More Fake News: Mainstream Media Misreports Flynn’s Comments

Via Inforwars comes this story: Actual letter Flynn sent to the Senators:

He wishes to be protected from an obvious witch hunt.  This is because the top Bilderberg GOP/DNC creatures are recreating the McCarthy era hearings.  Time to say, ‘Have you no shame, sir?’  The mainstream media is lying about all this, as per usual, making up stuff out of thin air. Convicting Flynn before any information is out is classic McCarthyism.


This headline story is typical of the propaganda being churned out lately.  Evidently, the mainstream media owners and our ‘elected’ (sic) parties think no President should ever communicate with or do diplomacy with ANYONE.  Eh?  What?  Has the Constitution changed suddenly?


Hello!  Anyone home?  The same clowns that praise various Presidents with talking to rivals of various sorts or outright attackers like Saudi Arabia, are howling that our President might talk to capitalist Russia?  The Mad Hatter who seems to be running our government now, is throwing a snit over normal activities when it is done by an outsider, Trump and not by our Real Rulers.


More lunacy.  So, Hawaii depends on people coming from Somalia or Syria to surf?  Excuse me, this man is a joke, how on earth did he get to be a ‘judge’.   Also, the ‘hacking claims’ are obviously false, the real ‘hacking’ was the DNC trying to rig the election so Hillary would have a 97.5% chance of winning.  They even tried desperately to get Trump to concede BEFORE the election and lied about everything right up until actual votes were counted.


Then they conceded and a week later, began attacking Trump’s triumph claiming it was due to Russians meddling even when they, themselves said, ‘No one can meddle’.


Now, foreigners from China are rioting in France and Germany is now understanding that Putin has won part of this New Cold War and is best buddies with Turkey.  Kiss NATO goodbye.

So, all this screaming about Putin is because he and Trump will meet soon.  The Real Rulers have to wreck this fast and are panting with fear as they push and push for disaster.


And finally, Putin says he doesn’t run our stupid elections.  Who does?  Why, the mainstream media, the Bilderberg gang, the secret societies like the Skull and Bones and foreign governments like Saudi Arabia…they run our elections.  And note that DC big wigs and media giants won’t talk about all that…no way in hell.  Blow the lid on the secret organizations, the Bohemian Grove clowns, the grave robbers who run our country.


Right.  HAHAHA.  Won’t happen.  Anyone daring to talk about all this is mocked and told, ‘You are making this all up.’  Media won’t investigate.  It is laughably easy for the NYT to report on secret Bilderberg meetings!  They helped start these and attended all past meetings!  How about telling us about it, NYT???



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4 responses to “More Fake News: Mainstream Media Misreports Flynn’s Comments

  1. Christian W

    Speaking about the Bohemian Grove:

  2. Yes, Reagan and Nixon both…

  3. Christian W

    Yup, in 1967.

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