Capture The Flag: Actor LaBeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Protest Collapses

<a href=””>Actor Shia LaBeouf had this ‘art project’ about Trump winning the election:  ‘He will not divide us’ was the slogan.</a>  The actor put it up in Hollywood and then moved it to other places as he tried desperately to show his fury and hate that Trump won the election.


In retaliation, online young people went to increasingly greater lengths to ‘capture the flag.’  Soon, it was forced out of the US and LeBeouf moved it overseas.  To England at one point.  So, at Liverpool, the flag hunters found out it was on the roof of a museum and it took them less than a day to figure out how to ‘capture the flag’ and run off with it.


They were looking forward to Shia parking his he will not divide flag in remote places like say, Finland…but the actor threw in the towel.  The disappointed sleuths/thieves are having a fit.  They loved this game.  It wasn’t a game, of course, it was Shia’s protest that Trump won an election fair and square.


The push to pretend Russia runs all elections in Europe and the US has risen to the point of being super duper huge and Putin should put on a display of ‘Super Putin’ and tell all the Bilderberg gang, ‘You can’t even win elections you are stealing, you apes!  Bwahahaha.’


I would love to see that.  The Bilderberg gang is too stupid to see this is making them all  look like pathetic weaklings, fools, easy to cheat, incompetent, silly, even.  Monty Python could run a better election race.



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8 responses to “Capture The Flag: Actor LaBeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Protest Collapses

  1. DM

    In Australia, Shia LaBeouf would be known as a Boofhead.

  2. CH Tan

    The trouble with our shallow society is that we give too much honour to actors and actresses as if acting talent is a great attribute of the human race. It gets into their head. They do not make two blades of grass grow where once one blade grew. No veneration of the intellect. That is why we are going downhill.

  3. tio
    “Mere days before Gen. Michael Flynn was sacked as national security advisor, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe gathered more than a dozen of his top FBI disciples to plot how to ruin Flynn’s aspiring political career and manufacture evidence to derail President Donald Trump, according to FBI sources.

    McCabe, the second highest ranking FBI official, emphatically declared at the invite-only gathering with raised voice: “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump,” according to direct sources. Many of his top lieutenants applauded and cheered such rhetoric. A scattered few did not.”

    Indeed ..

  4. Mewswithaview

    Mr. LaBeouf should be careful.

    Very interesting watching the trolling videos from New York, all the women hanging around for the chance to bed a movie star, this is most hilarious when Mr. LaBeouf chases one of the trolls away and all the women follow after him.

  5. Jim R

    For the longest time, I thought Shia was a girl. It sounded like a girl’s name.

    And I did not care enough to look him up on the internet or find any pictures …
    it’s just so hard for me to care at all what he does or says or thinks.

    (shrug) oh well, if everyone felt the same way, he wouldn’t be a celebrity.

  6. Jim R

    And IMNSHO, this, and all the ‘Russians did it’ stuff are smoke screens to cover the blatant criminality of the Democrats and the many unelected crooks of the ‘swamp’.

    I’m not religious, but still hope and pray for Mr. Trump and his peeps to keep the campaign promise and ‘drain the swamp’. Short of that, I just hope they can defuse WWIII, in which we would now be immersed if Hillary won.

  7. Hard to drain a swamp when the media and DC are flushing sewage into it nonstop.

  8. floridasandy

    McCabe was appointed by Comey.

    Nobody’s surprised really .

    I got a kick out of Hillary trying to tell us what would keep us “safe”, since that idiot couldn’t even keep 4 guys alive on her watch. I am amazed that she still thinks she is relevant, and her opinion counts to anyone on the planet.

    The only advice I might want from Hillary is how do you be patient or stupid enough to put up with a husband with hundreds of lovers and girlfriends over the years, and not leave him. How do you keep sucking up that kind of repeat humiliation?

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