US Media Are Baying Dogs Howling At Trump While They Poop On Everyone


From the front page of the London Daily Mail comes these headlines.  We have outright full scale war in DC right now.  This is all due to a total outsider taking over the Presidency. As I suggested some time ago, Trump is pretty much alone.  The GOP leaders hate him, his rivals for the nomination certainly have knives deep in Trump’s back though Ryan’s knife is tearing his own guts out…oddly enough, Rand Paul is sailing high, he took down Ryan last week.


HAHAHA…the mainstream media acts like an elderly never married auntie who freaks out if someone says ‘underwear’ or ‘man’ in her presence.  Pass these fainting wrinkly beauties some smelling salts!


All Big Business owners including the owners of newspapers knows, businessmen talk ‘business’ while screwing around, not in an office.  The office is for finalizing deals made elsewhere.  This knowledge has been known for the last say, 5,000 years so pretending no one understands this is insanely stupid.


But I have been watching the mass media owners go insane for quite a while.  They still have people looking at them but I look less and less, I go overseas to get information because…US MEDIA IS BORING.


So predictable.  This is not news, it is sad.  In this fast-moving world of information, these guys are trudging along with wheelbarrows.  If I can write all the headlines the day before because they are so predictable, there is no point in going there to confirm what I already know they will say.


Trump will NOT invite any media owners to play golf.  I would suggest he take them to a shooting gallery and suggest they get a 100  yard running head start.  But that would be too obvious.  Just locking them out is amusing in itself.  When I lock my puppy outside to punish her, she cries at the door and looks sad but if she is naughty, out she goes.

My puppy, Skyler, is very cute and cuddly and is an honest Scottish Terrier.  The above example of her sort is from a famous painting of the Queen of England and Albert 150 years ago.  These doggies haven’t changed hardly in all this time.  And they still like to dig holes and chase rabbits and run off with the slippers.


They are a million times more fun and better companions than the entire Bilderberg gang, the media giant’s staff and various toadies of the rich and cruel.  I have to train my dog to nip their ankles and bark at them furiously.

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