Wall Street Journal Heads Boycott of You Tube By Major Advertisers


YouTube Is Shutting Down My Channel and I’m Not Sure What To Do – YouTube told DeFranco back last August when You Tube began attacking pro-Trump videos.  Now, several months later, it gets worse.  The video below like the link, is from someone who has over 5 million supporters on You Tube.  Evidently the ‘cleaning the stables’ at You Tube is now in full swing.  That is, big advertisers are now boycotting You Tube if you are not pushing liberal ideology.  This is their right, by the way.  But You Tube has no Plan B so far.

Wall Street Journal:  YouTube May Need to Change its Tune,Ad-supported services like Google’s have less value in business where listeners pay more for access than songs.



Is YouTube Over? (BLASTING THE WSJ) – YouTube has lost hundreds of millions of dollars as this boycott moves onwards.




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9 responses to “Wall Street Journal Heads Boycott of You Tube By Major Advertisers

  1. Moe

    ‘Free’ Enterprise will triumph and competitors will arise. A good thing.

  2. Mewswithaview

    Google is first and foremost an advertising company. Youtube is a major competitor of the established media it’s not surprising that Rupert Murdochs empire (owner of the WSJ, Fox) would strike like that after all who wants to feed the competition for advertising dollars. You will probably find a lot of cross-ownership of company stocks between the different organisations so likely they are trying to support those investments.

    I don’t buy that these companies give a damn about anyone’s political ideology to this extent when they are making money themselves. Maybe they feel Google has too high prices for advertising and want to gain some leverage since hosting video streaming is expensive.

  3. Wrong…the entire reason they run all these news systems is for CONTROL. They must control our minds and this is invaluable for them. They definitely are censoring and trying to demonetize rival thinking systems.

  4. Jim R

    Mews, Google is more of a marketing company than an advertising company. They are not the same thing. There is a difference.

    And in the last couple years, they have been more obviously manipulative. Moving some search results far down the list was an easy thing, since they had spent many years working on spam filters and profanity filters, etc.

    And recently their YouTube subsidiary has pulled advertising from channels deviating from the “mainstream” narrative. They have even selectively deleted videos based on bogus “copyright” claims. If they were merely an advertising company, they’d still run the ads on those videos to make money.

  5. tio

    This site now contains Google’s JavaScript tracking snippets.

  6. Really, tio? I didn’t know this. How did you find it? I need to know! Thanks in advance.

  7. tio

    Hi Elaine, I found it by viewing a firefox add-on I installed called NoScript. It enables me to view and control what code gets executed (apart from the HTML) on each website I visit. It can be a pain to start with (watch out for financial transactions) but I find it a net positive for me.

    Try this ..
    and search for googleplus-sign-in.

    This is a relatively new development on this site, but don’t stress too much google tracking is Everywhere. As others here have mentioned before, it is small wonder that they know more about you than you do.

  8. tio

    Before you go full Rambo I’d get this verified first 😀 It’s been a decade or two since I’ve dealt with HTML, but NoScript is adamant.

  9. tio

    I’ve done some more digging (more time), enabled all the script on this site and it appears the code NoScript might be objecting to is the g+ log-in icon that appears underneath this comment section (?). When you run something like NoScript it can only fuel your distrust (read paranoia) of the web. Also it doesn’t help that other domains e.g. doubleclick.net partner with google as well.

    However this site has always run scorecardresearch.com

    Sorry if I led you astray, wasted your time.

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