NYT Finally Decides To Let A Tiny Bit of Real News Invade Their Front Page

The NYT which has only propaganda now, has noticed we are making fun of them for this onesided, lopsided, often very obviously fake news so they decided today to have ‘left and right’ news sources which is rather comical.


“The entire Trump-collusion-with-Russia narrative has now descended into incoherence.”


Mr. Hanson offers a skeptical look at what he describes as the left’s exaggerations regarding Russia’s role in the 2016 election. He notes President Barack Obama’s outreach to President Vladimir V. Putin — the so-called “reset” — and posits that a Hillary Clinton administration would have continued on this path. He goes on to assert that there is no “hard proof” of collusion between the Trump administration and the Russian government, only a false narrative propagated by the media, former Obama officials and Democrats hoping to explain Mrs. Clinton’s unexpected loss.


It is much, much worse: remember Nixon going to communist China and hanging out with Madame Mao? That was supposed to be a great victory! Negotiating things is what Presidents do. Nixon did this right smack dab in the middle of the Cultural Revolution which was a horror show that tore China to shreds.


It was a very evil time. My father discovered, the same month as Nixon’s visit, that all beds in China were single beds bolted to the floor due to Madame Mao’s dictate.


This was not reported by the press during Nixon’s visit even though he and Pat had to sleep in these bolted down single beds. My father is the only person to protest this in Madame Mao’s face.


All Presidents made deals with rivals. Indeed, I would suggest, the deals we made with ‘allies’ have destroyed our nation. Our allies stole our industries and then to cap this, we had trade deals with communist China which then stole even more US industries and since these double deals, we have been running nonstop trade deficits that get bigger and bigger and we lost over a trillion dollars in trade, the red ink is epic and our Rulers got super rich this way so they want it to continue!


The NYT won’t mention any of this. I don’t think they ever mention the trade deficit anymore in any shape except on the back pages.


Due to Jewish liberal leaders blaming Trump for attacks on Jewish institutions, Evelyn Gordon argues that by tying these threats to an “anti-Trump narrative,” American Jewish leaders and some in the media created a hysteria that only spurred on the young man in Israel and a copycat here in America. That is, these little monsters who are Jews wanted, due to persecution hysteria, blame Trump for desecrations they did, themselves.


Many a black lunatic has done the same, pretending the KKK is attacking them, etc. It is rather common now, so common, police increasingly are assuming that these crimes are done as publicity by ‘victims’ who want to push this fake storyline with the help of a very nasty press that doesn’t do ‘due diligence’.


Professor Dueck writes about what is going on, Cowboy politics, free trade and the GOP with little understanding:


What implications does modern Jacksonianism have for U.S. foreign policy? Jacksonians don’t want to order other people’s lives, but are determined to protect their own lives, values, traditions, and dignity, regardless of status, as well those of their family, friends, and neighbors. Loyalty moves outward from those closest to home, yet includes an intense patriotism. Insults in general, and elite pretense, cant, or pomposity in particular, are intolerable. Instead, there’s an insistence on respect and a willingness to give it, so long as it’s reciprocal. The overall mentality is well captured by the words of the Gadsden flag: “Don’t tread on me.”


I grew up inside the Gadsden Purchase: Tucson, Arizona.  My family had been very much involved in all that, my great granddad on my mother’s mother’s side of the family being a cavalry officer who went down there just before the Civil War to fight the Apaches.


We always lived on the frontiers beginning in 1660.  Didn’t like cities.  Wanted freedom and no one messing with us.  Got along great with the Tribes.  Fought for and against them.  Liked the rough life, too.  Believed in being ‘self contained’ and at the same time, bringing ‘civilization’ which is why great grandma would whack drunks with her umbrella and order them off the boardwalk in Old Tucson.


During the Cold War, Jacksonians supported the anti-Soviet struggle, rightly perceiving international Communism as a threat to their country. Indeed, they supported Cold War resolve long after most liberal Democrats had abandoned it—one reason Jacksonians eventually drifted toward the GOP under leaders like Nixon and Reagan. This political reality engendered a tactical alliance with Republican internationalists, who favored: free trade; promoting democracy abroad, international organizations, including the United Nations; foreign aid; global alliances; and, eventually, openness to immigration. During those years, the Jacksonian element in Republican foreign policy often gave it a “cowboy” quality, alarming to metropolitan liberals as well as some foreign observers. But in practice it usually worked pretty well.


It was a disastrous choice.  My entire family was GOP since Lincoln.  They were anti-slavery as well as ‘make America strong’.  They were ‘independent’ types that, again, always lived on the more remote parts of the Frontier, hitting the West Coast in 1849.  But they were also very big on securing the realm.  That is, fighting for territory and then holding it.


The new rulers don’t do that at all.  They conned the conservatives into supporting the New World Order which is where we secure foreign holdings of the very rich while our own front and back doors are nailed open and anyone can come in including terrorists.  Like these:


After 9/11, Jacksonians supported George W. Bush’s war on terror for a characteristic reason, the need to repel a deadly threat. Again, their fierce determination to punish America’s enemies gave rise to complaints of cowboy diplomacy. But Jacksonians had never been enthusiastic about the internationalist project per se, and in the face of mounting frustration during the Obama era, they finally withdrew their support from several of its various components. The result was a revolution in traditional GOP foreign policy stands, championed by Donald Trump but unexpected by most political observers.


I was thoroughly enraged at the 9/11 business: the only people allowed to travel around the country and go in and out were the very same people who sponsored the 9/11 attacks: Saudi Arabians.  My family already had a big fight with the Royal family.  Once upon a time, they even sent family members to stay with us on our ranch in Arizona.  But after my mother’s big fight with the King, that ended.


The Saudis are incredibly cruel!  They are also very dangerous.  And they want to take over and destroy our society which my family and other Americans worked very hard for hundreds of years to create.  And now I warn everyone, the Muslims want to destroy all of this, utterly and totally and letting them in is treason.


To the surprise of most people whose careers and reputations depend on discerning the electorate’s changing attitudes, this emphasis on transnational challenges of trade, terrorism, and immigration turned out to be a winning platform, first in the GOP primaries and then in November. Rather than pretend to have executive-branch foreign policy experience comparable to Hillary Clinton’s, Trump criticized her for that very record. He gained electorally, especially in the Rust Belt, by hammering away at transnational threats, thereby capturing popular disgust with the establishments of both political parties. Rather than accede to the demographically inevitable “coalition of the ascendant,” Trump’s working-class supporters would not stay whipped.


As I keep pointing out, ‘Free Trade’ is ‘Slavery’.  It  was imposed on us because our Real Rulers want to make us all very poor while they get very rich on exploiting near-slave labor levels of pay overseas and then flood our markets with alien goods.  They hate US workers and did everything possible to insure businesses would move to cheaper labor centers to be exploited.


Clearly, if there’s a yawning gap between Republican voters and conservative intellectuals, it isn’t the voters who will give way. There appears to be a misunderstanding as to the actual relationship between conservative voters, Republican politicians, and conservative intellectuals.


No kidding!  The ‘intellectuals’ are actually former ‘leftists’ who didn’t change much except their outer masks.  These ‘conservatives’ are radicals who push ‘free trade’ even as the trade deficit shoots to the moon, and ‘fiscal responsibility’ while spending like drunk sailors ashore.  They are, in other words, liars and fakes!  And they are losing their audience.


Finally, US workers are waking up to their peril.  They wonder why the Bush clan and others betray them.  They are finally, thanks to the internet, learning about the GOP/DNC Bilderberg alliance that secretly meets at various venues and which use pagan black magic ceremonies to cast spells to befuddle and enslave ‘citizens’ in Europe and the US.


Across all the NATO nations, people are rising up in fury, angry and scared as these fake leaders unleash an army of angry Muslim males on us and attack us at every turn and which have manipulated the media to lie about virtually everything, even the obvious weather!!!  By the way, it is below freezing and snowing yet again up here, some ‘global warming’!


We can’t get the simplest information that is truthful from the mainstream media and US politicians.  The simplest news stories are now nearly impossible to get.  The NYT is in my state and this morning, there isn’t a peep about all the snow just two hours away from NYC.  It is like we do not exist.  This is because we had a brutal winter this year and this clashes with the NYT pet belief that we are really roasting to death.


So no NYT reporters show up here to examine the failure of global warming.  None mention that this is happening less than 200 miles away.  It is as if we do not exist.  Very infuriating, I live here and greatly resent this refusal to cover the real news.  The NYT yaps on and on and on about stuff happening 2,000, 10,000 miles away and dead silence about here.


Today, the NYT has yet another story about polar bears and none about the deer struggling to survive the constant snow just a short ways north of NYC.  They even illustrate pictures about the Arctic showing only pictures taken during the el Nino summer!  Not pictures from this dark, cold spring.


I can barely read the mainstream news now because it irritates me greatly and I hate doing it.  How much more should I read this trash?  I did read the USSR paper, Pravda, many years ago, to eke out some information.  But the modern US media giants are stupid with their propaganda, it is boring to read endless stories about how Trump and Putin ran the election which these same media giants said, in October last year, was ‘totally safe and well run’.


The minute Trump won, they began howling like banshees that someone cheated.  And someone did cheat!  NY and California let millions of illegal aliens to vote!  That was huge cheating and it is never, ever mentioned by the mainstream media and if mentioned, they huff that there were no illegal aliens voting which is a rank lie.


Good lord, I wish I could sue them over this.  And could bankrupt them all.  It is disgusting, the is treason, lying about who is a citizen and inviting in hostile aliens who openly talk about destroying our nation and tearing it apart…this is TREASON.

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  1. Jim R

    “But they were also very big on securing the realm. That is, fighting for territory and then holding it.”

    Isn’t that what the Bilderbergs want to do? Take over territory, own stuff, and keep it? — Except to them ‘territory’ is the entire planet.

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