Terror Attack On St. Petersburgh Subway: EU Doesn’t Salute Russia

Trump spoke out about this terror attack in St. Petersburgh but the US media is saying little about all this since they are focused on blaming Russia for our crappy election/media news systems here which I assume, Russia is supposed to fix…hahaha.  Well, the US media doesn’t want to talk about terror attacks because this month’s propaganda story is, Muslim terrorists don’t really exist and 9/11 didn’t happen and who dares stop foreign Muslims from crossing borders illegally?  How dare they!


Well, here we are: everything is insane.  The bombs were more than one, it happened in the tunnel and when the train came into the station, another bomb blew up at the door in the middle as people tried to get out and the majority of deaths were from that second bomb.


The EU refused to turn off the lights in solidarity with Russian victims.  The Real Rulers hate Russia because they need a common enemy so their populations don’t revolt against the Bilderberg gang.  This is why the attitude, aside from Trump, was surly nastiness when Russia was attacked by terrorists.  How childish.


Just like the run up to WWI, we will see lots of terror/assassinations while people at the top toss wild demands and threats.


WWIII is slightly overdue.  Every 40 years, we are supposed to fall into total destruction in Europe…which I find utterly insane but then, people seem bent on doing this yet again.



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18 responses to “Terror Attack On St. Petersburgh Subway: EU Doesn’t Salute Russia

  1. Christian W

    Terror in St. Petersburg Brandenburger Tor wird nicht in Farben Russlands angeleuchtet


    No Russian colors on Brandenburger Tor. Russians are subhumans or something something I guess.

  2. Nani

    Some people just can’t help it. They can not let an “opportunity” like this one pass, without using it to spew out their hatred towards Putin. So pitiful.


    St. Petersburg by the way is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Much more beautiful than Berlin or London for example.


  3. Petruchio

    I’m guessing that Russia’s patience is nearing an end. I have no idea what Russia’s retribution will be, but I imagine Russia’s restraint is nearing an end.

  4. Christian W

    If Russia is smart they refrain from revenge, this time too. The US is needling Russia endlessly with economic warfare/sanctions, terror attacks, murders, all manners of dirty tricks like pretending Russian athletes are on doping when the US ones are even more so, NATO build up on Russia’s borders, promoting Islamist terror and so on.

    Russia is under siege on all fronts, diplomatically, economically, culturally, militarily.

    But looking at the chaos and insanity growing exponentitally in the US, Russia’s best move is to simply survive and let the US implode in chaotic madness and stay out of the way as the corpse comes tumbling down.

  5. melponeme_k

    LOL Christian.

    Russia HAS TO DO something. Europe is allowing MILLIONS of Radical terrorists into Europe. The Eastern European countries are Russia’s bulwark against the tide and they will fall as well.

    They will have a radical islamic Europe at their throats. They have to do something, the Bilderbergs have them against the wall.

    The only non-war option is for Putin and Trump to align against them. It will cause a big stink but that is better than mega death.

  6. tio

    European headlines are largely sympathetic, there again they have to be more accountable to their subscribers than any politico.
    I hope the Russians know, as we do, that the lunatics have taken over the asylum in the west. What is to be done?

  7. Christian W

    Of course Russia is fighting back in various ways, with “do something” I mean something that would give the US a pretext for increasing the attacks on Russia. Of course that will happen anyway eventually unless the neocons are drained. But the more Russia reacts with military means, the closer we get to WWIII. So far the Russians have played it brilliantly.

  8. floridasandy

    We are not going to get into a war with Russia.

    We would have if Hillary won, even though she gave them half of our plutonium-maybe so the war would be fair:?

    I am a lot less worried about war with rational leaders-both Trump and Putin are rational-than I am with these leftist nuts-who think you can be any sex you want, any race you want, any age you want, etc.—if you just say it is so. That is a delusional la-la land that no civilization can withstand.

  9. Christian W

    You are already at war with Russia.

    Nothing has changed since Trump become the Not-Repsonsible-Commander-In-Chief replacing the previous Not-Responsible-Commander-In-Chief Obama.

  10. Christian W

    But agree with you about the strange phenomena gripping North America now and the push of “transgenders” as a tool, one of many, to destroy the political landscape, cultural coherence and impose Big Brother authorianism.

    I disagree they are “leftist” though. They are a spawn of the CIA and the CIA doesn’t do “leftist”. The CIA works for it’s own ends. The CIA has been at work destroying the US political landscape for decades. I’ve talked lots about this in the past.

  11. The CIA has always been ‘everyone is a TOOL.’

  12. floridasandy

    Christian, this is springing up from the school system initially. Are the teachers in college not mostly left leaning? I agree that labeling is not helpful, but it is hard for me not to do it occasionally because I don’t know any conservatives that believe you are whatever you want to be organically.

  13. Christian W

    Left leaning…

    This has been a hammer the “right” has used to destroy the US system and push it off the far right cliff to the point of no return. The insanity we see today is the result of 35 years of hammering the “left”.

    When Fox was started up, and what little freedom remained in the MSM was destroyed post 9/11, the cry was that “most journalists were Democrats”. Which is funny as hell as we see how crazy the Democrats really are and that the Democrats really only are CIA option B, or CIA option A, depending on circumstances with the GOP at the other end.

    Fox was introduced with the slogan of “fair and balanced” news, which is hilarious. Fox was/is so bad that people watching it know LESS of reality than people not watching any TV at all. And atm, within the box of insanity that is US politics and the US MSM, Fox seems halfway sane compared to CNN et al. Yet all of them are crooked and bent.

    As long as you are caught within the CIA A or CIA B paradigm you will always spin between the GOP and the Dems and the frames the CIA put up for you.

    Look at Trump, he may change some things here or there, but the Machine will still live a life of it’s own with absolutely no one in a position of responsibility. The anonymous killing machine will continue to kill millions and millions of people in order to feed the US system. Already we have a second Vietnam equivalent in the ME.

    Finally. These really crazy people that have been appointed as “professors” are not really “left”. They are the equivalent to the Abbases, Merkels, Hollandes, Blairs, Sharptons, Ban Ki-moons, and the army of little paid off mediocrities that serve their money bags masters behind the scenes, and not the greater good of socitey.

    They are “gatekeepers” and “placeholders” put in place to prevent REAL people to promote real and sane ideas, Real education, Real history, real politics, real economy, real science, REALITY in other words and a Real challenge to the elites in charge.

    Also, it is typical that these gatekeepers take real and genuine concerns and pervert them. Of course transgender people need the freedom to live their lives unmolested and as they see fit. That doesn’t mean transgender people have the right to use their transgender issues as a club to beat up everybody else with, which is the perversion, see? They use Freedom to make it Oppression.

    And ALL this in service of the tiny, tiny click of elites that are eating up more and more of US wealth. Yet all the time these super capitalist oligarchs enrich themselves they have unconditional support from the US people. That is the neat trick the CIA is pulling. And hammering the “left” is the way the elites get away with their crimes.

    And now the US is at the point where noone dares challenge the elites or they will lose their job or pension or get suicided or worse. The only option is to give control over to Billionaires and Millionaires in Washington and New York, wave the flag of patriotism and maybe moan a little at how hard life is for whites in the US.

  14. Petruchio

    @#4 Christian W: You make a good point but I still think there IS a timeline for Russian restraint and it is getting close, imho. I think what further fuels this ‘timeline’ is the US War Machine’s placement of US troops in Syria in order to protect an ISIS/al-Daesh stronghold. And of course the NATO troop buildup all along Russia’s borders adds even more tension to the situation–as if any more is needed.

  15. Christian W

    Yes, eventually the trigger point will be reached. There is only so far Russia can bend before they break, especially when it comes to missile placements along it’s borders.

    The US operation in Syria is now aimed at breaking up Syria, balkanize it into several small pieces easy to control with pliable puppets in charge (Saudia Arabia style) and to cut off Damascus from a direct link to Iraq and Iran. Kurds are being used for this, not all Kurds (like the PKK who don’t sell out). The US is in effect using teenage Kurdish girls and child soldiers to do it’s heavy lifting against ISIS, the same ISIS the US set up to break Syria and Iraq in the first place.

  16. Balkanizing everything everywhere! This is the plan. Meanwhile, they wanted to build the EU which is…falling to pieces!!!

    HAHAHA. See how that works? It doesn’t. Sand castles are destroyed by the incoming tides.

  17. Christian W

    Easier to loot that way. Look at Ukraine, it’s been looted every which way and now the people there are on 10 hour work days and no pension. Those that have work that is, many are forced to join the military and slave for the Kiev nazis.

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