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28 responses to “Leftists Riot Constantly In Portland Oregon Town Hall Meetings

  1. floridasandy

    Are these the leftists who fled the state of California and are now reshaping Oregon?

    Glad we are on the east coast. Our town hall meetings are still civilized, with people being respectful to each other.

  2. Shawntoh


    There’s no place to put them and there is a shortage of police anyway.

    This is not a good sign as well overall– as we may note that the rest of the rural part of the state is more conservative and– this– along with the current fiscal public employee pension fund crisis that state legislature is struggling with to resolve– synergistically might have unintentional vibes…

    This might trigger a reaction in the overall vortex around the Cascadia Fault Range and there’s the ensuing Tsunamis– much less the earthquake predicted– Well–

    Excuse me, I think I’ll go lie down and take a break here and hope to check in again soon, I hope.


    P.S. I don’t believe we could have elephants predict by their movements when the next “big one” is, like in Asia.

    They, the elephants, are all in endangered anyway in their habitat homes and here recently, a elephant named “Packy” died and this is where they end up here– in the zoo. Outside of that–

    Why would they want to escape to the circus anyway these days?

    Even if we could clone them and have them roam around the areas near the coast, there’s too much touristy suburbia around and even if so much as a toy poodle gets trampled in a induced stampede by some idiot, ah–

    Never mind.

  3. Flor


    The human brain has over 100 billion neurons’

    However humanity are existing short ephemeral ignorant brutish lifes because Zion-Satanists-Luciferian-Reptilians have raped, human & animal DNA, history, archaeology’

    This satanic babylonia fiat money system creates money out of thin air which equals an artificial debt and requires slaves to pay taxes for imperialists wars to plunder steal loot sink humanity into outright illiteracy stupidity imbecility impoverished brutish masses’

    This satanic reptilian empire is going to be eliminated and once satanists are completely eliminated from earth’

    Entire humanity will live forever on earth in love happiness harmony wellness to acquire knowledge which is like the universe, infinity !!!

    All wicked evil stinky satanists are going to be eliminated from earth completely and finally the Will of God will be done!


  4. Flor

    The Lord’s Prayer

    Our Father, which art in heaven,
    Hallowed be thy Name.

    Thy Kingdom come.

    Thy will be done in earth,

    ( up to this moment Satan will is misruling humanity toward destruction)

    As it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive them that trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    But deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom,
    The power, and the glory,
    For ever and ever.

    There will ever never be no WW3 on earth’ Zion-Satanists forget about the Almighty’ The Almighty will never ever allow no destruction of precious planet earth’

    Ruin will fall upon all those who have ruined planet earth and humanity!


    Enough with these satanic useless coward detestable liars traitors of humanity, traitors of the human race!

  5. Christian W

    Come on Elaine. The American public has voted for Neoliberalism every four years since 1980:

    1980 (Reagan – the patriotic choice)
    1984 (Reagan again – the patriotic choice)
    1988 (Bush – the patriotic choice)
    1992 (Clinton – sneaky “leftist liberal”)
    1996 (Clinton – sneaky “leftist liberal”)
    2000 (George W Bush (really?))
    2004 (George W Bush)
    2008 (Obama – sneaky “leftist liberal”)
    2012 (Obama – sneaky “leftist liberal”)
    2016 Trump

    That’s three and a half decade. And now you are complaining that neoliberalism is starting to bite?

    Trump is a neoliberal too. He is not popular with the other neoliberals because his style threatens to upset the balanced system they built up over the years.

    The foreign vassal states and colonies in Africa etc have paid $Trillions in tribute to Wall Street and the City over the years. If Trump forces through a system where there are no kickbacks at all coming back the other way, the vassal states and colonies will revolt, much like the US revolted against King George III back in the day.

  6. Lou

    What is a Neo Liberal?

  7. Christian W

    Neoliberalism (neo-liberalism) refers primarily to the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism.

    In other words, rampant capitalism without restrictions. “Leftists” working for neoliberal super capitalist masters obviously have nothing to do with any meaningful “left”.

  8. I have a much better name: TRAITORS. Look, why do the ‘globalists’ hate Trump?

    Because he isn’t a member of their interlocking secret societies and they want open borders, not nationalism. Anyone who says Trump wants open borders is either lying or Trump is lying.

    Right now, just the threat of having borders has the elites screaming for his murder. Are anyone here brave enough to stand in front of the firing squads? Trump, so far, is. I am amazed.

  9. Christian W

    Trump is busy rearranging the borders in Syria as we speak. He wants borders HIS way.

  10. ziff

    to understand portland watch a few episodes of ” Portlandia” , very funny .

  11. Jim R

    It isn’t Trump rearranging borders. It is the same unelected warmongers that would be rearranging borders if Hillary were in office.

    Not that Trump has done or said anything to indicate that he disapproves of this action. It’s just that it was on the books already before the election. Might as well say Obama is moving borders.

    It looks like Trump still does not understand how much he himself is threatened by these same unelected warmongers (the ‘deep state’).

  12. How is one person going to stop the Machine? It is set to roll onwards, just TALKING about changing direction has caused the lunatics who run our nation secretly to scream bloody murder. They intend to kill Trump, they have to wait, though, until they can smear him enough to get away with murder. Right now, he is way too popular.

  13. Jim R

    He needs a posse. Big one. The biggest troop of baboons wins.

    Unfortunately he has undervalued loyalty in his business dealings, and only has a few friends who would stand by him on the field of battle.

    And he seems to underestimate the forces arrayed against him.

  14. How can any outsider know the forces arrayed against them? Only INSIDERS know. I know because I was born inside and had to battle my way outside. And who believes much of what I say? Those of us who did point out what is so obvious to us, are called ‘fringe’ for a reason.

    Most people grow up being fed lies all their lives. I will note that many ‘aware’ people who are outsiders, claim this mess started this day or that day whereas I point out, it has gone on all my long life plus my ancestors were part of it going way, way back.

    Time to talk about the Battle of Hastings!

  15. Moe

    This was well expressed by Le Pen where she stated:

    “What is at stake in this election … is whether France can still be a free nation. The divide is not between the left and right any more but between patriots and globalists.”

    Nailed it: the divide is between patriots (nationalists) and globalists.

    Addendum: I think Le Pen has only a slight chance of winning. If it wasn’t for the Paris riots, I don’t think she’d have any chance at all.

    PS. I don’t really know or understand the French. They appear to me to be a very conflicted people, a self-contradiction. Like to think of themselves as enlightened rationalists, their intellectualism arising post-revolution. But they’re don’t seem that way to me at all, really just muddled emotionalists. But then, as I qualified, I don’t really know them.

  16. Um, the French people are used to surrendering, it is the Brits who fight to the last man. The Germans are simply suicidal which is why they want yet another war with Russia.

  17. Christian W

    @ 12 Jim

    It isn’t Trump rearranging borders.It is the same unelected warmongers that would be rearranging borders if Hillary were in office.

    Not that Trump has done or said anything to indicate that he disapproves of this action. It’s just that it was on the books already before the election. Might as well say Obama is moving borders.

    It looks like Trump still does not understand how much he himself is threatened by these same unelected warmongers (the ‘deep state’).

    or Clinton, Bush I/II or Reagan going back to FDR and Roosevelt. This is the real face of the US too.

    Trump is still the Commander in Chief of US military forcees, and thus the responsibility for US military actions is his.

    Too bad the Nüremberg principles do not apply (like so many other principles do not apply) to the US.

  18. Christian W

    @ 17

    The Brits are good at fighting to their last ally and then take the glory (WWII).

  19. Christian W

  20. Lou

    Someone sent me this. True or paranoia?

    Redrawing the Map of the Russian Federation: Partitioning Russia After World War III?
    http://www.globalresearch.ca/redrawing- … ii/5400748

    (the) “Radio Free Europe’s/Radio Liberty’s article claims that any bipolar rivalry between Moscow and Washington would end after World War III. In a stark contradiction, it claims that only when Russia is destroyed will there be a genuine multipolar world, but also implies that the US will be the most dominant global power even though Washington and the European Union will be weakened from the anticipated major war with the Russians.”

  21. Jim R

    @Lou #22,
    They probably have a plan to carve up Russia. Apparently they had a plan to take over Crimea and set up a NATO base there — that particular plan is on hold since 2014 or so.

    It indicates that these lunatics think they can ‘win’ WWIII.

  22. Jim R

    It didn’t seem to occur to these clowns that Crimea was already full of Russians, and there was already a military base or two there. They hadn’t looked at any map of the area made in the last three centuries or so…

  23. Yes, that was their stupid plan under Obama. And the media giants, the GOP and DNC leaders are all trying their damnest to force Trump into a confrontation about this.

  24. Jim R

    In other news, Trump has decided to respect the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation, and give Hawaii back to the Kamehameha family, with apologies for America’s treatment if its indigenous population over the last century or so …

  25. End of Obama’s retirement there. 🙂

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