Both DNC and GOP and Mainstream Media Claim They Are Too Stupid To Run Modern Elections

The illogic of the present Congress committee hearings about ‘Evil Russia Is Running Our Elections’ is too funny.  I recall that ‘election’: absolutely all the characters in the present charade assured everyone, we had a perfect voting system.  The minute Trump won, the howls of ‘someone had to cheat!’ were deafening.  Combining this with old fashioned Red Scare McCarthyism has created a Democratic Party/GOP Gansta operation that is straight out of my childhood.


I remember a lot of stuff.  In 2000, we had a screwy election where votes couldn’t be counted due to crappy voting systems.  The Supreme Court ruled, ‘No one can count the votes’ so…they stopped everything and ruled, ‘This is no precedent’ thus preventing me from suing for ‘inept voting systems compromised democratic representation.’


That is, there were zero reforms.  Now, they are focusing only on Russia and NOT on our voting systems.  The hacking business was due to Hillary and her gang using improper computers because they were committing crimes and needed to keep that off government records.


Instead of focusing on that, they are pushing ‘The Red Russians did it!’  This stupidity and clown show are going to doom us all to a repeat of the LBJ/Nixon disaster.  That is, our Real Rulers screwing up everything all over again.


Naturally, Congress isn’t discussing the Wikileaks information.  Studiously ignoring it, the mass media fake news operations do the same thing.  The Wikileaks information shows clearly that the CIA and NSA can fabricate fake Russian hacking to hide their own operations, for example.  This is very important information.


So it is being ignored.  The fact that our stupid overlords, the media giants, all of Congress, both political parties, our governors and so forth are so inept and incompetent they can’t run a modern election…is hysterically funny.  What they are yapping about now is the evil Russians gave American voters REAL INFORMATION.


This is super duper verboten!  We are supposed to get only propaganda issued by our Real Rulers, not INFORMATION. Information is evil.  Propaganda is good, at least, for them all.


I wonder how far down the road these clowns will take things.   Telling the world that the Russians are smarter and craftier and more capable than our rulers is…well…dunderheads, all, our Real Rulers get the Stupid Prize, don’t they?




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5 responses to “Both DNC and GOP and Mainstream Media Claim They Are Too Stupid To Run Modern Elections

  1. Christian W

    The rulers are already saying that Bernie supporters (before Hillary ie the CIA, got him by the balls) are Russian agents. Next will be the rounding up of people too loud and too on target with their criticism of the rulers. These victims will be proclaimed as enemies of the people and un-American.

  2. Yup. No surprise here. This is classic Red Scare stuff.

  3. Lou

    Red Scare, like when Stalins council of Jews was killing 8 million?
    Or was it 80 million?
    Around the time that Rockefeller or whoever was bringing the Bolshoi Ballet here.

  4. Lou

    Off topic, but very funny;

    Yes, this is really the voice of Sharon Stone, the movie star.

    Say it loud: Stone loves Maxine Waters, and she’s really proud. Because it’s 2017 and everything is a mad-lib now, the Basic Instinct actress recorded a spoken-word poem sharing her respect for the California representative and calling out Bill O’Reilly for his racist, sexist joke at Waters’s expense.

    “Say it loud,” Stone says. “She’s strong and we’re proud.” Stone shared the video on her Instagram account, confirming that she did the voice work, and crediting Shelly Goldstein for the lyrics and James Brown and Alfred Ellis for the original inspiration. Let’s file this under: Her Heart Was in the Right Place.

    Takis mag, recently Waters has been the loudest of the congressional blabbermouths calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment. She referred to his cabinet members as “scumbags” and depicts Trump as a puppet of Vladimir Putin, who as everyone knows recently invaded Korea.

    Waters may not be the dumbest member of Congress—after all, she has to compete with such titans of anti-intellectualism as Hank Johnson and Sheila Jackson-Lee—but she is aggressively and impenitently stupid nonetheless.

    In a recent oratory on the floor of Congress, Waters said that race pimps such as her were the true patriots and that Trump—rather than her constituents who loot and rob and riot and take more money from the federal treasury than they contribute in taxes—was going to destroy the country.
    “Mr. Trump, please build a wall on the northern border, too.”

    While watching a clip of her sub-literate ululations, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said he didn’t listen to a word of her speech because he was too fixated on her “James Brown wig.” Despite the fact that whatever wig the 78-year-old career politician is wearing is nearly indistinguishable from the late soul singer’s hair, the progressive shock troops erupted in horrified rage at such an insensitive, misogynistic,

    [I believe she and her husband were investigated in Bank Scandal, but not charged].

  5. Moe

    New anthem of the DNC

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